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GMod Maps
A selection of maps handpicked by me and published for anyone looking for maps.
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Destructible House
Created by TNS-Otacon
Shoot it, it's fun :P

To reset map: Q-Menu - Utilities - Admin - Clean Up - Clean Up Everything. This will reset map without reloading it.

I'm not dead :P

The map is named phys_dmm_house in the menus and should be located in the Garry's Mod Physic...
Office (ph_office)
Created by Akumu
Office-like map for Garry's Mod
Its specially made for Prop Hunt

Hope you like it, its my first map. :-)

Please Rate if you like it, thank you

Does this need CS:S?
No, it doesn't require CS:S.

Prophunt Prop Hunt
Created by n00b
SpaceBuild Maps sb_new_worlds_2 and gm_new_worlds by Bynari, all credits go to him.
(Just uploaded it here until he wishs to do so himself or take it down)

Descriptions from (
Created by Comrade Stinger
ttt_mc_skyIslands is a medium/large Gmod Trouble in Terrorist town map.

The goal of the map from the very start was to make it look as similar to minecraft as possible. We have seen several Garry's mod maps attempting to copy the style of miencraft bu...
Created by Dooglz
A Trouble in Terrorist Town map based in a swimming pool complex.
Small/Medium map (5/10 players)
Treacherous Traps for the Traitor to torment Terrorists with.
The 2 large waterslides are traitor detectors, a light at the top lights either red or green ...
Flatgrass Pit v2
Created by TFfan92
I'm really suprised this classic map isn't on here already. I take no credit for making this....
Elevator: Source
Created by MacDGuy

Having troubles starting it?
Please read our instructions[].

Note: Elevator: So...
Prop Hunt: Wolvin's Restaurant 2020 (ph_restaurant)
Created by Wolvindra-Vinzuerio
**Update patch 2020 IMPORTANT Notice**

I. Information & Update
Created by Jack Katogh
Another Spacebuild map by Kamekazi. This map features one large spawn planet, an asteroid belt across the middle of the system, a space station with control panels, 1 other semi-habitable world, and a few uninhabitable worlds....
Sci-Fi Setpiece
Created by Lt_C
A single room sci-fi themed map for SFM and garry's mod
Lt_Commander, 2013


The definition of eye candy, it is a single room looking out into space, attached to a ship that's about 1.5km long. There's enough room behin...
Five Nights At Freddy's 4 Gmod Map
Created by Toreodere
Note : I'm sick of people asking about this map, It's been cancelled for quite some time, Events will not be finished, the Multiplayer map will never be finished, The minigame area will not be finished, I'm sorry but I really can't do anything.

Note : T...
gm_LaserTag | Read Description
Created by Speeder
###Update | 5-18-2018 ###
I have created and uploaded a much better laser tag map. I recommend checking it out.

My first map ever created for Garry's Mod. This map is a laser tag ar...
Created by Tinker
This map is an alternative version of js_audiosurf map. It is racing map based on the Audiosurf game.
The button 0 will start the race without any music. Use it when you wanna play your own soundtrack.
The buttons 1, 2 and 3 will start the race with musi...
International Space Station
A complete recreation of the International Space Station containing:

Station exterior
Module Interiors
Secrets+Easter Eggs

Chris Ward (CWardee or Flossy)

Super Kami Guru

Hope you like ...
SSBB Battlefield (gm_battlefield)
Created by legoj15
This map looks objectively better with anti-aliasing! If your hardware can push the frames, up your MSAA level to 8x for the best results

Now with animations! Pretty much everything has been re-done, and now that I use Skypaint there's no need for there...
Created by -Bn- Vamp
Night version of the map gm_7eleven_v6

Day Version

Facepunch Thread[] (for day version)

~ Inf...
Created by -Bn- Vamp
Current version: gm_7eleven_v6

Night Version now available!

Facepunch Thread[]

~ Info ...
Created by Stuffy360
A large open snowy map. It has a large road that can be used to drive S-cars with, and plenty of hills and trees to dodge!

There are no games needed for this map to work, everything is included in the bsp.

-Dr. Spud: The tree branch textures...
Created by Bigwig
A big open city map.

Fully noded for AI...
gm_bigcity sideways
Created by Trist
I took gm_bigcity and turned it 90 degrees. have fun.
If you run into errors, it's probably because the map isn't normally 90 degrees.

Credit to the original map creator.
Created by » Magic «
A night version of bigcity!

