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Escape Mode Prisons
A collection of amazing prisons which should prove interesting for escape mode!
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Green Beach Prison
Created by BeardedS0ul
Welcome to Green Beach Prison!

-PA Version: Update 12b
-Warden Type: The Warden (no bonuses)
-Value: 8,500,000
-Balance: 7,500,000
-Income: -18,000
-Daily Exports & Revenue: 5,000
-Gangs: Yes
-Events: Yes
-Weather: Yes
-Failure Condition...
Harbourside Prison
Created by BeardedS0ul
Welcome to Harbourside Prison!

-PA Version: Update 12b
-Warden Type: The Warden (no bonuses)
-Value: 8,000,000
-Balance: 7,000,000
-Income 4,000
-Daily Exports & Revenue: 4,500
-Gangs: Yes
-Events: Yes
-Weather: Yes
-Failure Condit...
Prisoner Boat V2.0 - Works with CEO Mode ( Builder Mode ) - and escape mode
Created by Kaleb The Red Head
Now i didn't make Prioner Boat V1 ( Prisoner Boat improved ) but i did add one chalgne Keep The Yellow Jump suits ALIVE bonus points if you escape with them

Story: You and Your friends got in prison for Bank robbery for 15 years ( friends are Yellow j...
Center Perks
Created by Dirty_Mouse
Center Perks prison from The Escapists. 10 prisoners, 5 guards. Fun with Escape Mode....
Forest Reformation Prison
Created by Fattymagraw
A prison centered around reformation. Hope you enjoy!...
SuperMax Prison - Designed for Escape Mode (Hard)
Created by snewp doge
I designed this fortress to keep you filthy escapists behind bars! Try it if you dare...

Give me your feedback and let me know how you escaped. I'll use the feedback to make the prison harder to escape from.

Holding Cell Hell
Created by JadeKat
How many prisoners in 1 holding cell before a riot?

- Currently 152 inmates (Med, Max) more each day
- Zero Cells only 1 Holding Cell
- No Privacy
- Limited Food
- Limited Clothing
- Limited Beds
- Prison makes healthy daily profit
- Expansion re...
Gangs, Supports Escape Mode
Prison has 3 Gang Leaders and over 80 Gang Members: 18 Red, 19 Blue, 45 Green
There are 137 High Risk prisoners, Most days have Riots.

There are 35 solitary cells to deal with the bedlam.
Guards have Tazers, there are also plenty of Armed Guards.
No Escape
Created by Krush
Some of this was made with my map editor (quite old and possible doesn't work with new versions of the game, as I haven't tested it).
Fhurst Peak Correctional Facility
Created by Liam 😺
Fhurst Peak Correctional Facility from The Escapist. Only difference is... you are trying to keep the escapist on the inside.

- Reconstructed as faithfully as possible, with only a few changes due to the differences between Prison Architect a...
Prison : 909 - ESCAPE MODE
Created by D'Cinamon
Prison : 909

Story :
You're innocent. You were sent to this unknown prison code name 909, with one mission.
To free all of the Super Max Prisoner, wich is the leaders of the most fearful gang in your town.
If you fail, you and your family will will b...
Center Luxus EMP Hellhole
Created by Zen
The one of the toughest.. the most secure prison (probably not) built by an experienced architect (not really)!
These guards and staff don't mess around... If they see you outside your damn cell, they beat you up so much...(voice ge...
Crime Fighter "Escape" #3
Created by Machdju
This is a escape map of "Crime Fighter" .A game from Peter Steffens from 1993.

This is the father of GTA. :D

There is the game for free download.

>>>>>>>>>>>>THIS MAP IS ONLY FOR ESCAPE-MODE.<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<...
Crime Fighter "Escape" #4
Created by Machdju
This is a escape map of "Crime Fighter" .A game from Peter Steffens from 1993.

This is the father of GTA. :D

There is the game for free download.

>>>>>>>>>>>>THIS MAP IS ONLY FOR ESCAPE-MODE.<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<...
Escape Mode Silverford
Created by Tobeh
Not a profitable prison - this has been designed for escape mode....
Bendridge Prison (ESCAPE MODE)
Created by Dipply
This prison was built with infinite money and is intended for escape mode!...
Abrams correctional Facility v2
Created by ◟Epicness◝
Welcome to Abrams State Corectional Facility!

Seperating the innocent from the guilty since 1998

optional mods:
dispatcher mod
blueline (may need)
more emergency services
-seperate su...
Checkpoint Charlie
Created by catch me™

WOW - It has finally been done! "Checkpoint Charlie" is available now.

Features list:
- max capacity 390 Prisoners
- 190 max sec / 115 med sec
- 700'000 Dollars Cash
- Da...
KuroSenshi Prison
Created by Kuro
Nice for Escape Mode.....
Created by LardLover
Hey all!

Prison Architect's first Speed-Run escape map! Give a shot at one of the three categories of speed-running and post your time (With some video proof!). I will update the leaderboards daily! May the best Prisoner win!

Cove Park Prison
Created by Nuc_Temeron
419 Prisoner capacity.
Lots of room to grow.
Highly secure and profitable.
Non-square buildings galore!

Built from scratch with starting money ($30k), on large with lakes.

Fort Jacob Try to Escape
Created by Jack Treehorn
A Prison built for Escape mode. Punishes Prisoners who earn maximum security (so don't hit the guards). Enjoy...
The Escapists - Prison 1
Created by BlueMango
This is a prison based on the first prison in 'The Escapists'....
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Great for a 10 hour plane ride. 10/10
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Thanks for making it :)
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Thanks for including my prison :)
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