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X Hero Siege Reborn (Alpha) (Nostalgia)
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Oct 14, 2015 @ 7:42am
Jan 4 @ 4:03am
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X Hero Siege Reborn (Alpha) (Nostalgia)

Remake of the original X Hero Siege for wc3.
Read further for ingame commands.

Existing Special Events are :
-Event with Muradin Bronzebeard (who is Roshan at the moment),
-Special Arena where you farm,
-Ramero + Baristal.
- Single Illusions


In order use this commands, you type them in chat. In order for them to work they should be readable in chat.

Host commands:

openlane_1 , ..., openlane_8 :
Opens lanes, for normal creep spawn. Lanes are numbered clockwise starting at the lower lane of the left(west) two lanes.
short: ol_1 ,..., ol_8

closelane_1 , ..., closelane_8 :
Closes lanes, so no creeps spawn. Lanes are numbered clockwise starting at the lower lane of the left(west) two lanes.
short: cl_1 ,..., cl_8

giff_<1-4>_<amount> :
Sends some of you gold to an friendly player. The first single digit number specifies the player you want to receive the money. For finding this number, open the score board and count the players in the scoreboard from 1 to 4 to find this number. The second number (<amount>) specifies how much gold you want to transfer. You need to have this amount in gold.

Alternative: transfer_<1-4>_<amount>

All Players:
bt :
Will buy tomes of stats for your hero won't work in special arena. You need to have over 8000 gold. Buys as many tomes big as you can afford. Each tome give 100 to all stats.

info_event :
Shows timing of the next events in chat, includes special waves.

info_kills :
Shows the amount of kills and wave kills each player has. Important for the two special events.
Won't show players name for players whose name contain html characters (i.e. >,<).

Thank you for playing.

Let me know of any bugs you encountered.
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Aahst Aug 5 @ 1:48pm 
please update. and put in druid
EVGFKEVGF Jul 20 @ 11:14pm 
А уберут етот баг с зависанием игры ?
笹崎 まみ Jul 16 @ 1:24pm 
pls update this map . keep crashing at mins 18:15 , thx
Highway to Hell Jul 4 @ 12:24pm 
зависает после ивента с рошаном почти сразу
Tomori Nao ~ ^.^ Jun 17 @ 11:55am 
nada se gold kkk
GrizZle Jun 9 @ 4:58pm 
does not show gold ?
rocksteady May 1 @ 3:07am 
so this mode is bettter then beta and it needs an update badly so many bugs dont need to name any jus go play an see
Khv)Лева Apr 26 @ 5:44am 
Подскажите почему зависает игра, то на 3 то на 4 то на 9 или 11 минутах? И полностью выкидывает с игры, и закрывает ее!
nock Apr 15 @ 9:43pm 
map always freezes @ 18:15. I've tried playing it solo and in a party, everyone freezes at 18:15
[弾幕の伝説] Mobius Apr 15 @ 11:27am 
@majedistic: your PC is the problem. It cannot handle the large number of mobs.