Quake Live
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QL to Steam Exclusive Cmd & Cvar Changes
От Yakumo
A simple list of the commands and cvars that have been removed and added to Quake Live in the conversion to the Steam Exclusive version.
This is not a description of any of the commands or cvars, as most are self explanatory from their name to those used to scripting, just a list for information purposes.

If you check your console and find a cvar listed there that is marked as removed here, then it's been carried over from your config but no longer changes anything in game.

For information on what a command or cvar does, please use http://www.regurge.at/ql/ though it may be a while before it is up to date, or if it's a new cmd/cvar - ask in the comments :)
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Commands removed from QL
+button0 +button1 +button10 +button11 +button12 +button13 +button14 +button4 +button5 +button6 +button7 +button8 +button9 -button0 -button1 -button10 -button11 -button12 -button13 -button14 -button4 -button5 -button6 -button7 -button8 -button9 advert_done banlist block blocklist cinematic deop globalservers gt_connect kickban localservers messagemode3 messagemode4 messagemode5 ping reply setg spdevmap spmap stopserver teamtask tell_buddy unblock vosay vosay_team votell vsay vsay_team vtaunt vtell web_reload (not removed, but will give error and make you restart)
Commands added in SteamQL
+voice -voice addadmin addmod addscore addteamscore ban clientfriendinvite clientmute clientviewprofile connect_lobby demote droprune rcon reload_access reload_arenas reload_factories reload_mappool setmatchtime startRandomMap stats_clear steam_downloadugc steam_subscribeugc steam_unsubscribeugc tempban userinfo web_changeHash
Cvars removed from QL
cg_blueTeam cg_blueTeamShort cg_clanOnTeamOverlay cg_compHud cg_compmode cg_customAspect_X cg_customAspect_Y cg_drawCrosshairNames cg_drawCrosshairNamesOpacity cg_drawFoe cg_drawFriend cg_drawFriendMaxWidth cg_drawFriendMinWidth cg_drawSpawnLocations cg_enableRespawnTimer cg_endMapVotingDisabled cg_mapVotingDisabled cg_placebo cg_playerNames cg_premium cg_redTeam cg_redTeamShort cg_respawnTimerX cg_respawnTimerY cl_allowDownload com_configVersion gamename gt_admin gt_eventid gt_eventtype gt_master gt_noEidReq gt_pass gt_realm gt_user g_advertDelay g_allowStandardVote g_aspectEnable g_compmode g_dropRunes g_enableBreath g_enablecasterinfo g_enableCvarRestart g_enemyLocators g_floodprot_threadshold g_forcePremium g_holiday g_log_shuffle g_maxGameClients g_maxSkillTier g_maxStandardClients g_noobArmor g_noobArmorDmgScale g_raceAllowStandard g_reportcache_delay g_reportcache_enable g_rrInfectedMastermindDrops g_rrInfectedMastermindFragBonus g_rrInfectedMastermindHealthBonus g_rrInfectedMastermindSpeed g_runespawntime g_shufflePingHandicap g_shufflePowerRatingThreshold g_smoothClients g_teamLocators g_worldItemTimer plugin_version ruleset steam_autoconnect sv_adminGroups sv_advertising sv_adXmitDelay sv_allowDownload sv_allowGetInfo sv_location sv_logantic sv_maxPing sv_maxRate sv_minPing sv_monkeysOnly sv_owner sv_premium sv_qlservername sv_ranked sv_skillRating sv_wwwBaseURL sv_wwwDlDisconnected sv_wwwDownload sv_wwwFallbackURL web_sess wp
Cvars added in SteamQL
cg_blueTeamName cg_drawDemoHUD cg_drawProfileImages cg_drawTeamOverlaySize cg_enemyCrosshairNames cg_enemyCrosshairNamesOpacity cg_obituaryRowSize cg_overheadNamesWidth cg_redTeamName cg_specDuelHealthArmor cg_specDuelHealthColor cg_specFov cg_specItemTimers cg_specItemTimersSize cg_specItemTimersX cg_specItemTimersY cg_specNames cg_specTeamVitals cg_specTeamVitalsHealthColor cg_specTeamVitalsWidth cg_specTeamVitalsY cg_teammateCrosshairNames cg_teammateCrosshairNamesOpacity cg_teammateNames cg_teammatePOIs cg_teammatePOIsMaxWidth cg_teammatePOIsMinWidth cg_weaponPrimaryQueued country fov fs_skipWorkshop g_accessFile g_allTalk g_factory g_factoryTitle g_itemHeight g_itemTimers g_runes g_specItemTimers lobby_autoconnect nextmaps pmove_CrouchSlide pmove_CrouchSlideFriction pmove_CrouchSlideTime r_debugFontAtlas steam_maxLobbyClients sv_idleRestart sv_mapPoolFile sv_master sv_referencedSteamworks sv_serverType sv_tags sv_vac s_muteBackground s_voiceStep s_voiceVolume ui_cvGameType ui_endMapVotingDisabled ui_gameTypeVotingDisabled ui_joyavail ui_mapVotingDisabled zmq_rcon_enable zmq_rcon_ip zmq_rcon_password zmq_rcon_port zmq_stats_enable zmq_stats_ip zmq_stats_password zmq_stats_port
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Yakumo  [автор] 26 фев. 2017 в 8:15 
When you play back a demo in QL (specifically for this option through recent matches menu system, not via /demo in the console ) since Steam there's a little hud controller placed at the bottom with fast forward and pause on it, it turns that on/off.
rageUninstall! 24 фев. 2017 в 21:49 
what is ( cg_drawDemoHUD "1" ) for and what does it do?
iouonegirl ಠ_ಠ 5 апр. 2016 в 12:32 
With setmatchtime added, is there also a getmatchtime?
^1Chocolate^4Monk 7 ноя. 2015 в 10:56 
is there a command to turn off the voice chat icon? gets on my tits popping up all the time
P4F►Hawkeye 6 ноя. 2015 в 7:51 
Thanks Yakumo.
^1N^7utella^1E^7ater 6 ноя. 2015 в 6:32 
Ok,thank you a lot. :-)
Yakumo  [автор] 6 ноя. 2015 в 6:20 
This thread is for things added/removed with the steam exclusive. Writeclientconfig has been around for a year or so. I was recommended to not reccomended it for creating user cfgs actually bit I can't remember why now :/ I'll try found out again.
P4F►Hawkeye 6 ноя. 2015 в 5:51 
@Yakumo.. you could add writeClientConfig too. Pretty useful to have
Yakumo  [автор] 5 ноя. 2015 в 15:12 
Use the in game menu (esc.) or
cg_screenDamageAlpha_Team 0
cg_screenDamageAlpha 0
^1N^7utella^1E^7ater 5 ноя. 2015 в 15:02 
How to turn off blood-fog when i'm hited?