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[Gmodstore] [#1679] Arivia F4 DarkRP Menu [Resources ONLY]
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Oct 3, 2015 @ 9:57pm
Aug 30, 2020 @ 3:18pm
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[Gmodstore] [#1679] Arivia F4 DarkRP Menu [Resources ONLY]

Arivia is an F4 menu for DarkRP that takes on the look that everyone has enjoyed since it was first introduced in Linx and Liko. The development of Arivia was focused around the ability to provide a clean and updated look to Garry's Mod GUIs, while keeping the functionality that a DarkRP F4 Menu should have. Within Arivia, you are able to locate each item category with the simplistic buttons located to the left, as well as preforming outside tasks such as giving your players the ability to donate, locate you steam workshop collection, visiting your website, and more. Remember, that as with all of my scripts - if you don't see a feature here, then chances are that they will be included in the near future - as I always am looking for more interesting things to add. Thank you to everyone who has supported this collection thus far, and for all of the positive feedback I've had.


* A unified theme which matches that of Lunera, Linx, and Liko.
* Customizable buttons which can be modified within the config file. (Menu name, description, color, icons, all editable.)
* Client-side clock displays the current time of the player in lower left.
* Displays player avatar, current job, and money within the menu itself.
* Added Vehicle support (more additions to be added later)
* Close option within F4 menu itself (eliminates the need to press F4 again to close)
* Rules tab allows you to also show rules for the server which accepts standard text OR a website url (your choice)
* Left-side tab system includes numerous options, as well as the ability to place external links to donation pages, websites, and more.
* Integrated custom browser eliminates the need for the Steam overlay for most actions.
* Rotational backgrounds (as seen in Linx, Lunera, and Liko), with the ability to turn them off as well.
* Collapsible categories allow you to minimize the categories you have no interest in.
* Coloring options allow you to style Arivia to your preference.
* The "Controls" tab allows you to specify what key controls your server uses, which helps players find out how to execute certain actions (Pointshop, etc)
* Model pre-caching
* News ticker
* Server selection panel allows you to list servers you have within your network. Players can then simply click on a server and connect to it.
* Much more...

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help [ERROR] addons/arivia/lua/autorun/_arivia_load.lua:55: bad argument #1 to 'band' (number expected, got nil)
1. band - [C]:-1
2. GetIP - addons/arivia/lua/autorun/_arivia_load.lua:55
3. unknown - addons/arivia/lua/autorun/_arivia_load.lua:79