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Zombasite Player's Guide
By sahornback
Contains basic information to get started playing Zombasite. I'm still working on this, so there's more to come.
Game Premise
Possible Spoilers in this guide are marked as follows: spoiler text

The basic premise of the game is that you are the leader of your clan. Your clan must survive in order to win your world that is in the midst of a Zombie Apocalypse. However, if you not interested in zombies, you can set the game to play without zombies on the "Set Up Area" screen when you start a new game (there will still be plenty of monsters and other clans to deal with).

Each world is inhabited by certain other clans who are also trying to survive. You can (and should) interact with the different clans. Your job is to ensure that your clan survives with at least one remaining follower. There are many ways to accomplish this including:
  • 1) improving your clan member's and your own weapons and gear.
  • 2) leveling-up yourself and your clan members.
  • 3) recruiting more members to your clan with useful skills.
  • 4) improving your town's defenses.
  • 5) obtaining enough food to feed your clan.
  • 6) maintaining good relations with other, more-powerful clans (to avoid a devastating war).
  • 7) and many additional ways.
You will win the world by meeting any one of these four (4) winning conditions:
  • 1. destroying all the other clans (a military win)
  • 2. allying with all remaining clans (all remaining clans must be allied to win - a diplomatic win)
  • 3. collecting enough food (a logistics win)
  • 4. solving all non-optional quests (an adventurer win)
You can see how you are progressing by clicking on the "Clan Information" button on the skills bar (or just press "N") and then clicking the "Win Progress" button at any time during the game.
Creating a Character
There are 260 possible character combinations in Zombasite. This can make it a bit daunting when selecting your character class and subclass combination especially if you are creating a hybrid character. A hybrid character will use only two (not three) class/subclass combinations.

Viewing Character Skills (Class/Subclass)

When creating a character, you can view each class's skills by clicking on the Hybrid button on the Create Character menu screen. Then choose Specialty 1 or 2 which will display all the skills for each character class and specialty. Just hover the mouse over the icons for a description of each skill shown. After you decide on what class of character or hybrid character you want to try, simply click Cancel to return to the Create Character menu.

To make it easier to select the character class you prefer, the table below was created.

The table below is ordered with each class followed by each class's three subclasses or specialties. In the table, specialties (subclasses) have been abbreviated to fit the table where "We" = Weaponmaster; "Gl" = Gladiator, and so forth. For weapons that can be 1 or 2 handed, 1H = one-handed, and 2H = two-handed. (Click on the picture below to see a larger version)

Changes from Din's Curse and Drox Operative
The game has above-ground areas outside of your town as well as dungeons and caves located under some of those above-ground areas. A single above-ground area can sometimes have more than one dungeon/cave area beneath it.
  • 1.) You can repair and enhance your weapons, armor, and equipment by using the Crafting Station located in your town. Here you can salvage items you find which often will be converted to things that can be used to repair/enhance your weapons/gear. Vendors, such as weaponsmiths, no longer repair items, so make good use of the Crafting Station.
  • 2.) Your town has defenses that can be upgraded. Clicking on one of the four pillars near your Bulletin Board will display a screen where you can replace or upgrade your town's physical gates (4 gates (doors) on each side of your town's walls) when you acquire better ones, add guards you find, and place found relics to enhance your clan's abilities.
  • 3) You can explore with up to 2 clan members in your party. You can recruit new clan members to strengthen your clan. You can also kick out undesired clan members. You can send out hunting/foraging parties. Too many clan members can result in a shortage of food.
  • 4) You can fully equip clan members to increase their effectiveness in defending your town. The easiest way to equip clan members is to place items into the clan armory located on the Crafting Screen or NPC Equipment screen. Items will then be automatically distributed to your clan if possible. If they can't be used by the clan, they will be put back into your bag(s)
  • 5) You can also re-equip clan members manually. Either click on a clan member and click the "Display info and equipment" button; or use the Clan Info button, click on a clan member, and click "Show NPC". Once equipped, you can also "Lock" that member's equipment so that it can only be changed by you manually. Want that perfectly equipped companion?
  • 6) Food no longer restores your health, but is now a necessary commodity needed to keep your entire clan healthy. Too little food will result in hunger, food rationing, and a weaker clan. They could eventually starve to death.
  • 7) You can become infected by a zombie infection or become a zombie infection carrier. There are several ways to cure this. Zombie Knowledge will unlock as you experience zombie-related events, and can be displayed by clicking on the Zombie Knowledge button on the Clan Info screen. The zombie aspects of the game can be disabled by turning off the "Zombies Allowed" checkbox the on the Set Up Area screen when starting a new area
  • 8) You no longer need money to purchase skills. Now, only points from leveling-up are needed.
Besides using items that you find for yourself, loot that you collect can be:
  • Distributed to members of your clan (you can put items into the town armory for automatic distribution), or you can manually equip each clan member using the Display NPC info and equipment or Show NPC menus.
  • Donated, sold, or bartered to other clans.
  • Salvaged using the Crafting Station (where your gear is repaired/enhanced).
  • Sold or donated to Vendors you occasionally encounter.

