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How to edit the HUD
By Kirays
Hey there!

Welcome to my first guide.
I will be describing how to edit the HUD in Dirty Bomb.
While it can take a bit to find the correct values, it's not hard once you know how to.

Happy reading! :)
Basic editing
Okay, let's start with the basics.
You'll first want to find the ShooterUI file located at

User\Documents\My Games\UnrealEngine3\ShooterGame\Config

Please make a backup incase you need to revert the changes.

Now, open the file. Don't worry if it looks complicated, you'll want to find one line called


Under that line you are able to find these four things


These four lines are the most important.
They say where the ammo, the abilities, the health and the spawn timer are located.
By default the position of the health bar is in the bottom right corner.
Now let's say you want to change the position of your health.
In the PlayerHealthPosition line you can read things like




ShadowOffset=(X=-1, Y=-1))

The first two lines tell you where this specific HUD element is aligned and attached.
As you can tell, the health bar is aligned to the bottom and attached to the bottom right corner.

The PixelOffset line let's you change the exact position of the element.

Now, the first two lines are the most important.
So, how do you change the exact position of an element by using PixelOffset?
Well, first of all, there are two types: Y and X.

Y tells you how high or how low the element is displayed on the screen.
X tells you how far left or right the element is displayed on the screen.

The higher the Y value is, the lower the element is displayed.
The lower the Y value is, the higher the element is displayed.

The higher the X value is, the more to the right the element is displayed.
The lower the X value is, the more to the left the element is displayed.

Okay! That's good to know.
We want to change the position of our health, right?
Let's put it in the center, bottom half of your screen.

We know that the health bar is in the bottom, right corner of the screen.
This is the default line:

PlayerHealthPosition=(Align=(V=HA_BOTTOM), Attach=(H=HA_RIGHT, V=HA_BOTTOM), PixelOffset=(Y=4), ShadowOffset=(X=-1, Y=-1))

Now, how about we change it to this:

PlayerHealthPosition=(Align=(H=HA_CENTER, V=HA_BOTTOM), Attach=(H=HA_CENTER, V=HA_BOTTOM)

So, what did I do there?
Well, first of all I added H=HA_CENTER to the default V=HA_BOTTOM
Now it aligns the health bar to the center bottom.
Then, I changed the attach H=HA_RIGHT to H=HA_CENTER so that it obviously attaches to the center. I don't have to change the ones with bottom as that's what we want.

By changing this, you've made the health bar appear exactly in the middle bottom of your screen. However, we wanted to have it a bit more higher, right?

And at this point the PixelOffset line comes in play.

By default it says Y=4
Earlier I've mentioned that the lower the number is, the higher the element will appear.
Put in a higher number like 150 and change it to your needs!

What do you do if you want the health bar... let's say more to the right of your screen?
In this case you need to add the X value.


PixelOffset=Y=4, X=0)

At the moment the X value is zero, the element is at the very right of the screen.
You probably do not want it to have there, though.
Again, experiment by using different values and changing it to your needs.

If you should need it, you can also use the - symbol to use negative numbers.

The reason why downloaded HUD's often look wrong is simply because it was not made for the resolution you are currently using.

This is an example how your HUD could look like at the end:

Remember to check read only in the properties of the file when you are happy with your editing to prevent any loss!
Advanced editing
Let's have a look at the advanced stuff!

How to change the health bar colour of team-mates and enemies

Find the following lines in the ShooterUI:



The first part displays the colour of your team-mates while the second part does for your enemies.
It works exactly like when changing the colour of the crosshair in-game.
R stands for red, G stands for green and B stands for blue.
With A you can change the transparency.
Let's say you want a vivid blue for your team-mates and a vivid red for your enemies.
You'd change it like this:



255 is the max value you can put in.

Note: I wasn't able to figure out what "m_SecondaryColour" is used for.

Again, remember to check read only in the properties of the data when you are happy with your editing to prevent any loss!
Extra information
This is my HUD.
It features centered health bar, ammo and abilitys position.
Minimap and the other things are not changed.

How to install:

Make a backup of your current ShooterUI and then place mine in its place.

Remember that it's made for 1280 x 720 resolution.
If you are using a different resolution it will look messed up, you'll need to edit.

Have fun! :)

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[ABMC]Art.Dr.Goofy Cookie Jan 23 @ 3:04pm 
if you can change it
[ABMC]Art.Dr.Goofy Cookie Jan 23 @ 7:45am 
sorry i figured it out but how do i change the health color or the abilities colors on my own hud
Kirays  [author] Jan 23 @ 3:05am 
The procedure is the same.

Alternatively you could use Xyfurion's HUD Editor found here:


Note that it's not bug free so you will likely run into some issues.
[ABMC]Art.Dr.Goofy Cookie Jan 22 @ 5:51pm 
i got question sorry for askin so late but um what should i do for 1920 x 1080
Argyle.exe Nov 22, 2017 @ 12:16pm 
what are the exact numbers for your setup?
ReallyGracefulPaulAlex Nov 4, 2017 @ 1:15am 
:) There's isn't the HUD file changer anymore; most likely a developer found out about your post and and removed it by a patch. They should do that possible by the game options menu.
Stokar Apr 29, 2017 @ 12:49pm 
What do i need to change inorder to make the minimap bigger, atm its too small for me to have quick glance without wasting too much time during battle
Kirays  [author] May 15, 2016 @ 2:26am 
Small update.
Removed some useless text and corrected an error.
Kirays  [author] Mar 31, 2016 @ 5:09pm 
I'd rather see them add a working HUD generator tool.
As you have noticed, doing this yourself is incredible annoying and time consuming.
xXIDONTKNOW2104Xx Mar 31, 2016 @ 4:09pm 
Darn. Oh well. Hopefully the devs will add it soon.