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Thousands of Years Later
Mar 5, 2016 @ 6:17am
Dec 30, 2016 @ 7:21pm

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Release date: 2016.Winter


As always, you walk tirelessly through the street, looking for employment but knowing there was no hope. Giant TVs on the street are playing films showing the ‘world of tomorrow’... the future that could be so great, but that is just science fiction, so you helplessly sneer at it. Suddenly, you receive a message on your mobile phone, “You have been selected by the Dark Star Foundation for Science and Technology to take part in the one thousand year voyage…“ Surely this can’t be real? It seems like only moments later you are walking up to the magnificent Dark
Star building. What exactly do they mean by a one thousand year voyage?
As one of the many unremarkable people in the world, you were fortunately (unfortunately) chosen by the Dark Star Project to be frozen for a thousand years and become witness to the future. Unbeknownst to you, mankind is wiped out by a deadly virus during your long sleep. When you wake up, the only thing there is to see is miles and miles of endless desert.


Thousands of Years Later is sandbox game with a Mechanical Manufacturing System and a Construction System. You can use basic elements to produce various weapons, gear, vehicles or anything you might find useful to protect your constructions. It’s possible for you to build a castle in the game. In multiplayer, you can invite your friends to your world so they can help with your construction or to help defend against predators. You can burst into other player’s worlds in order to steal their resources as well.Since you are in a wasteland, you’ll have to find enough water to suffer through the high temperatures during the day. Even if you are lucky enough to not be swept away in a sandstorm, you ought to return to your shelter before night, when the mutants rear their ugly heads. If you ever
encounter these dangerous monsters, you will die without question. So make sure you set up a suitable line of defence in the day to avoid being destroyed at night.


To manufacture, you should collect stone ore, iron ore, rare mental ore and radioactive ore. To survive, you should find the water sources and hunt eatable animals.

Construction System

You can produce different basic construction elements by the ores you collect, such as : brick, pillar, slab, step, etc. Different construction elements own different durability, so that they can be robbed or wracked. You need basis to fasten the system.

Mechanical System

The mechanical system is divided into two parts: design and production. You can design all mechanical devices in your basement control system. After the design, you have to transform the mechanics into integration modules to carry with yourselves. The process will consume ores according to your design. You can put mechanics everywhere you tend with the integration modules.

Power System

None mechanics can work without the power supply. Thus you must design the establish the power generation equipment first. Then you can set up the power grid connecting to the devices to them available. You should pay special attention to the distribution of the power and the safety of the power grid, because overload and failure both make you in the hopeless situation.


A huge open world, creative production system
Whole experience of survival
Convenient co-op mode: play the role of defenders or predators
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