Basic Gameplay Info
Anything you can do to increase the probability of your clan's survival will help you win the world. How you go about this is totally up to you. You pick your own winning strategy.
  • 1) The NPCs (clan members) from other clans will have a clan-specific icon above their NPCs, guards, gates, etc. for identification. They are struggling to survive in the world and may be friendly, neutral, or hostile.
  • 2) There are multiple areas and towns in each play-through. Each area has it own teleporter gate that allows returning to town quickly. Also, there are often secret areas in both above and below-ground areas marked by portals or illusionary walls, boulders, and plants (the walls or plants will be slightly different from others present - clicking on them exposes them). Sometimes a quest item, gate, dungeon entrance, etc. may be inside a secret area.
  • 3) Once you discover a new clan, you can negotiate, trade, and otherwise interact with that clan via the Relations Screen (press "R"). Using the Relations Screen can often be key to interacting with other clans and in winning the world.
  • 4) Clicking on a clan's icon on the Relations screen will bring up additional selections for further interaction with that clan (including buying/selling items and negotiating treaties).
  • 5) An important aspect of the game is to improve your character by equipping items that improve combat, power, and defense. You can also equip each of your clan members to better defend your town.
  • 6) You can add 2 clan members to your party to help you explore and fight. You can also send out hunting and foraging parties with up to 5 members each. Picking NPCs with the most appropriate skills will make a difference in a party's success. Hunting/Foraging is done from the Clan Info screen.
  • 7) You can repair/enhance your gear at the Crafting Station located in your town. Salvaging items that you have collected will provide materials that can be used to repair/enhance other items.
  • 8) You "Level-up" during the game by gaining experience points (XP) which is indicated by the blue bar just above your "Hotkey Slots". Each time you "Level up" you will receive 5 "Attribute Points" that you can allocate to improve specific attributes on the Character Screen (press "C").
  • 9) Equipping better weapons/gear often requires that you increase some specific attribute (such as strength or dexterity) on the Character Screen in order to use that item. In addition, there are often level requirements to equip an item.
The Skills Hotbar
At the bottom of the screen is the Skills Hotbar. It contains much of the basic information and buttons you'll need while playing the game. The game offers a lot of help; and if you've turned off the flashing question marks (many find them annoying), you can still access help at any time by using the "Context Sensitive Help" button at the right (or you can just press "H" anytime during the game).

To open a locked/stuck door or locked chest without a key, you can use a numbered hotkey (default key is "1"). A left-click of the mouse will not work to attack objects like doors or chests.

Menu buttons each have hotkeys as you'd expect. Simply hover the mouse over each button to see it's respective hotkey. By Clicking the "Clan Information" button (or press "N"), you will be able to access the Win and Lose Progress buttons to see how your clan is progressing towards winning the game. Also you can start hunting, foraging, and other expeditions from that screen. Double clicking an NPC's name will bring up his/her menu.

