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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

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Official CME.GG maps
Official CME.GG maps
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Created by Zufil
Rate my work and comment please.

Write in comment if you find any bug.

Better to play 1vs1.
My workshop.
Created by Sha Kal
(AIM Dream)

This is AWP/Deagle long/short type of a map.

If you find yourself playing this map, please share it and rate it.

Report to me if...
Aim Map | 1vs1 Modern
Created by [Ra]ChiefCaptain
Aim Map | 1vs1 Modern v.1.1

++Map Settings++
mp_freezetime 0
mp_round_restart_delay 0
mp_maxrounds 10000
mp_timelimit 3
++Map Settings++

++Featured Weapons++
++Featured Weapons++

Aim SSG 08
Remake of the classic map "Aim Scout".
You will only get a Rifle SSG 08 and a knife.

Please Rate!. Thanx...
Small map with AK/M4...
Created by Jornoboy

Check my other maps.
Click here.

Donate skins for me. everythings is welcome
Click here to don...
Created by Skybex
Bomb / Defuse mission
The SAS is on a mission to disarm a local weapons market who have got their hands on chemical weapons in Lahore, Pakistan.

Special thanks to OrnateBaboon for testing and feedback and community for generally being awesome...
Created by OrnateBaboon
Competitive defuse map set on the Italian coast.

-> Defusal map
-> 32 Spawns
-> Custom KV file - GIGN V Separatists

Special thanks:

- Mapcore and Reddit for the constructive feedback
- Skybex for being my main "feedback guy"
- RZL, Puddy, Vizo...
Created by Skybex
Hostage rescue mission

Pirates have boarded a luxury cruise ship during its voyage and have taken hostages. Security have managed to evacuate most of the passengers, but it's up to Seal team 6 to rescue those who remain at the mercy of the hijackers.
Created by tou bem
Winner of the GameBanana Junkyard Mapping Contest![]

The map takes place in the middle of nowhere, where 2 roads cross. There began to appear small garbage dumps, and late...
Created by SkyDusH
Hi! Here is my second version of CS 1.6 map de_rats_1337.

Things changed in this version:
- added second bombsite
- added new way for CTs (they mostly had no chance)
- added pictures to fridge with walkable magnets
- added new stuff after bomb expl...
Dodgeball Tournament
Created by Vulgarman
Gym class dodgeball.

Throw decoys at the enemy team. One hit kills.

Dodgeballs are picked up center court and from the floor.

Make a basket from half court to flash the other team.

Must be run as custom game mode to work.

Comment to your hearts cont...
Created by Kane
A brand new bomb defusal map set in a well known french city, with full original layout and content.
Anarchists are trying to blow up the metro. GIGN force has been deployed to prevent them from doing it !

The overall architecture is deeply inspired b...
No Mercy | Left 4 Dead
Created by rubixpieguy
Mercy Hospital Rooftop from Left 4 Dead's No Mercy campaign. There are quite abit of bugs in this game I'm not gonna lie. Report them if need be but there are some I can't fix. Also because of the AI in this game they always seem to commit suicide.

Created by Motanum
A bomb defuse map set on a fictional theme park section.

A few weeks from the grand opening of Pharaoh's Curse, the new roller coaster at Roaring Peaks has been picked as the target of the Phoenix Connection.

Report Bugs with CSGOBugTracker
Created by leplubodeslapin
Remake of the famous "fy pool day" map from Counter-Strike 1.6.

Fight Yard objective (fy_) :
Grab a weapon on the floor and fight !

Impossible mission : plant the bomb.

A Switchable version has been published here :
Created by jakuza
This is the beta(leaning toward final) of de_royal, so there might still be graphical bugs and stuff. I would really appreciate it if you point out any you find. Thanks!

Update: 3rd place in the Mapcore + Reddit CS:GO mapping contest! Thanks to those wh...
Created by FMPONE
A bomb defusal map set in Santorini, Greece.

Terrorists are bent on destroying the fragile Greek economy by attacking one of its major tourist destinations.