**If you have problems with textures being solid colours try "mat_specular 0/1"(replace 0/1 with the opposite to whatever the command is currently set to eg. if mat_specular is 1 change it to 0) in console!** (thanks, Tarah...
gm_flatwater (v2)
Created by ProfHappycat
A simple flat water map, suprised no one had made one yet.
Do anything with it! Build a boat, have ship battles, build a mini-island! The possibilities are endless...(not really, mind)
Doesn't require anything.
Created by TGP

It's a space themed map to Gmod murder, with cool ambience including custom skybox and background sounds.
Built-up with 100% breakable glass cubes, wich makes the whole map BREAKABLE!
Don't worry though, it takes some time to break 'em all, ...
Created by Tinker
This map is something like a night city.
There is no certain aim, it is just a playground for GMOD players.
Map by sub357, Skybox texture by Karatekaefer.
Set the HDR off if it looks too shiny....
Created by ZackAkai
***Does not require any additional content! Everything you need is included!***


I know it’s been well over a year since I last posted, but I finally got around to revisiting this map!

This is a large map consisting of an open...
Created by level94836
it may not be perfect, it not horrible, but with 14 floors, a garage, and a secret, this hotel is what it is. a decent hotel created by an unknown person from

Before you all go in gangs saying i'm stealing, this is not mine, nor do i know who ...
City Limits
Created by -Bn- Vamp
Current version: gm_citylimits_v2 [BETA]


Day Version:

You need CS:Source to see all textures/ models.

~ Info ~
A mixture of build and RP, this complex is ...
City Limits Day
Created by -Bn- Vamp
Current version: gm_citylimits_day_v1 [BETA]

**There seems to be a problem with the grass texture, I'll fix later**

Night Version:

You need CS:Source to see all textures/ models.

gmodparkourmap (gm_edgeparkour)
Created by rzrap
Map name: gmodparkourmap


Okay, now, FINALLY I've come out with version 2. I honestly don'...
gm_innercity An NPC Battle Map
Created by boggington
A very small city with a couple of buildings and a ton of AI nodes. This map also works with nextbots in case you wanted to do that.

-Fully noded for regular AI and nextbot AI
-Two Sides: Combine side and rebel side. Combine side is a littl...
Roleplay - Courtroom
Created by CubeMath
Team Fortress 2 required!

Courtroom inspired from Game:
Phoenix Wright - Ace Attorney.
Now you can make your own
turnabout case with working gavel....
007 Facility
Created by Alpha Male
Facility from Nintendo 64 game Goldeneye 007. All credit goes to the original author I am just uploading it to the workshop....
Stanley Parable - Serious Room
Created by Jaycie
What this addon contains:
This addon is a direct port of the Serious Room™ from The Stanley Parable™.
The map is called "gm_seriousroom" under the category "Stanley Parable".

"Stanley, this is me being serious. In fact this is my serious...
Created by Burnout6010
A small map designed to help you refine both your custom weapons accuracy/precision/recoil and your own aim.
The map is divided in two areas which can be teleported in between by the doors behind you when spawning. You may spawn in any of the two areas.
gm_Maine_City_Speedway (Night Version)
Created by Stallion
Day Version:


"gm_Maine_City_Speedway" is what it says in the title. An oval speedway for stockcars, indycars...
Created by Stallion
Night Version:

["HALFLIFE 2 EPISODE 2" and "Team Fortress 2" (For Skybox) MUST BE MOUNTED]

"gm_Maine_City_Speedway" is what it says in the title. An ...
Supersizeroom V2
Created by Lifeless, but not
You're a rat inside a huge room.. build and explore!

Super size room is a map I created over 5 years ago. It featured on, and was quite popular on, Toybox and on the Workshop for GMod 13 Beta. So now that GMod 13 has been ful...
Created by rafuet
Author and credits
Map originally created by digitalstimulus. You can view this map in GameBanana by clicking here[]


This map is designed to work
Created by Korvallis
A medium sized map recomended for 4 to 10 people. This is one of my first ideas for a map and after going through a complete concept change and a computer crash its finaly done. This map works great for Murder, TTT, and sandbox. Prophunt wont work because ...
Garry's Mall (gm_gmall)
Created by ESlingsby (old)
Garry's Mall is a collaborative mall map with 12 unique stores and an entire mall with secrets to explore!

Required Games: TF2 | EP2 | L4D2 - (Read the description for any problems)


House With Garden 2
Created by Orfkip
Requires the standard Half Life 2 models which are already in Garry's Mod.


It should be located in the Sandbox category with the name gm_housewithgarden.

Map made by me.
Created by DgN™
Map not made by me. Credits go to Dark Arrow.
Novabox's third iteration of an edited industrial 17.

Original map:

What it does:
- Removes jail cells.
- Replaces Shell Beach with a completely new outlands/wasteland area.
- Adds ...
Created by Lyzz
A remake of the map: "rp_townsend_v2", I made the map from scratch, only the dimensions (how long the streets are etc) are frome the original map.

if you want the vmf (original map file for editing): contact me, you get it then

I improved some buil...
Created by Lyzz

(german roleplay community)

ENG: (deutsche beschreibung weiter unten)

my second map I made: like rp_riin, only more buildings better buildings etc

you need another addon to se all stuff in the map (the content in all is to...
Created by ZeLz Storm
RP_World is a large Role-Play map with large open areas and plenty of buildings and variety built into the map.

