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Age of Wonders III

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Extended Settings - More Game and Map Setting Options
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Sep 22, 2015 @ 10:32pm
Oct 2, 2015 @ 10:00am
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Extended Settings - More Game and Map Setting Options

UPDATE 1.3 adds:
Added a new Map Type - Single Continent (quite chaotic)
Added Starting Expenses options
Added various new Game Speed options in RC:x% CGR:x% format
Increased the max number of minutes for Turn Timer to 255
Seals of Power - Increased Seals number range to 1-100
Unifier Victory - Increased Beacons number range to 1-9

This mod aims to increase the amount of options for many categories, like advanced rules and map sizes by adding new options for many settings while keeping the original options as they are value-wise.


The followings options are available as of 1.3, original options are listed for reference and comparison purposes.

Map Types:
Random *Original
Land *Original
Single Continent *New
Continents *Original
Islands *Original

Map Sizes(Extra Large has been renamed Gigantic)
Tiny - 25x33 = 825 Hexes *New
Small - 49x65 = 3185 Hexes *Original
Medium - 73x97 = 7081 Hexes *Original
Large - 97x129 = 12513 Hexes *Original
Huge - 121x161 = 19481 Hexes *New
Gigantic - 145x193 = 27985 Hexes *Original/Renamed
Colossal - 169x225 = 38025 Hexes *New
Titanic - 185x249 = 46065 Hexes *New
Square Tiny - 25x25 = 625 Hexes *New
Square Small - 57x57 = 3249 Hexes *New
Square Medium - 89x89 = 7921 Hexes *New
Square Large - 121x121 = 14641 Hexes *New
Square Huge - 153x153 = 23409 Hexes *New
Square Gigantic - 185x185 = 34225 Hexes *New
Square Colossal - 217x217 = 47089 Hexes *New
Square Titanic - 249x249 = 62001 Hexes *New
Rectangle1:2 Tiny - 17x33 = 561 Hexes *New
Rectangle1:2 Small - 25x49 = 1225 Hexes *New
Rectangle1:2 Medium - 41x81 = 3321 Hexes *New
Rectangle1:2 Large - 57x113 = 6441 Hexes *New
Rectangle1:2 Huge - 73x145 = 10585 Hexes *New
Rectangle1:2 Gigantic - 89x177 = 15753 Hexes *New
Rectangle1:2 Colossal - 105x209 = 21945 Hexes *New
Rectangle1:2 Titanic - 121x241 = 29161 Hexes *New
Rectangle1:3 Tiny - 17x49 = 833 Hexes *New
Rectangle1:3 Small - 25x73 = 1825 Hexes *New
Rectangle1:3 Medium - 41x121 = 4961 Hexes *New
Rectangle1:3 Large - 49x145 = 7105 Hexes *New
Rectangle1:3 Huge - 57x169 = 9633 Hexes *New
Rectangle1:3 Gigantic - 65x193 = 12545 Hexes *New
Rectangle1:3 Colossal - 73x217 = 15841 Hexes *New
Rectangle1:3 Titanic - 81x241 = 19521 Hexes *New

Game Speed(Slowest has been renamed Super Slow)
Ultimate Fast - 0% of normal speed costs *New
Extreme Fast - 1% of normal speed costs *New
Ultra Fast - 10% of normal speed costs *New
Super Fast - 25% of normal speed costs *New
Very Fast - 50% of normal speed costs *Original
Fast - 75% of normal speed costs *Original
Normal - 100% of normal speed costs *Original
Slow - 150% of normal speed costs *Original
Very Slow - 200% of normal speed costs *Original
Super Slow - 300% of normal speed costs *Original/Renamed
Ultra Slow - 400% of normal speed costs *New
Extreme Slow - 600% of normal speed costs *New
Ultimate Slow - 800% of normal speed costs *New

Varied Game Speed Settings(RC = Research Costs, CGR = City Growth Rates)
RC:0% CGR:50% *New
RC:0% CGR:100% *New
RC:0% CGR:200% *New
RC:0% CGR:400% *New
RC:0% CGR:600% *New
RC:0% CGR:800% *New
RC:1% CGR:50% *New
RC:1% CGR:100% *New
RC:1% CGR:200% *New
RC:1% CGR:400% *New
RC:1% CGR:600% *New
RC:1% CGR:800% *New
RC:10% CGR:50% *New
RC:10% CGR:100% *New
RC:10% CGR:200% *New
RC:10% CGR:400% *New
RC:10% CGR:600% *New
RC:10% CGR:800% *New
RC:25% CGR:50% *New
RC:25% CGR:100% *New
RC:25% CGR:200% *New
RC:25% CGR:400% *New
RC:25% CGR:600% *New
RC:25% CGR:800% *New
RC:50% CGR:100% *New
RC:50% CGR:200% *New
RC:50% CGR:400% *New
RC:50% CGR:600% *New
RC:50% CGR:800% *New
RC:100% CGR:50% *New
RC:100% CGR:200% *New
RC:100% CGR:400% *New
RC:100% CGR:600% *New
RC:100% CGR:800% *New
RC:200% CGR:50% *New
RC:200% CGR:100% *New
RC:200% CGR:400% *New
RC:200% CGR:600% *New
RC:200% CGR:800% *New
RC:300% CGR:50% *New
RC:300% CGR:100% *New
RC:300% CGR:200% *New
RC:300% CGR:400% *New
RC:300% CGR:600% *New
RC:300% CGR:800% *New
RC:400% CGR:50% *New
RC:400% CGR:100% *New
RC:400% CGR:200% *New
RC:400% CGR:600% *New
RC:400% CGR:800% *New
RC:600% CGR:50% *New
RC:600% CGR:100% *New
RC:600% CGR:200% *New
RC:600% CGR:400% *New
RC:600% CGR:800% *New
RC:800% CGR:50% *New
RC:800% CGR:100% *New
RC:800% CGR:200% *New
RC:800% CGR:400% *New
RC:800% CGR:600% *New