Just to the left of the Skills Hotbar is a Teleport Stone that can only be used once per world to immediately teleport back to your town, So use it wisely.

Using the Right-Click Slots
Placing a skill, weapon, health item, etc. into a Right-click Slot (located at the lower right of the game screen) allows you to use that item by pressing the Right Mouse Button. For example, after obtaining the fireball skill, and then placing fireball skill icon into a Right-click slot, you can then use that skill with a Right-click of the mouse (see image below).

Here are a few notes about the Right-click Slots:
  • 1. To use the Right-click Slot, bring up your Skills screens (press "S"). Then click on a skill icon to pick it up (it needs to be a skill that you have acquired by allocating points to "purchase" it). Then click on the bottom Right-click Slot to place that item/skill. You can also place some items from your bags (such as a Health or Mana Potion) in the same manner.
  • 2. Do NOT place items like bags in the Right-click Slots. The Right-click Slots are only for items that can be "used" by either clicking the mouse or pressing a key.
  • 3. Only the bottom Right-click Slot is active for use.
  • 4. If you have 2 or more Right-click Slots equipped, you can change the item/skill in the active (bottom) slot by using the "up" and "down" arrow keys on your keyboard.
  • 5. You can also change the active Right-click Slot by clicking the small arrow buttons next to the bottom slot.
  • 6. And, lastly, you can set the mouse wheel to change the active slot component by setting the Mouse Wheel Action on the Options/Configure Input menu.

Heal/Cure/Buff You or Clan Members
Heal/Cure/Buff Yourself

You can regenerate your health by clicking on a Healthstone or Lifestone that you find in the region, or by using a Healing Potion. You are already equipped with several healing potions and zombie resistance potions when you start the game. You can simply right-click on any kind of potion in your bags to use it on yourself. If a potion is placed in a hotkey slot, you can tap the appropriate key to use a potion. Some gear with which you equip yourself can also regenerate health, prevent zombie infection, regenerate mana, etc.

To Heal/Cure/Buff one of your clan members:
  • Open your bags by clicking the Inventory button on the skills bar (or press "I")
  • Pick up an appropriate potion from your bags with a left-click
  • Place it over the clan member you want to heal/cure/buff
  • Left-click to give them the potion (if you pick up 2 or more potions, it will only give them 1 potion at a time.
You can give a clan member any kind of potion including potions that have a chance to cure zombie infections. For carrier/infection it may take more than one potion to cure it.

If you have clan members in-party, you can also drop the potion on their healthbar located on the far left of the game screen.
Building Your Clan
Recruiting New Members to Your Clan

While exploring the region, you will encounter people (NPCs) who are potential recruits. After clicking on them, you can examine their info and equipment. The skills they have are important and may influence your decision as to whether to recruit them or not. They might help your clan be stronger or they may be a troublemaker. It's your choice as to whether to recruit them or not.

In addition to recruiting members to your clan (who will reside in your town), you can also invite up to 2 NPCs to your party, who will then adventure with you.

Turning Off In-Party Member's Dialog Menu

If you find that you are accidentally clicking on NPCs in your party during battle causing their menu to pop up, there is an option to turn this menu off in the Game Options. Just click the checkbox for "Disable party member dialog" and Apply. Then, to talk with a party member, you can Right-click on the member's health bar located at the far left of the game screen.

Usually, you won't discover much about a newly recruited NPC's personality until later after they've been a member of your clan for a while. Clan NPC relationships can be complicated, and a lot of work has been put into their interactions and personality.

