Legends of Eisenwald

Legends of Eisenwald

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Legends of Eisenwald
By elsordo and 2 collaborators
This is work in progress! Only prologue and Way Home have been translated now. The rest will follow soon.

In the game when transferring between locations you can lose many things starting with your army and ending with money. Hero always keeps all his things (without counting the inventory) and also takes special quest items: Black necklace, Cat’s Mirror, St. Killian’s icon and items of belonging to one of the sides: Red Wolves symbol, belt of a crusader, Fichten’s ring. Also, you get to keep swan’s feather, Chrystal apple and decapitated heads if you go a particular story line. Mercenaries never follow you! Knowing that you can always get things you want to either keep or sell later to improve your financial situation.

The rest is below:

The hero and Berthold will go to the next map.

Way Home
Just the hero.

Run Away
The hero with entire army, inventory and gold.

Road to Windfeld
The hero, all his things and gold and also units that won’t be scared of the undead.

The hero and two selected units.

The hero and all gold

The hero and two selected units, all gold.

The hero, units, all gold and inventory.

As illustrations: transfers to Rothwald with cleansed icon and to the last map with completed chancellor quests.

Map 1, the Prologue
A small map where a player gets basic knowledge. Using the map, journal, army screen - everything is needed and you will be asked to use each. Quests are simple, they are there to expand and learn the game mechanics. You really have to pay attention to two quests. Since it’s hard to miss storyline quests, we will briefly look at them but additional quests in more detail.

After the first battle and conversation with local feudal lord and few simple quests: heal your army - hire troops - get a horse for Berthold - buy equipment, the hero goes to a tavern to find out about Bestl and his band. Moreover, from rumors you can find out about the Ewalt’s crypt. Please note, you have to visit it at night. Since we lack no courage, we go to the old cemetery. Enter. After a small fight (you are not going to give away your gold, right?) we get an amulet Rabbit’s paw. +1 to melee and ranged defense - a good help in the upcoming battles.

In the same tavern we can talk to a bandit. After we pay him, we will get information for a tower where Red Bestl hides his treasure. Let’s check. True, it’s Samael’s amulet that gives +3 to melee defense. This is our first item with bad aura. Note - a priest is refusing to use this amulet. Later on items with dark aura will appear more often so remember: priests, paladins and monks try to stay away from that. And in the future - if you have a book or a staff that are lit red despite a good fit for the class - then you found a cursed thing. Hire a necromancer, heretic, grow a witch - these will really like the item. Regular troops can also use such items - local people are not very religious when it is about defense. Got it? Wonderful! Let’s decorate one of the troops with this loot, heal wounded and let’s go fight the local Robin Hood. How interesting… Our hospitable host needs to know who is behind the attacks.

We brought wonderful news, now Seidlitz is very angry. So much that he is giving us gold to hire mercenaries who are bored in tavern and asks us to take castle Kuestenkauz. It’s hard to tell him no so we rush to the tavern. Look at the hole in your budget! And note how much mercs require per day - and these are not the most expensive ones. So, even if we need them, try to stay away of them in the future. These gold eaters are best to use attacking fortifications, when your army cannot do it, and attacking strong enemies. Wandering around with them is too costly.

Military cunning is useful. According to recommendations of Seidlitz, we hide in the fisher’s hut and wait until Kuestenkauz leaves. Then attack the castle, upgrade our troops and wait for return of its former owner. I don’t recommend getting out of the castle - when assaulting it, Kuestenkauz and his army will lose some of their health and it will be easier to deal with them. This time around there will be more trophies. One more damned thing: Rafael’s pentacle that gives +5 to health. Now we have to return to Seidlitz.

While Seidlitz and Berthold talk, a ship has arrived. It turns out ships come very seldom here so we (who else?) will go to meet the travellers. So aggressive they were. The sixth sense tells that our homeland is in trouble. We rush back to the castle, Seidlitz tells his goodbye and gives us a strange package, and we rush to the pier. Now, one important detail - only Berthold will follow us to the next map. If you don’t want to throw away your things, redistribute a part of them between your hero and Berthold. Now it’s really over, get to the pier and start a new chapter.
Map 2, Way Home
The map got much bigger. There are a lot of quests and rumors. So let's eat the elephant in small pieces. First we can go through secondary quests and rumors, then talk to local feudal lords, and then look at the quests of our friend Berthold. We won't be able to finish them all, there will be a conflict of interests. Each side gives its own reward, read and make your mind.

Advice: regularly visit taverns and also Quellburg if you are stuck doing a specific quest. This is a useful habit and will help in the game afterwards.

Bad news fall on us as soon as we disembark the ship. In our own castle something weird happens, people disappear once entering it. No one came back. Your vassals started a war with each other, losing people in fights and brining disquiet into these lands. Everywhere there are bandits and raubritters. Worried Berthold leaves to his own posessions recommending to recruit our own army. We open the quest journal and we see two tasks - find out what happened in Lahnstein and also, to stop the feudal war.

First, let's visit a tavern, there are quite a few rumors there: feline mirror and gossip about our vassal, Reike. Not much. Let's visit Quellburg. If we meet any of the vassals on the way, let's talk. Also, let's stop by monastery...
Defending the monastery
The scared of St. Lucius monastery asks us to defend from mercenary gang and gives us two monks for help. We intercept the gang and get a few bottles of wine for victory. After this you can hire a monk into your army (tier 3 unit!) and an acolit if you want. Now abbot Eber wants to finally lay to rest abbot Stefan who is not lying quiet in his grave. But that's at night and now while the sun is still up high we continue our way to the city where we get army and obligations.

Another option to do this quest but only if you have your own army and not the monks abbot Eber gave you: stay away from the monastery, wait when mercenaries attack it (monks will run to help their brothers) and attack marauders when they return. In tropheys we will find church ware. Return to abbot. He will say we were not too fast but will praise for victory and will ask if we found the church ware. Decide what to do yourself. Note that you want get a lot of money by selling this trophey and in this case the monastery will close its store and hiring for you.
The undead on the graveyard
Following abbot Eber asking, we check the graveyard. So, there is someone there but not undead but grave diggers. We get out of them the meeting place with their hirer, take abbot's Stephen skull and go deal with him.

With hirer no diplomacy is needed - we attack. After victory we learn that grave diggers worked for Abel, Zeon's son, a merchant who is known doing shady dealings. Our choice: let Abel go or turn him in to the guards?

If we return the son to the father - we will receive 500 gold and learn a few things about this family. Seems like there will be problems with them in the future. But it won't be our business.

Guards give you rich choice:
  • 1. Take arms: infantry spear and massive mace.
  • 2. Warriors from the guards for a week. Two warriors evenf just for 7 days is quite a bit of might. You will get less experience because of more troops. Think about it. It's best to bring in this quest before attacking unruly vassals
  • 3. Train your people at the guard's quarter. +30 experience to everyone, including the hero. Pretty cool in the beginning of the map but not so much when you already did a lot. Decision is up to you.
Merchant's guild problems
Humbold Langard really lost it and is into privateering. The merchant guild head asks us to somehow influence him. Well, we can give it a try. He is already rushing to meet you. It's high time to ask questions.

