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How to update your map mod to include Foraging & Zombie Respawn
By ringod123
A how to guide on how to update your map mod (for maps made before version 32.xx) to include the new and improved zombie respawn mechanics and foraging!
Adding Foraging and Zombie Respawn to your map mod
Step 1) Make sure you have the latest TileZed along with the current tileset image files
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Step 2) Find the .pzw file for your map mod (generally in the parent folder to your mods .lot files) and open it in a text editor. Look for the line(s) that starts with "<bmp path= ...", after the last one, paste this chunk of code:

<objecttype name="TownZone"/>
<objecttype name="Forest"/>
<objecttype name="DeepForest"/>
<objecttype name="Nav"/>
<objecttype name="Vegitation"/>
<objecttype name="TrailerPark"/>
<objecttype name="Farm"/>
<objectgroup name="TownZone" color="#aa0000" defaulttype="TownZone"/>
<objectgroup name="Forest" color="#00aa00" defaulttype="Forest"/>
<objectgroup name="Nav" color="#55aaff" defaulttype="Nav"/>
<objectgroup name="DeepForest" color="#003500" defaulttype="DeepForest"/>
<objectgroup name="Vegitation" color="#b3b300" defaulttype="Vegitation"/>
<objectgroup name="TrailerPark" color="#f50000" defaulttype="TrailerPark"/>
<objectgroup name="Farm" color="#55ff7f" defaulttype="Farm"/>

Save the file and close it.

Step 3) Open TileZed and then WorldEd and load your world, dbl click on the cell you want to add foraging to. Click the "create object" button at the top of the window. At the bottom of the window you will see 2 selection boxes ("Level: 0" and "Obj Grp: <none>") Click on "Obj Grp <none>" and you will see the list of foraging zones you can add to the world. Select the type you want, you can then draw a rectangle on the game world by clicking and holding left mouse button. You can add multiple rectangles of any type and size to each cell, allowing you to be as specific or general as you want. Once done, save the cell, close it and move on to the next.

Step 4) Once all cells have had their foraging zones added close any cells left open so you are back to the main world overview in WorldEd. Click on File and the Generate Lots>All Cells. If they aren't already then make sure your path to your lots directory and zombie spawn image are complete. Then for your tiles definitions folder you want to point that to the media folder inside your Project Zomboid installation folder (steam>common>... etc). Once done, click ok.

Step 5) Click File and then "Write spawn points to lua", then click on File and click "Write objects to lua".

Your map mod now contains foraging and the zombie respawn mechanics!