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Gun Wings(铳翼)
Sep 22, 2015 @ 12:14pm
Dec 8, 2015 @ 9:22am

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Gun Wings Has Been Greenlit!
Release date: Winter 2015
Gun Wings is a bullet-hell shooting game. You play as one of three cybernetically enhanced girls: Kou, Hakuchou, or Uguisu. Try to destroy the unknown alien life forms and save humanity!

The Story

It is the year 2112, a hundred years after doomsday, humans have rebuilt a new world with incredibly advanced science and technology.

The earth has become very advanced in terms of science and technology, yet war and violent crime still persists.

In 2113, due to the need of new weapons for wars, a cyborg program has been created, a group of girls are selected to be sent to a secret research facility for cybernetic enhancements.

In 2115, a mysterious meteorite from deep space is approaching the solar system, some scientists predict it will hit earth in three years, humans try everything to prevent it from impacting with earth.

In 2116, a research team analyzes the upcoming meteorite and tells of an even more grim reality: there are a lot of unknown life forms and suspected viral substances on the meteorite. Even if the humanity can survive from the meteorite's impact on earth, the world be destroyed due to the life forms and viruses.

In the end of 2117, before the deadline of the meteorite's crash on earth, three of the cybernetically enhanced cyborg girls are sent with all of humanity’s hope, to destroy the meteorite and save all of mankind.

There are three different girls, each with their own color: red, yellow and blue. All of the enemies' bullets are also red, yellow and blue. Each girl has the ability to absorb bullets that match her color in order to gain energy and enhance her firepower. When energy becomes fully charged, a charge attack will become available. Charge attacks have the ability to turn bullets that have a different color from the character you're playing into points. When a charge attack is firing, you can also collect bullets that match your color. This will increase the duration of the charge attack, allowing you to get a higher score!

Game Features

*Post-apocalyptic theme.
*Exciting electronic soundtrack.
*Six different stages.
*Four difficulty levels, the ultimate nightmare difficulty will unlock once the game is beaten on hard difficulty.
*Steam version will come with achievements, trading cards, and leaderboards.











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