Clan Members and Food

Food is a necessary commodity for your clan to survive. Food can be obtained:
  • By occasional item drops from killed monsters or killed other clansmen.
  • Food is sometimes found in chests and stashes.
  • Food is sometimes available for purchase/trade from the other clans you find.
  • Food can sometimes be found by searching dead bodies.
  • By finding food barrels/crates (chop them open to get the food).
  • By finding cauldrons of food.
The more clan members you have, the more food will be consumed. So it's usually a good idea to recruit members who have food related skills. Food related skills (such as cooking and butchering) can reduce the clan's food consumption by up to 50%.

If you recruit more clan members than you can feed, your clan will start to go hungry and start rationing food. While rationing food, all members of your clan will have all stats weakened by 17%. In addition, their happiness will be reduced sometimes causing fights and/or insanity. In other words, recruiting every NPC you encounter could, in the long run, have some negative consequences.

The amount of food your clan has is shown on the Clan Info screen (Press "N") and on the Character Screen (press "C"). Hovering the mouse over the food entry will tell you your clan's food usage and when rationing would start. If you are low on food:
  • You can send out a hunting party to gather more food (done from the Clan Info screen under Expeditions). The NPC's skills (skills that the NPCs that you pick possess) do matter as to the party's success. So skills for Hunting/Trapping/Fishing are the best choices.
  • You could kick some members out of your clan to reduce food consumption.
  • You could go and try to find more food yourself (or with your party).
Additional ways to increase your clan's food supply are: (Info from Forevener and Tuidjy)
  • 1. Recruit hunters/trappers/foragers/fishermen and include them in a hunting party.
  • 2. Send them to the areas with greatest modifiers for according activities (so you should send 5 hunters to the area where hunting percentage is maximal)
  • 3. Protect hunting parties at all costs.
  • 4. Resolve quests like "poisoned food supply", "infestation", etc. which affect food consumption.
  • 5. Immediately cure zombie infections since they increase hunger.
  • 6. With everything being equal, favor farmers. They do not do much, but they help some.
  • 7. Get rid of clan members who do not contribute to food production.
  • 8. Get rid of clan members who threaten those who keep you fed.
  • 9. Maximize your "Food Sense" with skills/items
  • 10. Go loot some dungeons where granaries could appear.
  • 11. Collect spills from alcohol barrels in empty vials. Use the resulting item to increase food.

Equipping Your Clan Members

Once you have collected a bagful of items, you can put them into the clan armory which will then be automatically distributed to the clan members. This can be done at the Crafting Station in your town, or by clicking on any NPC (while in your town only!) and clicking the "Display info and equipment" button. On either screen you will see an Armory slot. Here's how it works:
  • Place your mouse over the item you want to put in the armory, and press the spacebar.
  • If any clan member can use that item, it will be automatically distributed to them.
  • If that item replaced an inferior item, the inferior item will be put in your bag.
  • If no clan member can use the item, it will remain in your bag.
  • After equipping, left over items are usually best Salvaged at the Crafting Station or sold to other clans or to vendors.
You can also manually equip clan members if you want. This way you can custom equip a clan member exactly the way you want them to be. You can also "Lock" any clan member's equipment by clicking the "Locked" checkbox just above any clan member's equipment (you can still change his/her equipment manually, but it will not be replaced by putting item's into the armory).

Keeping Your Clan Members Happy

From Tuidjy's post:
  • Make sure your clan has enough food to eat.
  • Do not make them work too hard, and even place them on R&R if they are too unhappy.
  • See whom they do not like, and consider kicking them out of the clan.
  • Make sure that the clan members they like do not die.
  • See what they like, and make sure it happens, i.e. if they like jokes, stick them next to someone who tells jokes.
  • See what they do not like, and keep them away from it. If they dislike mages, make sure their neighbor or teammate is not a spell-casting class.
  • See what they are afraid of, and either keep them away from such monsters, or better yet, take them with you, and slaughter enough to those to get the clan member over his fears.
  • Complete their quests, both personal and crafting.
  • Take them in your party when killing monsters attacking your clan, it makes most clan members happy to defend their town.
  • Give them awesome gear.

