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These are the games that I think have potential to make it onto the steam store, and the ones I think are cool enough to make my list. Good luck!
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Created by ProspectGames

The ultimate postal service has arrived... self-delivering cardboard boxes!

Unbox is a physics based platformer about rolling cardboard boxes; take part in an epic single player adventure and grab your ...
Solar Core
Created by Aileron 64
Solar core is a top down twin stick shooter, where you must reconquer the galaxy one core at a time by surviving waves of rhythm based enemies.

Each level plays out based on the beat and intensity of the music, and the goal is simply to survive until th...
The Puzzleverse
Created by psyinx
Puzzleverse is a rather unique 2D single-player puzzle game in that it uses fast paced challenges as a reward for solving puzzles which require thought and precise actions.
After Orb's home is destroyed, he finds himself trapped in an alternate Dimension ...
Supposedly Wonderful Future
Created by gamblingDostoevsky
It's 2046, and life has never been better. Humanity is thriving, technology is booming, poverty and hunger are all but eradicated. Wars and unrest are the talks of the past; the world is as united as it's ever been. Aging can be stopped while terminal illn...
Raid On Coasts
Created by mohamed amine dghim
Raid On Coasts is an old school real time strategy game set in a world full of wars where powerful countrys tend to invade and perform raid on coasts on other continents around the world !

* Map :  
  • Coasts of Yemen ( c
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Cookie ♥  [author] May 5, 2017 @ 7:05pm 
Alright fam I gotchu thanks for the suggestion :P
gamblingDostoevsky Apr 27, 2017 @ 4:37pm 
Hi, Cookie! Mind if I show you my game too? It's a sci-fi adventure called Supposedly Wonderful Future . Thanks for having a look!
mohamed amine dghim Apr 27, 2017 @ 2:35pm 
Hey bro or girl dont know :steamhappy:
Please consider adding mine game into your amazing collection , it will be really helpful and appreciated and thanks in advance :steamhappy:
psyinx Apr 23, 2017 @ 11:45am 
Thanks @Cookie! :)
Cookie ♥  [author] Apr 23, 2017 @ 11:35am 
I'll check it out, thanks for the request!
psyinx Apr 21, 2017 @ 3:15pm 
@_Cookie thank you! Most appreciated!
Cookie ♥  [author] Apr 21, 2017 @ 2:55pm 
Alright, I'll check them both out. Thanks for the requests.
psyinx Apr 21, 2017 @ 10:41am 
Today I bring you a gorgeous space sci-fi puzzle adventure game ORB:

Please do check it out and consider adding it to your collection!
Thank you!!
FluffexStudios Apr 20, 2017 @ 9:12am 
Hi there,

Please check out our horror adventure game and consider it for your collection:

Thank you so much!!!
2dgamemania Apr 19, 2017 @ 2:40pm 
thanks @_Tariru, appreciate you taking the time to look.