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RAGE Collectibles Guide
By RealGenuineHuman
This guide shows the locations for the game's collectibles: Collector Cards, Recipes, Vehicular Jumps, Field Goals, and Desert Spores.
This guide exists to help people find all the collectibles without having to constantly play/pause videos. It is written as though the reader is playing RAGE for the first time but cares for achievements. The playstyle of this guide is side quests and activities first, main story later.

For the achievement completionists out there; I've got good and bad news. The bad news is that you will need “The Scorchers” dlc in order to get all the achievements. The good news is that it is a good piece of dlc and worth the price, provided you like RAGE.

The collectibles covered are:

– Collector Cards (54 total)
– Recipes (19 total)
– Vehicular Jumps (18 total)
– Field Goals (3 total)
– Desert Spores (13 total)

Note: The spores are not a requirement for any achievement. Later on you can use them to permanently increase your health.

I will also make note of certain achievements. Finally, I hope you will find this guide useful.
Part I
Welcome to Hagar Settlement!

Not much to note about this place. Be sure to talk to Loosum Hagar and play the Wingsticks mini-game for the “Obsessive Compulsive” achievement. The shop is kept by Halek Hagar. He can be found in the center of the settlement in a hole in the ground.

Collector Card #01 – Dan Hagar
Location: Hagar Settlement
You will find this in a corner in the same room as Dan Hagar.

Collector Card #02 – HE Grenade
Location: Hagar Settlement
Head out the garage and go straight. The card is on a barrel next to Becky.

Collector Card #03 – Loosum Hagar
Location: Hagar Settlement
Outside Hagar Settlement's main building (where Dan Hagar resides). It is on some rocks hugging the northwest corner of the building.

Collector Card #04 – Dagger Thrower
Location: Wasteland, Ghost Territory
On your way to Ghost Hideout look to your left when you come close to where you started the game. You should see a railing. Go behind the railing and turn left at the end to find the card tucked in a corner.

Collector Card #05 – Ghost Bonestick
Location: Ghost Hideout
The second enemy you kill will come from a hallway with two torches at the end. The card is inbetween the torches.

Collector Card #06 – Ghost Boss
Location: Ghost Hideout
Found shortly after Collector Card #05. Go left around and behind the cubic 'artwork' to find the card underneath a small table.
Part II
Welcome to Outrigger Settlement!

Note: Outrigger Settlement will be locked down later in the game! Be sure to pick up and turn in all the quests beforehand.

Collector Card #07 – Janus Outrigger
Location: Outrigger Settlement
Right across from Janus Outrigger on the couch.

Collector Card #08 – Sentry Turret
Location: Wasteland, on your way to complete “Where's Juno” and “Radio Tower Repair”.
Kill the first two enemies you come across and look to the right. You should see some stairs. Go down, and pick up the card on the chair.

Collector Card #09 – Rikter Outrigger
Location: Wasteland, on your way to complete “Radio Tower Repair”.
After finding Juno and passing a through a small hallway you will come across a room with a ladder going up. It is on the left side of this room in a corner.

Recipe #01 – Bandages
Location: Outrigger Settlement
Rewarded upon turning in the quest “Where's Juno”.

Recipe #02 – Adrenaline Overdrive
Location: Outrigger Settlement
Rewarded upon turning in the quest “Mutant Alert”. This quest can be picked up after repairing the radio tower.

Recipe #03 – Lock Grinder
Location: Outrigger Settlement
Given to you by Johan Outrigger during the quest “Find the Buggy Parts”. It is part of the main questline so you can not miss it.

Collector Card #10 – Wasted Club
Location: Wasted Garage
After picking up the alternator go through the door that opened and down the stairs. You will come to a hall with an enemy, a room full of enemies on the left, and a staircase to the right. Head up the stairs and go around. The card is in a corner with light from a window shining on it.

Collector Card #11 – Wasted Pistol
Location: Wasted Garage
After going through a hole in the wall and down some stairs you will be in a hall. The card is in a box opposite the door you need to go through in order to progress.

Collector Card #12 – Wasted Turret
Location: Wasted Garage
After defeating the turret enemy, continue through the newly created path and look to the left. The card is in a box that has fallen on its side.

