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Life Mod: The All-In-One Ultility Tool
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Oct 2, 2015 @ 2:57pm
Feb 23, 2017 @ 2:43am
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Life Mod: The All-In-One Ultility Tool

This mod is now Discontinued. The journey has come to an end. If by any means someone wishes to improve upon it and make it better overall, Do not forget to firstly contact us ( by adding us ) to allow ( get permission ) to do it ( to upload a new version of Life Mod on the Workshop ), to make sure things are okay between us ( We like ya and you agree with our terms of how things to be done about it :p ) and then add us as contributors for it!

Life Mod Version 1.9.5

Don't forget to

Note: First Video Is ALWAYS a random one.

Life Mod Its like Hogwarts. You have to find its secrets and learn them to see and do its true magic.

Hello ladies and gentleman! Welcome to Life Mod!

If you want to see the history updates of Life Mod, You can see the
Changelogs Here!(ClickHere)

If you have any problems with this mod or need general help for something, please
Post Them/Look Here!(Click Here)

Life Mod Introduction:

- This mod mostly has being made for personal use for some friends of mine and myself. Then again as the months were going, we just said to share it with the world..and so we did!

- This Is an addon that doesn't just make you experience a new way of how things look, but gives you tons of new features that could potentially increase game's realistic-ness and overall your gameplay's experience to another level!

- And if you are an individual that likes to make photos and such, this might help you alot with its ultilities that offers for you to make the best screenshots ever existed!

Its Own UI Panel! You can find it here!:

"Customize Life HUD" is where all the Options for Life HUD are!

Don't forget to bind LifeMod_OpenPanel on the console if your gamemode doesn't support sandbox-like menu!

If you wish to reset Life Mod back to default by running a console command: LifeMod_Reset will do the trick!

Life Mod Includes:
  • Fully Customizable Life HUD with heavily requested features and more!
  • Color Modifications
  • Bloom Modifications
  • Toy Town Effect
  • Sharpen Effect
  • SunBeams Effect
  • Color/Bloom Preset Creator
  • Dynamic Vignette System
  • Cinematic Overlays System
  • Mask/Helmets Overlays System
  • Fog System
  • FoV Editor System ( VIew Bobbing / Third Person / First Person Mode options included! )
  • Dynamic Motion Blur
  • Distortion Effect System
  • Eye Blink System
  • Dynamic DoF ( Depth Of Field ) System
  • Server Override ( Admins to control the effects on the basic tab for everyone! )
  • Dynamic Shadows ( Cvars )
  • FastDL ready ( For Servers )
  • Stand-Alone Addon ( doesn't replaces anything! )
  • +Alot More Optimizations and settings for your Garry's Mod!

Single-Player/Multi-Player ( Client-Side/Server-Side ) Support?

It supports both of them at its finest ways!

Can i play with this mod on other servers if the server doesn't have it installed?

Thats not possible because the mod is stand-alone. Its not an effect replacer or somekind of a lens flare to do that so. Its a ultility mod which any server you may go and if you want to use it, the server needs to have it or else it won't work!

How can i enable Server variables?

Server variables will get enabled by only Admin+ rank privileges and by enabling the Server Override option on the basic tab. After that, you just adjusting everything on the panel as how you want everyone else to see it so!

What kind of PC do i need to run Life mod?

If your computer's spec's have being made/manufactured on 2010+ year, your computer can handle most of the things that Life Mod gives. If not, please consider sticking only with the basic tab and keep away from Dynamic DoF and Distortion Effect systems! Note: Life Mod Basic Tab systems, all enabled can take at least 4 FPS if you have a mid-to-low end PC.

Can someone disable Life HUD and use another HUD instead if he/she wants?

Yes he/she can! just head over to the Life Mod tab > Life HUD Customization context menu and disable the Life HUD option. Then you can use whatever else HUD you wish so without any kind of conflicts.

Is Life HUD gonna get seperated into another mod one day?

No that won't happen, thats exclusive to Life Mod package, sorry :/

Can i have in complete detail of what EXACTLY Life Mod Is and what can do?

Click Here and everything shall be answered.

Me - Designer of the Group
Creator of Color/Bloom Modifications, Cinematic/Vignette/Mask Screen Overlays, CVARs Researcher, Systems Adjuster, ToyTown, Sunbeams, Sharpen Configurator and Life HUD Designer!
Wheatley - Coder of the Group
Creator of UI, Language, Dynamic Vignette, Cinematic, Mask, FovEditor, DDoF, Distortion, Dynamic Motion Blur, Fog, Blink and Life HUD systems coder!
Ned - Core of the Group
Creator of the Rendering system for everything to work properly!
For their Cvars and Source Engine!
For supporting us! Thank you very much!

Minimum Requirements

CPU: Core 2 Duo 2.66 GHz
Video Card: ATI Radeon HD 2600 XT 512MB VRAM (NVIDIA GeForce 8600 GT)

Owner Signature

Copyright 2017 Alex. This item is not authorized for posting on Steam, except under the Steam account named Alex.

Please Note:

Meaningless comments, comments that have nothing to do with the mod or overall bad criticism that contains swearing / rudeness, not at all sense ( without a good and detailed logical explaination while being understandfull ) or abusive words towards its mod developers or the mod itself by any kind of related things that could be consider as bad, will get deleted, reported and get blocked if needed.

Please also if you have any problems with our mod, add them below to the
"Life Mod - Problems - Errors - Bug Report & Solutions" discussion. Commenting Problems on the Mod Page will get them deleted!

We really want to know your Problems, thats why we made a discussion specifically about it just to have them in one place, and everything to be organized!
On the Mod Page, where everyone says anything about our mod, we might miss them!

- Please respect our rules for things to be organized and to be all in order!
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noblehh Jul 15 @ 3:30am 
if my graphics are Intel HD 3000 does that mean I cant use this?
Don the Pteranodon Jul 13 @ 10:02am 
What's the map for the 2nd first person screenshot (the guy with an M14)?
ThatOneFlameyPony Jul 12 @ 12:43pm 
i recomend using NumbPad 1 and 2 Idk if those work DX
ThatOneFlameyPony Jul 12 @ 12:42pm 
btw it has to be a key that no other mod uses :3
ThatOneFlameyPony Jul 12 @ 12:42pm 
@Waz!er say in the consle Bind [key you want for bind] "sv_cheats 1" then bind another key the same way but put in "thirdperson" Remember to press the first key you made Before pressing the other Your welcome btw ;)
^8InSainnicc Jul 11 @ 10:02pm 
The only option I have is the lifemod panel, I don't have any of the checkboxes or custom hud settings.
Ileryon3000 Jun 30 @ 10:06pm 
r_shadows 1 might get it back
Soviet_Tachanka Jun 30 @ 9:06pm 
This Broke My Flash Light.
DRopthatderpa:) Jun 24 @ 2:27pm 
map in screenshots the water one
WaZ!er Jun 22 @ 5:04am 
Is there a way to bind the third person to a key?