Humbold replies with a lot of temper blaming merchants in all sins. He also said a few things about a certain Leon, a partner of Zeon from Quellburg. If we kill a merchant, Langard will pay us well. But what will the merchants guild say?

And the guild is telling a completely different story. It turns out Langard makes robbery on our land forgetting about borders. Also, Leon's story if you ask him a bit more, gives our vassal a rather sleazy appearance. If we kill capers near the pier where we started this map we will make a favor to the merchants.

So, we heard both side, we got a good casus belli, reason to start a war. Select whom to support.

If we kill Leon, the merchants will stop dealing with us until we pay 300 guldens fine. It's best to pay - without buying good equipment the game will be noticeably harder. And you will have to sell the trophies somewhere, other places don't give good prices. We receive 435 guldens for the kill, so profit is 135. But that's without costs for healing.

If war the war - we kill capers, get great trophy - heavy ax. Lower initiative is compensated by high damage and the stun effect. Moreover, we will receive a ruby and relationships with Quellburg and merchant's guild will get better. Leon the merchant being alive brings gold everyday for passing through our lands. If you are not lazy to run after him each day. Langard will deal with us only if we pay a fine of 300 guldens. Or he will try to attack us if we refuse to pay. So, if you decided to get rid of Langard - don't lose the opportunity.

Important! It's necessary to finish this quest before sending Humbold Langard to attack the outpost. Otherwise the hero will prefer to forget about merchants problems opting for good relationship with this vassal.
Grossenhof's mines
The city council wants to know why the coal stopped being delivered to the city. We go to visit Bruno Grossenhof in his castle and soon we learn that the reason is very simple - coal gets stolen. Who is stealing it? Devils? Aha, Bruno steals coal from devils and they take revenge on him for that. And their revenge is rather interesting and ingenious. So, Bruno is refusing taking coal from devils to calm them down. It's all clear, delirium tremens, we will need a healer.

In the tavern close to the castle we learn about a healer called Celine and her ability to return people back to their senses. Our healer lives close to the castle Frosch. When we visit her we learn that there are many ways to heal. We are offered three: special potion already tested on the peasants from Soggy Hill, a prayer of abbot Eber that seems to keep simple folk away from wine for a week or even a month and also a woman.

The first way failed. Bruno is not ready to drink random things. We take a courtesan from Quellburg and to be sure come by to pick up father Eber. With this two we go to visit the alcohol addicted man.

According to conversations of our companions with Bruno a lot of things happen in the area. But it doesn't help us. We will try our luck in the mine: maybe devils will show us a way.

Yes, local miners could easily pass for devils. That's a thought! We go with the miner we met to Bruno and make a scene and now we have a contract according to which the coal will be mined for another 10 years. Wonderful! The Burgomaster pays well for our running around while acting surprised on the advice not to drinkg too much wine.
Bride for Gunther Reike
Anna von Hinzen tells a story with a conclusion: "Now he has to marry her! Well, let's try to tak to our vassal.

Not much luck, Gunther denies everything. Interesting that if you ask about his family, he gladly talks about his adventures. But we have nothing agains him at this moment so we leave him alone.

Then events follow each others. After dealing with bandits gang in south west we find among the trophies a silver diadem. A rare and valuable item, should be brought to Quellburg. After we sell it, a merchant tells us an interesting story about a former owner of this diadem. This is certain Affra from Green Stone street and she has issues with her step mother. In Guilded Pretzel tavern we learn more. A young noble recommends services of a young woman living on Green Stone street. Her step mother sells her torich people. The picture becomes clearer. It's time to visit Reike once again.

The information makes Gunther more talkative. Yes, he visited Affra, even gave her gifts and hinted at a possibility of escaping with him but he came soon back to his senses. From that time he didn't see her and she probably got sadder that probably one coud say has affected the quality of her services. And it seems that her stepmother didn't come up with anything better but to improve her dealings with a marriage of her step daughter. I think the magistrate should learn about it. Or is it better to take money and keep silence?

Anna von Hinzen pays 150 gold for silence.

Now another option - we turn in the panderess. The choice is much better:

  • 1. Armor and weapons. Here is what we get: riveted mail, leather gambeson, kettle helm. Good stuff.
  • 2. Training of our people. Again each one of your army including your hero gets +30 experience.
  • 3. Ask the city council to take guardianship of Affra. The city will provide discount for the goods they sell.
Lesson in humility
Pleban Stenglin from Quellburg wants to teach a lesson in humility to Erich Grauschild. The cunning priest decided not to rely on God in this important task and gives us a false sword that you have to give to Erich giving him something to drink beforehand. Quite a task.

First, we have to get special wine for this. Old Lotar's tavern at the east bank will have it. Lotar will be happy to sell this special wine for 10 guldens. We meed Grauschild and offer him a drink. Damn, it seems a simple way is not going to work. First we have to beat Jolier Kontz's gang. And your army should not have any ranged troops or mages. Only melee fighters, only fair combat. We will even get a tower where we can leave extra units. Try to win!

This victory has to be celebrated and Erich Grauschild agrees on that. Drink and change the sword. When done, go to pleban Stenglin. He will give you 150 guldens and St. George icon (+2 will) and Holy Scripture.

Important! You have to complete this quest before you send Erich to assault the Mountain gate (if you decided to use your vassals help). Otherwise the hero will realize that this assault will be the first battle where his sword will break and will decide not to do what Stenglin asked.
Regular rumors with rewards
Step by step we finished all secondary quests. Now we have to look at two rumors that we can act on:

1. Old Altar. Here it's all simple - we go at night to the East bank, follow the bank towards south until we see the altar. Enter and fight heretics. The amethyst and the book "Grimoirium Verum" (+3 HP and +8 spiritual power) are especially valuable.

2. Black necklace. Recommended to read only if you don't understand at all where to go and what to do.

When you hear this legend, note that it's Celina who told it, a healer who you already met and who lives near the castle Frosch. We go to her hut and ask for details. Listen to another legend and find in your notes another record: "Abbat's Stephan's beloved girl" . Studying the text gives required information. You have to find the tower, walk to the west from it looking for a big tree. Simple. Simple it was hundred years ago. Looking ahead - the tower is in ruins, the tree is dead. Abbot Stephan didn't live to this meeting but if you managed to complete the quest "The undead at the graveyard", then in inventory you will have his skull. If the quest is not done yet, get the skull, there is no point going without it to the tree.

The tower we need is far in the north, higher up from the place we started. It's not a tower yet but ruins. Now we try to go to the west. Rotating the map will let you see the tree you search for. Go as close as you can, your hero has to say a few words. If nothing happens, click a few times close to the tree. And now the beloved are together again and you have to check your inventory. It's a beautiful but hard to use item. Find easy enemies, experiment. You don't have to give it to your hero, it can be someone else from your army. Or you can leave it in the inventory and forget about it. But I recommend to learn using it, it saves gold on healing. Lost HP and will si compensated by a good choice of amulets.

Feudal war and vassals' quests
During following secondary quests you must have met all your vassals. Demand stopping the feudal war and hear their refusal. Each one has his reasons for war and not liking the neighbors. It's not possible to bring peace to all, you have to decide who you will make an ally and who has to disappear. No need to feel tough moral choice and simply destroy them all. Hard times as they are now have no need for feudal wars anyway...