Stopping Fights Between Your Clan Members

If you discover that two of your clan members are fighting, you can do the following:
  • Do nothing and let them fight it out on their own. The strongest should win.
  • Display each NPC's screen and click their "Donate" button to give them money. You will be notified when you have given them enough money to make them stop fighting - for a while.
  • From this same screen, you can click on the "Relations" button to see how everyone likes each other. Just use the arrow keys at the top to view different NPC's relations with others.
  • You can have the the two offending NPCs give gifts to each other. Usually one NPC dislikes the other, so have the NPC who is hated give the gift to the other. The "Gift" button is on the Clan Info screen. You can only gift certain potions, all gems, and a few other items.
  • You can take one of the fighting NPCs with you in your party to keep them apart.
  • You can place the offending NPCs at opposite ends of town (done from the Clan Info Screen: Npc Locations button).
  • You can kick one of the NPCs out of your clan.
  • And you can choose to fight one of the NPCs and kill him/her yourself.
Solving Quests is a great way to level-up your character and your clan members. Solving all the quests in a world is also one of four possible winning conditions.

About Quests
  • Offered Quests are indicated by a red "?"
  • A green asterisk ( * ) on the Relations screens' "?" indicates that a race has quests available for the current area (The area that your are in now). NOTE: If you see an asterisk on your clan on the Relations screen, but find no quests listed with asterisks; it means the quest is offered from one of your clan members either back in town or in your party. You'll have to get that quest from them in person.
  • A yellow asterisk ( * ) on an area's name (located above the minimap) indicates that there are quests available for the current area, though none have been accepted..
  • A green asterisk ( * ) on an area's name indicates you have accepted at least one quest for the current area.
  • Quests can be viewed by clicking on the Bulletin Board in your town, the Bulletin Board in other towns, or on occasional NPCs and monsters offering quests.
  • The easiest way to view, accept, and solve most quests is by using the Relations screen. (Press "R", then click on your or another clan's icon). You can do this from anywhere in the game.
  • A Map button located at the lower right of the Get Quest and Quests screens will show the area where a quest is located. The area will be grey if unexplored.
Quests and Race Relations

Although there are several ways to win, establishing good relations with the most powerful clans can sometimes be key to winning the world. Solving quests is one of many tools that can be used to influence relations with another clan. Once you meet another clan, you can easily find a list of quests offered by that clan by using the Relations screen and clicking a clan's icon.

You can then choose quests you want to try to complete (or choose none at all). Solving quests is important as you'll receive XP (experience points) and money as a reward. This will help you to level-up yourself and your clan members more quickly.

Important Quest Solving Consequences
  • 1. Solving quests for a clan will give you positive relations with that clan (they will like you more).
  • 2. If another clan dislikes a clan you helped by solving a quest for them, your relations with this other clan will be affected negatively (they will dislike you for helping their enemy).
  • 3. If another clan likes the clan you helped by solving a quest, your relations with this other clan will be positively affected (they will like you more for helping a friend).
  • 4. Choosing to solve or ignore a quest should not be an arbitrary choice since what you do for one clan will affect your relationship with every clan you have discovered. So make your choices carefully. If you solve quests for a powerful clan's enemy, you're sure to get on that powerful clan's bad side!
The Relations Screen
Once you have played long enough to have discovered at least 2 clans (or even 1 clan), open the Realtions Screen by pressing "R". On this screen you will see icons representing your clan at the top and all the other clans you have discovered so far. On the bottom-left of the screen you will see a Power Rankings graph indicating the relative power of each of those clans including your clan.

Lines between you and each clan are color coded to indicate relationships. Placing your mouse cursor over a clan's icon will display further information about that clan including relationship numbers (0 thru 100). A question mark near a clan's icon means they have quests available. An exclamation point means you have completed quests and may solve them (if you want) to get credit for completing them.

