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How to understand RUSSIAN teammates.
By Jericho
Russians have big problems with English language (including Belarusians, Ukrainians, Kazakhs). This is due to the low level of education to foreign languages. + Maybe 50-70 % of russian cs:go players (NOT IN REAL LIFE) is cattles and children who know 5-10 phrases on english. Many Russian (not all !!!) think that you are an Englishman or an American - If you speak good English. You must know that russians is not bad and not good. If you will kind - russian will kind. If evil - you "idi nakhuy"
I will try to explain to you the basic words and phrases that use Russian in game.

Russian can write suka blyat' how cykа blyad

Моё новое руководство:
Как понять, что тебе говорят по-английски!:

P.S: Sori for mai bat inglish!
Basics of obscene language
Russian obscenities based on 4 key words:
1) hui [khuy] - the male sexual organ
2) pizda [pizda] - the female sexual organ
3) blyad [blyad'] - lascivious woman
4) ebat [yebat'] - sex, bonk

P.S: Word blyad' has a different shape blayt'. We can translate it how "D'oh!" of Homer Simpson. And If you hit, you say "♥♥♥" but russians say blуаt' or OOOOH!!! SUKA BLYAT' РIZDEC BOL'NO!!!

The Russian language has hundreds of swear words. Here are the most used forms:

- Hard affront:
1) Pizdec - You lose game with score 16:0. It's Pizdec.
2) Suka blуаt' - Suka it's word that sounds like betch or beach.
3) Blya - Short version of blyat'
4) Poshol nakhuy - Go to khuy. It's mean ♥♥♥ u
6) Idi v pizdu - Go to pizda. It's mean ♥♥♥ u
7) Mat' / Mamu tvou ebal - I'm ♥♥♥ your mom
8) Yebalo styani - Shut up!
9) Mudak - turd
10) Pidr - faggad
11) Yebanyy - ♥♥♥♥♥♥
12) Okhuyel - To take hard feelings
13) Kurvva - Polish suka
14) Zayebal - You very wearied me
15) Nikhuya - It can have two values: Nothing or NO
16) Dokhuya - You look up at the stars and count them. When you are tired, it was only half of the Dokhuya
17) Uyobok - Very bad man

- Easier:
1) American: Гамбургер [Gamburger], пиндос [pindos]
2) Stupid: Конченый [konchenyy], аутист [autist], даун [daun]
3) Loser: рак [rak], нуб [noob], dniwe [dnishche], бомж [bomzh]
Info, treatment, requests
да [da] - Yes
нет [net] - No
возможно [vozmozhno] - Maybe
спасибо [spasiba] - thanks
х з [khuy znaet] - It translate how "Diq knows" and mean "I don't know"
дай дроп [day drop] - Give me drop
дай бомбу [day bombu] - Give me bomb
дропни [dropni] - Give me drop
го а / го б [go a / go b] - Let's go A plant / B plant
а чисто [a chisto] - A plant clear
рашим [rashim] - Rush
холдим [holdim] - Hold
сзади [szadi] - Watch back
русские есть? [russkiye yest'?] - Russian is here?
красный [krasniy] - Enemy very low
закупаемся [zakupaemsya] - Go to buy
отойди [otoidi] - Go away
помоги [pomogi] - Help me
за ящиком [za yashchikom] - behind the box

тёмка [tyomka] - tunnel
нижняя [nizhnyaya] - lower
длина [dlina] - long
зига [ziga] - short
коробка [korobka] - box
реклама [reklama] or машина [mashina] - car (Dust 2)
подъём [pod"yom] - ramp
яма [yama] - pit
кухня [kuhnya] - kitchen
апартаменты [apаrtamenty] - apartments
окно [okno] - window
ковры [kovry] - palace or apartments
двери [dveri] - 2x doors
кт [ka te] - сt
Colors, weapons and more
1. odin 6. shest'
2. dva 7. sem'
3. tri 8. vosem'
4. chetyre 9. devyat'
5. pyat' 10. desyat'

красный [krasniy] - red
зелёный [zelyoniy] - green
голубой [goluboy] - blue
синий [siniy] - dark blue
жёлтый [zhyoltiy] - yellow
оранжевый [oranzheviy] - orange

Weapons (most popular):
авп [a ve pe]- awp
эмка [amka]- m4
п90 / петух [petuh] - p90
дым [dym]- smoke
ака / калаш [kalash] - AK-47
А - Й
A б - A (a)
Б в - B (b)
В в - V (v)
Г г - G (g)
Д д - D (d)
Е е - E (e)
Ё ё - E (e)
Ж ж - Zh (zh)
З з - Z (z)
И и - I (i)
Й й - Iy (iy)

К - Ф
К к - K (k)
Л л - L (l)
М м - M (m)
Н н - N (n)
О о - O (o)
П п - P (p)
Р р - R (r)
С с - S (s)
Т т - T (t)
У у - U (u)
Ф ф - F (f)

Х - Я
Х х - Kh (kh)
Ц ц - Ts (ts)
Ч ч - Ch (ch)
Ш ш - Sh (sh)
Щ щ - Shch (shch)
Ъ ъ - ''
Ы ы - Y (y)
Ь ь - '
Э э - E (e)
Ю ю - Yu (yu)
Я я - Ya (ya)
Stereotypes about Russia and Russian
It is my personal opinion. If you do not like it or you are Pole - you can idi nakhuy

To start ask yourself, what do you know about Russia is not from politicized TV?
I asked foreigners: What do you know about Russia? Many said Stalin, communism, vodka, cold and nothing else. The Soviet Union had a lot of bad, but and a lot of good. Modern Russia has not done anything wrong to world, but you still live stereotypes of cold war: the bloody communism and evil Russians.