Created by tc
A patched version to my large scaled rooftop map, made for the gamemode Trouble in Terrorist Town.
Counter Strike: Source is needed for the textures.

What's new in the patch:
• Fixed the hotel client crash, and removed a few rooms from the hotel
• Ad...
Created by ZeLz Storm
RP_KDG_Christmas is a christmas themed version of the popular RP_Downtown_EvilMelon.

The map currently features:

- Police Station with Jail - Mayor Office and Vault.
- Security cameras & monitor in the Mayors Office.
- Frozen Canal.
- Snow covere...
Created by fORSCH__
Please Note: This is NOT my map, nor am I the original Author of this map.

This map is a map about a town from Holland.
It's not Amsterdam, but it is a town with a few similarities.
It is divided into 3 areas where each one is different from one other...
rp_downtown_v3.1 reupload
Created by Bergy
Reuploaded this beautiful map I found in my old gmod 12 backup
Tested and working

-Working elevator in hotel
-Reworked decorations
-Tunnel connecting the trains to the sewers
-Alot of fixes
-Added vegetation
Created by robitman

This is a map compilation of d1_trainstation_02 through d1_canals_01 all of which were origi...
Created by Apoc
-Update- Fixed missing announcement/radio sounds and a missing building texture

Version 1.0 is here! Myself and the contributors behind this map will no longer be updating it and we have moved on. However, the community is free to make their own changes...
Created by SkyCaptain
A map featuring two large seemingly endless hotels that can be used for both Sandbox and Roleplay. Map is fully noded, fully cubemapped, optimized and includes the Garrysmod 13 changeable skybox. Props also vanish when they reach the bottom of the level, ...
What A Thrill
Created by Sunabouzu
Mount Half Life 2 and Episode 2, they are needed.

An old recreation of the Ladder from Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater.

Splatoon - Inkopolis [Beta 1]
Created by lilrobotty
"Welcome to Inkopolis!"
  • Splatoon
  • A fully explorable Inkopolis!
  • Shooting Range!
  • Tutoria
Splatoon - Inkopolis Content Pack 1
Created by lilrobotty
This is the first Content Pack for Inkopolis. Required for the map to work....
Splatoon - Inkopolis Content Pack 2
Created by lilrobotty
This is the second Content Pack for Inkopolis. Required for the map to work....
Lego gm_backlot
Created by Mr. Red
Three maps based off of the Lego website game "Backlot". One version is a day map, one is a night version, and the third is a TTT version.

AI Nodes
Nextbot navigation
Custom props
2 GM Map versions
a TTT Map version

Silicon D...
Block Yard (LEGO Universe)
Created by Mysteli
It's the Block Yard from LEGO Universe! The map is rather small but it will do for those that want a little bit of LU in their Gmod. This map was the only property available to build on for F2P players.

SSB4 Palutena's Temple Omega Version
Created by legoj15
Actually finished now, with some artistic liberties taken
Due to the drastic changes, any saves you had with this map are likely to be broken
Sorry about that

What is this? This is the OMEGA version of Palutena's Temple from Super Smash Bros....
Halberd (gm_halberd)
Created by legoj15
The Battleship Halberd from brawl, turned into a map! I've fully collision'd all walkable areas, so explore the exterior of the Battleship Halberd from the Kirby series to your heart's content!

This is a model that I have ported from Super Smash Bros. B...
Created by ..::GooBall60
I wanted a map that didn't really make sense and always made you wonder where you are. Well, this is that map. It's colorful, trippy, and confusing. Seriously, if you are prone to seizures, play this map with caution.

Note: I am offically stopping furth...
Created by Alpha Male
All credit goes to the map author Stene. I just uploaded it here to workshop.

Map features a large forest covered in snow. Map is fully noded for npc battles....
gm_jb_bigshell (MGS2 Big Shell)
Created by vewlixx
NOTE 1: gm_jb_bigshell is a port of jb_bigshell which is a map from Jaykin Bacon Episode 3. If you are interested in seeing the game the map is intended for, please go to

NOTE 2: This is not a Jail Break map.