Keep in mind - you can defeat one vassal and tell it all others to receive a reward. After the defeat of the second vassal you can talk about piece again. The survived ones will have more quests for you and you can talk to them about joint assault of the Mountain Gate. (This is later but make a note for yourself). To kill them all - declare war to everyone. Who gives what we will look at them one by one, from north to south.

Erich Grauschild

His main trait - he loves to fight.

What he gives for victory over the first enemy:
For Reike and Grossenhof we get 150 gold.
For Langard - a golden mace (-3 initiative, +5 attack, +1 will).

Personal quest: Saving Rudoplh. As soon as you defeat two of other baros, talk to Grauschild. He will agree to be your vassal but first you will have to free his son Rudolph from the hands of the bandits. They sit in the watch tower ruins in the north. You have to go with very small army - your hero and someone else. Choose the most experienced warrior in your army and leave others at your castles. Now you can save the captive.

Some people can't live without a revenge. Rudolph is of that kind! Don't lose him in the fight. Once you win, return to Erich. He will thank us and talks to his son. We have him now in our army - Rudolph decided to join us. Erich promises to help us in the future. Let's remember his words.

Gunther Raike

Big lover of women and he crosses all boundaries in this love.

What he offers for defeating enemies:
Gold, only gold - 150 guldens for each enemy.

Barbara's return. A young noble ran away with Gunther's sister and they are hiding somewhere in your lands. We have to figure out where exactly.

First of all w go to Quellburg, that's where Barbara's seducer was seen last. Unfortunately, nothing new comes out of the city gossip. We go then to another place where rumors are gathered. And we hear there the most important thing - a name. Lucius, son of Klement. He is the one who kidnapped Barbara. If you talked to Herman Kreige before than the hero will guess who will tell other details. If you didn't meet Herman - now it's the right time to exchange a few words with him. He is walking near Kreighausen castle, this is on the east bank, a little below from the northern bridge.

Herman laughs abour Reike and show where the fugitives went. The Arnulf estate is a bit to the west from Kreighausen - here we meet Lucius and Barbara.

Two options to solve this problem. The first one is to let them go. As a reward we will get a charmed ring. When we return to Gunther Reike he won't be very happy. It seems he loves his sister very much... in all the word meanings.

The other options a bit more detailed. We attack Lucius and if we have Rudolph Grauschild, we will lose him. That was not a knightly deed so let the Rudolph go - an extra vassal is more important than conversations about honor. We kill Lucius and bring Barbara to her brother. We receive as a reward a stuff with green stone and a promise to help in the future.

Humbold Langard

He is the richest of our vassals, and at the same time the most stingy.

For each enemy he gives 100 gold. He is not happy to pay at all but he must be hoping for future profits.

Secret warehouse. On the east bank far to the north there is a merchants guild's warehouse that Langard is annoyed by for a long time. It has to be destroyed and to get 4 sacks with good that merchants supposedly owe Langard.

I think you got it: there will be a choice in this quest. The simplest one - destroying the warehouse - is at the same time the worst. Or do you really want issues with the guild? Then burn and plunder.

Let's select more complex way. Make an agreement with the guards of the warehouse an take two sacks with goods. The other two we have to ask the head of the guild. We go to Quellburg. Again there will be a variation, a simple one - to pay or not. Of course we pay. By the way if not enough gold then the merchant will give you a discount. If you could say so - he will take all our gold but will give the remaining sacks. God bless him. But there will be a surprise here too! If we agree to the deal, the head of merchants will give us a gift: a ring and a sword. That's in addition to the two sacks we were short of. Merchants turned out to be more honorable than our vassal.

Regardless of how many sacks we bring Humbold is not happy, he wanted more. If there are four bags he is a bit happier. And one more thing: suprisingly, this miser is gladly going to attack the mountain gate - mercenaries often have gold and one can take good trophies.

Bruno Grossenhof

In short - he is an alcoholic.

  • 1. Grauschild - two-handed sword and armet.
  • 2. Langard - bear claw, short chainmail, health potion.
  • 3. Reike - 150 gold.

Devils in the mine. I don't know what to say. He needs modern medical treatment and not the help of our hero. Bruno complains about the devils again. You have to ask his older son Wilhelm and ask his help to catch them. Unusual task. We talk, go to the mine and wait for the night.

Pity but nothing can be done. The only hope is to imitate voices. Searching again. I hope you remember where to look in case of difficulties. In a tavern we find out about Didel the Bird catcher who lives in Forest Edge village on the east bank. We buy "demon's voice" decoy and again go the mine at night.

Funny and sad. It turns out Bruno is just wasting his gold on drinking. Well, it's his gold and his decision. But we go and report it to Wilhelm. He is enraged - of course, he will inherit his father lands one day. But anyway, these are not our problems and we get Wilhelm support. "Old Lotar's" should pay us commission for clients...


Like seagulls landless knights flock to Lahnstein in these times of discord ready to take away our castles. This evil two always come to our lands. Remember their names:

Gustav from Leffe appears after death of Grauschild and Raike. It doesn't matter one or both dies - Gustav will go for the hostless castle.

Manfred the Bullthorn - this one will be attracted by death of Langard and Grossenhof.
Berthold and the main story line
We handled our vassals one way or the other. Now it's time to close the main quest - find out what happened in Lahnstein. Let's visit Berthold and do his quests - we have to talk to him anyway, why not do a bit more? Let's talk first to the guards from the Mountain Gate otherwise Berthold will not appear.

There are a lot of problems in our lands. And Berthold too needs our help. We agree and start the quest.

Raid at the ruins of Castle Wenge

The task is simple - we stay at the entrance and intercept bandits that will be running away. The first squad, the second... And two squads at once. If we didn't lose time and managed to upgrade your army then dealing with the enemies should be easy. It would be best to get them all. After the death of the last, fourth squad Berthold will show up and complain that their ringleader escaped. We make agreements on the new raid.

Hunting up the ringleader

While Berthold is waiting Tobias Kreige and us have to drive out the prey. Deja vu - we are at the entrance and wait for Tobias to do his job. But the wait is getting long and Tobias doesn't come back. Should we wait or rush to help?

If we wait long Tobias will die and the ringleader will disappear. Berthold will be very unhappy. If Tobias dies then we can manage to drive out the ringleader to the bridge - but it's not better. The joy will change to sorrow.

So, there is only reasonable way - when we have a choice we go into ruins to help Tobias. Pity but the ringleader won't tell us anything. But there was no choice - either him or Tobias. We complete the quest by telling what happened to Berthold. Poor Tobias, he will get lectured.

Way Home

When we approach the "Mountain Gate" we ask Stephan of Schleswig for the news and ask him to let us pass. He refuses until it's feudal war in the lands of Lahnstein. If you didn't take care of this war yet, it's about time to do that. The hero ponders where he could have seen this Stephan. But a gang of hired killers stops these thoughts. And as usually - not a bit of information who sent them and why.

