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A philosophical guide to Plug & Play
By Slut Bong-Walla
A deep look into what this game can teach us.
Hello, and thank you for taking the time to click on this guide. This guide aims to show you what the game could really teach us.

Some information about the game:

PLUG & PLAY is an award winning Short Film and Game for your digital device. Explore the feelings of anthropoid creatures that go beyond sexuality and reproduction: love. PLUG & PLAY is a surreal play with plugs.

The game PLUG & PLAY is based on the identically titled film by Michael Frei. The animated short received numerous awards and was shown at festivals all over the world.

Lets take a deeper look.
Chapter 1: Everything is some electrical being
As you may have noticed, there a lot of actions involving you to plug in things like, plugs, buttons, and fingers.

But what does this really mean? That we're all just electrical outlets?
Well, maybe we are.
In a way, we as humans can relate to these plug and outlet beings, with plugs being male and outlets being female. All of us try to be different but deep down to our plugs/outlets we are all the same. We all long for love and when we don't have it we feel dead inside.

"But what about the fingers that plug in?"

The fingers can teach us that sometimes we have to give up a part of ourselves to make things better and to move on in life.

When the light is on, this represents joy, happiness, and from the last chapter, finger erections.
The finger erections mean we are happy and everyone can know.

But when it's off, it represents our saddness, our deppression, and we won't be able to keep our finger erections up. Without a constant finger erection, people we'll see that we are sad and lonely.

The image on the right shows a healthy finger erection, this person is obviously happy to be alive and enjoying their day.

However, the image on the left shows a unhealthy finger erection, probably of someone depressed and lonely. Or some useless emo kid.
Chapter 2: "Plugging in"
As you can see, the two human figures do have genders.
Plugs (male)
Outlets (female)

They want to love each other, like humans do.
They want to "plug in" to each other, like we humans do.

But what's the difference between Real Life and Plug & Play?

Plugging in while in public is okay and accepted.
Public sex is frowned down upon.

In fact in this game, it's so accpted that other plugs may join in by insirting their plugs into the bootys of the male or female. They can then make a long chain of plugs and one outlet.
But in real life this is considered gang ♥♥♥♥ and is apparently wrong.

In real life, human centipedes are considered "Unhumane".
But in this alternate world of plugs and outlets, it's a fun game that a group can play together.

Just look at how fun they're having! Why in our world must it be such a miserable experience?
Chapter 3: Emotions (Feels warning)
We as humans deal with and go through many different emotions.
You get the idea.

Some people got it good, they're always happy and smiling.
Others struggle to get themselves ready in the morning everyday because of the saddness they feel.

But what about the world of P&P (I will be using this from here on out as Plug & Play)?

They seem like emotionless beings, after all, they can't show any facial expressions.
Rather than using facial expressions they express they're feeling through words and sometimes actions.
As we all (mostly the ones that went through ALL of the game) saw, we saw the conversation between a plug (male, on the right) and an outlet (female, on the left).

You and I can't deny this was probably the part where the feels meter kicked into ogredrive.
The outlet doesn't know 100% if she loves the plug, now this conversation can end up going multiple ways. Or forever if you make it so they keep going:
(Over 9,000 yes's (yes' or yes's?) and no's later)

And then, the real emotions flow in.
The part that broke the hearts of every single one of us.
I don't think I love you.
It hurts.
I'm leaving.

The famous words: "I'm leaving."
These were the 2 words that made our hearts feel like they were ripped out of our chests.
I've seen it where the outlet is the on that walks away leaving the him sad and alone, and i've also seen the plug leave the outlet leaving her sad and alone.

Deep down they are not 100% sure if they love each other, but one thing is for sure.
They both feel the need to hug the other. But they are unsure if that is what the other one wants.
Haven't we all felt this way? You really want to hug someone but you don't know if they want a hug, especially from you.
Well, now you know how they feel.
Longing for love.

At this point you're probably crying your eyes out, or you're a heartless b4$t3rd who will never grasp the full idea of this beautiful world we call Plug & Play.

Come on! You know it's classy!
Chapter 4: Hugging
(I know, it was used in the last chapter, big woop.)