Interview with ...
High Rise Apartment
Created by WhiteKnuckles
A Luxury high rise apartment for all your bullsht needs.
Night time rainy, Fire place, Kitchen, Bed room, Balcony looking over city
Have fun

I sometimes do small maps at requests... Comment ideas....
Arena Construct V2
Created by WhiteKnuckles
Added teleporters, and fixed lighting some what, WAS not going for the original lighting for the map, only outside and the arena. Have fun,
Also has a arena viewing area...
Created by WhiteKnuckles
Small quick map, less than 35m spent on the map its self :D enjoy this might be updated in the future... comment, and idea for any other small maps are welcome!...
Snow Club
Created by WhiteKnuckles
Simple club i made, have fun using it for what ever you want! have a suggestion for a small map? ask and i might make it. I also love comments! :)...
Created by DanilaFoxPro
Welcome to the Opencity! It's the middle of summer, so don't expect a lot of people around. Majority of citizens are on a vacation, but don't think police is away! Shoot once in wrong direction, and you along with your friends will be in a big trouble.
DM_Overwatch: Cinematic Edition (dm_overwatch_cm)
Created by Biozeminade

This is indeed one of the most famous Half-Life 2: Deathmatch maps ever made, based on a level from Half-Life 2. This one uses the assets from the Half-Life 2: Cinematic Mod, which I think it's really cool. Bec...
Created by Codename
An updated night version of the original CSS map made many years ago.

“There is a fifth dimension... beyond that which is known to man ... a dimension as vast as space and as timeless as infinity. It is the middle ground between light and shadow, betwe...
World Trade Center HLDM map
Created by LupineScribe
I did not create this map, it was originally created by Singe. Be sure to check out his other work:
I'm just uploading this because I think they left it after it was done.
The towers are not destructable, a...
Twin Towers
Created by TFfan92
This is a deathmatch map of the World Trade Center in New York on the day they were attacked. There's weapons here and there and warp points that take you from the bottom to the very top of both towers.The towers ARE NOT collapsable.

I take no credit for ...
shrek swamp murder map
Created by Nicky_Da_B
shrek swamp; intense hardcore roleplay; mu_dankyShrekSwamp.bsp
1950s Town Mark II
Hello! :)

This map is an updated version of my 1950s town map. It features all new textuers and models. :)

This map is set in the 1950s, in a Midwestern town. There are many, many custom textures on this map. You can feel free to even take them off ...
Created by Fiendishcentaur
----- NOTE: This is a crap copy! I just found out that this was not the final compile, thus it looks horrible! I'm going to update it soon, though. This is my first ever upload, still have a lot to learn. :P------

This is a map I edited specifically for...
Temmie Village UNDERTALE gmod map
Created by Toreodere
Note: Just remember, this Is just a teaser map, Snowdin is still coming but It had to be delayed. Hope you all don't hate me, but these things take time, and im pretty sure most of you understand that right?, so yeah, Snowin is still coming, just you guys ...
Created by gayben
This is a map I created, I was a little bored xD
Happy playing, hope you enjoy. Good Luck & have fun!...
[MAP]The Simpsons
Created by Pizza time
map "gm_simpsons_street"...
Created by EHOT
smash map in minecraft style

p.s. done in 6 hours...
Kaigawa High School Final [Daytime]
Created by Teikoto
Kaigawa High School Final [Night]:
Garry's Mod Construct 15
Computing update : 0 . . . 1 . . . 2 . . . 3 . . . 4 . . . 5 . . . 6 . . . 7 . . . 8 . . . 9 . .
*** LEAKED ***...
Created by ..::GooBall60
A sequence of real or imaginary images like those seen in a dream.

Maybe it's better than the original, maybe it's not. But here it is. The sequel to Parallax. I think it's just as trippy as the first one. Once again, I have to give an epilepsy w...
Game of Thrones Red Keep

Venture into one of the most iconic locations within Game of Thrones!

Map name: "gm_red_keep"

The Map features:

The Great Hall

Small Council chamber

Tower of the Hand

Grand Library

Ragcom Cargo Ship
Created by Gallium
Made in 7 hours

For my ragdoll combat server

Created by Lord Trilobite
Version 2.1

gm_deathStar_trench_2_1 and gm_deathStar_trench_2_1_inf

It's been a while since I actually made a completely new map. And this wasn't a really huge project. So I made a map of the exterior of the original Dea...
Created by Raccoon
Have fun exploring a computer!

This map was not created by me and has been uploaded to the Garry's Mod Workshop for easier access and preservation purposes.

If you are the author, then please message me and I can take this down if you want. If you ar...
Created by Hiyu
A huge tropical island map with sandy beaches, forests, caves and rivers - suitable for roleplay and survival gamemodes. A two-month project, Big Island spans the entire usable Hammer grid and features 90% custom content as well as a few secrets. We recomm...
Created by aptekarr
This is my old css zm map

Need Counter Strike Source content!

Old description:


Map by Aptekarr.

Used models:
map aim_zavod_yantar_v2,
map de_energo_2,
map de_oxygen.

Thanks for testing: (http://forum.p...
Created by Alone Eagle

ttt_signal is the adaptation of the map dy_signal from Decay, the official co-op gamemode for Half-Life, only available for PS2.
- General features -
An office
A non working elevator
- TTT features -
32 Spaw...
Created by Teikoto
Just an island map, nothing special......
ME3 Anderson's Apartment [V2]
Created by MARK2580
You do NOT need to mount other games and addons !