When we finish our business at the west bank we come back to the gate. Stephan is more talkative. It turns out one person manage to get in and then get out from the Lahnstein castle. This is Kurt Kreige, Berthold's elder brother. But he doesn't tell us anything. We ask for help our older friend. Berthold himself noticed that Kurt is acting up strange and arranges a meeting on a hill near his castle. It's just three of us. And questions. But the answer is unexpected - Kurt attacks you! Until Berthold is deciding what to do we go to the gate again. Stephan should know about the plans of Kreige.

Attention! We are about to assault the gate. If you are unsure then after conversation with Stephan you can step back and ask vassals for help, including Berhtold - he will send to the "Old Lotar's" tavern one oh his best men. If you have no desire to receive less experience and loot - attack right after the conversation.

What's going on here? Stephan turned out to be the youngest Kuestenkauz, we killed his brother in the very beginning of the game. And even a battle with Kreige was planned - someone wanted very much that the last of Lahnsteins and brothers Kreige would kill each other. Stephan's plans ruined and before death he gives us the name of our enemy: this is Enderlin, the landgrave of West Rothwald, who strives with the duke.

The path to the castle is open. We walk a few steps but stop half way - bad omens scare our people. We return to "Old Lotar's" to discuss what to do next. At the tavern a certain Greta tries to delay us but she is unsuccessful. Before we leave she gives us wine -Erzglanz special from Hans.

We shouldn't have drank strange wine from someone unknown. Too late to regret the time lost, we should rush to Lahnstein.

Attention! We are about to go to the next map. Only the hero will go, his items and the black necklace. Look in your inventory, get your best equipment and prepare for the next mission. Also, it's good to gather the rumors that will be useful in the future. These are:

  • Pressburg bell
  • Feline mirror

If everything is ready then we go to the castle.

They are all dead, we are late... What happened here and who was that man in black clothes? "I will have my revenge!" - but to do it I have to get to Windfeld. And if there were not enough problems - Berthold shows up at the graveyard. Traitor! But we can't fight alone with his army, so we have to run!
Map 3, Run Away
Erzglanz is reach on mineral resources but poor on food land. To get to Windfeld we have to cross these mountains. Local feudal lords are ready to provide us troops, things and favors as soon as they learn who we are - just to get access to rich lands of Lahnstein. Giving them vague promises we rush forward. Delay is death.

This is more direct map according to the conditions. You can't slowly explore things and try to get experience in random battles - we are being pursued by Berthold, his army is very strong and it's best not to check whether or not we can win against them. Curious ones can try, others run away very fast. This map walkthrough will be split in three parts.

Don't think everything is bad. There is possibility to slow down Berthold and not just one. Look around and don't forget to read dialogs - then you won't have to cross Erzglanz in rush. Looking ahead: using all three traps you can walk around surrounding villages gathering stones or fighting peasants.

About mentioned stones - players looking for peaceful solutions will need them. Those, who try to resolve things using their power can do without them. If you decided to kill everyone in your way, no need to pay attention to the stones. But here is the full list for fans of diplomacy:
  • 9 malachites
  • 6 pyrites
  • 6 rhinestone
All that is there on the map in abundance, you can even skip some meetings and treasures if you are sure you will get the full set. If you miss something - you either sold it accidentally or missed a spot.

Get to Windfeld road

When we get to this mal, we see a castle right away. Its owner, Ulrich von Kaltenberg is ready for a chance to get a piece of our lands to provide us shelter, his men, gifts: 300 gold, rhinestone, malachite and pyrite make our bag heavier. Moreover, we get one healing and two health potions. We hire troops and continue our way. Getting close to the village someone called Peter comes to us with a message from Greta. It turns out you can go under the mountain but only old Seitz nicknamed the Mole knows the way and he lives in Wetstone Village. We should visit this place anyway.

Way under the mountain

If there is still place in our army we hire a healer and talk to the elder. He surprises us with the news that the Mole is captured by bandits and is held and tortured somewhere in nearby mines. We should not lose our guide so we rush to help. Bandits could be found in the mine across the road to the north of the village. We get in, fight and free the Mole. Wonderful, now we have to fight the whole band! It's good bandits have no discipline and they come in small groups that you can take by surprise. The third group is led by the chieftain himself. Before battle bandits will split, first you will have to fight Gustav and only after defeating him - with chieftain.

For beginners battles might seem too hard. I recommend to hear the Mole's advice and try to take bandits by surprise, this way in the first two groups there will be fewer enemies. Or lure bandits and bring them to von Kaltenberg, he is strong enough and can deal with the chieftain without your help.

One way or another when you defeat the gang, we go through the mine to the other side of the mountain. Before leaving the Mole tells about the Swallow Tower and how to get there. There is a Under Hill taver nearby where Hans is the owner. Do you remember the wine Greta gave us in the previous chapter? Here is where it's coming from. We should use it on Berthold.

Treat for Berthold

The wine we need is not there. But Hans tells us where Adam the Wi♥♥♥♥♥wer lives who makes this wine. We need to go to his estate and get a barrel of it.

As always, simplicity is deceptive. Red Wolves managed to come ahead of us. Don't be scared of the name, they are not much stronger than regular bandits. We fight them and get the wine. Whoever wants can come higher to the tower and free the area from villains. We bring wine to Hans, listen to the tavern rumors. We can buy from the merchant. You can also buy from the merchant web two measures, fleece and tanned skin need to be exchanged for stones. Miner sells the following:
  • Malachite
  • Two pyrite
  • Rhinestone
For all requests 110 guilders. You can spend money, then running around will be
less. After finishing business in the tavern, moving along the road until you see
the bridge.
Run away (Escape), from the bridge to the outpost
If we have a note in the rumors "Pressburg bell," then, after talking with the warden in
Goat trail, you need to climb up to the castle Funkelshpits. It is on the road to the north of the village.
His owner, Johann Hohenkifer gladly charge you to pass stories. The legend of the bell he would
have liked, you can ask for permission to repair the bridge. And even destroy it is still soon to come wizard, which will design the Mighty, on the rest of life is enough. Once permission is obtained, we get down to the village, we take the peasants and mend the bridge. Turning to the other side to destroy it. Sentinel enough mention of the resolution of Funkelshpitsa owner.

If desired notes there until you get the repair strength. Go to the village a goat track and chase after the battle of peasants to the bridge. Keep in mind that on the other side have to fight with the guards, as relations with Hohenkiferom spoiled. If too severely damaged in battle, then after going Sentinelgate can receive medical treatmen in the chapel of St. Barbara. On the approach to the security tower, we find ourselves under

Blockage on the road

Without the aid does not get through. Go back and encounter the broken guard detachment. Convicts mutinied! Choosing not to, we will use what is. After each battle to join the detachment three men. Keep in mind you need to parse the dam dial 12 people. So, if you're playing on the easiest level and all the slots are clogged militia recruits, you have to choose which of the troops to attack convict. Let me explain: on the easiest difficulty level available slots 6 militia, to set the necessary additional 6 people. Therefore, it is possible to spend only two fights. Similarly, if you're playing on normal difficulty, but with taken perk "leader." If you have these options, but I want to win all, after the first fight dismiss superfluous people. Trophies after the victory:
  • First Squad: rhinestone and malachite;
  • second squad: malachite;
  • third squad: rhinestone and pyrite.