Collector Card #13 – Dune Buster
Location: Hagar Settlement
Rewarded upon turning in the quest “Durar's Time Trial”.

Recipe #04 – Wingsticks
Location: Hagar Settlement
You can purchase this from Halek Hagar.
Part III
Welcome to Wellspring!

This is the first of two major towns in the game. Here you will find two shops, mini-games, quest givers, a job board, and races.

Outfitters: Found by going through the alley to the right of Second Chance Bar and turning right at the end. It is manned by Coffer and he sells supplies, ingredients, schematics, and ammo.

Rusty's Auto Parts: Found in the back of town near the races. Rusty sells you upgrades for your vehicles.

Job board: It is right across from “Outfitters”. Check this regularly for sidequests. Do five of them to get the achievement “Mr. Oddjob”. Do 8 in total for 8 points towards the “Obsessive Compulsive” achievement. A second job board is found later in the game.

Races: These are found in the back of town. Talk to Slim in the booth to start racing. Buy the minigun and rocket launcher upgrades from Rusty for your vehicle first. You will need both to get acess to certain races. Winning all races here and in another town grants you the “Rage Cup” achievement, as well as count towards 100% completion.

Note: The time-trials are incredibly tough on Ultra Nightmare difficulty. Get your vehicles upgraded before attempting them.

Tombstones: Just outside Outfitters. If you win on the first round you get the achievement “JACKPOT!”. This game is pure dice rolling that favours the player.

Five Finger Filet: Found inside the Second Chance bar after the quest “Defibrillator Upgrade”. If you beat the final round you get the achievement “Just a fleshwound”. This is the toughest of all the mini-games.

Rage Frenzy: Remember those cards you have been collecting? Well they are used in this turn-based game. The achievement tied to this mini-game can not be achieved in Wellspring.

Jackpots (DLC – The Scorchers): Video poker. Get four-of-a-kind for the “Foursome” achievement.

Roly-Poly (DLC – The Scorchers): Roulette, with less numbers. Place a bet on 0 (green) and win for the “Lucky Charms” achievement.

Note: For the achievement “Minigamer” you only need to win some cash in Tombstones, Five Finger Filet, Rage Frenzy, and Strum (which is not available in Wellspring). This means, for instance, that you can cash out after the first round of Five Finger Filet and have it count towards the achievement. DLC mini-games do not count.

Collector Card #14 – Mayor Clayton
Collector Card #15 – Sheriff Black
Collector Card #16 – City Guard
Collector Card #17 – Jetter
Collector Card #18 – Club Mutant
Location: Wellspring, Outfitters
Purchase the starter deck from Coffer. Listed under Supplies.

Recipe #05 – Fat Mammas
Recipe #06 – Pop Rockets
Recipe #07 – Sentry Turret
Location: Wellspring, Outfitters
Purchase these recipes from Coffer. Listed under Ingredients.

Note: Before leaving town, make sure you take the quest “Sally's Bounty” from Sally. She tends the Second Chance bar. The quest will be available after the quest “Arming Your Buggy” which will be completed instantly if you have already done some racing and bought weapon upgrades before talking to the Sheriff. Do not forget to purchase ammo for them from either Coffer or Rusty.

Collector Card #19 – Ghost Pistol
Location: Ghost Hideout
While doing the “Missing Person” quest from the Job Board in Wellspring you will revisit Ghost Hideout. From the start jump over the barrier and keep your eye on the right. You should notice a lock for the grinder on the women's bathroom door. The card is inside on a table.

Jump #01 – Beginner Jump
Close to where you emerge from the Ark. You have driven past it a couple of times now.

Jump #02 – Butterfly in the Sky
Close to Jump #01. A bit harder than the previous one. You need to use the rocks near the highway support column to hit the drone.

Jump #03 – In the Basket
Remember that gate you blew open? Coming from Hagar Settlement; look to the left after passing the gate.

Jump #04 – Crazy
Still remember that gate you blew open? Coming from Hagar Settlement; Go right, and stay right. This jump needs to be started next to Crazy Joe's.

Collector Card #20 – Crazy Joe
Location: Wasteland, Crazy Joe's
This one is found next to Crazy Joe in his shack.