This location from the game Mass Effect 3.
DLC "Citadel: Shore Leave" - Anderson's Apartment
This m...
Created by CubicApocalypse
Another map, this time based on Neptune's moon Triton. This one has geysers, a 3D skybox, and a garage thing at spawn that I definitely didn't copy over from gm_redplanet. Requires Episodes 1 & 2....
Created by saintblue52
Welcome human! This map is a full recreation of Undertale's MTT resort, Designed to be played in Sandbox or Trouble In Terrorist Town ga...
Created by Woman
Want to know what is GMOD 9 map look like? You sick of 30 FPS for gm_construct. Then get a older version.

Q: Link for Garry's Mod 9?
A: Well whats a point to get it, it's old, glitch and boring. It's hard to install addons for Garry's M...
Created by Benigane
The planet Jakku from Star Wars The Force Awakens

This map features key parts from Jakku. Points of interest are Niima Outpost, Rey's AT-AT, a village, Finn's crashed Tie Fighter, Wastelands from ...
Simulacrum ALPHA: An Infinite Virtual Arena
Created by Scrollkeeper
Welcome to the Simulacrum. It is a virtual combat arena designed to test your weapons or insane creations against endless hordes of zombies.

NOTE: This map is currently in alpha. For now, the zombies spawn automatically after a two-minute preparation t...
Created by WhiskeyGhost
Welcome to Last Breath Records. a Hip-Hop/Rap studio. This is a map that was an idea of mine and I managed to create it within a day. It is a small map but detailed. This is more for playing around or scenary rather than a gamemode but would still work gre...
Created by Hornet
Requires Team Fortress 2 to be installed and mounted!

Original Author: [HvC]Terr
Original Submission:

I take no credit for creating the map, I simply ported it over to GMOD.

Original Description:
"This ...
Created by Filtershakes

Another masseffect themed map- set on a small island, this map was made in under two weeks as a test to see if I could improve my work...
gm_buttes 2
Created by Raxten
A remake of the famous gm_buttes.

Let me know if you find any issues.

Things added/changed -
Large underground hangar added
Rundown airstrip added
Small house remade and repositioned
Shadow rendering bug fixed
AI Nodes removed for the forseeable...
Created by Ныли
So, this is my new map, that i was woking on for couple of months, because i'm too lazy:P Map was inspired by mod "Silent-Hill: Alchemilla"
  • No HDR because it was causing some problems with color of skybox an
Created by Giga Chad
A large roleplay map with plenty of houses and shops!
-A bank with a vault that can only be locked/unlocked through one side
-A Hotel with 4 floors, a pool and an elevator!
-3 Larger houses (villas)
-An Industial area
-A "secret" ...
Created by Eskil
Marked Incompatible ]  eskilda
Created by Eskil
Marked Incompatible ]  Eskil
Created by Eskil
Created by Eskil
Second map,
Not cry because it's V1, changes is coming !...
Bionicle - Vulcanus Village [WIP]
Created by Frosty Dr.
Hello, this is a recreation of the scene in the movie "Bionicle: The Legend Reborn" which features an arena with lava, and such. It may not be perfect, but it serves its purpose; a place/arena to do some pretty awesome scenes, perhaps with Bionicles too.
Lyoko in Gmod VERSION 3
Created by bubstock9
By far my biggest and baddest project yet. And by baddest, I don't mean worst.

The original can be found here:

Three things you should know:

1. I added TONS of custom textures.
2. Th...
Outset Island - The Legend Of Zelda Windwaker HD
Created by Piazano
I don't know anything about map making, Litronom made this map for TF2 and I just put it on the GMod workshop for him. There will be NO support for the GMod related issues.

Link to ori...
Created by attenbruh
Note: I did not make this map nor any of the materials or models used in this map. All materials and the map have been made by Team GoldenEye Source. The original content can be found here:

Welcome to the casino! A place you and ...
Created by Hidden

For this map you do not need to have a css.
You can play Hide and seek...
gm_bathhouse by Voxiesarmy
Created by Voxiesarmy
A simple yet refined map based on a bathhouse in Budapest for all your posing needs. ;)

Requirements: None! :D all models & textures have been packed into the addon file for your convenience!

Three main rooms, washroom, main bath, outdoo...
TTT Archives
Created by Yashirmare

A TTT port of the Goldeneye: Source map, ge_archives.

Map name for server owners: ttt_archives_ge5_v1b...
Created by Dr. Walter
This map is a below medium size. This map is perfect for a PvE, PvP and NPCvNPC battles. This map has a few hiding spots so you can play a quick Hide and Seek match. This map also have nextbot navigation so you can play Guess WHO.

This map has no REQUIR...
*Updated!* My Real Life House
Created by XephyrCraft
Night Time Version!