After earning the required number of people back and assorted debris. And as soon as we get a
new job

Cause a rockfall

Required quest. It is fairly simple. Forward to the security tower, then go west on a little ledge of rock and caves in the rocks. If you were able to perform the first task for the detention of Berthold, we had more time. You can catch your breath, look around and check out the two ears and tip.

Let's go to the east, into the mountains. Somewhere out there, in one of the troughs, a mad hermit hut. Be sure to note the presence of "Cat's mirror". If it is, then go to the cabin, but if not, wait after the outpost is the tavern, where you can hear the legend. Come back here when the desired note is displayed.

Following the tip of the Mole, climb up to the point where the passage to the Swallow's tower can be seen.
Once the saw head to the right place. Making his way through the hole, fighting with the robbers.
Good mining:
  • 50 gold trophies and cheap
  • rhinestone
  • pyrite
  • leather brigandine
  • leather helm
  • light battleaxe

Important! This group of robbers appears only if you go to the tower to the Swallow's quest Honna, commander of the outpost. Preferably after personally arranged by the dam to go here first, and only then go to the outpost so we get more trophies and experience.

We go down and go to check rumor Entselya treasures. Swallow the south tower is a valley in the western end of which you will notice a box. We were there. What we get:
  • rhinestone
  • 2 malachite
  • pyrite
  • tinctures, two healing and the healing a health
  • poition

Everything is now on the force!
Run away (Escape), Part Three
Outpost, and behind it you can see the river already. Unfortunately, no one told to skip. It does not matter a little step back away and wait for the Honna. He gives the task to go and we have to

Stealing of the fiancee
We leave to the father Endlin, he lives in a wealthy country estate south of Yamnytsia. We battle with the monks and find his father's beloved Honna where the girl disappeared. It turns out that one of the monks detachment led her to the convent of St. Anne in the south. Remember the blockage that we had? It is unlikely that the monks were able to break through it. We hasten to the right place. Again there is no girl. The last words of the monk hint where to look. We again have to go to the Swallow's Tower. The last battle and loving heart soedinilis. Pod hassle Honna and Endlin outpost to keep cheerful. Upon arrival, bid farewell to Honnom obtain a promise to delay his pursuers and go find out where here

Crossing the bridge of gems

We talk with the ferryman and find out what the other side is not possible to move to fix the boat. We must find another way. It is necessary to talk to the merchant passing by, Jerome of Fichte. It turns out that the problem with the crossing of his handiwork. Those who do not want to run, can attack. After the death of the merchant instantly frightened the ferryman to cross to the other bank of the river. Just do not rush can and must learn new rumors, as well as to find seven miners.

Merchants are required stones are listed at the beginning of the chapter, but not to return,
once again enumerate:
  • 9 malachites
  • 6 pyrites
  • 6 rhinestone

All that stuff is in the nearby villages, some even found. It remains to obtain the missing. Be sure to visit the forge Blesha to buy tools. Now we go around the village, bartering and buying the right. Necessary stones can be taken away by force, but the guards try to stop a robbery. Just near the village Stone trough wandering gang of robbers, who can pick up the pyrite.

Wine Lake
  • Sell: Fleece, three.
  • Ask 4 tanned hides and working tool.
  • Offer: rhinestone 2 and pyrite.

Wine Well
  • Sell: 7 web of measures.
  • Ask 4 iron and 4 sun-dried meat.
  • Offer: 2 malachite and two rhinestone.

Little Pit
  • Sell: Critz 6 iron.
  • Ask: 6 canvas measures.
  • Offer: 4 malachite.

Stone Hollow
  • Sell: 4 pieces of dried meat and tanned hides.
  • Ask: Fleece, a couple of pieces and two bundles tools.
  • Offer: 2 malachite, pyrite 2, rhinestone.

Seven miners.
We now have a tool that you can go to the specified location and to check the veracity of
rumors. Wow, really! Get 3 malachite malachite and the ring: + 10% vitality, +2 initiative, one
melee attack.

Important! Before crossing make sure you have a note about the cat mirror, and also be sure to talk with the hermit. Another desirable record of treasures Unterufe and drowned.

Now that all available, you can negotiate with the merchant. Superfluous things sell in the local market, if you want to hire more fighters and certainly cure his soldiers will fight. When all done, go to the ferryman and forwards. We met Albrecht Unterufe that, making sure that before him the last of the kind of Lahnstein, rushes into battle. Having overcome it, move to the east. If you carefully follow the bank of the river, you can see this treasure boxes Lampert. Breaking with the battle through the Guard Gate and never reach Grauhang castle, go west, there is in a secluded spot next reward. At the fork we meet Greta. She promises to send chase the wrong way. That she did want from us wonder? But it is not up to questioning, hurry through the woods to Ertsglentssky Windfeld. It begins a new chapter.
Map 4, Road to Windfeld
The smallest card in the game.

If the rumors are not neglected, we will be rewarded. But first let's talk with the Met mad. Can not
understand anything. Go ahead and, to the horror of soldiers encounter the walking dead. Someone necessarily run away, do not do anything. Having won, carefully look at the eastern part of the road. It is necessary to find a passage to the ancient ruins, where the artifact "Cat Mirror" is. We take away and hurry to the monk on the hill. After talking encounter spirits and lose consciousness...

Map 5, Windfeld

The capital of the duchy. Two of the city: he Windfeld and Kremena, many castles, villages, taverns and other attractions, such as the church of St. John the Baptist, Lake ShvartsenZe and other, other, other... Three warring factions: Red Wolves, diocese, Fichte, via at least one must be enlist. ShvartsenZe Abbey, where we are waiting for the mysterious savior... To sum will not be bored! Let us listen to the herald of so many interesting things can be found:

"Hear ye, good people of Windfeld! Ksavery from Wrozlav, the King of Thieves, has committed sacrilege to the church of Rome and this good country! He has stolen a golden nimbus from the statue of Saint Landry that overlooks the bridge to Temple Island. The honorable magistrate promises an ample reward to whoever apprehends this villain and returns the nimbus to Saint Landry.

And hear also! This very morning Zwerg, a knight of the Order of Red Wolves, has crossed over into lands of Fichten and fought Johann von Zink. Zwerg lost his steed, Zink spoiled his costly dress, and a few broken noses were suffered on both sides, along with a few broken necks, legs, arms, and hands.

Ewald from Zwischenkuesste who was in Fichten attacked prior Quirin while under escort as he traveled to Schwarzensee Abbey. Quirin managed to fight the brigand off and seek refuge behind the walls of the abbey. Ewalt has reportedly returned to Zwischenkuesste.

And now, news of the greatest importance! A vegetable stall has been discovered to be the origin of the bad turnips causing numerous sicknesses – including quite severe breathing problems. Maestro Wagner, a doctor of medicine and alchemy, has the secret of an instant recovery given to him by King Karl of France!

A bandit with a human body and a dog's nose, called Dog-nose by many, is still on the prowl, stalking the good people of Windfeld and Kremena!
Chancellor Werner von Sterch has personally promised to reward anyone who catches the bandit."