IMPORTANT! Clicking on a clan's icon on the Relations Screen will bring up a menu from which you can further interact with that clan. From here you can choose to:
  • 1. Trade/Negotiate: a screen from which you can offer treaties, contact information, and sell or buy items ( just click on the item you wish to offer or buy/sell, and then either click "Offer Trade" or first click on "What would make this trade possible?"
  • 2. Get Quests: a full list of quests from that clan will be presented. You can choose to accept none, one, or more.
  • 3. Solve Quests: a full list of quests you have completed for that clan. You won't get credit for completed quests unless you solve them; but you may or may not want to solve them based on what the consequences might be!! - consider carefully.
  • 4. View/Cancel Treaties: a screen where you can view or cancel any treaties you have with that race.
  • 5. Raid a clan: a screen where you can select clan members to accompany you on a raid of another clan.
  • 6. Declare war on a clan: a screen where you can go to war with a clan.
  • 7. Relations Breakdown: a screen where you view stats about another clan.
  • 8. Ignore a Clan: allows you to block annoying messages (demands/threats) from a clan you don't want to be bothered with.
  • 9. And additional choices (rumors and sabotage) that can influence that clan.
  • You'll also get credit (positive relations) by protecting other clans' towns from enemies (monster or a warring clan). This can be a nice way to gain positive relations with a clan rather quickly if there are enough enemies attacking a clan's town.
Caps on Relations (Forming an Alliance)
You can only improve your relations with a clan up to a certain level (they are capped) without then establishing a treaty with them.

For example, you cannot increase your relations above 60 with a clan until you have signed a Non-aggression Pact with that clan. Then you can increase your relations to a cap of 72.5 where you will need to establish a Mutual Protection Pact to increase them further. So, if your eventual goal is to obtain an Alliance with a given clan, you must achieve that alliance by establishing a series of treaties with that race as follows:
  • First, work on improving your relations to 58 -60 with a given clan (check the Relations screen (press "R") to see your relations number with that clan)
  • Second, establish a Non-aggression Pact (requires relations of about 58). This is done from the Trade/Negotiate screen (Press "R", click on a clan's icon, and click the "Trade/Negotiate" button. Click on "Non-agression Pact" on the left)
  • Third, improve your relations to around 70 before then negotiating a Mutual Protection Pact.
  • Finally, improve your relations to around 80 before obtaining an Alliance.
Bags, Player Stash, & Shared Stash
Loot you collect will be stored in your bag(s). You start with 1 bag that can hold 16 items. There are 3 more bag slots on your equipment screen (press "I") where you can install additional bags that you find or buy.

About Bags
  • Once you put an empty bag into a slot, you can then put items into the bag for storage.
  • In order to store items in a chest, you must first put an empty bag into one of it's slots.
  • Other than bags, you can NOT put items directly into the empty chest slots.
  • Getting additional bags can occasionally be difficult due to poor luck. (Drops are random)
  • To replace a bag with a bigger one, empty and remove the old bag from a slot, and then equip the new bag (a right click on the bigger bag will work if it's in your equipped bags).
  • Bags must be empty to be moved, replaced, or sold.


Near the bulletin board in your town, you will find two chests (shown right) where you can store items that you find that you'd like to keep for later use.
  • One chest (silver) will hold your player stash of items. These items can only be used by the character that stored them. When that character moves on to the next town (world), this chest of items will come with him/her.
  • The other chest (gold) will hold items that can be used (shared) by all the players you create when playing the game. So if you first created a warrior character who stored some items in the shared stash chest, and then you started a new game with a wizard character; this new wizard character will have access to items that were stored in the shared stash chest by the warrior character from the earlier game.
  • You must first place an empty bag into a chest's bag slot, and then you can store items in the bag. (Items cannot be stored directly in empty chest slots)

