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[EEM] Exploration Enhancement Mod
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Oct 8, 2015 @ 5:27am
Dec 27, 2020 @ 2:26pm
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[EEM] Exploration Enhancement Mod

In 1 collection by LeonserGT
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A huge expansion for your survival gameplay experience, gameplay overhaul bringing you space simulator experience. Over 200 new ships, stations, wreckages and more!

Huge thanks to all workshop authors, contributed in this mod - your creations is what making it unique!

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What's new in this mod?

You're able to trade using new item "credits" as currency. For now it's just physical item in your inventory, without mass or volume.
Trading outposts and trader ships passing by are neutral unless you attack or grind them - any damage or missing blocks will cause triggering an alarm and calling for police.
Trading is made with in-game script by Mahtrok and his Project Exodus. Two types of trade ports: retail (personal use by hands) and commercial (with ship). Every trade terminal has collector to throw your goods or currency and connector to get offers, it also has menu screen and button terminal - use menu to choose item to buy and select its package: x1, x10 or x100. When you sell your goods or throw credits in collector it will appear as user's credit in the bottom of menu: you can watch how much money do you have during trading session. Bought items will be thrown out of trading port connector into your ship or near you. Click "cancel" to extract your money from user's credit via connector.
Follow trade route waypoints near one station to find trading another trade station!

You attacked trading station or civilian? Be ready to explain your actions to police (SEPD). Or better run, because they shoot first, then ask questions. Depending on distress signal level you can meet different police forces from police drones to Police Chief himself piloting G-201 "Devastator". Damaged police ships can and will call for reinforcements.

Shooting down cops? Tresspassing military objects or top secret research stations? Beware of military forces (UCMF). They always fly in wings or operative groups, including frigates and destroyers. Almost all military ships will call for reinforcements if damaged, so better run if you see these guys. No joking.

More random encounters, more different types of encounters! Trading stations, police outposts, debris or wreckages, ambushes or minefields, stations with an interesting story inside, military installations, neutral refuelling stations, deep space exploration vessels and long-range recon cruisers. It is almost impossible to find them all for a sole player!

A lot of new cargoships and all of them will react if you attack them - calling for police and fleeing or engaging and fighting. Capturing cargoship now is more challenging, but also well rewarded. Huge variety of sizes - from small scout space bikes to huge Dromedary Trader and Atlant High-Security Transport.

More pirates! Now they're not just drones, but fighters, corvettes and frigates with pilots in flight seats. They also got some stealthy grinder drones and ships, mostly in ambushes - don't let them get too close! Most of pirate ships can call for help with certain chance.

WARNING! You must create your own faction with "accept peace" to make faction relations to you work as intended!

[CIVL] Civilian - friendly
[SEPD] Police - neutral
[UCMF] Military Forces - neutral
[ISTG] Independent Traders - friendly

Player made NPC factions:
[MMEC] 'Medveds' Military Elite Corporation - hostile
[AMPH] Amphion Corporation - neutral
[KUSS] KUS Shipyards - neutral
[HS] Hyperion Systems - neutral
[MA-I] Mahriane Industries - friendly
[EXMC] Extraterrestrial Mining Corporation - friendly

Factions has stations, cargoships and their own security squads.

Respawnships were updated to match new vision from survival update. They all equipped with survival kits and minimalistic layout otherwise.

Planetary drop pods replaced with simple rover, so you can drive around and find your spot to settle.

All content is based on workshop items marked with "Exploration" tag, all of them are modless.

Why? Because content quality is so much higher, when create with love and passion by many authors. Because one person is not able to fill entire mod with high-quality blueprints alone. Because, YOU, dear contributors, made a hell of a job and creations that good MUST find its meaning in game :)

Thanks again to all of authors, whose creations were used in this mod!
All authors with links can be found in a collection:

Thraxus - programming: entire core functionality and currently most of EEM functionality is supported by him;
Mahtrok - in-game scripting: whole trading routine, author of Mahriane and EXMC factions;
Skleroz - in-game scripting: advanced AI script, other minor scripts;
Maxyall - artist & writer: commercial LCDs designer, author of all logs, stories and mini-scenarios;
Cheetah - programming: AI, advanced security, faction relations;
Digi - programming: cleaner script, programming support;
Nukeguard - 3d artist: models for piloted cockpits, credits item;
EvanBaxter - assets, loads of moral support;
Alysius - torpedo homing PB script for NPC;
The Witch - custom asteroids;
AssHunter - Sci-Fi LCD textures;

- faction relations will not work to player if he is not in custom faction - create a faction and click "accept peace"!

EEM nicely synergizes with two other mods from me: Vanilla Weapon Rebalance and X3 Soundtrack Mod

Do you wish to support mod?

Thinking about reupload?
No, you can't reupload EEM. No you can't change EEM. You're free to work with us on EEM if you'd like, but that's about it. Contact Thraxus about your concerns, if you have any.
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Hot Dog
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audi Just now 
Does anyone use this mod with SEWorldGenPlugin? Astroids are theoretically set to infininit, but they are also replaced with belts and rings so I was wondering if that would cause an issue.

Also the FAQ it mentions for pre-exsisting worlds, you must move around to spawn new encounters, does that mean never before visited locations, or simply your current rendered area? Thanks!
LoneGunman Jan 22 @ 3:51pm 
Okay, so it isn't just me. lol I had a little fun with one and depowered it then pushed it into gravity to watch it crash and burn. :)

I don't think I've ever tried trading with the dromedary trader...always just though it was another NPC ship out there to tempt me into piracy...
Thraxus  [author] Jan 22 @ 3:27am 
I noticed that too actually in a recent game of mine. I have no idea why it stalls. if you toggle the character sensor on/off and move away, it will resume it's normal behavior for a little bit then go all stupid again and stop / sit idle. I also noticed that the Dromedary Trader has two corrupt large cargo containers. The read like, 1/4 the normal capacity and it's messing up trade.

The sensor range on Helios is 500m though typically. Pretty sure I'm going to have to do away with the sensor idea and move the start / stop to the ModAPI.
LoneGunman Jan 21 @ 11:33pm 
That reminds me. What was the radius for the Helios Wheel Trader again? I remember you saying it'll stop if it gets within X km of the player. I keep getting them spawning and just sitting there but I wanted to check on the distance because it could just be they're getting close and forgot the parking brake is on. :)
Thraxus  [author] Jan 21 @ 9:38pm 
Np! :selike:
Comrade Omnnom Jan 21 @ 6:22pm 
ok, thanks :D
Thraxus  [author] Jan 21 @ 6:11pm 
Known issue. From Discord:

Problem is ships won't despawn at the end of their flight path if they have taken any damage what-so-ever. On top of that, KSH changed thruster cone damage a while ago. This leads up to the fact that a lot of EEM prefabs were never updated for this change, so they end up damaging themselves with their thrusters, which means they won't despawn when they are supposed to.

The only fixes available are:
1) Turn off thruster damage in game settings
2) Clean the ships yourself occasionally
3) Use MES as your spawner since it will properly kill ships when their flight path has ended
Comrade Omnnom Jan 21 @ 4:35pm 
I run a space engineer server and it appears that some ships after spawning in never despawn, the sit around and take up the spawns which eventually ends in a standstill with no new ships, is this known to happen?
Thraxus  [author] Jan 20 @ 7:08pm 
Dominatus Jan 20 @ 6:54pm 
I guess thats the economy feature in base game lol nevermind