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New Player / General Tips
By Moridin63
First Steam guide ever,
Originally posted to the AA:PG (America's Army: Proving Grounds) Forums for someone asking for beginner tips, decided to add it as a steam guide so that more people can use them. Original Post -

Few tips, these are general / beginner tips, and while some experienced players could certainly keep some of these in mind, they are for the most part just the basics. If people like this guide I can expand upon it and add more advanced tips / tricks.

And uh, yeah. You can take all of this advice, or none of it, some of it may not work for you, but I tried making the tips for general use / play.
Learn the Basics
First things first.
Available from the main menu -> training -> first tab.
Run through it once to learn the basics of the game.
Very Important!
For simple aiming practice use the shoothouses (training -> second top tab), if you can get silver or gold in them you will be pretty well off when actually playing. Single fire / Short controlled bursts will let you hit the target much more reliably than holding down the fire button on full automatic.
Note: The M24 Sniper rifle (bolt action, single slow shots) training has bullet drop.
While bullets do seem to drop a tiny bit in game over long distances, the effect is no where near like it is in training so be aware of this and practice M24 sniping in game.
(Servers without role restrictions are best for this.)
Aiming Cont
Right click and aim through sights when shooting at enemies, improved accuracy
(note: not as useful at really close ranges)
Gun Choice
Stick with the M4 at the start (and red dot sight), I'd also personally recommend using single fire for a while (especially for the shoot houses) to get the aiming practice in, once your aim is good you can spray a bit with autofire and still kill, but if your aim is bad spraying will just ensure you completely miss.
Key Binds
Rebind a lot of your keys so that they are more comfortable for you. I'll list my general ones
(note: using these binds may not be at all comfortable for you, and you can just revert to default binds in that case and figure out what does work for you.)
WASD - move, Q/F lean left/right, E - Use, R - Reload, 1 - next weapon (drop weapon on hold), 2 - Spot, 3 - Throw second grenade, G - throw first grenade (hold to cook), Z - Bandage, X - Map, C - prone, LeftCtrl - Crouch, Shift - Sprint, LeftAlt - Tactical Mode (don't forget about this), Space - Jump / hold breath, V/B - Push to talk, T - Anchor, 6 - Report location, Y/U- Chat, Tab - Scoreboard, F5-F6 - vote yes/no, LClick - Fire, RClick - Scope, Middle mouse button - change fire type, Scroll wheel - change weapon, Side mouse button - takedown (using the Use key while behind someone also does a takedown, but I prefer having it as a separate bind)
(note: capslock can be used, as well as any other mouse buttons you may have)
Reviving is also Very Important!
You MUST clear the area BEFORE you revive, either kill the enemy that killed the teamate, or smoke it and stop reviving if they enemy is shooting into the smoke at the dead teamate's body.
Movement as a New Player
Repeating what O_i_O (AA:PG forum post) said, but following someone on your team that is doing well (hit tab to see scoreboard, also to keep track of who is alive on your team), will be of great benefit to your team. Sticking a bit behind them you can kill people come at them from another angle, or you can shoot someone trying to secure them and then revive them.
Note: When sticking with a teamate / teamates, do not stick too close to them. They need breathing room, and you do NOT want a nade to kill everyone.
Movement - General
Use crouch / tactical mode to move silently (not as useful for crossing wide open spaces), but being quiet, and ready to shoot will often give you an advantage over someone moving around too quickly.
I know it's hard, but be careful not to sprint too much, if you sprint into an enemy even if you can react fast enough you still aren't able to shoot right away, can often get you killed.
Grenade Loadout
Smoke (fog) grenades are generally more useful than flashbangs. Flashes can be rather useful if used really well, but they can be avoided. Smokes are great for crossing open locations on a map, you can throw one and back away so the enemies waste grenades, and then throw another to revive. They can be so useful for pushing, as well as defense.
Also don't replace your frag grenade with flashbangs or smokes. Can be useful to replace with smokes while on offense of bridge, but generally a well placed grenade is 1+ kills, much more useful than blinding someone (they can still kill you), or providing cover (you can still be shot).
Teamate Visibility
The default yellow colour for teamates is Bleh.
To change this press ~ ` to bring up the console.
it is to the left of the 1 key on most keyboards, below ESC.
nameplatecolor x x x
where x = 0-255
for example:
nameplatecolor 0 255 0
is bright green, makes teamates names very visible.