If you do not enjoy the Updated Version and would like to play the old one, I have it available here:
Created by Lg
Welcom to my new Pokemon Stadium Map
I made this map to create a pokemon fighting environement ;)

Don't requiere anything :)

3 Months of work

Credits :
Tophatwaffle - texture pack :
"The Simpsons: Hit & Run" - Bonus Game Track 1
Created by AYBABTU
Map ported from "The Simpsons: Hit & Run".

Map file name: "kart_hitnrun_bonus_a2_packed.bsp"

- Type "stopsound" in the console to stop the music.

- The Skybox requires TF2 to show up properly.

Manual download below if you wanna try this out...
Created by aagamer
My second attempt at a futurisitc city map, this time more in the style of blade runner or general cyberpunk. This map was WIP, but i've moved onto other projects.

-Includes animated textures

-Currently no interior areas

-Partial A.I. nodes (no n...
De_Sidhouse_v1 Toystory
Created by Remco
Re-creation of Sid phillips his home, from the movie Toy story 1.

Map includes:

- All rooms from the movie
- Accessible ventilation system

Map can be used for the following gamemodes:

- Sandbox
- Css: Defuse the bomb
- Roleplaying

The Warehouse
Created by Frosty Dr.
No, its not an actual warehouse like the title might suggest, that's just what I decided to name it. I made it originally for personal use in SFM. It's mostly for making concert scenes and what not.

The map contains:

-AI Nodes
-A stage
ZS Mega Mall City
Created by Scott
A Zombie Survival conversion of dm_megamallcity_v2b.

Original map by jrich3900 -
ph_minecraft_icecap | By: Monkey & Dj Lukis.LT
Created by Alex
IceCap is a creation made by Monkey that takes place in a winter wonderland. Produced within weeks, IceCap is a world composed of houses, tunnels, and tons of foliage to amplify detail and beauty.


Flatgrass at night
Created by Cadbee
A proper night time version of gm_flatgrass, just for fun or whatever. Includes HDR lighting, nav mesh, strider nodes, and helicopter nodes.

Actual map name:


Created by Zack's!
The map is not done yet i'm still working on it

Map feature:
- Diner
- Motel (not done yet)
more soon...
Johnny's Diner
Created by Evil-Ash
By a request of Rastifan.

Here is the Johnny's Diner.

Comes with two light options (spotlight - ceiling).

Screens by Rastifan.

Originaly ported to sfm by Ganonmaster - Convert to Gmod by Me.

Show me you like it !
Created by Lord Trilobite
Version 1

Since I already had made a huge Star Destroyer map with interior. I figured I'd convert it and make a Jakku graveyard map.

  • huge outside area
  • large star destroyer interior
  • rooms i
Blockade Runner
Created by Benigane
CR90 Corvette known as the Blockade Runner from Star Wars Episode IV A New Hope

This map features iconic locations from the film A New Hope, AI Nodes, Custom Textures, and is a smaller sized map. ...
Created by BugLaS

Welcome back to gm_tokyo (now Tiny Tokyo). This is the new gm_tokyo with the same great features, a re-imagined layout, optimization and per...
Converted & Re-uploaded from the Team Fortress 2 Workshop.
>> Credits go to the Original Author(s) of this Map. <<


Map Author: Whomobile

Link to Whomobile's Original Post:
Old DB Map
Created by TommyTTC
Old city map I made years ago for a server I helped run. I quickly fixed it up to put it on our new server just to mess around on. I'm not planning on refining it any further because it's such an old project; let me know of any bugs or issues you have, a...
The Room
Created by Evil-Ash
Quick map based on a xnalara model by Deexie convert and placed into a map by Me.

Tips: Use the switch to turn on/off the lights.


Show me you like it !

And If you like the enti
Cashworks [PL]
Converted & Re-uploaded from
>> Credits go to the Original Author(s) of this Map. <<


Map Author: Eerieone

Link to Eerieone's Original Post:
Created by Scarala
My first map for TTT and first mapping after 15 years (made maps for CS 1.6).
Worked on this Map for about 80 hours, including watching and reading various tutorials.

Map is playable for about 16 players.
There are various traitor traps around the map...
Shipped (CSGO)
Created by Loadingue
NO GAME REQUIRED! Everything's packed in!

If you experience visual glitches, try restarting the game!


This is a port of the CSGO Bomb map, de_shipped. The map was made by [url=https://st...
Created by reky dau arta
Yup. Just a simple map with a road and a brick wall.

I made this map in like 20 minutes ok?

Perfect for people with craptops and Potato PCs.

Safehouse (CSGO)
Created by Loadingue
NO GAME REQUIRED! Everything's packed in!

If you experience visual glitches the first time, try restarting the game!


This is a port of the CSGO Demolition map, de_safehouse. In case you don'...
Created by Geist
Includes both 24-bit Windows version and 8-bit DOS version
I present you a 1:1 remake of San Andreas from Grand Theft Auto 1. I've actually finished this map nearly 6 months ago and had it dusting on my HDD for no reason.
R6S Chalet Map
Created by the shork
[abandoned map btw dude man]

The kitchen area of Chalet is now available in Garry's Mod.

