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Stronghold TD
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Sep 18, 2015 @ 9:04pm
Mar 23, 2016 @ 3:44pm
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Stronghold TD

Game is not updated for 7.00 Patch! You can only see your gold by checking the scoreboard!

This game is based on the WC3 map Stronghold - a pvp tower defense game.

Game Information
The goal is to destroy your opponents City Center while defending your own.
To do so you can build defensive towers and send creeps with your unit builder.
Every 10 seconds each player gets his current amount of income which can be increased by sending units or upgrading the City Center (look at the tooltips for more info).
Higher tiered City Centers will allow you to create more powerful towers and send stronger units.
If all City Centers of your team are destroyed you lose the game.

Players: 2-4
Game Length: 10-20min
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  • can't build towers on paths (although its marked as green)
  • no mazing + fewer good towers are better than many bad ones
  • 2 teams only atm
  • 2v2 not rly tested yet - not stable, buildings sometimes don't appear, use ALT + ENTER (after selecting your hero)
  • gold is capped at 99999, don't know how to remove this yet
  • tower dmg still needs to be adjusted
  • reconnect will not work most of the time (problems with win condition, income and scoreboard) - so don't dc
  • if there are no buildings or you dont see the scoreboard, thats probably because you joined the game too late
  • in the picking phase you need to first select your hero then wait for its model to appear then enter the game (buggy when entering battle right away)
  • everyone has to have joined the game by the end of picking time (buggy otherwise)
  • public upload on 11/10/2015
  • pls consider that this is an alpha version when rating the map
  • pls contact me for questions, suggestions or bug reports
  • I'm thankful for any kind of support or donation []!

To Do:
  • more teams (e.g. 2v2v2v2)
  • more players per team
  • add key bindings for buildings
  • more builder heroes (if wanted)
  • remove gold cap
  • add sounds
  • reduce lag
  • adjust tower dmg
  • add slow/poison/ice towers
  • several bug fixes

  • Original Map: Stronghold Kyad 1.0 Beta 2 (by Doh-San, Clan Kyad)
  • ModDota for tutorials and examples
  • Faction TD, epic boss fight, angel arena, petri reborn, overthrow, spinTD, gemTD, skillshot wars, dota run, warchasers, dota strikers, life in arena, horde mode, pudge wars, green td, omni party, element td
    (as inspiration for implementation)
  • Building Helper from Stephenfournier
  • Scoreboard from Infekma
  • for stats and simple leaderboard
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