You can also change enemy names with
enemynameplatecolor x x x
but I do not have recommended colours for this and use the default.
Use minimap, map, and scoreboard (while under or behind cover) to keep track of who on your team is alive, and where they are. This is extremely important to being a team player. As well as listening when teamates call out enemy positions, letting the enemy revive their entire team, or secure your entire team is a shortcut to losing the round.
Sound - Even More Awareness
Use sound, (and beware of the sounds you yourself make), knowing someone is reviving a teamate can often let you kill both of them, and hearing the pin get pulled on a nade / flash can keep you alive. (either run towards or away from the enemy, shoot them before they can throw, or get somewhere where it cant hit you).
Also the sound of the objective being picked up can tell you where an enemy is. Flag maps are generally easy since flag will show up on HUD.
C4 maps are also doable as long as your team is calling out when bomb is picked up / dropped and where.
Minimap - Even Moore Awareness
Whenever an enemy shoots, or is spotted they show up on the minimap (as long as they are in range.) If they are out of range of the minimap they won't show up on the full map while shooting, but WILL show up on the full map when they get spotted.

Also note that you can tell two things about an enemy when they show up on your minimap.
A regular red coloured dot is same floor as you, whereas a darkened / faded dot is a floor above or below you. You can use this to generally tell where an enemy is unless you happen to be in the middle of the construction building for example.
If you are in a multi-floor building use sound to tell where the shots or coming from, or have the teamate call where they spotted the enemy.
Kill Feed - Even Mooore Awareness
You always want to keep an eye on the Kill Feed. (top corner that shows who killed who and how).
This will give you a general idea if your teamates are killing enemies or getting killed instead of pressing tab all the time. Keeps your vision clear.
Also it is very important if you can keep track of specifics.
IE. *Enemy1* killed *You*
*Enemy1* killed *Teamate1*
*Teamate2* killed *Enemy1*
At this point it may be safe to pick you up, unless you know there are more enemies near by.
Same principles apply to when a teamate is killed, kill the killer or watch if they have been killed.
Also note that pressing Tilde ` the key beside 1 will pull up the console, and this shows all the killing from the Kill Feed.
Memory - Even Moooore Awareness
Ultra Short-Term Memory
(Generally last 10-60 seconds)
Alright, whenever you are shooting at someone, or if you already know where someone is, be aiming at them in your sights before uncrouching or leaning.
Do NOT walk out, then aim, then aim at them.
This is one easy advantage to gain, and you just need to remember where you last saw them.
Note: This works for you as well as them. Always move before popping out, or instead of standing and leaning, crouch and lean. Don't let yourself be an easy target.

Short-Term Memory
(Round length)
Remember when teamates call out enemies,
Remember when teamates die to enemies, who killed them, and where,
Remember when you see enemies shooting, either directly, or through minimap to check those areas.

Long-Term Memory
(Days.. Months.. Years?)
Remember what strategies people often use, especially for rush tactics, if you know where people are likely to go you can be ready to shoot them, or simply prenade it and take them out.
Remember what specific players tend to do, does xxx rush a certain place every round? Be ready for them. Or if it is someone that always kills you, let you teamates handle them and go somewhere else.
First Time Playing a Map
Learn the maps, fly around in spectate for a few rounds before playing the map, watch where the teams spawn, and where the players meet up so that you don't just rush to your death. Also keep track of where the objective is and where you have to go to defend it, or where you have to go to attack it.
Sightlines - Map Awareness
Once you get to know maps you'll often find some places are great to set up and ambush enemies.
An important thing to keep in mind when learning maps is Sightlines.
These are where you can see, from where..
For example, in a long corridor with no exits, if you stand in the middle you can be see from all along the corridor.
But if there is anything to hide behind on the sides, you can only be seen from a small area.
Same applies to any overlook positions, you can see large chunks of the map.
But the closer you are to the edge or railing of a location the more places you can be seen from.
Keeping this in mind can help keep you from getting shot from the side or the back while trying to shoot enemies in front of you.
Also this is especially important when you are getting shot or have been shot, knowing where you could have been shot from, and paying attention while you die can let you call out that enemy to teamates.
And keeping Sightlines in mind while moving around a map can help you safely dangerous areas, with Fog Grenades, or teamates providing covering fire..
Corners - Even More Map Awareness
Always be sure to check corners when entering a room.
People may not always hear or see you enter the room, but if you don't check the corners they can easily kill you while you cross the open spaces, or even choke you.
Play the objective. In maps like full hospital, defending the flag and the flag room is Significantly easier than defending the extraction, 1 hallway with ~3 entry points, vs extraction with ~6 entry points and multiple positions to snipe / counter snipe.
Soo Yeah, if you have any tips or tricks you feel need to be added to this let me know.
Keep in mind these are meant to be tips and tricks for new players.
Also.. first steam guide, don't be too critical =)
No idea the best way to set up this part so.. C# for change number >.>

Oct 18 / 2015
C1. Added Minimap section.
C2. Added Kill Feed section.
C3. Added Sightlines section.
C4. Added Corners section.
C5. Slight update to Sound section.
C6. Slight update to Aiming section.
C7. Slight update to Movement as a New Player section.

Oct 21 / 2015
C8. Added Learn the Basics section.
C9. Added Revive! section.
C10. Added Teamate Visibility section.

Oct 30 / 2015
C11. Added Memory section.
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