Hint: Since bags can sometimes be rare, place a bag or 2 in your shared stash, and store extra bags in those bags for use with other characters you create later.
Using Empty Vials for Enhancements
If you have empty vials in your inventory, they can be used to pick up pools of materials found on the ground. When a pool is picked up, it will turn into something useful and be placed in your bags if there is room. To pick up stuff on the ground:
  • 1) Open you bags to show Empty Vials that you have collected
  • 2) Right-click on the Empty Vial icon in you bag (cursor changes to a pick-up-item cursor)
  • 3) Left-click the stuff you want to pick up. (check your bag for the new item created)
Picking up pools can get harmful things out from under foot as well as provide you with a useful item. Empty vials can stack up to 99 in a single bag slot.
Game Difficulty
Of course, gamers have different likes and dislikes. Some veteran players like a more challenging game while others (like me) prefer things a little more laid-back. There are options to make the game easier or harder on the "Set Up Area" screen when you start a world.

However, this is a game where your character always has a real risk of being killed, so you need to be ready for an unexpected challenge (and maybe to run!). Sometimes (and more often if you are unlucky) you will be faced with an unwinnable situation. This has happened to me within minutes of starting a new character (and I was pretty angry about it!) Some find this unacceptable and feel the game should never put you in a no-win scenario. Other's feel that this is a part of the game that makes it exciting. A different mind-set on how to better handle a no-win situation (such as avoiding a monster 10 levels above me, or just abandoning that world - the latter choice is, to me, a lame thing to do) might be necessary. Personally, I think pitting a brand new level 1 character with a monster 10+ levels above them 2 minutes into playing the game for the first time, is severe (and will put off many new players). However, my thinking is changing a little; and I'm beginning to come around to a different way to approach these situations. The game, at times, can seem brutally unfair. I believe this is intentional.

When I protested my frustration to Steven Peeler (designer/programmer). he responded with the following comments about how Soldak games need to be approached. This is not a direct quote, as I changed a few words, but not the meaning.

There are 2 kinds of RPGS (at least when it comes to this subject).
  • 1) RPGs that scale monsters to your level. If you are level 5, any monster you run into will be level 5 no matter where you go, so you will never be outleveled. This is what the Elder Scrolls games do (Morrowind, Oblivion, Skyrim, etc). This smooths out the experience, works nicely for beginners, and works well for non-RPG players.
  • 2) RPGs that freely let the player wander into areas and into monsters that they can't defeat. The Diablo series does it this way. This allows more challenge, caters more towards RPG veterans, gives more reason to leveling up, and feels less contrived. However, players need to learn to run when they are outmatched and be more careful where they wander to.
Soldak has always done the second kind (mostly because I (Steven Peeler) don't really like #1). In Soldak games, players will always be able to wander out far enough to find a monster they can't defeat (yet).

Setting Waypoint Markers
You can set Waypoint Markers in Zombasite. These are simply markers that can be used as a navigational aid in locating some specific object or place. For instance, you can mark the location of a health stone or the entrance to a secret area (as a place to hide) so you can find it more easily later. In Zombasite, Waypoints are color coded, and you can place up to 7 waypoints per area.

How to set a Waypoint
  • 1. Open your Map screen by pressing "M". Your present location is shown by a green dot.
  • 2. Place your cursor where you want the marker to be, and then Right-click your mouse to set the marker. (Hint: Move your character a little to the right or left of where you want to place the marker so that your character icon (green dot) doesn't get in the way.)
  • 3. Exit the map screen to return to the game. The waypoint will show on your minimap if you're close enough, and can always be seen on the map screen.
  • 4. You can remove waypoints by either right-clicking on the marker on the minimap or on the map screen.