The first card features: between Windfeld and Kremena cruising ships. Directions Ten guilders. Opposition groups are not limited to intrigue everywhere squads roam the knights, clergy, fire eater. The lonely traveler can become the object of attention. And some leaders try to improve their business at your expense. Failure to pay the money perceived as insulting and
attacking. However, if you win, you can not be afraid of the consequences: teaser caught the enemy is too tough? It was necessary to soberly assess their strength! There are two raubritter's Castle: Hohenfelts and Glatz, which can be captured immediately, as they are neutral to the main groups. Again I remind you of the importance of the rumors without attention to detail quests to go hard. Why rush blindly when you can just come to the right place? And the little nasty detail: Windfeld guards take bribes. Outpost bridges robbers hide. Sometimes you can run into battle without waiting for the catch. It happens rarely, but it happens. So do not be surprised if when you try to cross the bridge will have to fight.

Now the passage. Some quests intersect. Where this happens, make a note. For simplicity, I will
describe in the following order: Prior Moritz tasks, the main quest, he's Chancery, quests for the
position of adviser and finally the elimination of the leaders of the factions.

Finally side quests. This requires an explanation of the quest "Frontier Justice" part of the job for the applicant to the post of adviser to the diocese. But if you have the opportunity to
perform, why not take advantage of them? Will consider "Lynching", "Prodigal Son", "St.Kilian" and "Books for Severlin".
Prior Moritz and "Night of times"
When in the city, it does not matter: Kremena or Windfeld, met a monk who will guide us in
ShvartsenZe Abbey. Prior Moritz glad to see us again: provides a silver cross and asked to stay with his eyes and ears. With all the joy he has saved us! We are required to: primo attention to rumors in taverns, secundo help Severlin (Windfeld library). For the implementation of any job prior Moritz gives the award, as well as a bit of experience (around 10 squad). After completing all the quests, we get 100 Exp and rare amulet (Look at the end). Let's start with the rumors. In any case, I add: check the veracity of what he heard at night, because we have to deal with the undead, and that, for obvious reasons, not the day walking around.

Greedy miller.
As soon hear about it, let us go in Fichte. In the north of the lake ShvartsenZe, just east of the
conflagration, is burned villages Grain Hill. We Go, show bread, and try to survive. The reward will be a scapular George Wonderworker.

Legend of the dancers.
Perhaps the easiest quest in this thread. It is enough to sing along, and the job is done
correctly. The right words can be found by doing a quest Severlin and reading "Songs
Boyern". Although it is possible to sing at random. Who is in a hurry, read below:

loquor mee menti
sedem fundamenti
vaga fertur avis

Additional awards there, but from the dead get 100 guilders, three bottles of wine and a book "Moriae Encomium".

Now the task is more complicated.

Burkhart Furious. Again, it needs help Severlin. Only after reading the book, you can find out the location and cause grave Ghostwalker a duel. We get blessed arrows.

Golden Horn (Legend about the pass Gunther Proud).
After talking with the prior of Moritz in the tavern you can hear the legend of the Golden Horn, from which we learn about Gunther and Proud army of the undead. First, s get the horn. Grab Hohenfelts and hasten the trophy to the ruins of the tower of the Winds. It is located in the mountains between the castle's Gedel and Hohenfelzs. Pipes should be three times, each time will become more and more powerful army of the undead appear, so if you are not confident in their abilities, it is better to call the Dead times a night, the same day to heal the wounds. Earn three health potions and healing tinctures two.

ShvartsenZe Spirit Lake.
You want to know the names of three knights, enchanted lake Mistress. We'll have to run. Ironically, the first name will find a stone's throw from the Abbey ShvartsenZe. After
talking with the prior of Moritz and heard the legend of the Lake Spirit, we go to the Lake Schwarzensee. If the head of it to the Cape, stone see. Listen to the peasant, the inscription reads:
"Calvin Hartmuth of Zwischenkuesste".

Now we go to the market or village fair Wolfsan at High Meadows. You can also visit the fair at the castle flaach is south Fichte, is hard to miss. A sad story, told by Vagant give another name: Klaus from Darmstadt.

Last name is sought in the lands of the red wolf. Go west from Long meadows, until we note Grauturm Castle. Go. Gabriel of Grauturm far as it skidded from his native land.

We hasten to Cape ShvartsenZe and call the knights. Fortunately, the abbey is next, running to distant lands in search of treatment is not necessary, and for the night you can win all three. As a reward, we get the mace of the Holy Spirit.

So the rumors were true, prior of Moritz will be interested to know about our adventures. The reward for the help of the Church is very interesting, sorry, not everyone is suitable. Only good units: monks, priests and paladins.

Our patron Chancellor

At last Windfeld! But alas: we are told that we have no one to get an appointment to the Chancellor can only famous person. This is confirmed by passing Zmitser about which so many terrible legends.
Okay, listen to the advice.

The most appropriate way to fame through the capture robber nicknamed Dog nose. First we need to ask Olle background Blikzi, the eponymous owner of the castle. That pleased assistance and divided suspicions. Verify Otilia, vendor of cream. The success she tried to attack us as soon as he heard about the castle Blikzi therefore Otilia have something to hide. Take skupschitsu to Olle, learn the secrets of local criminals.

Attention! An alternative way under spoiler
We wander through the neighborhood, coming closer to the castle Blikzi until Otilia starts whining. We wait on her hint of a halo abducted Xavier and agree on a deal. Now hurry to the ruins of the old tower of the castle Glatz (note - the owner we were not pleased), and take out the spoils. Well, everything except the halo - ours. Shrine in return Windfeld, magistrate - this we glorify. Olle also let us not keep evil - is more important than our need.

But Olle knows how to persuade people. We hasten to that place (that on the other side of the hut poachers where we were at the beginning of the game). Hodimbrodim, walk ... with no result! Again interrogate Otilia: hmm, is leveling or insult? Got Game skupschitsa with such phrases. We go to an abandoned mine, we leave it our partner and begin to look for traces of the outside. Ambush!
Straightened with bandits: you can own, you can resort to the help of Olle not much difference, the main thing is not to lose.

Winning recognition and Otilia perfect completing quests. Now we must decide to believe tradeswoman or hand it to the magistrate? The second way is faster, but on the other hand halo return accurately observed, and the shrine of the people is more important. Those who decided to find a halo, prepare for battle with the robbers of Glatz castle. Attack at all, but you can slip. If you have the strength, you can at the same time with a halo and a castle to capture local ogorchatsya not exactly on the change of ownership. Having dealt with the cache, Otilia let go and hurry up to the magistrate for a reward.

And now you can see the Chancellor. We talk and solve the dilemma: Olle showed a good side, but can not do without the help of the chancellor. How to be?

  • Immediately attack the castle. Chancellor satisfied and temporarily gives him under our hand (up to the end of the chapter). Olle background Blikzi becomes an enemy. In the future, it will
  • Olle persuade the Chancellor to go and there he was betraying the result as in the first case, just do not need to fight.
  • We are trying to understand through. Lay off the solution, we will talk with the Chancellor and then persuade Olle arrive Windfeld (the first two items are optional). Now when you try to capture the background Blikzi undertake the weapon. Yeah, we have retained the honor, but the people and the money not. By the way, about money: selected 9,999 guilders, 300 return. Good business at the Chancellor. Interestingly Blikzi locking in this case will pass under our arm.
    Chancellor so need our help, that he is willing to risk?

