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Uploading & Using Steam Workshop for QuakeLive
By Yakumo
How to upload Steam Workshop content for QuakeLive
Uploading your content
First of all, you shouldn't use the Steam Workshop to upload content that you did not create yourself! Do not upload other people's maps/models/textures etc please.
Prepare SteamCMD
  • Download SteamCMD from https://steamcdn-a.akamaihd.net/client/installer/steamcmd.zip , unzip it to it's own folder, I'm using c:\steamCMD
  • Run (using your Steam username and password):
    c:\steamCMD\steamcmd.exe +login myLoginName myPassword
  • SteamCMD will set up and you will probably have to authorise it through SteamGuard.
Prepare Content
Create a folder to hold your workshop item, I'm going to do that within another folder in case I work on multiple projects. And add workshop project folder for uploading a map pk3 (it doesn't have to be a map, it could be other things, or multiple maps).


You should place your preview image and the VDF file (described later) that will manage uploading here, eg C:\WorkShopItems\myMap\myPreview.jpg

One more folder is needed to hold the actual content, everything within this folder gets uploaded to Steam, and subsequently downloaded by anyone that subscribes to your workshop, this is why you do not put your preview image into this folder.
The root of the content folder will be considered as the QuakeLive baseq3 folder, but steam actually stores installed workshop items within C:\Steam\SteamApps\workshop\content\<ItemID>\


If your map or other content is in .pk3 form (just .zip renamed) your map pk3 file will go into that folder.
If you are working with .pk3 files, there should NOT be a 'baseq3' folder within the .pk3.

If your map/content is NOT in pk3 form for uploading then within your 'content' folder create 'baseq3' and put all the files you wish to upload in there.


NB. if you are attempting to include 'autoexec.cfg' it appears they will not be run at all from within workshop content. You can work arround this with javascript files in a "js" folder.
nohmg.js containing -
qz_instance.SetCvar("g_startingAmmo_hmg", "0");
Prepare VDF file
Create a plain text file with the extension vdf in your project folder, NOT the 'content' folder.
eg mynewmap.vdf

"workshopitem" { "appid" "282440" "publishedfileid" "0" "contentfolder" "C:\WorkShopItems\myMap\content\" "previewfile" "C:\WorkShopItems\myMap\preview.jpg" "visibility" "0" "title" "My Amazing Map" "description" "An amazing new map for Quake Live" "changenote" "Initial Release" }

  • The "appid" given here is the correct one for Quake Live.
  • The "publishedfileid" must be left at "0" the first time you try to upload your item, steamCMD will then fill this in for you so you can then use the same VDF file to update your workshop item later.
  • Edit the "contentfolder" and "previewfile" fields to point to the correct locations for your project.
  • Edit "title", "description", "changenote" as you wish.
  • Visibility 0 is PUBLIC, 1 is Friends Only, 2 is HIDDEN
Preview Image Note
The most likely reason for your upload to fail is the preview image, there has to be one, and it must be within their current file size limits (1mb I think, can't currently find an official note on it), and a web friendly format (JPEG or PNG)
Run steamCMD to upload
c:\steamCMD\steamcmd.exe +login myLoginName myPassword +workshop_build_item C:\WorkShopItems\myMap\myMap.vdf +quit

Run the above command (this is all one line) substituting in your Steam login name and password, and that should be all you need to do.

You can then go to Community -> Workshop in Steam, and check out the workshop items you have uploaded, from there you can edit their Title, Description and Visibility (Only you, Public, Friends only).

If you ever change the contents of your item and want to update it, just run the same command again as SteamCMD will have updated the vdf with the correct publishedfileid.
Check your content
You can check your content under

<YourUserName> steam menu -> content -> then the 'Workshop Items' tab near the top,

or under - COMMUNITY steam menu -> Workshop, then on the right hand side underneath the image block there's a section labled "Your Workshop Files" with a link underneath you can click.

If your changes aren't showing up, it's probably because steamCMD has caused your steam.exe to log out but it's not realised yet, so exit Steam completely and then run it again.
Using Workshop Items For Players
To use Workshop content just subscribe to it, and follow any extra instructions in the description on the item's home page.