Might add some more rooms in the future, not sure though....
Created by Stooky
I was tinkering around with Hammer in an attempt to make vehicles teleport, and what resulted was a rough version of this map. I modeled Gm_Infinite_Slide after an old halo reach map that I used to play with a friend.
Pic of halo map:
Created by Almos
Version 1.0

A long and large road, with desertic environnement. Same map as Gm_Highway192000, but with a construct zone, a building, and new open areas. Perfect to test cars or vehicles. Inspired by the video clip 19-2000 by Gorillaz.

Including node...
Created by Bloodclaw
A large building map divided in multiple parts :

- The main island with the spawn room, a lot of flat space to build, some small hills, buildings (including 6 garages and a small city), helicopter landing pad, roads (including large ones for planes), do...
Created by SuspiciouslyAwesome


- A lake
- A dam
- A 3D-skybox
- 2 wind turbines
- A long road
- Train tracks
- Several bridges
- Tunnels
- A shooting range
- A radio mast
- Massive amounts ...
phys_temple (Destructable!)
Created by InsaneAlternative
I did not make this, credit goes to Nyko18
He's very lovely and cool.

My YouTube!

Can we get to 10000 20000 total ratings?

Check out my other popular maps:

Created by InsaneAlternative
Biggest City Map for all of GMod!
Fixed, as of 05/2020, sorry it took me so long.

Have fun exploring the vast corners of Megacity, with all it open spaces and secrets.

Enjoy. <3

If it's not working for you it's a mod compatability or PC hardware ...
Created by demazure!
A large construct map that started off as an expanded version of the old gm_construct. The map is divided into five major areas, four of which are connected by a road network. The original idea was to create a construct map with an appealing and varied e...
Freespace 13
Created by Freak On A Leash
Hello and welcome!

This is Freespace_13!
Inspired by the classic Gmod 9 maps: Freespace 06 and 03


- Lakes!
- Hangar!
- A whole new city! (Okaaaay, some buildings are from my older map)
- Underground building rooms!...
A small commercial jet used for roleplaying purposes.

An edited version of the map here:

I did not make this map, nor the edited edition of it. I simply uploaded it to workshop....
Akiba Update
Created by Hanekawa Tsubasa
An updated version of gm_AKIBA ( ) by sa-mon

Actual map name in-game is gm_akb2_d_lexis_edit


GitHub repositor...
[img] [/img]
Over a year in the making (85% of that time being hiatus) the Alaskan island from Metal Gear Solid is ready for TTT!

This map features the "Docks"[/...
PSO Seabed (trade_pso_seabed_v2)
Created by Biozeminade


This is a map based on the Seabed area fr...
Created by saintblue52
This is a map from the spongebob episode 'Rockbottom', all textures and models are from the spongebob game Battle for bikini bottom....
Converted & Re-uploaded from
>> Credits go to the Original Author(s) of this Map. <<


Map Author: Phi

Link to Phi's Original Post:

Cyber Diver Maps
Created by LOL DUDE
Maps from Cyber Diver.

I, LOL DUDE, didn't make the original maps included in this pack. Credit there goes to Taito. All I did was modify their work to make this add-on.
You will most definitely find many issues with using these m...
Created by Wabadou
Hey everyone, this is my first map i made for prophunt so expect to see some bug in it.

The map do not require CS:S nor the Half Life episode,
The map was originally build to play with some people like 2-6 persons to be fun and fast

Update 11/08/201...
Created by Typhus
Base game is all that is required

-Open areas
-AI noded
-3D skybox
-Pool AND diving board

-Type "mat_specular 0" into dev console

Some people are saying they are getting black and purple textures being caused by...
Created by unobtanium
You are just an experiment!

Jump around this small test chamber with colorful shapes. A lot of traversal freedom paired with a clean look.

=== Feature List ===

Theme: Simple shapes

Location: In a ...
Created by ᠌ ᠌
Most likely, there will be no more updates for this map. And for this reason, we are posting the map source in open access, so that people can make their own changes to the map, but with a small request, indicate authorship.
Tulip (CSGO)
Created by Loadingue
NO GAME REQUIRED! Everything's packed in!

If you experience visual glitches the first time, try restarting the game!


This is a port of the CSGO Bomb map, de_tulip. The map was made by [url...
Futuropolis Circuit v1
Created by Nerd Koopa
Futuropolis Circuit is a racing track map designed for anti-gravity vehicles in the style of F-Zero, Wipeout and podracing. While designed for these kinds of vehicles in mind, it should be sufficient for cars that can handle its hills.

This is a modified version of LVP's "rp_venator_providence_battle".