Sometimes, when I'm having those deep shower thoughts, I wonder.

Why do we hug?
Why do we humans hug?
Why do beings in the world of P&P hug?

First we must answer the big question if we want to delve deeper into these questions
What is a hug?

It's when 2 wrap their arms around each other in a moment of joy, saddness, or love.
A magical moment where the emotions of both beings connect with each other.
It's actually even healthy for you to hug someone else, as proven by hug doctors around the world.

Indeed does hugging help.

Some huggy facts:
~Hugging increases levels of the "love hormone" oxytocin.
~A 20-second hug, along with 10 minutes of hand-holding, also reduces the harmful physical effects of stress, including its impact on your blood pressure and heart rate.
~You get to touch another person for once in your life (rippity rekt)
~You probably only get hugs from your mommy (it's okay, i'll hug you).
~You're reading this guide instead of hugging someone right now.

I'm sorry if I made you feel like a loser with those last few facts.
If you felt like one it may be cause you are, see your doctor for more details.

Now that we know what hugging is we can continue with the 3 questions above that need to be answered.
So, why do we as humans hug?
We hug because it makes us feel good, just being able to feel the warmth of someone else as they silently let you know: "Hey, I care about you."
We hug someone that is sad because we want them to feel better enough to keep their finger erections nice and hard.
We hug when we feel joy because we are filled with so much excitement that we just don't know how else to show it, like performing a play or deleting League of Legends from our computer.
And most importantly, we hug in the name of love.
Just hugging the person we love most makes us feel really good.

Now what about the world of plug and play?
Why do these strange electrical beings hug each other?
Well lets go back to chapter 3 for a second, we learned from there that they can't show their emotions through facial expressions. Instead they do it through actions and through their words.
This might lead us to think that hugging is a way they show emotion. Yes? No? Maybe?
Well, yeah.

Hugging is definately a way they show how they feel.
Lets go back to one part where the 2 beings where plugged into wires. They couldn't tell what gender the other one was.
But as we pulled them closer to each other they enventually hugged it out right then and there.
All of a sudden, the wires were removed, they were free to see who the other was. A plug and an outlet.
They realized that they both loved each other, as they felt is through each other.
And now they both know that, they decide to plug in right then and there.
Porn much?

At 1st, they hugged in saddness, but then they realized.

They hugged in love.
In the name of good ol' love.

We now know what hugging is, why we as humans hug, and why the beings in plug and play hug.
And if you think about it, maybe we are no different from them.
Heck, maybe we are them.
Just some strange electrical being.

in need of a hug, you know?
Chapter 5: Switches (and buttons) [NOT DONE]
What is the purpose of the switches?
To turn something on?
H3LL, I don't need a switch to turn on your B****, which was also part of the research for this chapter.
One thing is for sure, it's hard to tell if pressing the switch actually does something, like turn on the toaster.

Maybe it's more of a visaul metaphor.
Thank you
There is still a lot more to learn from the world of Plug & Play, but this is all my research has found thus far.

Thank you for reading it, I hope you can understand the game better now after reading this.

More information will come at some point, my studies are leading me places I never thought possible.

Pls share this guide with your friends.
I love you.

This section isn't super important, just shows any changes made when I edit the guide.
(I just use the numbers to look fancy)
Release! 1.0.0
~Added 4 sections
-Everything is some electrical being
-"Plugging in"
-Thank you

Update 2.0.0
~Edited the names
-Each section is organized with chapter 1, 2 ,etc.

~Added 2 new sections
-Chapter 3: Emotions

~Added game information to Overview section
~Fixed some wording in Overview section
~Fixed some wording in Thank You section

Update 2.5.2
~Added update section

Update 2.5.4
~Fixed some wording in Chapter 3
I plan on adding pictures into the sections in the next update

Update 3.0.0
~Added some pictures in the following chapters:
-Everything is some electrical being
-"Plugging in"
~Added some wording in chapters 1-3 to go with the pictures

Update 4.0.0
~Added a new chapter
-Chapter 4: Hugging

Update 4.1.8
~Finished chapter 4
~Fixed some small grammer mistakes in other chapters
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