Desert Spore #01, Desert Spore #02
Location: Wasteland, crater behind Crazy Joe's swamp
After picking up Collector Card #20 head into the swamp and look along the shores in between the grass for nightshade. This is a crafting component needed for a quest later on. Beyond the swamp is a crater where two Desert Spores can be found.

Jump #05 – Tiger Jump
I hope you still remember the gate you blew up earlier. Coming from Hagar Settlement; Go right, and then left to find this jump.

Jump #06 – I Think I Can Jump
Take a right after leaving Wellspring and then another right. On the left side will be the ramp you need to jump off.

Desert Spore #03
Location: The dead end that Jump #06 leads to.
You will find it close to the mailbox at the end of the road Jump #06 leads to.

Jump #07 – Mini-Gap
Go north past the previous jump and you can not miss this easy jump.

Desert Spore #04
Location: Wasteland, just outside of Wellspring.
It is hard to describe the location of this one, so you will have to look at the pictures.
Part IV
Note: After having dropped off the supplies at Hagar Settlement, talk to the mayor for the quest “Feltrite Crater” and accept it. This removes the blockade north of Jump #07.

Recipe #08 – Sentry Bot
Location: Wellspring, Outfitters
After talking to the mayor this can be purchased from Coffer.

Collector Card #21 – Sally
Location: Wellspring, Second Chance Bar
Upon destroying enough bandit vehicles she will give you this card along with the appropriate amount of cash and racing certificates. I do not know the exact amount of kills but it is five or less. You should have destroyed this many by now.

Recipe #09 – Apophis Infusion, Desert Spore #05, Desert Spore #06
Location: Wellspring, Second Chance Bar
These are rewarded upon turning in the quest “Miracle Cure”. When used, Apophis Infusion will permanently increase your health by ten points, or eleven when wearing the Fabricator Suit or Crimson Elite Armor (DLC – Anarchy).

Desert Spore #07
Location: Wasteland, outside Mutant Bash TV
Talk to Sheriff Black and accept his quest “Cuprino Needed”. Go through the motions and you will end up at Mutant Bash TV. Before entering, turn left and head past the mailbox. You will find the spore in a nook next to the highway ramp.

Note: Mutant Bash can be replayed forever. It is a great way to earn money and get the weapon kill achievements out of the way.

Collector Card #22 – Scoop Mutant
Location: Mutant Bash TV
After you cleared the final round of Mutant Bash you will find the card in a corridor on the left hand side.

Collector Card #23 – JK Stiles
Location: Mutant Bash TV
Rewarded upon completing the quest “Mutant Bash TV”

Collector Card #24 – Cuprino
Location: Wellspring, Sheriff's Office
Rewarded upon completing the quest “Cuprino Needed”.

Jump #08 – Leap Of Faith
Head past the opened blockade north of Jump #07 and drive up this ramp. Be careful however as you can die if you are pointed too much to the right while jumping.

Jump #09 – Highway Hop
To hit this drone you need to drive up the ramp in the northwest and turn around to drive off the broken overpass. This one can be easy to miss because you can not see it until you are near the edge.

Desert Spore #08
Location: Wasteland, North Watch Tower
After completing “Cuprino Needed” the Sheriff give you a quest to drop off supplies at the Watch Tower. After dropping off the supplies, follow the wall behind the guard to find the spore.

Jump #10 – Dedicated
This one is opposite to the Watch Tower entrance and easy to hit. Just be careful with that boost.

Desert Spore #09
Location: Wasteland, between Watch Tower and Authority Prison
After being done with the Watch Tower follow the dirt road east. Keep your eye on the left for a ramp up. On top of the ramp next to a mailbox is the spore.

Jump #11 – Science Makes You Crazy
Drive back along the road from Desert Spore #09 and look to the right. You can hit this drone by driving off the cliff. Like Jump #09 this can be tricky because you will not see it right until you are at the edge. This is the final jump for the first part of the game.

Collector Card #25 – Shrouded Minigun
Location: Wasteland, Feltrite Crater
When you get to the mission area, enter a container and you can find the card in the right corner in the back.

Recipe #10 – RC Car Bomb
Location: Wellspring, Sheriff's Office
Given to you upon starting the quest “Destroy the Bomb Caches”.

