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MynoCorp Basic Player Shipyards
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Oct 6, 2015 @ 3:00am
Mar 15, 2016 @ 10:13am
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MynoCorp Basic Player Shipyards

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This Mod is the very Simplyfied Version of Black Rains Player Shipyard Mod.

This Mod adds Shipyards to Albion, Omicron and DeVries Builderships.


Dies ist die extrem vereinfachte Version von Black Rains Player Shipyards Mod.

Diese Mod fügt den Albion, Omicron und DeVries Bauschiffen Pläne für Große Werften hinzu.


Link: TOBS Teladi Outpost Builder Ships -

The Player can buy Constructions Vessels at the Teladi Outpost and build Teladi Stations (including a MK2 Overwatch)


Der Spieler kann Bauschiffe am Teladi Outpost kaufen und Teladi Stationen (einschliesslich einem verbesserten Aussenposten) bauen.

Link: CHT Cantera Handmade Technologie -

Canterans produce Bio Optics, RMP and Fusion Reactor in their Habitations.


Canteraner bauen in ihren Habitaten Bio Optic, Verstärktes Metall und Fusionsgeneratoren.

Link DVBU DeVries Builder Ship Upgrade -

DeVries CVs can build more Stations, including Mining Asteroids.


DeVries Bauschiffe können mehr Stationen Bauen, einschliesslich Minen Asteroiden.

Link GMSC Give me some Cloth -

More Outfits for Pilots, Architects, Marine Officers.
Changed Outfit for Yisha

Engineers can work on your Stations


Link GMSC Give me some Cloth (minimal Version)-

More Outfits for Pilots, Architects, Marine Officers.

Mehr Outfits für Piloten, Architekten, Marine Offiziere.
Anderes Outfit für Yisha

Techniker können auf Spieler Stationen Arbeiten

Link Toride Builder Ships -

*Home of Light only

The Player can purchase a new CV at the HoL Shipyards and build modified, intact Terran Stations.


Der Spieler kann ein neues CV an den HoL Werften kaufen und modifizierte, intakte terranische Stationen bauen.
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janda Jan 18 @ 2:48pm 
the third issue doesnt happen on a new game, so i guess its a patching issues of the pre-mod shipyards. hopefully it has no effect
janda Jan 18 @ 5:03am 
I fixed "shipyard_3_macro" already.

I also fixed the second issue when selling multiple ships at once at an NPC shipyard (you got the money but kept the ships). I guess its not related to another mod...

I have a third issue which i was not able to fix yet
eMYNOCK (=FU= MadHwK)  [author] Jan 17 @ 7:36pm 
the "shipyard_3_macro" are harmless leftovers from the Original Mod

what the other error is, no clue.. don't have this in mer game.

could be an interference with an other mod, sorry.
janda Jan 17 @ 12:13pm 
I also get these when sell more than one ship at once:
[] 225599.97 Error in MD cue md.NPC_Shiptrader.SectionHandler<inst:10001e2>: Property lookup failed: $soldship.isclass
* Expression: $soldship.isclass.{class.ship_l} or $soldship.isclass.{class.ship_xl}

could be mod incompatibilities, of course
janda Jan 17 @ 10:37am 
Any idea what that could be?
[] 0.00 Cannot find macro XML file from index 'struct_bt_dv_shipyard_3_macro' in file 'index\macros'
eMYNOCK (=FU= MadHwK)  [author] Jan 16 @ 4:37am 
Well... i use all my mods in my own current Game...

Because of that i keep all my Mods Updated if they require an Update.

Short answer: Yes

Long Answer:

If not stated otherwise, all my Mods Work in the Currents Game Version. :steamhappy:
janda Jan 16 @ 4:22am 
Does this work with 4.3?
eMYNOCK (=FU= MadHwK)  [author] May 14, 2017 @ 12:45am 
Danke, danke, für die Mod Shiffe habe ich leider keine Genehmigung bekommen.

Der Werft Mod kann aber bedenkenlos gegen den anderen Ausgetauscht werden.
locutus87 May 13, 2017 @ 9:07pm 
Super gemacht. Leider fehlen bei mir in den selbstgebauten Schiffswerften die anderen Mod-Schiffe. Diese gibt es nur bei den Fraktionen. :-(

Well done. Unfortunately, the other mod ships are missing in my self-built shipyards. These are only available in the political groups. :-(
Grandsome May 29, 2016 @ 3:32pm 
I'll try to do that!