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Super Divernaut
Platforms: PC
Languages: English
Players: Single-player
Oct 15, 2015 @ 12:48pm
Jan 8, 2016 @ 7:47am

Super Divernaut is a 2D exploration/combat roguelite featuring two different perspectives. Side-scrolling and top-down based on what section of the game you're in. An astronaut flying over a planet is hit by an asteroid, ejects, and crash lands in the ocean. The game currently features 25 discoverable items that buff or alter your character, 9 enemy types, 5 and a half bosses (one in progress currently), and 3 completed areas with 2 levels each. Each level is populated by filling a map with a set of rooms from a pool of 70 room layouts and a random selection of enemies generated for each room.

Several hundred unique rooms are currently possible. A basic lighting system makes the game darker and spookier the farther into the game you go. Fight and explore your way across the ocean floor and through underground caves with your knife and harpoon gun to find your crashed spaceship and signal for rescue. Be careful managing your air. Air is your health, but also a resource for exploration. Every new room you enter uses a bit of your air.

The final version of Super Divernaut will feature 8 full levels and 2 or more secret levels, 75-100 items, 10 bosses, and a secret story about a wrecked pirate ship to discover. Lore items that tell more of the story are discovered through replays and secret finds. More sounds, more enemy varieties, and some voice acting. More development of the lighting system using multiple light sources.

- 75+ discoverable items to build and customize your character.

- A hidden story and multiple endings to discover through replays and secrets.

- 100+ room templates, and at least 15 enemy types for a unique experience on every playthrough.

- A rich soundtrack featuring music for every different area.

- Voice acting throughout. Your spaceship's computer installed itself in your suit before the crash and offers you advice and commentary.

- Classic arcade action. Super Divernaut will challenge the player to learn and develop their skill at the game as the difficulty increases the more progress is made.

- Resource management. Keep a close eye on your air gauge and choose which weapon to attack with carefully. No one wants to run out of ammunition on a boss fight.

Developer: Dustout Games


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