Starting Resources
None - 0% of normal starting resources *New
Very low - 25% of normal starting resources *Original
Low - 50% of normal starting resources *Original
Standard - 100% of normal starting resources *Original
High - 200% of normal starting resources *Original
Very High - 400% of normal starting resources *Original
Super High - 800% of normal starting resources *New
Ultra High - 1200% of normal starting resources *New
Extreme High - 20000% of normal starting resources *New

Starting Expenses
Very low Minus - -25% of normal starting resources *New
Low minus - -50% of normal starting resources *New
Standard minus - -100% of normal starting resources *New
High minus - -200% of normal starting resources *New
Very high minus - -400% of normal starting resources *New
Super high minus - -800% of normal starting resources *New
Ultra high minus - -1200% of normal starting resources *New
Extreme high minus - -20000% of normal starting resources *New

Starting Skills
None - Number of starting skills: 0 *Original
Few - Number of starting skills: 2 *Original
Normal - Number of starting skills: 4 *Original
Many - Number of starting skills: 6 *Original
Several - Number of starting skills: 8 *New
Dozen - Number of starting skills: 12 *New
Every - Number of starting skills: every *New

Defender Strength
None - Structures Defended at 0% normal strength *New
Very Weak - Structures Defended at 25% normal strength *New
Weak - Structures Defended at 50% normal strength *New
Normal - Structures Defended at 100% normal strength *Original
Strong - Structures Defended at 150% normal strength *Original
Very Strong - Structures Defended at 200% normal strength *Original
Super Strong - Structures Defended at 300% normal strength *New
Ultra Strong - Structures Defended at 400% normal strength *New
Extreme Strong - Structures Defended at 600% normal strength *New

Maximum Number of Heroes: 255
Maximum Turn Timer: 255 minutes
Seals of Power Seals number range: 1-100
Unifier Victory Beacons number range: 1-9
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Jun 9, 2020 @ 5:36am
First image of mod?
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resieg May 1 @ 5:23am 
"RC:100% CGR:50% *New"
Thats the one I am missing (May 2022), sadly.

On the other hand, this one is double:
RC:100% CGR:400% *New

Is this mod still looked at?
Lescobe Randen Nov 26, 2021 @ 3:14pm 
Is it even possible to run these larger map sizes, or is the game engine simply not capable of handling them? Sometimes I get a CTD while a new game is starting, other times I get a CTD when I first try to save it, but I never got beyond that point.
AwesomeSky Jul 23, 2021 @ 2:34pm 
Unfortunately the game crashes each time, when i try to create titanic world have enabled underground level. Is that solution how to fix it or just i have to swap to lesser setup? i have strong pc so i doubt, my hardware would be a cause of.
Etharil Jul 4, 2021 @ 7:47am 
Does this work with Decodence and Shadow Realm + Wasteland expansions?
TeamNICO Apr 1, 2021 @ 3:32pm 
Question: Do modifications to starting resources and skills effect all players or just human players? In this mod or not modded? I haven't found the answer to this elsewhere
flemmingrohde Nov 12, 2020 @ 11:50am 
does this mod still work?
ALEXNTFOX Jun 12, 2020 @ 6:35pm 
Everything is good, but the size is larger than Huge with 8 players, average settings for settling the map, dungeons, and mods with units and mechanics - CTD and it's not about the computer hardware, its game engine which 4 gb lock
Tohru Feb 6, 2020 @ 6:38pm 
Thanks for a good MOD.
RC: 100 OGR: Could you make a 10 setting?

RC wants a MOD that is normal and speeds up the growth of the city.
Khan Phelan Ward Feb 3, 2020 @ 8:15pm 
I get a buffer getting to large error whenever I launch with this mod then the game crashes. Does anyone else have similar issues?
Grox Sep 11, 2019 @ 4:49pm 
Oh it's you again haha. I found some guy who raised it to 45. His mod was released a year ago and he is foreign dunno if he will respond to my message.