Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

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By WalterWhite55
Hey guyz! It's my first guide so if i did sth wrong im apologize for that.And lets get start!

First of all I guarantee that will fix ur problem if u have fps lag while playing CS:GO and help other games too!

U know there is so many player in the world and most of them dont have gaming pc.And because of that we can encounter in high-end games fps problems.Before doing that i must say when u play other games u might want high graphics but in CS:GO U can't want high graphics.Performance>Graphics in CS:GO because it's multiplayer and u dont want to die because of lagging right? So first u can lower ur graphics and resolution.If that solve ur problem u dont need to read the rest.If u still have fps lag then read below. This is our program.Download it from this link.I dont download from this site but if it has virus try to find from other sites just search it!(DONT BLAME ME IF U GOT VIRUS.I DONT TAKE RESPONSIBILITY)

After u download just put it on folder or send to desktop.(whatever u want) And run as Administrator.U will see the program's window.

1-) Click + button down below right next to trash can button.
2-) Choose the game's .exe file which is that u want to fix fps lag problem.
3-) Application detection level ---- High
Force triple buffering ---- ON
Force VSync ------- ON
Make them like that.And then minimize the program.
NOTE: Dont CLOSE Program and u can make Start With Windows for make it easier :)

That's all guyz.I hope it solve ur problem.Dont forget to thx and comment :)
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Zukids May 12, 2016 @ 11:16pm 
Why would i download the link if i have a chance of getting a virus?