-The community...
Scoutz Knivez
Created by FirstPlaceFranzen
This is a port of the popular map "ScoutzKnivez".
The low gravity is built into the map and is set at 220.
This map is scout and knife weapons only with low gravity.
I did not make this map, I just ported it to csgo....
Created by Tanuki
Seaside is a bomb defusal map set in a decrepit port. It is a small map with water hazards. Players can jump over these hazards to create shortcuts and confuse their enemies....
Created by ted
A bomb defusal map set outside Tokyo, Japan.

Terrorists are trying to disrupt the research of the controversial Season Corporation.
Created by crowbar
Steinhausen is a defusal map set in an old german village at the mountains. The map is mainly designed for smaller match ups, mainly 5vs5, but should also work okay with 10vs10 and supports up to 24 players.

This village is under monument protection fro...
Created by brute
05/18/2015 - ** OFFICIALLY LIVE **

A competitive bomb defusal map set in the North Africa / Southern Spain region.

Terrorists are here to destroy the valuable resources of the local town.
Counter-Terrorists are here to defend it.

Special Thanks T...
Created by 2xD
Large, but simple and clean aim map with a central hole with an AWP.

Created by jd 본좌
Practice your aim with the AK-47 on this mid-ranged map....
Created by basshunteRRR
Competitive aim map.

map by luckeRRR.

If weapons do not spawn:
Make sure that the game type is "casual" or "competitive"...
Created by R O W
Slots: 32
Weapon: awp...
Created by [ ]
a new version of the cs 1.6 map "aim_deagle"
1.6 players know this map;)

i hope you enjoy it, if you do please vote up.
change request and bug resports are welcome...
Created by R O W
Slots: 32
Weapons: deagle/knife