Once again, a meeting with Werner von Shterhom. We listen to him very carefully: it affects our future game. For instructions we received, and at the same time spoke with spy Chancellor oversight to our advisor, Alban von Veygerom. Solve ... Fichte Blaukamm, Volmek ... The widow, the shepherd, the wolves who choose against whom to be friends?

Important! In addition to the reconciliation of the two sides need to meet Wendel from
Shattenfosta and solve his problem. Details below.

So, first of all we visit the main locks: Wolfsan, Mittelburg and Eagle's Nest. We talk with the heads and offer assistance. Completing quests for the title of counselor (For details, see "Path Advisor"), return to the heads and get the opportunity to start a war. Again we choose: support the two sides against one or try to stand on the side of the strongest (with our help). In
the latter case, no communication with the Chancellor can not do. He asks to eliminate the one who hinders union losers. Who will it be, see "Kill..." Any way to close this issue, we report to the Chancellor. If you complete the quest "Comrades in misfortune," we leave a couple of trusted people and go to Threver.

If not complied with, we are waiting

Comrades in misfortune

Once we complete the quest for the position of adviser to any of the parties, we will meet Wendel from Shattenfosta. Oh, we had an ally, besides having a bone to pick with Landgrave Enderlin. He gives us two strings pulling on that, we come to the murderer of his family.

Important! When finding clues handled either force or through diplomacy. It all depends on the
selected allies: Red Wolves, diocese, Fichte.

In the first place we find Mathis, surnamed footed. He's still in Volmeke not have to look long. You can trust the rumors and tavern lure the robber. In the unit should be no more than six people, preferably at the highest levels. And you can rely on luck and run for Mathis, until he makes a mistake and did not get. After We learn about certain interrogation Gilgen. And at the same time we have the opportunity to question the manager Holtsvand castle. Or talk to an advisor if the steel Ursula von Fichte.

Knight Gilgen, which caught the quick on Mathis, hiding in the ruins north of Wolfsan. When you try to attack head hiding. It is better to enter into the forest on the east side of the ruins, then we will not see the trees. Interrogation give another clue: kastelyants Norshpura. Counsellor Gustav Falke will produce the answer without a fight, the enemy is the red wolf should to take the castle by storm.

Last thread. This shepherd's hut. In order not to rush on a map, give a hint: look in Blaukamme
pilgrims on the road to Mittelburgu. Mystery solved: shepherd's hut and Berghutt same. Well, go and see. Advisor to the Archbishop Otto waiting for the warm welcome, the enemies of the Diocese of bursting strength.

Interrogations led to the Chancellor, Werner von Shterhu. Request details, we get three names:
Windfeld Mayor, the prior of the abbey Moritz ShvartsenZe librarian Severlin. Who are the enemy Wendel? It is best to check with him. We reach the appointed place and talk. Werner von Shterh? True? Let's go back to the Chancellor for the answer.

So, we know the truth. And knowing it can not allow retaliation Chancellor. Wendel tried to persuade her to postpone. Again we return to the appointed place and look forward to seeing. Sorry, Wendel...

Werner von Shterh waiting for our report. Obraduem its news. If dealt with Wendel and reconcile the two factions of the three, we are waiting for the bad news: the old duke is dead and the war started with the Landgrave Enderlin VestRotvaldskim. We are given a special assignment. Reserve a pair of proven fighters and hurry to Threver, where we learn the details.
Path advisor
To get to advisers like just need to run errands only heads of factions. On each side is given two
tasks, some with a time limit. So do not pull up to the last, although the stock is very large, but will walk around for weeks. Can be taken all at once, performing tasks one of the parties does not affect the attitude of the opponents.

Red Wolves

Leopold Mansfeld
Required to protect the novice of the Order of the pursuers. Our ward is hidden in the castle
Weisshausen. Taking the hapless groom and begin to catch on live bait. The wait is usually short-lived. Follow the life of a protected death will lead to failure. After the first victory of Leopold hint of help from his friends: Stefan of Grauturm and Christoph Sharptooth of Norspur. What will this help? If the detachment is less than ten people, then get help from people Christophe (arbalester and pikeman), Stefan will become associate, and take things out of his arms, and if more, then the Knights will help with the ammunition (list below). For help go is not necessarily, you can cope on their own. Decide for yourself.

Stefan of Grauturm:
  • 300 guilders (only if in group more than 10 people)
  • Reinforced Crossbow
  • Splendid Brigandine
  • Flamberge

Christoph Sharptooth of Norspur:
  • 300 guilders
  • Spiked Mace
  • Serrated Arrows
  • Regenerating Potion
  • Health Potion
  • Healing Salve

Now we destroy the two groups, the latter himself father of the bride, and you can take the quest.

Three citizens
We will work collectors. We put things in debtors and help deal with debts to the Order.
Adam Linz closest to him and begin. Poor without dying in any way. After the murder near the manor, sooner or later will be Michael, the son of Adam. His father's death will be avenged?

Peter Wink's (Kremena), but with this no problems. Taking goods and go.

Marcus Dunkle of the Free Cropland. Problem. What better gift for the Master: Sylvia or sword? And a sword will have to take their money in flint and it is expensive. Specifying be credited in any case, is more a moral choice. Additional stone bowl on the good: if you give the sword squad will receive 30 Exp and gift. What? Look for the section
"Rothwald, review and passage of neutral."


Road to Wetwood
Farmers in Wetwood suffering from an unknown illness. Brother Jorgen from the monastery of St. George made a drug that can heal the suffering. Spend? The simple way to take away the healer, and run to the village, where the battle against heretics Jørgen dies. That's the twist! But the drug remains intact. Well, we fulfill the last will and take the potion in Mokrolese. Warden happy with the prospects of healing and grieved the death of his brother Jorgen. Yes, it here is clearly loved. Since the disease is finished, therefore, with the job we did it.

Important! The quest will fail at loggerheads with the diocese or the loss of a brother Jorgen any hassle except the plot. And as if to delay implementation for too long.

Snake's Kiss
Marcela is required to expose the good, the owner Gelster castle. At the meeting he remembers
Radim Earless, his enemy: likely to slander his handiwork. To prove innocence, we will hand a vial of blood that should be attributed to Windfeld to Maitre Wagner, doctor of medicine and alchemy. That proves the innocence of Marcela, but the Archbishop does not happy: the Church plans Gelster Castle. Two solutions...

If you choose to substitute Marcel, see the section "Windfeld, various" quest "Frontier Justice". Once you have received a vial of poison, return to the maitre Wagner, and then, after the evidence of poison in the blood Gelster seize and return to the Archbishop Otto for the transfer of the castle in the hands of the Church.

Trying to save Marcela turn legwork. We return to the good, talk and promise to bring four people: two infantrymen and two crossbowmen. The easiest way to engage them in the camp of mercenaries Grauturm just south of the castle. Who does not know where he is, take the western road from Windfeld, landmarks: Adam manor from Linz, the village of Long Meadow, the tavern "Old Wolf", the village of Woodcutters.

