Prison Architect

Prison Architect

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Extra Furniture
Is your prisons decor hampered by the standard provision purchasing allowances of your state's department of justice?

Would you like more stuff to spend tax-payer's money on, lavishly furnishing your offices, cells and common areas?

Well here at Nomaki's Reasonably Priced and Meets-Minimum-Safety-Requirements Prison Furnishings Incorporated, we have country-wide contracts to provide YOU, the Architect, with additional furnishings above and beyond what those other scrubby architects have at their disposal!

Want a 10-in-1 arcade cabinet with Plumber Guy and Puck Man on it? You bet your quarters you do!

How about overly plush and expensive desks and chairs for your Warden's posterior to mooch about on all day? Sweet hell of course!

Well get it all here at Nomaki's RPMMSR Prison Furnishings! Subscribe now for instant access to all our wares, straight to your prison purchasing interface!

We will keep our catalogue updated as we obtain new items from nearby charity shops and scrap heaps, so keep an eye out for future releases!

If you'd like to pick and choose from our exclusive catalogue, please see the item listings below.
Items (17)
Created by Nomaki
Adds a Boombox to the game, which prisoners can either listen or breakdance to whatever tapes the prison authorities deem appropriate for your state's felons. They probably won't get replaced for years on end, either....
Coffee Table
Created by Nomaki
Adds a lovely mahogany coffee table for your prisoners to pretend for a fleeting moment that they are back in their normal middle-class lives with their wife and kids before they stabbed that guy that one time and ended up in your care....
Superior Bed
Created by Nomaki
Adds those superior beds you keep forcing your prisoners to make and then weep slightly as they watch the fruits of their skills and labour be manhandled out of the prison and sold for $200 to fund the guards that beat them every day....
Created by Nomaki
Adds cases, which contain shelves, upon which rest an assortment of random literature we manage to find at the local yard sale or chairty shop.
Such volumes may include: 'Tunnelling with Limited Tools 101', 'Why Do Workmen Walk Through Walls? An Explanatio...
Regal Bookcase
Created by Nomaki
Need to justify your inflated state incarceration budget? Show the inspectors that the money is being well spent by adorning your offices with regal, over-the-top fancy bookcases to hold titles which you've never read, but will make you look more cultured ...
Created by Nomaki
Adds EEGs (Electroencephalography machines) to the game, guaranteed to lull your prison's patients into a false sense of security, a well-funded healthcare system and decent care.
In reality, these aren't even plugged into anything and are just meant to sp...
Dining Chair
Created by Nomaki
Adds a dining chair to the game which will provide your prisoners with a suave green chair which is padded with that almost solid foam that cheap furniture tends to come with, so is only slightly comfier than sitting on a solid concrete floor.
Still, they'...
Leather Chair
Created by Nomaki
Adds leather chairs to the game, allowing your prisoners to remember what it felt like to use a piece of furniture not filled with fleas, mice and covered in questionable stains....
Oak Desk
Created by Nomaki
Adds an oak desk to the game to make your offices fancy and justify all that government grant money.
Also removes the desk requirement from offices so you can chuck a beautiful slab of oak in them, and reduces the minimum size to 3x3 to allow your staff to...
Office Chair
Created by Nomaki
Adds fancy office chairs to the game, allowing your administrative staff to spin idly when bored, or rotate in a slow, dramatic fashion whilst stroking a cat whenever the intern comes in to ask a question.

NOTE: Like the Oak Desk mod (https://steamcommu...
Created by Nomaki
Adds candelabras to the game, allowing you to deck out your chapel in holy lighting.
Note: Only Nomaki's RPMMSR Prison Furnishings Ltd God-Fearing candles will fit in these....
Church Statue
Created by Nomaki
Adds church statues to the game, granting your wish to make your chapel even holier than it already possibly could be with this carved masonry depiction of death and torture....
Wooden Bench
Created by Nomaki
Adds wooden benches to the game, which can be thrown into your gigantic shower facilities to give prisoners the illusion of being in a gym changing room: a lot of naked, overweight wet men trying really hard not to stab each other at the next convinient op...
First-Aid Box
Created by Nomaki
Adds boxes of first aid to the game, which make your prison look great and safety-concious for those all-important grants and ratings.

Although warn your staff to not run to these in the event of an emergency, as they'll more likely find biscuit crumbs,...
Fire Extinguisher
Created by Nomaki
Adds fire extinguishers to the game which you can strategically place around your prison to trick everyone into thinking they have quick access to fire-fighting equipment at all times.

However, these are just meant to look good and win you safety-based ...
Glass Window
Created by Nomaki
Adds frames of wood which contain sheets of glass instead of bars of steel forged with prisoner's tears for freedom.

Your staff will love the unobstructed views of blood-stained, vomit-covered concrete and gravel which makes up the beautiful vista of yo...
Created by Nomaki
Enables you to furnish your cells and showers with sinks, which come with blunt razors for (painful) shaving and the mininum amount of legally-available water pressure and soap made from the waxen sweat of working inmates across the county....
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king_kong69a Nov 16 @ 8:49pm 
the glass window mod dont work for me
MarshalMoltke Jul 17, 2017 @ 9:07am 
Can you make a mod were these items take the place of other items (ie: superior bed takes bed, office chair takes chair) or make them one of the acceptable items?
3.6 rumpkins Apr 16, 2017 @ 7:46pm 
@REDPUN- MAGA- MOAB All of the extra furniture exists in the game anyway, just look at the sprite sheets or watch the campaign cutscenes...
Lemon Jan 31, 2017 @ 5:20pm 
Hello modder, please update these, thank you!
Thejoshua79 Oct 28, 2016 @ 6:22am 
My game crashes upon placing most of these items: Office chair, leather chair, bookcase, sink, and the wooden bench. Don't know why and the crash logs in this game suck...
L0G1STX aka MAGA Man Sep 22, 2016 @ 2:56am 
I hope they compensated you somehow for adding the large tv and the arcade cabinet to the base game, because their version don't even work that good. prisoners tend to only watch the large tv if it's facing left or right and in any room BUT the common room where it is most needed. and as for the arcade cabinet, they never play it. LOL if they're gonna take your stuff, they should at least make it work. they didn't even give you credit in the description in game!
Dawson Aug 14, 2016 @ 6:40pm 
Excuse me, but the mods seem to be interfering with each other. I have half a fire-extinguisher and a first-aid kit floating above my chopped-in-half Bookcases, and my benches don't look right with a Glass Window on them when sideways.

In other words, I need some god-damn help.
<font face="segoe script">Auroth Jul 30, 2016 @ 4:16am 
arcade and big tv
Nomaki  [author] Jul 30, 2016 @ 3:12am 
Which ones? As I'll remove those mods now they are in the base game!
<font face="segoe script">Auroth Jul 29, 2016 @ 5:30pm 
congratz! your item added to regular version