This version features:
- A custom Brig under Main Hangar Controls.
- EOD Bunks in Engine Room.
- Access to 1/5 of Floor 1 and CT Bunks.
- Third Floor on the CIS Ship....
North Yankton (Day) [GTA V]
Created by Turtleey
North Yankton ported from GTA V. Contains the town of Ludendorff, the church & graveyard, and the farmhouse. No games are required. Map has AI nodes.

Filename: gm_yankton_day2

This map has very rough collisions and you can sink through ...
Rise Of The Empire - Endor DLC
SW:RP map requested by MARCU'S...
Created by Desertedcake
Another port from E.Y.E.

This map requires no content pack as everything is packed inside!

Later down the road, I will create a variants of this map! Featuring TTT and prophunt....
Created by iitzRayD
Map: ph_bikinibottom
Spawns: 40
Gamemode: Prop-Hunt

Imported from CS:GO.


Any Questions/Suggestions ask away down below. Thanks

Credits: Squeezit and GenoCide...
Created by Laith

THIS MAP REQUIRES TF2 CONTENT! It's pretty much entirely made using TF2 models and materials, so it wont look pretty without its content downloaded and mounted in the game.

This is a small map based on Takeshi's Castle, contai...
Created by Benigane
A massive hl2 desert map that can easily be used for RP! Map was created for Betaworks Roleplay HL2 Combine Military RP.

The map features a large desert area, canyons, tons of debris all around, a...
make it weapons of this ttt maps pistol, etc. okay is that visit maps weapon pleasure ttt server of TTT_TOYSTORY_V7 map ttt new weapons
link to maps

its Nice Good Maps

half last of...
Imperial Light Cruiser
Created by DarthBrit
A Roleplay map, based off the design of an Imperial Light Cruiser from Star Wars. Made for a Roleplay Server, I have attempted to follow the deck plan as closely as I can.

- Bridge
- Crew Quarters/Cabins
- Command Quarters
- Briefing Room...
Created by Desertedcake Parts of this map will be used on Double Action 2056, a cyberpunk server. I am creating sector_7_v2. Interested in our server? Join our forums at Upsilon.Network[/ur[]...
Created by wonderboy24
A roleplay map set in a forest. Requires Half-Life 2: Episode Two...
Created by Neorgothic
A medium sized map for hide'n'seek, rp or horror.

Map contains a lobby, a power room, many offices and corridors.
Vents connect some parts of the map.

No Navigational Mesh yet, so use nav_generate.

In power room you can disable the lights and sir...
Created by Benigane
Prop hunt map of the planet Hoth from Star Wars: Empire Strikes Back

Features some interior and exterior locations of Hoth that are designed and set up for the prop hunt gamemode.

Pegasus Bridge
This is not my work. This is a map from the HL2 mod Ham and Jam (2006-2009)

Map name : haj_pegasus

All content included. I recommend you download an error remover addon for there are 3 glowing error signs across the map which I am unable to find and ...
The Eric Andre Show Set
Created by VTail64
"Ladies and gentlemen, it's The Eric Andre Show!"

A recreation of the Eric Andre Show's set, with lighting as well as seating. A grey marker has been placed on the floor to help guide camera aiming. (Shows up as "gm_ericandre" in the map list)...
Created by Big Mac
This map is aimed to be used for events on various sci-fi military roleplay servers.
This map has been created for the Crimson Gaming SWRP community.

The level mainly consists of wide mountainous grasslands, ponds and rivers with a smal...
Created by Aidantm145
This map was created over the course of several months but i ran out of time for mapping and moved on to other projects but i decided to upload it in its current state and will possibly reupload later with the missing bits filled in and completed. This map...
Created by Wibble
Apartment Block

After about 9 years of playing with Source SDK I finally made and released something for other people to see. This is a repurposed map from Half-Life 2. I...
Created by MergasTroll
♦Replication of some Los Angeles buildings
♦Overhead highway
♦Navigation for NPС
♦Easter eggs

♥I will be very happy if you subscribe and rate my work♥

[Splatoon] Kelp Dome
Created by Flanny
I FINALLY got the collision, lighting and water working.
If there are any problems please let me know and I'll try my best to resolve it


Porting the models and materials, and putting them together in Hammer

Abandoned Subway Station
Created by Pek
An old abandoned subway station with inspiration from the NYC subway system.

-Dark tunnels
-Ability to turn off all lamps in the facility
-Ticket offices
-Ability to detonate TNT in one of the tunnels
Modern Theater
Created by xRaptorV37
Watch your youtube videos and movies in this beautiful modern theater. The cinema contains 240 seats in total!

  • You need Counter-Strike: Source to see all models and textures.

This map is not mine. All credit goes to...
Created by Bann
If you're some kind of glow in the dark and couldn't tell, this is a remake of my funny and powerful desert bus map. This map has a ton of sick nasty features for you to get bored with in 20 minutes. It plays the same as the other map, you can't control th...