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5v4 gamemode loosely based of L4D2's popular versus campaign.

the Dire Undead team attempts to kill the Radiant Survivor team before they are able to run to the end of the map, with help from the Horde. Dire respawns as random Undead heroes with brand new abilities until Radiant wins, or dies!


This is currently in open beta, while I balance the numbers/mechanics and add more heroes, items, maps. There are no ingame instructions, but is fully playable.

Average gametime: under 15 minutes
Easy to pick up. First-timers advised to play as Radiant team.

Advised team numbers:
5 vs 4 (5 Radiant, 4 Dire. Ideal)
4 vs 3 (4 Radiant, 3 Dire. Relatively balanced)
5 vs 3 (5 Radiant, 3 Dire. Radiant advantage)
3 vs 2 (3 Radiant, 2 Dire. Dire advantage)

JOIN THE GAME CHAT! This way you can give me feedback personally and organise bigger lobbies. I also ask people in chat to help me playtest. You can also ask me questions about the game mode.


Some advice for your first game:

-You play as Sniper every time.
-Try and cross the map as quickly as you can, as standing still for too long in a place that is not under a tower will cause your team to get worn down and die.
-Remember you can only hold 3 items at a time, so if you find a health pack and everyone is close to full health you may as well use it.
-Your axe can push back zombies and the Dire team, also saving your allies if they are pinned by the Dire team. It importantly can also break the ice caused by Jakiro's spell, saving your ally. Use it if you get swarmed!
-Listen out for spell casts, as you can hear Lifestealer and Undying cast their long range jumps in the fog.
If you feel lost, the minimap will tell you the general direction you should head in.
-Save your Burning Bullets and Ice Bullets for key times- for instance, using burning bullets to kill a horde, or using Ice Bullets to stun a Dire hero from long range. Ice Bullets are also the only thing that can stun Undying. You can toggle these bullets on and off.
-Dont waste time at checkpoints! They are a great place to heal up, but its best to not to just sit under them and let the enemy team just keep respawning and keep chipping you down. A fast team is a successful team.

-You can play as one of 6 heroes. Take time to read your spellls. Nightstalker and Io have passive primary spells.
-Everyone on your team has a global teleport as their secondary spell. This lets you teleport anywhere, but not when the start or end location is within range of Radiant heroes (indicated by spell aoe), and only onto pathable areas.
-Use your spells together! If Venomancer acid spits on a hero that Lifestealer has pounced on, the hero is locked in position in the acid and takes a lot of damagefrom both spells together.
-Abuse your vision range, and mobility advantage. You have 800 more vision range than the Radiant, and more movespeed- Nightstalker has base 522 movespeed for instance. Jakiro has only 10 base movespeed more than the Radiant, but can fly over anything.
-Watch the zombies. A swarm of zombies will overwhelm your opponent if you split up your opponents with your spells during a horde spawning.
-Roshan doesnt care about checkpoint towers- they cant hurt him. Roshan is a great way to force the Radiant team to stop hiding under their checkpoints.

Good luck!
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