Any errors/Bugs Report them to me
GL & HF )...
Created by leplubodeslapin
Here is a portage of the aim_map on CS:GO. I tried to redesign it according to the CS:GO theme of dust maps. Moreover, the gameplay is very close to the CS:S map with the same bullet penetration and crates positions.

~~~ Eventually useful console comm...
aim_map ChanceCup
Created by Nikesh
Ak-47, m4a4, knife, kevlar+helmet....
Created by MinimaL
Created by Lasi
A map based on aim_map_usp.

CTs can choose between USP/P2000 via inventory.

Created by Lasi

Created by Imortus
Recreation of the classic map from CS 1.6.

Tried my best to create a realistic and appealing setting, while retaining the original gameplay of the 1.6 version.

### Update 1.3 ( ###
Use Custom game mode for classic usp battle.
Created by Togib
Portage of aim_redline from CS:S

If you have troubles with no weapon on the floor, use this cvar :

mp_weapons_allow_map_placed 1...
Created by krafs
Celebrate xmas with scouts!...
Created by FreakyLikeMe

This is aim map where does CTs and Ts have got AK47 + M4A4 on both sides..

New Update! 09.02.17
- added kevlar + helmet on spawn
- added knife on spawn
- Improved visibility...
Created by Frap1K
Map was made for public or competitive games!
Maximum players: 28
Weapon: usp-s only...
Created by krafs
Created by Tailsje
Use the AWP or knife to eliminate the opposite team.

Good luck!

Map made by:

Steam Profile:
Created by evil /> @
awp_ice_csgo for esl...
Created by V43R
Greetings from CS 1.6! .....
Created by Allen
This is a remake of the 1.6's classic awp_map, preserving its essence for nostalgic gamers.

Have fun!...
Created by Touristy
If you like AWPing and want to practice, this is the map for you and your friends.

Map Making: Touristygoblin3

Testing The Map: Touristygoblin3, Choco-corn

Created by Zikael
Battle your friends in a unique 1v1 awp map using the many towers to your advantage.
This version of the map uses a dark wooden theme to add a more "realistic" effect to the map; a more vibrant textured version is available if that is w...
awpcup_map2 ChanceCup
Created by Nikesh
Awp, knife....
Created by Jeremy
This was a hobby project that i thought would be fun to make. If you want to collaborate please comment on my profile that you want to work on something.

Tried to remake the famous map from Call of Duty 4, Killhouse, a small, fast action paced map.
de_dust2 (A Only)
Created by Rahulk
This is a modified version of the official Valve's map "de_dust2".
I do not take credit for the creation of the map, I only applied some simple modifications to make it playable on bombsite A only.

Great map for 1v1 2v2 and 3v3.

If you like it pleas...
Created by Andre Valera
Empire takes place in the warehouse district of NYC.

The Counter Terrorists prevent the aggressive Taxi Union from harming city residents within the area after confirmed surveillance of a plot to detonate C4 within the industrial facility. Meanwhile the...
Created by NIPPER
It's a small western themed map.

The official version of this....
Remake of the original 1.6 fy_buzzkill with some minor adjustments....
fy_snow CSGO
My version of the cs 1.6 fy_snow with some visual improvements.

Created by Lasi
Original by: TEMEY

Remake by Lasi

It was one of my favorite maps in cs1.6 so i did a remake. Try n test it - feel free to comment.

Created by Ett litet löv
I Wanted to recreate the oldschool he_glass map from 1.6 and came up with this one, its more or less the same layout but with some new added elements and decoration to it.
I would recommend to people running this map using the console "map he_glass_nov" ...
Created by catfood
A map based in a dutch city.

I'm doing a re-release of tulip because it has gone through a lot of changes since it first got released....
Created by S1mpel
Hi! This is my first map. Please, let me know what you think about it and if there are any bugs. You can also leave a comment, rate, share and like. It will motivate me to make new maps. :)

There are 4 spawns, it means that you can play 1vs1 or 2vs2. Bo...
[img][/img] - it really helps :)

Map console command's / play up to a total of 6 player's 3 on each team.
mp_round_restart_delay 2.00
mp_freezetime 4
mp_roundtime 1
Clean aim_pistols_csgo
Created by Matty-G
Bug removed: Loosing kevlar when equiping new weapon

Credit: aim_pistols_csgo...
Created by Touristy
Happy Halloween,

No this is not a halloween themed map but is another Awp map. The new map features an overall bigger experience with a ground floor level and a raised platform. The tower in the center is not yet finised but will be soon.

Created by h0nd
A nice and simple awp map set on a chain of small remote tropical islands....
This is my first published in workshop map. Just an AK47 aim winter map. Hope You like it :)

* Map Type: Aim
* Maxplayers: 18
* Has own radar minimap picture
* Only AK47, Knifes and default pistols

AWP Orange
This is a very good and simple awp map if you want to challange your frineds. REMEMBER this is just a alpha version but
I wlll make a full version zonn....
Vice City >AWP<
Created by crashz
Ocean Beach, Vice City...
Created by evil /> @