I do not want to talk about Ukraine. There's a war going on between the interests of Russia and United States. But remember that all started with Maidan, who sponsored by US government. And why more than 1 million refugees from Eastern Ukraine came to Russia after this revolution of dignity?

1) If you speak Russian then you're Russian or from Russia
No. Russian language is native for the 26.4 million citizens of the CIS republics and Baltic countries, and for almost 7.4 million people in the world.

2) In Russia is very cold climate and hellish winter.
Yes an No. In Siberia (where people) temperature is -30 to -45 celsius in november - february and +15 to +30 ceslius in may - august. I'm live in Moscow region. Last winter 2014 there were only 2-3 days with a temperature of -20. At the end of September 2015 temperature was +20.

3) Vodka and "Dokhuya" of Alcohol
Yes, becouse it is a simple and cheap way to relax. The problem with alcohol remained but it is certainly not the nineties of 20th century. Many Russian are trying to lead a healthy lifestyle now.

4) Angry faces of russians
We do not smile at strangers but we are very "open" if you are our friend.

5) Russia is Empire of Evil
The propaganda that is used more than 100 years. You don't believe? Ok, but:
- Russia did not used nuclear bombs in war.
- Russia did not do bloody "revolutions" around the world.
- Russia is not annihilated other nations.
- Russia has not made the Crusades.
- Poland was the first wanted to occupy Russia in war 1609—1618. Would you go to another country with pretender Dmitriy (Real died at the age of 8 years) to seize the throne?
- Poland don't want remember that for the liberation of Poland, died more than 600,000 Soviet soldiers. But we are only occupants for them. + just google "Czterej pancerni i pies"
- Kiev is the capital of Ukraine. Strangely, the capital of ancient Russia was also Kiev

6) I hate Russia becouse it's racism country.
Racism in Russia individually to each person. If I say that Obama is a black monkey that does not mean that I hate all black people.

7) Homophobia
We don't love gays because for us it is disgusting to see how the two mens kissing. Law banning propaganda of homosexuality among underage... AMONG UNDERAGE. And you must remember that mass homophobia in Europe ended only 20-30 years ago.

8) Folk dances.
I've never seen how someone dance it.

9) Weird hats and wool coats.
95% goes to European clothes.

10) Babushka
Everyone says babUshka, but it's bAbushka (Grandmother)

11) Oh my God. Fckg russian rtrd. Speak english ♥♥♥♥♥ noob!!!
We lived in a closed country a lot of years. We did not need foreign languages. But every year there are more people who know English.
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HARLEY Jun 14 @ 11:22pm 
good now
ByTe Apr 27 @ 7:01pm 
good now I can understand their language
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ENG: Choose the one that's on the list and write in my profile, I will answer the same!

+REP GOOD TRADER :steamthumbsup:
+rep best👹
+rep Good player 💜
+rep Top Player
+rep Clutch King 👑
+rep 300 iq
+rep ak 47 god👻
+rep relax teammate🤤
+rep Killing Machine
+rep AWP GOD 💢
+rep add me pls😇
+rep very nice and non-toxic player
+rep nice flicks👽
+rep king deagle
+rep flick shots master
+rep nice clutch
+rep nice ace
you need help?
15 y'o talent Mihai Nov 27, 2021 @ 2:30am 

+rep very helpful teammate
+rep good leader
+rep clutchmeister
+rep amazing teammate
+rep insane skills :D
+rep Cool friend :)
+rep go me boost rank :D
+rep nice ace usp
+rep Global :D
+rep saved our match
+rep thx for game
+rep funny guy
+rep nice to play with
+rep amazing Ak-47 clutch
+rep killing machine *-*
§mati§▪ Nov 13, 2021 @ 7:00am 
give +rep for +rep trade ty bro!
丂丫爪ㄖ Oct 28, 2021 @ 3:01pm 
RUS : Выберите что-то одно из этого списка и напишите в моём профиле, отвечу тем же!
TR :Bunlardan birini seç profilime yapıştır bende senin profiline yapıştırıcagım
ENG: Choose the one that's on the list and write in my profile, I will answer the same!
GER: Such dir eine Sache aus der Liste aus und schreib es unter mein Profil und ich mache es auch bei dir
CHN : 從這個列表中選擇一些東西並寫在我的個人資料中,我會回答同樣的問題!
+rep Best 👑
+rep Good player 👑
+rep Top Player 👑
+rep Clutchmeister 👑
+rep 300 iq 👑
+rep AK 47 god 👑
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+rep killing machine 👑
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just ban this country from cs = problem solved Jul 24, 2021 @ 3:44am 
Gnarlatan Jul 21, 2021 @ 2:16pm 
I do not want to talk about Ukraine
*tells us about american interests in the ukraine while the krim is being annexed by russia :yennefer: