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Tournaments Guide
By Zoibator
Have you ever wanted to make a tournament in this game? Well, if so, then this Guide is for you!
I'm going to explain here what do you need to make a tournament in this game!
Changes may occur according to the the Sonic & All Stars Racing Transformed Tournaments group at any time.
Tournament Basics
What is a Sonic & All Stars Racing Transformed tournament? (Classic)

Sonic & All Stars Racing Transformed tournament is a tournament that contains a certain number of players (may change in any tournament) that race against each other in order to get as much lobby points as they can while playing in two rounds. First round contains two lobbies, 10-6 players in each lobby. And second round (also known as Finals) contains 10 players.

Round One

Round one contains 12-20 players that are separated to two different lobbies (Groups 1 & 2\ A & B).
In each lobby there must be 6-10 players, 10 tracks will be played for the players to gain their points.
Now why do they need the points? In round one the players try to reach top 5 because in a classic tournament the top 5 players that has most of the points in each one of the two lobbies get to participate in the second round (Finals). That's how round one works.

What happens in case of tie of 5th place?

If there is a tie of points between two players on the fifth place the two certain players will be needed to do a Tie Breaker.
What is a Tie Breaker? Tie Breaker is used for this certain situation or used for round two in a tie of 6th place and forward (5th, 4th 3rd...). Tie Breaker is an event when the two (or more) players that has the same number of points race against each other without the other participants, they race in a track that has been selected and been written in the Tracks List (Read more below).
At the end of the event both players will get points in the results, the one that has more points wins and get the position.

Round Two (Finals)

Round two is all about getting as many points as you can, no position there is to reach, all about getting as many points as you can, for getting the highest position. As there was in round one, there will be in round two, 10 tracks will be played. As I mentioned above, in round two, the Tie Breaker event will be used for a tie of 6th place or higher.

Where to announce the Tournament?

For that I'd recommend to announce the tournament in the
Sonic & All Stars Racing Transformed Tournaments Group
This group is for these certain events. I'd also recommend about this group also because there are 350 + players that are in this group that way players will actually get to see that you organize a tournament.

This group is hosted by:
and I, Zoibator.

Classic Tournaments Examples

List goes from newest to oldest.
P.S - Shoval is the username I use for my tournaments.

Shoval's Tournament #6

Shoval's Tournament #5

Paul's B-Day Tournament

xEponaSWAG420x's Tournament #14

xEponaSWAG420x's Tournament #13

NvincibleTournament #3

NvincibleTournament #2

NvincibleTournament #1

xEponaSWAG420x's Tournament #12

xEponaSWAG420x's Tournament #11

xEponaSWAG420x's Tournament #10

xEponaSWAG420x's Tournament #9

xEponaSWAG420x's Tournament #8

xEponaSWAG420x's Tournament #7

xEponaSWAG420x's Tournament #6

xEponaSWAG420x's Tournament #5

xEponaSWAG420x's Tournament #3

xEponaSWAG420x's Tournament #1
Date & Time

First of all the other things you will need to do, the most important one is the date. The date must be at least two weeks after you announce the tournament, because you need to give the participants time to sign up because otherwise you will end up having 10 participants at the best case.

Another thing about the date is that the date must be on Saturday, why Saturday? First, because all the players are already used to it, second, is because on other days, players can't stay until late due to school / work, also I personally tried to have a tournament on Friday once, and the number of participants wasn't more than 10. So the best day to make a tournament is on Saturday.


The time that the tournament should take place is between the hours 11:00 - 7:00 PM UK Time. The reason for that is that these hours are the most comfortable hours for the players to participate, that way more players will be participating. But you can always try to make a tournament on a different time.

Notes & Rules
Now this section is the most important section because this section determines how will your tournament go.

Basic Rules (Classic)

Participants Rule
In any tournament there must be a rule for the number of participants. 20 players are the max players that can participate in a classic SASRT tournament, that is for having 2 rounds with max players in each lobby in round one. So this rule means that the max of players for having two rounds is 20, more than that will be counted as replacers. (Replacer - A player that replaces another player that signed up, but then dropped or did not show up when the tournament started). Now if there's a max there's also a least number of players that there's a need for having two rounds, the least number of players is 12, that way there will be 6 players each lobby in round one (1 player doesn't participate in round two from each lobby).
An example for this rule:
Any player may join. For having two rounds I need more than 12 players signed up. The max of players that can sign up for having two rounds is 20. But other players can sign up as replacers. So feel free to sign up even if there is a total of 20 players signed.

Rule Against Hackers
Now this rule is one of the most important rules, although hackers mostly does not sign up for tournaments this rule is important, because if there will be hackers in a tournament there won't be any justice between the players, also other players that doesn't use hacks wouldn't want to participate in a tournament with hackers, I wouldn't for example and I'm pretty sure you wouldn't either. So this rule means no having hackers in the tournament. (If a player claims that other player is a hacker, you should ask for an evidence which can be a screenshot / video that can confirm the player is really a hacker).
An example for this rule:
No hacks are allowed in this tournament. If a player caught hacking he won't keep participating in my tournament. However, for making sure the player is hacking I need evidence which can be a screenshot\ video or anything that can confirm that the player is a hacker. I will decide if the evidence is enough or not.

Rule For The Date & Time
- Read more in the section "Date & Time".
In every tournament you do, you must put a date (day + month) and the exact time that the tournament will be taking place.
An example for this rule:
The tournament will be taking place at Saturday 26th of September - 10:00PM UTC/GMT +3/IDT.

Rule For Network Errors
For network errors problem there are two solutions.
First one is to give the player that got the network error one point because, the player didn't participate in the whole race so he should not get the points he was supposed to get.
An example for this rule:
Disconnections will result in a score of 1.

Second solution is to give the player the points his bot got. When a player get a network error an S Class bot replace him. In my opinion, this solution is better because if for example a player who was 1st place when he got the network error and it was on the third lap (last lap) the player will get the points he deserve, so basically this rule means that the points that the player will get are the points that the bot that replaces he will get.
An example for this rule:
If a player disconnects, crashes or gets a network error, they will receive points based on what position their bot finishes.

Tracks List
Such as every SASRT tournament there must be a list of tracks that are going to be played on rounds one and two. All tracks must be randomized because you musn't use that for personal gain. In every round, you must mention a Tie Breaker track that will be used in case of a tie. (Read more in section "Tournament Basics"). To make the Tracks List a bit special you can put two mirrored track, just to add some fun, this isn't a must.

Rule For Rounds & Tracks
- Read more in the section "Tournament Basics"
A rule that will explain how the rounds will work is needed, you should also mention on that rule what kind events are going to be played (Normal Race, Boost Race, or Battle Race). The classic event tournament is the Normal Race event tournament. So what should I mention in this rule? You should mention the number of tracks that are going to be played, which is twenty for classic tournaments, what is the event that this tournament is about, which is Normal Race in classic tournaments and if you do choose to put two mirrored tracks, then you should mention this too. About the rounds you should mention the number of rounds that are going to be played, which is two in a classic tournament, the number of lobbies in round one, which is also two in a classic tournament and what does a player need to get to participate in round two, which is to be in top 5 of his lobby. (You can seperate this rule into two rules, rule for the rounds and rule for the tracks).
An example for this rule:
This tournament will be a Normal Race Events tournament.
No other events but Normal Race events. Twenty tracks will be played, ten tracks for each round. In each round, two tracks will be mirrored tracks. The tournament will be split into 2 rounds. During the first round, the top 5 participants from both lobbies will then advance to the second round.

The rules I mentioned above are rules that are needed on every classic tournament, basic rules.
The following rule is a rule about the Sonic & All Stars Racing Transformed Tournaments group.

Rule For Breaking The Rules
This certain rule is a must in every tournament.

If a player caught breaking a rule, the retribution will be three things. First, the player will get zero points on the event he broke that rule. Second, the player will get a ban from the next tournament that will be hosted in the Sonic & All Stars Racing Transformed Tournaments group, which does not have to be from the same host. And third, if a player caught breaking the rules during a tournament, he will be getting an automatic elimination from that tournament.
Adding to that, after the second time that the same player is caught breaking the rules he will get permanent ban from the group.
Host Information
How to announce my tournament?

You need to make a Discussion in the Group I mentioned above, writing in the title your username and add the number of your tournament (#1, #2 #3..) and add the date (day + month).
Example for a title: "Zoibator's Tournament #1 - Saturday, September 26th".

As for the main Discussion you can start with few words, but then you need to write down all the rules you decided to have in your tournament and after that, write the track list of each round including the Tie Breaker track. Once finishing to do that, you can ask from one of the group's hosts to make an announcment about your tournament so the members of the group will be aware to your tournament.


During the two or more weeks until the tournament players will sign up, for that you'll need to make a participants list and write there all the players that signed up. If there are already 20 players signed up, and other players still want to join, I'd recommend on having a replacers list as well, and if other player drop, the first replacer will be replacing the player that dropped.

While the tournament

During the tournament, you'll need to take screenshot of each results, so you'll be able to count the points in case players gets a network error and their points is resets to 0. Now in round one you need to have two different hosts, you and someone else because there are two lobbies in round one, so before the tournament start ask from one of the participants to host the second lobby for you, if I participate in the certain tournament, you can always ask from me to do it. In round two the host is gonna be you because you're the host of your tournament and you'll need to count the points of each player.

Other thing you need to do while the tournament is about group chats, you need to make sure that at the start of the tournament there are three group chats, one mainly for both lobbies (which is the Sonic & All Stars Racing Transformed Tournaments group chat) and two others for each lobby in round one. In round two, the group chat will be the Sonic & All Stars Racing Transformed Tournaments group chat. Ten or more minutes before the tournament starts there should be an announcment telling the participants to get into the main group chat (you can also send invites), on that time is when you find out who show up and who doesn't, when you see that a player didn't show up you'll use the first replacer on the replacers list and so on.
Lucky Dip Tournaments
Lucky Dip Tournaments are normal tournaments but instead of having Normal Race events, there are other events such as Boost Race, Battle Race, Captrue The Chao and Battle Arena. Each one of these events can also have a tournament by itself, for example a Boost Race Tournament, or Arena Tournament. And it can also be played all together as a Lucky Dip tournament which will include them all, all the events, Normal Races, Boost Races, Battle Races and Arena modes.

Boost Race Tournament

A Boost Race tournament will include only Boost Races events. It has almost no difference between a classic tournament, the only differences are that Boost Races will be played, and, you'll need to add a rule. According to that rule, the roulette (slot machine) is not allowed to be used. Why? Because using the roulette can give the user an item, and since it is a Boost Race tournament, using items is not allowed.

I personaly have orgenized a Boost Race tournament by myself. The link to the tournament's page
can be found here .

Battle Race Tournament

Battle Race Tournament has never been hosted before, and that is due to lack of players that like Battle Races. Battle Races in tournaments are usually played in a Lucky Dip tournament and not by itself. But, if you still do want to host a Battle Race Tournament, then you should add the following rule. Having teammates in the tournament is not allowed. In a Battle Race, all that matters is the number of times you get hit, on the third time you're becoming a "ghost". Now why teammates in a Battle Race tournament is not allowed? Because if a player is having a teammate then his chances of getting hits become smaller, and other players chances to get hit are increased. Baside that, teammates can cause arguments between different players while the tournament in the group chats, which can make the whole tournament into a mess. Therefore teammates are not allowed.

As I mentioned above, a Battle Race tournament has never been hosted, due to that, an example is not available.

Arena Tournament

Arena Tournament, has never been hosted before as well, and that is due to the same reason, lack of people that like Arena. Arena in tournaments is usually played in a Lucky Dip tournament and not by itself as well. But if you still do want to host an Arena tournament, then there are few things you should know. There are two Arena modes, Battle Arena and Captrue the Chao, you can decide if to have one of them or both. The Arena tournament should be played by the same base as a classic tournament is played, two rounds, twenty participants as max, etc.. The difference between them is that Arena tournament is not about racing skill, in Battle Arena, it's about items skills, and Captrue the Chao is more or less like catch. For now, there aren't any suggested rules for this tournament.

An example of this kind of tournament is not available because it has never hosted before.

Lucky Dip Tournaments Examples

The following examples are tournaments that had all the modes in one tournament. List goes from newest to oldest.
P.S - Shoval is the username I use for my tournaments.

Shoval's Tournament #4

Shoval's Tournament #3

Shoval's Tournament #2

xEponaSWAG420x's Tournament #4

xEponaSWAG420x's Tournament #2

*** Did not mention my first tournament due to bad English.
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