Labeling a Waypoint

In addition, after you set a waypoint, you can label/identify that waypoint by placing your mouse cursor over the waypoint on your Map screen (Note:only works from the Map screen), and then typing the text you want to identify that waypoint. So, if you have multiple waypoints, you can identify which marker is the entrance to a secret area or which marker shows where a healthstone is located, for instance.
Abandon a World - Start a New World
To abandon a world in Zombasite, you'll need to do the following:
  • Press escape (Esc) to bring up the in-game menu
  • Click on "Save and Exit" to return to the the main menu
  • If you forget your character's name, hover your cursor over the "Resume" button
  • Click on "Play"
  • Select the same character you were playing from the list of characters
  • Click on "OK"
  • Click on "Create New World (Abandon Old)"

Penalty for Abandoning a World:

For all characters except a hardcore character, there is no penalty for abandoning a world. Your character will retain all it's experience points, all of it's equipment and it's followers. However, the act of abandoning a world will be logged in your character's journal (Press "J").

For a Hardcore character, there is a significant XP penalty for abandoning a world. Your hardcore character will retain all of it's equipment, and you will have to "work off" the XP penalty after starting a new world.
Where Saved Games are Stored
Where your saved games and saved characters are stored on your computer depends on your OS (operating system):
  • Vista/Win7 or 8 - C:\Users\YOUR USER NAME\AppData\Local\Zombasite\User\chars
  • XP - C:\Documents and Settings\YOUR USER NAME\Local Settings\Application Data\Zombasite\User\chars
  • Mac - /Users/YOUR USER NAME/Library/Application Support/Zombasite/User/chars
  • Linux - ~/.local/Zombasite/User/chars
  • global.sav and global.sts are your shared stash and shared stats.
Generally each specific saved game or saved character (these are the same) has a .chr, .map, .his and .wld file. Your character's name will precede each extension. So you can move these four (4) files to another computer that has Zombasite installed on it, and continue playing that game/character on the different computer.

There are also log files in the Logs directory that capture all the player chats and all text that shows up in the text area in the lower left part of the game screen. It saves these per character/per world.


Screenshots for Zombasite can be taken from the game by pressing the Print Screen/SysRq button.
  • Vista/Win7 or 8 - C:\Users\YOUR USER NAME\AppData\LocalZombasite\User\Screenshots
  • XP - C:\Documents and Settings\YOUR USER NAME\Local Settings\Application Data\Zombasite\User\Screenshots
  • Mac - /Users/YOUR USER NAME/Library/Application Support/Zombasite/User/Screenshots
  • Linux - ~/.local/Zombasite/User/Screenshots
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The Exile Mar 26 @ 8:28am 
Thanks for the guide, just picked this up on sale its the first Soldak game I have played and its pretty strange.
Icecold Heart Oct 6, 2022 @ 5:17am 
And how does one sustain armorscraps? Even if i only pick up armor and salvage it all i still can't repair my gear. It keeps staying about to break because it's impossible to sustain the armorscraps needed.
omgilovesteak Mar 27, 2022 @ 3:19pm 
BrainZapBaby Feb 2, 2021 @ 1:14pm 
This is going above and beyond the effort that I've seen put into most of the other guides I've seen on Steam. Look up "Nardwuar vs Pharrell interview" because Pharrell's impression of the interview is a lot like my impression of this guide. Sahornback, kudos to you! :steamthis:
Hydran Agent Feb 25, 2020 @ 8:45pm 
This is a complete riferine to rely upon. Thanks mang.
⚡RAID | The Best Oct 24, 2019 @ 10:48pm 
raubrey Apr 30, 2018 @ 6:25am 
Thanks for the guide! I am a big fan of Din's Curse but died within 15 seconds outside the camp and I'm motivated to try again. There was a lot I didn't know and could be it was just RNG madness. The game looks fun though.
Jack Blackworth Jan 5, 2018 @ 8:51am 
I hate to be a bother, but can you show how to find save files for windows 10 please? Im having issues locating it myself.. XP
ChildoftheKoRn Feb 15, 2017 @ 8:29pm 
Explanations on construction and the like would be helpful to new comers. I'm having issues finding out how to get people to build buildings as nothing seems to be getting fixed after setting clan members to "Construction". Is it even possible to construct things ourselves?
Scrubwave Dec 7, 2016 @ 1:44pm 
Can you rename your clan npcs?