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Guarding Athena V1.2.8
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Oct 5, 2015 @ 7:48am
Feb 17 @ 7:57pm
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Guarding Athena V1.2.8

- Guarding Athena reborn on Dota2!
- Thanks for ForaMon`s nice icons and loading!
- Hold the 38 wave attack
- Use the potion help you defense.potion no end when attacked.
- Attack Hero Statue get Exp and gold.
- You can go practice room to get Exp and gold,stand in the teleport circle on the base.
- Click dota2 Tower protect button is teleport.
- The lower right corner of the three buttons can enhance the Athena attribute.
- The 7,9,17,22,24,31,33,34,36,37,38 wave monster have skill.
- Left lower corner camp will drop three type ball.
- Dont drop ball on the ground.
- Kill boss and get the gem to upgrade you item.
- Clear all desert zombie will summon SandKing.
- 100 level go lower right corner to reincarnation.
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Fix bug when missing icons of skills
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Also have problem with items.Where to buy this sunplate with seals?Also it says u need a strength nuclear but the required items in a agility nuclear.Where to get Sunplate withseals?
Revelater Feb 18 @ 8:56am 
Hello again.There is another problem.After you play 1st game of this mod and you play it again there are some items that have no images.Just black.Kindly fix it.Thanks
Kawaii~ Feb 18 @ 4:20am 
cannot see item fucker
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玩sf的时候买了两个戒指,无法fuse,用信使捡起戒指后戒指消失。之后全局游戏都无法购买任何装备,显示“item not available for this hero” 希望能尽快修复bug
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hes trash. if you want to win pick melle cuz ranged heroes are shit.
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Почему у меня 5 фпс?! Я играю на максималках в обычной а в этой кастомке 5-10 фпс! Раньше играл всё нормально было, а теперь вот такая хрень, помогите!
China.SZJ Feb 6 @ 3:33pm 
Revelater Feb 4 @ 3:07am 
Crystal Maiden(cm for short)or Glacier Witch's ultimate blocks all physical damage,blocks some magical damage and does not block anything from pure damage. You can move through units under tfe effects of it. When you pass through an enemy closed together, you created collatoral damage. I think that is all,Rainbow Warrior