awp_towerzz for esl...
Created by OChrisJonesO
A vertigo themed awp map with the layout of the original awp_india, with some additions/modifications, such as a helicopter pad in the center. Complete with Radar and Spectator overviews.

Recommended to play Custom game mode so you automatically spawn w...
Created by Pasquali
This map no completed.
Crossfire maps

Max player's: 40...
Awp карта сделанная в минималистическом виде....
Created by forgotten
The CS:GO port of the classic aim map....
Created by Athetos
Copyright PrincessCadence. The product can be published on Steam exclusively through an account with the name falvoritcourse...
Aim AK-47
Created by Just✪

A good aim map to train your aim. Good to have fun with your friends and improve your ak-47 skills!

My map:
Marzia (2v2 USP)
Created by gEck0_
A 2v2 version of usp_marzia ->, I made a 2v2 version since it was accepted in as a 2v2 map and it had some serious problems, but I guess, after 3 sleepless nights for me, it's all sort...
1v1 AIM MAP (2018)
Created by Rookxc ツ


Anything wrong with map? Got any ideas? Please leave a comment!

Best comment by zSnipezPlayzZ
@Rookxc Thx for fixing the Deathmatch bug. Ur map is my favorite 1v1 map.
1v1 Glocks
Created by ut
A classic 1v1 map but only with glocks
I hope you like it.
Remember to rate please :)...
AIM_VENICE (1vs1 map)
Created by Urban
"AIM_VENICE", a 1vs1/2vs2/3vs3 map with AK-47, inspired by the city of venice (thanks captain obvious) and the Canals' textures.

Useful commands:

- bot_kick
- mp_restartgame 1
- mp_warmup_end
- mp_free_armor 1 (to add kevlar on the map)

Awp Lego
Awp lego
Aim Map | Gamma
Created by GammaGames
A map to pracitice your aim.

  • Weapon spawns (instead of pickup)
  • AWP, AK47, M4A1-S, M4A4, Scout
  • Custom mode
  • Buy zones (for other weapons)
  • Lots of obstacles

Created by rqNN
Short version of map de_train_se.
Only A plant...
Created by FMPONE
A bomb defusal map set in the bitter-cold North.

Terrorists are determined to destroy a vital naval base.

-The community

SUBZERO lore website:
Created by goaskiller
tha duper super beta super super...
Created by ♿ shamoidol ♿
An aim map set in the middle of the ocean, you spawn on one of two small islands and you get to choose between an M4 or an AK47. Make sure not to step into the water.


More maps:

USP-S Aim Map
Created by Grzybek
USP-S (Pistol) Aim Map
Best Modes To Play On:
1 vs. 1 - Aim Map - Beach
Created by __David_
1 vs. 1 - Aim Map - Beach

→ random weapons: AK-47, AWP, USP-S, M4A4, M4A1-S, SSG08 (Scout), Glock 18, Desert Eagle (same for each team)

→ current version: 1.04

→ max. 6 Players (3 per team)

→ by __David_

+ You can report b...
Death Pool
Created by Dreanh
Fight yard map, this is my first released map....
Created by Squad
A bomb defusal map set inside a San Franciscan zoo.

Terrorists are on a mission to bring mayhem to the Bay Area Zoo.


Models and textures by Yanzl.
Additional models and textures by Rick_D and Skybex.

Special thanks to everyone that in...
A clash of heads between the police and local gangs, set in a gritty Brazilian favela.

Now with 79% more flavour!...
Aim Revolver
Created by Batrosa
Aim map with weapon Revolver R8. Train and learn how to shoot with this weapon. Firefight with players and friends! Max players - 20. Rate my job please!...
[img][/img] - it really helps :)

Usp version: 'Aim_Peacekeeper-Usp'

Map console command's / play up to a ...
Created by Yanzl
National heritage is at risk as the terrorists try to destroy this historical castle built inside a cave mouth....
Created by 'RZL
A bomb defusal map set in a French resort.

Vacation is over! Terrorists have decided to ruin a relaxing stay at the Elysée, a luxurious resort in the French Riviera.

Made by Yanzl and ‘RZL

Special thanks go to our friends and the [url=www.mapcore....
Created by psy
Fight through a dilapidated shipping yard in this 12-player defusal map. (The map does support up to 32 players but was designed for 12 players or less)...
Created by Squad
Bomb defusal level set in a mediterranean village.

Additional textures and models by Magnar Jenssen and Rick Underhill {LINK REMOVED}
Additional textures CG Textures {LINK REMOVED}
Additional models by Cpt Ukulele (www.t...
Created by catfood
The locals are sick of the western world that cuts down the forests they live in. It's time to stand up.

map and custom models/textures by Catfood
audio and soundscapes by Hunsrus
music for trailer by Gheist...
Created by Yanzl
Wundergarten park has been taken over by terrorists trying to take the thrill up a notch.

Thanks to Mapcore community help and feedback.
Created by HXD :)
CME.GG's aim_map...
Created by HXD :)
CME.GG's aim_deagle...
Created by HXD :)
CME.GG's aim_first_ak47...
Created by HXD :)
CME.GG's aim_redline...
Created by HXD :)
CME.GG's aim_usp-s...
Created by HXD :)
CME.GG's awp_india...
Created by HXD :)
CME.GG's awp_orange...
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If you still search 1on1 maps, consider adding Aim Season to your map pool. Few days ago ESL also added it to their 1on1 ladders map pool.
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