[Dedicated server admins instead add the workshop id to workshop.txt following the instructions earlier in this guide.]

All Steam Workshop content will download as 'Quake Live - Workshop Content', the Steam download center won't list individual subscriptions just which game the download is for. If it's not downloaded then restarting steam usually makes that happen immediately.

For example the official 'Quake Live Extras Pack' by Sponge, containing several maps:

Subscribe to the Workshop item, check your download center to see the download complete.
If there's been no download activity, restart Steam.
Run Quake Live.

To use the maps Play -> Start a mach, and select the map under 'Current Arena' then play offline or start an internet server.

For those who wish to use the console instead:
\map bloodrunblue duel \map campgroundsblue ffa

Optionally, to run as a listen server at any time set:
\sv_serverType 2
0 offline, 1 LAN, 2 Internet
Port 27960 (or your set net_port) would need to be forwarded on your router for people on the internet to be able to connect. By default your machine will stay offline however,

Otherwise you'll have to find an online server already running the workshop for you :o)

If a server is already running Workshop content, you should download it automatically when you connect.
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1v4n94 Nov 28, 2018 @ 8:29pm 
Thanks for creating this guide, buddy. Much appreciated! :D
^4ρσяи^1ѕ^4тαя Nov 25, 2018 @ 4:54am 
BIG thanks for all help and info, yes I use the external pictureviewer. I maby prefer that so don´t dig to much into the previw thing (if you aren´t inteerested youreslf) The big "howto" s is clear to me now. Thanks. All ppl who has loved and played QuakeLive should collect some money to a big christmas present to Yakumo for all help he given all this years! <3
Yakumo  [author] Nov 25, 2018 @ 3:42am 
I need to fnd out how to add multiple screenshots in a vdf actually, in the mean time you'd have to use the 'Add/edit images & videos' button on the workshop item afterwards instead.
Yakumo  [author] Nov 25, 2018 @ 3:36am 
Anywhere in the guide it says 'myMap' you can take it to be 'myMaps' the vdf points to "contentfolder" just put as many maps or pk3s in the correct subfolder as mention in the Preparing Content section as you like, just keep in mind the warning about needing or not needing a 'baseq3' folder depending on if you're using pk3s as mentioned in that section.

You could keep it to one file instead if you want to just put multiple maps into one pk3, open any map holding pk3 with a zip tool like 7zip (free) to see the layout (they're zips, not rar files) the game just loads them as an extra set of folders but maps have to be in the right subfolder in the file.

Then create a thumbnail appropriate for your workshop and list all the maps in the description (users would appreciate it if you give the actual name for /map ffa <mapname> as well instead of just the long title).

Any further questions please ask for help from the community on https://discord.gg/quake as I may not be about.
^4ρσяи^1ѕ^4тαя Nov 24, 2018 @ 11:51pm 
Sry if this has been explained already, I have search for info with big fail. I shall reupload my approx 60 maps again on another account. Im not in a mod to do them one by one this time when all shall up at once. How do I do with , lets say 10 maps at a time. Have looked at some pk3s that has more maps but you can´t se the vdf and how do you arrange the screenshots. If you have time Yakumo pls explain for my two cells or point me to the right direction for info - Thanks
Yakumo  [author] Nov 22, 2018 @ 7:15am 
When I copy and paste that block it comes out as one line, and it does give a warning that it's one in brackets underneath it :)
Z†N Nov 22, 2018 @ 12:54am 
whoops!! i copied the above commands, edited them, and literally pasted them as originally posted here, that is two lines, not one. for the above command to work you have to paste it as one string, as referred to.
Z†N Nov 22, 2018 @ 12:50am 
i followed your directions, even named things as named here. preview picture filesize is 256kb, and everything is located as directed, and all i get is ERROR! missing build config file.
Yakumo  [author] May 22, 2017 @ 5:51pm 
Please use http://webchat.quakenet.org/?channels=qldedsrv instead if the solutions in the troubleshooting section of the server guide ( https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=542966946 ) do not solve your problem.
Yakumo  [author] May 22, 2017 @ 5:06pm 
You don't submit them they just appear so long as they're on the right port, see the dedicated server guide.