Collector Card #26 – RC Bomb Car
Location: Shrouded Bunker
After entering head straight until you come across the first enemies. Kill them and look along the railing for the card.

Collector Card #27 – Shrouded AR
Location: Shrouded Bunker
After blowing up a door and taking a ride on an elevator you will come across a room full of enemies to kill. Do so, and look to the right of an elevator shaft in the middle of the room. The card is found in front of some large crates.

Collector Card #28 – Shrouded Heavy
Location: Shrouded Bunker
Shortly after Card #27 you will go through a pipe, once out of pipe head down the hallway and take a right. The card is in a broken pipe in front of you. You may want to dispatch all the enemies around here first though.

Collector Card #29 – Sentry Bot
Location: Wasteland, Kvasir's Chasm
To the left of the bridge to Kvasir's Lab. In front of a flat rock and next to a plant.

Desert Spore #10
Location: Wasteland, Kvasir's Chasm
Right next to the ramp leading up to the bridge to Kvasir's Lab. Behind some grass.
Part V
Note: Before heading off to Dead City it is worthwhile to go to Wellspring first. After turning in “Destroy the Bomb Caches” check the Job Board for a new quest “A Proposition”.

Recipe #11 – Advanced RC Car Bomb
Location: Wasteland, Hagar Settlement
Rewarded upon turning in the quest “RC Prototype”. You get this quest by following the quest “A Proposition” mentioned above.

Collector Card #30 – Enforcer
Location: Wasteland, Dead City Entrance
Follow your waypoint on the quest “Defibrillator Upgrade” until you get to a large pipe leading to the entrance to Dead City. The card can be found just outside the pipe, hidden by some grass.

Note: You will visit Dead City twice during the game. Collector Card #31 can not be picked up during the second visit. After the second visit Dead City will be closed off forever. Make a hard save and make sure you pick everything up. Also, make sure you have an RC Bomb Car (or parts for it) with you.

Collector Card #31 – Large Mutant
Location: Dead City Streets
After fighting a bunch of mutants in two small rooms you will come to a larger area with two mutants throwing fireballs at you. After getting rid of them and their friends you should notice a pipe to the right of some stairs. Send an RC Bomb Car through and blow up the yellow gas cannisters on the other end, next to a door. Now head up the stairs and through the doorway behind the Kola-Kong machine. Head down the stairwell and through the door you blew up. The card is to the right on top of a red tool chest.

Collector Card #32 – Kraken
Location: Dead City Streets
Shortly after picking up Collector Card #31 you will enter a battle and a Kraken will break through a wall and attack you. Kill it, and then go through the wall he broke through. The card is inside in the left corner.

Collector Card #33 – Slime Mutant
Location: Dead City Central
Immediately after entering take a few steps forward and turn left. You should see a bright lamp on a small table. The card is in front of the lamp.

Note: After turning in “Defibrillator Upgrade” at Kvasir you can play Five Finger Filet with Abbot in the Second Chance Bar back in Wellspring. Secondly, the next mission area is only available during that mission. So make a hard save when entering The Well and pick up everything while you still can.

Collector Card #34 – Mine
Location: Wellspring, The Well
Quite a bit into the area you will come across a tunnel with columns in the middle and barred windows on the left side. Just before the windows is a ladder. Climb the ladder and look on the shelf to the right to find the card.

Collector Card #35 – Valder
Location: Wellspring, The Well
You will come across some friendlies fighting bandits. They are trying to open a gate leading to the room with the toxin. Walk past this gate and find the card sitting on a chest.

Recipe #12 – Dynamite Bolts
Location: Wellspring, Outfitters
After exiting The Well this recipe is available for purchase from Coffer at Outfitters.

Recipe #13 – Mind Control Bolts
Location: Kvasir's Lab
After turning the “Hijacked Well” quest at Carlson he will offer a follow-up quest “Deadly Delivery”. Go to Kvasir as the quest directs and upon accepting his follow-up quest “Secret Delivery” you will get the schematic.

Note: You will be visiting the Authority Prison soon. Like some other areas this one can only be visited once. So make a hard save on entry and make sure to pick up everything. You should also bring a lock grinder (or the parts to make one) with you as one of the collectibles is behind a locked door.
Part VI
Recipe #14 – EMP Grenades
Location: Authority Prison
Shortly after entering you will go up a small set of stairs and presented with two doorways. Go through the one on the left and you will find the schematic on a table.

Collector Card #36 – Power Supply
Location: Authority Prison
After picking up Recipe #14 you will quickly end up at a laser fence with a power generator in front of it. Destroy the generator and move past the deactivated fence. Keep an eye on the right to find the card inside an overturned box. You may wish to kill the baddies in the room to the left first.

Collector Card #37 – Giant Mutant
Location: Authority Prison
After fighting some enemies that drop down from a hole in a ceiling you will come across a doorway with a turret aimed at it. Opposite the doorway is a hole in the wall. Crouch through and find the card in a bookcase turned away from you.

Collector Card #38 – EMP Grenade
Location: Authority Prison
After passing some more turrets, and fighting some baddies, you will come across yet another laser fence. Go up the stairs behind the fence and when you get to the top, turn right and you will find the card inside a nightstand.

Collector Card #39 – Drop Ship
Location: Authority Prison
After you set Captain Marshall free and defended him, he will open a weapons locker. The card is inside the locker.

Collector Card #40 – Marshall
Location: Authority Prison
After picking up Card #39 you will go down some stairs with Marshall. He will go right through a deactived laser fence. Go left instead, through the hole in the wall, and grind the lock on the door. Behind it in plain view is the card. This is why I noted to bring a lock grinder.

Note: Soon you will use a turret to protect marshall from some bad guys jetpacking down from a drop ship while he places explosives. This is the best place to get the “Jetpacker” achievement. Make a save beforehand should you fail to get the achievement on the first attempt. The trick is to wait a bit since they slow their descent a lot just before getting rid of the jetpack.

Collector Card #41 – Shield Guard
Location: Authority Prison
After seperating with Marshall, an Authority Soldier will bust down a door. Kill him and enter the room. Go straight and enter the doorway to the right. The card will be on a container to the left.

Collector Card #42 – Elizabeth
Location: Wellspring, Second Chance Bar
After returning from Authority Prison, head to the back room of the Second Chance bar. The card can be found on a barrel halfway down the staircase. This card is really hard to miss.

Note: After a quick item retrieval quest you will be sent on your last visit to Dead City. Collector Card #31 can not be picked up if you missed it the first time. Any other cards you missed the first time can still be picked up.

Collector Card #43 – Drone
Location: Dead City Central
After getting past the hospital lab, you will be in the lobby. After killing a drone, go down the escalator and turn right. The card is on a coffee table. You may wish to dispatch all the bad guys first though.

Note: Before turning in the quest and getting transported to the 2nd part of the game it is a good time to do the “It's Good!” achievement. This requires driving the Jetter (ATV) against the edge of the map, fly off the seat and through an American Football goalpost to make a Field Goal.

Field Goal #1
Location: Wasteland, Ghost Territory
This one is in between your Ark, and the Wasted Garage exit.

Field Goal #2
Location: Wasteland, near Crazy Joe's
From Field Goal #1 head to Crazy Joe's but instead of taking the road to his shack/swamp take a left, towards the large metal door. Then look along the edge of the map to find it.

Field Goal #3
Location: Wasteland, Northern Watch Tower
After entering the Northern Watch Tower area go right and look along the edge of the map.

Note: We are about to head into the second part of the game, which is much shorter than the first. To make sure you have picked up everything so far the statistics screen should say this:

Check the job board to see if you missed any quests. Finally, do not forget to approach Sally for racing tickets you have accrued by driving around the wasteland blowing up other cars. You will get a new car in the second part of the game so they will come in handy even if you have upgraded everything for the Buggy and the Cuprino.
Part VII
Collector Card #44 – Authority Mutant
Location: Subway Town, Resistance HQ
After a short ride on an airship you end up in the resistance headquarters. Facing Marshall, turn to the left and you will spot a room on the left. Inside is a dead mutant on a hospital bed and next to him is the card.

Recipe #15 – Authority Augmenter
Location: Subway Town, Resistance HQ
To the left of Marshall sits Lassard. Approach him and he will start talking. When he is finished talking he will give you the schematic.

Welcome to Subway Town!

Like Wellspring, this will act as a major hub, only for the second part of the game. It has three stores, races, minigames, and a bar.

Jani's Supplies: Found on the second floor. This is basically Subway Town's Outfitters.

Stew: He is found in the hallway behind Jani's Supply. He only sells one thing at a time but with a nice discount.

Sparky's Auto Parts: This is one floor down from the first floor. Like Rusty's in Wellspring, this guy sells upgrades for your vehicle.

Job Board: Just like in Wellspring, check this regularly for quick sidequests. It's located on the first floor near the tracks, on the same side of the tracks as the garage.

Races: These can be found all the way at the bottom of Subway Town. Just like before it is important to get gold on all the races/time trials to get the 100% completion achievement.

Tombstones: This is found right across from Sparky's Auto Parts.

Five Finger Filet: You can find this inside the Fez Bar at the very end of the subway car.

Rage Frenzy: Also found in the bar. Here you play against Teague, who has the hardest deck in the game. Beating his hardest deck earns you the aptly named achievement “Hardest Deck”.

Strum: This is Rage's version of Simon Says. Whether it's difficult or not depends on your short term memory, although you can just write the sequence down. Complete the full sequence for the “Deliverance” achievement. Strum won't be available forever, so try to complete it as soon as possible if you want the achievement.

Recipe #16 – Advanced Wingsticks
Recipe #17 – Advanced Sentry Bot
Recipe #18 – Advanced Turret
Location: Subway Town, Jani's Supplies
You can buy these from Jani under Ingredients.

Note: Before going into Blue Line Station make sure to bring a shock bolt or emp grenade with you.

Desert Spore #11
Location: Eastern Wasteland, Under Territory
On your way to Blue Line Station you'll pass some sandbags. After the first sandbags look to the right. The spore is beneath the first metal beam supporting the bridge, hidden by some grass.

Collector Card #45 – Dyno-Mutant
Location: Blue Line Station
After picking up the dynamite a gate will close and you will have to fight mutant after mutant. At one point the gate will open again. Go through it and turn right, go past the stairs you went up earlier, and you will find another gate with a yellow box next to it. Use a shock bolt or emp grenade on the box and the gate will open. The card is on the right behind the gate next to some feltrite crystals.

Note: Behind Jani's Supplies a door will now have opened. Inside the room is Dietrich who will give you the “Abandoned Distillery” quest.

Collector Card #46 – Portman
Location: Eastern Wasteland, Abandoned Distillery Entrance
You will be in a cave leading to the Abandoned Distillery. First you will go right, then left and the cave will open up some more. Keep your eyes on the right. The card can be found on top of a box. It is hard to miss.

Desert Spore #12
Location: Eastern Wasteland, Abandoned Distillery Entrance
Exit the cave and the spore will be close to a barrel on the left.

Note: The achievement “Dev Graffiti” is unlocked in the Abandoned Distillery.
At one point you'll enter a room full of stills. Look for the one saying “Still No. 8”. Drop down in front of that still and move around clockwise. You will come across a matress with some miscellaneous items. Just above the matress is a valve. Turn it, go back the way you came, up the ladder, and turn right. Enter the room in front of you.

Recipe #19 – Regenerative Infusion
Location: Subway Town
Rewarded upon turning in the quest “Abandoned Distillery”. With this you should unlock the “Master Chef” achievement.

Collector Card #47 – Advanced Sentry
Location: Gearhead Vault
After killing the first enemy with a minigun, go up the ramp behind him and turn left. The card is on the back seat of a white car.

Collector Card #48 – Gearhead Shotgun
Location: Gearhead Vault
Shortly after Collector Card #47 you will be blocked by fire. After turning of the flames, go through the previously blocked passage and turn right. The card is in the back of this room, on a concrete ornament behind the sofas. You will probably want to kill all the enemies first though.

Collector Card #49 – Gearhead Jet
Location: Gearhead Vault
After picking up the plutionium feltrite sample go back the way you came until you are trapped in the propellor room. A wall will blow up and an enemy will emerge. Kill him, and go through the newly created hole. Before going down the stairs turn around, and hop over the counter. The card is in a chair in the left corner.
Note: Redstone says you will need a better car for the next mission but fails to mention how to acquire it. Go see Starky (not Sparky) in the basement for that. He's right next to the game of Tombstone. After beating him in a race you will be the owner of a Monarch, and can finish the final three races.

Jump #12 – Gimmee
Location: Eastern Wasteland, Open Territory
Head out of Subway Town and go straight. You should see this one easily. The jump is another matter. I found myself flying under the drone quite a few times.

Jump #13 – Bunny Hop
Location: Eastern Wasteland, Gearhead Territory
Head out of Subway Town and go left. You should see two drones. Both require you to drive further and up a highway ramp to get them. This is the first you come across, and you need to stick to the left lane on the ramp.

Jump #14 – Over The Hill
Location: Eastern Wasteland, Gearhead Territory
Head out of Subway Town and go left. You should see two drones. Both require you to drive further and up a highway ramp to get them. This is the second you come across, and you need to drive past the previous one until you see a green ramp. Do not use boost.

Jump #15 – Shock And Awe
Location: Eastern Wasteland, Gearhead Territory
As you move towards the power plant you should see this one shortly after passing the ramp for Jump #14.

Drive up the cliff and then just drive off.

Jump #16 – In The Gears
Location: Eastern Wasteland, Gearhead Territory
At the entrance to the Power Plant, look left. This one is easy.

Collector Card #50 – Monarch
Location: Eastern Wasteland, Gearhead Territory
It is to the right in front of the Power Plant Entrance. Hard to miss.

Desert Spore #13
Location: Eastern Wasteland, Gearhead Territory
It is to the right of the ramp of Jump #16.

Note: Make sure to bring some emp grenades or shock bolts with you before entering the Power Plant.

Collector Card #51 – Gearhead Boss
Location: Power Plant
This one is found right near the end, after all the killing is done. Instead of exiting, head left through the (now open) doorway just before the exit and up the stairwell. Look for a filing cabinet on the right when at the top. The card is inside the filing cabinet.

Collector Card # 52 – Jackal Crossbow
Location: Jackal Canyon
Immediatly after entering Jackal Canyon, look to your left. The card can be found on a box next to some bottles of beer.

Collector Card #53 – Jackal Club
Location: Jackal Canyon
Shortly after picking up Collector Card #52 you will walk over a bridge in order to pull a lever to get past a gate. The card is across the lever on top of a crate.

Note: If you have anything left to do, be it sidequests, races, or minigames, now is the time to do them because soon you will be locked into a sequence of events and won't be able to complete them. It would be a shame to get this far and not make it to 100%.

Lastly, you will end up at a gate with your car while mutants charge at you. This is a great oppertunity to finish up the “Roadkill” achievement. First there will be three mutants to begin with, run them over. Then get out of your vehicle to trigger more mutant spawns. Get back in and run over them. After that: blow the gate, get back in the car and run over the final mutants.

Collector Card #54 – Elite Guard
Location: Eastern Wasteland, Authority Bridge
After going up an elevator you will be tasked with blowing up two generators. Behind the second generator you need to blow up there are some crates. The card is behind these crates. Picking up the final card should unlock the “Gotta Have 'Em All” achievement.

Jump #17 – Off The Dune
After crossing Authority Bridge keep your eye on the right. When you spot the drone, go around the hill in order to jump through it.

Jump #18 – Near The Heart
Continue on from Jump #17 until you come across a building that spawns Authority vehicles. Hug the wall of the building on the right and you should see the drone. Drive off the cliff to hit it. Hitting this drone should unlock the “Jumper” achievement.

And that is that! All collectibles have been collected!
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Thank you for this guide, I followed every steps of it and I have unlocked all the collectible success related to it.
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I missed the wasted club one first time going in, now i cant get it at all, super bummed. Second time in the garage the door is locked and you cant get to the stairs. I also cant use console to go get it because then achievements are disabled. I'll have to do a whole new playthrough just to get this one card and go get all the rest in the end. Talk about poor game design.
LopeszTiago Mar 6 @ 6:15am 
Following the guide can I have all achievements in one game?
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