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Tenebrae - Twilight of the Gods
Genre: Action, Adventure, RPG
Platforms: PC, Mac
Languages: English
Players: Single-player
Dec 2, 2015 @ 6:56am
Sep 11, 2016 @ 9:46am
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Tenebrae - Twilight of the Gods, April 2016 Teaser!
Square Enix Collective

“Tenebrae – Twilight of the Gods” is a modern, fast-paced Metroidvania for PC/Xbox One.

At its core, Tenebrae is a story-driven Action RPG – Metroidvania blend paying homage to 80’s/90’s classics and various other titles of the Metroidvania genre.

Its underworld is procedurally generated from a plethora of hand-crafted rooms that gradually unravels before the player’s eyes, with its variety of traps, secrets and hidden treasures blended into larger, open and safe zones into the map.

Non-linear maps rely heavily on backtracking and re-playability with new moves , skills and weapons allowing access to previously inaccessible areas in the game’s advanced stages.

Use both melee and ranged weapons empowered with obscure magic to fight against unique, huge bosses and their armies of demons and other eery creatures.
  • Quality Visuals and Art
  • Gripping motion-comic styled narrative packed with twists and turns
  • Two separately playable characters that allow for two refreshingly different points of view, each with their own combat-styles and abilities that lead to alternate thought provoking endings.

Tenebrae will include all the classic features of a Metroidvania game - backtracking and re-playability being the most prominent.

The story is seperated into five Acts - Worlds, rather - that the player will explore as a Barbarian or a Rogue, allowing for two uniquely different gameplays and combat styles. While the Barbarian will be focused on melee/close combat as the name indicates, the Rogue will take on her enemies with ranged attacks and magic.

Of course both playable characters will be able to Attack, use their Powers and Skills each of which will be procured through the course of the game - based on the player's choice of gameplay. Each Act will also begin with a Safe Zone - a large open area where players can buy weapons, potions, maps and other goods to stock up for the mission ahead. The rest of the levels meanwhile will be procedurally generated, meaning that each player experiences Tenebrae differently.

The procedural generation does not stop there, for the contents of each level's chests, items, enemies and more - are also generated randomly.

Playable characters have Primary and Secondary Attributes.

Primary Attributes
Fury (Barbarian) / Mana (Rogue)

Secondary Attributes
Active Defense
Passive Defense
Chance of Critical Hit

The values of the Primary Attributes modify the values of the Secondary Attributes.
The values of the Secondary Attributes are also modified by the bonus/malus of wielded or worn items.
As the player's XP level grows, they will be able to distribute XP points to any Primary Attribute. The Secondary Attributes will then be recalculated accordingly.

Attacks, Powers and Skills are related to Natures.

There will be 4 Natures in the game:
  • Tenebrae
  • Blood
  • Poison
  • Lightning
The progress toward each Nature is shown within the game as a "Nature Bar", which updates in real time during gameplay.

As mentioned earlier, the massive underworld of Tenebrae is procedurally generated from hand-crafted rooms and gradually unravels before the eyes of the player with a plethora of traps, secrets and hidden treasures while blending in larger, open Safe Zones.

Players will be allowed to use both melee and ranged weapons empowered with obscure magic to fight against unique, huge bosses and their armies of demons and other eerie creatures.

Four types of attacks are available at the beginning of the game. Each one is related to the Natures:
  • Simple Attack
  • Charged Attack
  • Leap Attack
  • Dash Attack

Each Attack can have Primary and/or Secondary effects.

During the game, the character will find normal, magic or mystical weapons dropped by defeated monsters, treasure chests, quest rewards and so on.

If the character can wield a Normal/Magical/Mystical Weapon, he can use any of the Attacks.

Each kind of successful attack dealt wielding a Normal/Magic or Mystical Weapon will fill the related Nature depicted by the Nature Bar.

Tenebrae's non-linear maps emphasize back-tracking and re-playability with new moves, skills and weapons to reach previously inaccessible areas.

Nature Portals

Nature Portals are randomly scattered in each of the five Acts of the game.

The exact number, location and Nature of the Portals is randomly generated for each game.

Portals are monster filled areas, dangerous to explore. Without the correct Nature Armor characters will suffer a significantly high Damage Over Time (DOT).

Completing a Portal would mean killing the Boss of the Portal, usually found at the very end of the area. The fix reward found/dropped by the Boss of the Portal is a Nature Rune related to the Nature of the Portal (E.g.: a “Blood Rune” can be found in a “Portal of Blood” only).

The Nature Rune can be applied on a Weapon or Armor.


At the start of the game the character wears basic but “magic” garments and protections as armor.
Armors are very rare though, dropped only by the Final Boss of each Act and are bound to one of the four Natures.
The Nature of the dropped Armors will be of the same Nature according to the fighting/playing style.
At this point of the game, the player might decide to explore the previous portals which were previously impossible to complete.

We decided to use Unreal Engine 4 technology to bring Tenebrae to life, because we want to give players an unforgettable visual experience. UE4's in-depth workspace allows us to create a fluid, well-written game with stunning graphics.
We'll be using our in-house technology, Daedalus, to generate procedural dungeons at runtime.

Music is a fundamental aspect when you are telling a story, and we couldn't find a better composer for our game project - Mr Denny Schneidemesser is a phenomenal music composer. Don't believe us? Check out the Tenenebrae Suite he created for us and all the other amazing scores!

Tenenebrae Suite

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Fatstax Dec 6, 2015 @ 8:26pm 
Looks great! Hope to be able to play soon!
frankino Dec 5, 2015 @ 8:11am 
Yea!!! Can't wait to see more from you guys! :D
Catman Dec 4, 2015 @ 6:36am 
Go go go!
Отец Школьника 6Б Dec 4, 2015 @ 12:47am 
Keep up the great work!
Dagaz Dec 3, 2015 @ 8:21am 
GG! Awesome :)
Hur4c4n Dec 3, 2015 @ 6:13am 
definately looking forward to play this.
Troglobytes Games  [author] Dec 2, 2015 @ 12:22pm 
@Club_Shrimp, the video shows an early version of the dungeon level, while the artworks are fresh new! We are reworking the dungeon which in the end will look exactly like the concept art.
Club_Shrimp Dec 2, 2015 @ 11:46am 
The artwork is significantly more detailed than the game itself. The engravings on the walls, the lanterns, those metal things near the ceiling, the hanging lantern with the chains. I wouldn't mind, but the difference is pretty hard to ignore - the elaborate lanterns in the art are just generic lanterns in the screenshots, and those elaborate metal things near the ceiling are just generic grates. Will these things change or...?