Once people give command of Marcela, go with him to the eastern Windfelds bridge. There, after speaking, fall into an ambush by Radim earless. But he did so. Having finished with the attackers, and say goodbye to Marcel go to Otto to transfer Gelster castle in the grasping hands of the Diocese.


Saving Kay Koler
First, visit to Kay's house. After talking with the neighbors hasten to Windfeld there should be a
bridge from the east up to the north, where the tower is visible slaves. After talking with the guard, ambush. We attack the convoy until you reach desired. Now it is possible to report on the success of Ursula von Fichte.

Attention! Quest for a while, it released a lot, but do not tighten at any stage of implementation. You can fail a mission, having quarreled with Fihte

Money-lender Simon
Quest describes the stages in the journal, consult. It is necessary to visit the innkeeper of "Three Gudgeons," Sir Brodbeck in Windfeld and elder of the peasants' community in Three Fields. First, the innkeeper. He returns money honestly, Simon recounts and we're going to the next debtor. What imprudence to count money in public! We admonish the robbers caught up with us and continue the path. Now Windfeld dodgers and Dirk Brodbeck. Himself he can not pay the debt, but refers to his cousin Dieter Brodbeck. Options, if captured, or have not yet managed to take over the castle:

  • Hohenfelts belongs to us: Simon gets the money, but immediately drew our attention to the
    thieving manager. Rascal pasture vzashey, goodbye tasted lashes, and the money moneylender
    returns to us, for it is a matter of principle.

  • Hohenfelts still under the rule of raubritterov. Dieter Brodbeck is entering the fray with Simon and attacks. Komuto have to watch your tongue! Simon admits wrong and gives him money owed to us.

We finish our tour in Three Fields debtors. Warden, almost in tears, tells of the fallen on the village of troubles and gets a reprieve. Interesting man, Simon, it is not like a typical loan shark.

Once navestim three debtors, Simon asks to extend the protection. After that encounter the stranger, we reveal Ursula bag and...

  • Issue Simon the right decision, it is like this widow.
  • Once with a stranger, to report to Ursula, and not to pay the debt, too, Simon the right decision.
  • Once with a stranger, to report to Ursula and to pay 1000 guilders debt you will still laugh, but it is also correct.

So they themselves choose which of the three options to your liking. Although the quest can be
enough to ruin quarrel with Fihte at runtime.
Select the Diocese. While Gustav Falke alive, Fichte and Red Wolves are not reconciled. The problem solved by the fight, but with the first available Falke will not fight. Not a problem! Otto Archbishop devoted our crusaders, according to the ordinance as the red wolf it gives the right to call on the Master of the Order of the match. Go to Volfshants. It is time for a test. The game is all painted in detail, but just in case duplicates are here:

The tournament will last two days. On the first day you have to pass tests to prove you're worthy of fighting the master. On the second day you'll fight him face to face.

The first test is called "hunting after the wolf". You can have up to six warriors including yourself and no archers (except Baroness), of course. Your opponent will have three infantrymen and many archers.

The second test is called "the pack". You can have up to three warriors including yourself, young wolves will attack you without archers.

And, finally, the third test – single combat. A member of the Order, experienced in your field – a knight, an archer, or a dark sorcerer – will fight against you. Dark sorcerers are allowed to take one guardsman each. Take it into consideration in order to get ready.

When you are ready, send a servant with a message from your tent by the tournament field.

After passing the test the first day, we agree with Falk for a fight. We put time on the scroll and talk to an unexpected messenger. Trap? Anything can happen. But there is no choice, be sure to go to the pub "Old Wolf". The stranger turned out to be the Master. Nice try with his hand, but did not manage to agree, Falke had to die. Back in the tent, and without the interference wait until the second day. We leave in a race, and again prevents the messenger. Anathema?!! The deposition of the Crusaders?!! Otto senile dementia, not otherwise. Come to investigate.

Damn! Mangy dog deceived us, but to pull out from the lair of the beast can not. The rumors, as usual, will help: von Reinhardt Volfenbodn perfect candidate for a Master's. We meet with them, we talk about the meanness Falke and go to Volfshants. A Wolves quick to violence. Now it is small Werner von Shterh should learn about deposition head of the order, and use his connections to bring peace.

Let us enter into the family, in front of many roads are open to young Fihtenom. Including the ability to eliminate Otto. While he was alive, red wolves and diocese are not reconciled. But the lure of the Archbishop of Mittelburga can only be cunning. For example, Jordan's stealing pearls from the temple of John the Baptist. Loss of holiness passes unnoticed, Otto is forced to take anything should.

First, he will visit the altar with a relic. Yes, the theft will not be easy. We resort to the help of the
legend: the king of thieves Xavier. To see him in a little hut northwest Windfeld. Wow! Xavier incorrigible. Before we finish up to the end as he was rushing us to steal the relic. Terzi doubts ... That and spoil the deal. What arguments are needed to complete the initiated?
The correct answer is: theft need to kill Otto. Although the Council to bring all the arguments it was too good an excuse Xavier, are wasted time.

Now the temple. Xavier left there and hurry to the east coast with sandy cape convenient beep. But only in the evening. If you do not have time, wait for the lessons that the next hour. Ai, blundered Saint Xavier, now we have a showdown with the temple guards. Defending accomplice, pick up his relic and go into Windfeld to find a messenger to send to the archbishop. By the way, for some reason, the purse became less weight or is it?

The plan failed. Old fox saw through the trick and refused to leave. It seems that the only expectation that we left. Let us other things, until a messenger comes from the prior Moritz. Visit With Inquisitor. An instructive conversation came out, so many interesting things to hear. Okay, we persuaded to return to the place of pearls. And now Windfeld. Svyatosha reposed? Great! The Chancellor must learn about our victory.

Join to pack. Grosskomtur sounds great, is not it? That's just too early to be proud as Ursula von Fichte smokes sky. It should be on a date with her deceased husband, suddenly send, but how? It is best to go to the land Fihtenov, the inn "Zhatetsky goose." There are only 100 guilders learn about discord in the Widow family. Eliminate Ulrich von Fichte and make an appointment with his brother, Toman. Lovely little boy in the plan, can work. Getting to run. If you have already captured flaach, Kelzittse, Shtaynengatte sorry, very sorry, but we have to give up for the sake of a greater benefit. Now the ambush. Uncomfortable to sit with only three people, but the huge army there is no room. At last it appeared... Ursula and Toman?

Ouch! If the volume has not regretted her brother, then why should we appreciate? To you izela
leprosy, the newly-born Cain! We run from the angry widow, do not stay! Although ... Heroes can try to cope with this fury, this possibility is also provided. Good luck! If you can handle the praise of the act before the Chancellor. A more prudent run away.

Tearing himself away from the old woman of the sand, will translate the spirit and slowly go to the
capital. Within a day, we hear exciting news widow died, and became the head of the volume. What power hungry man before anything will not stop! Let someone else's hands, but Ursula eliminated. We report Werner von Shterh about success.
Windfeld, miscellaneous

From the starting point (hut poachers) going west. Just north of the village of Raw Log cabin is Nata the Viper. Let's look. Marauding farmers are advised to go to the village to look at the burning. Dark and ungrateful people. Hurry, the quest with a time limit.

Bursting into the village, we demand an end to lynching. If you have time, then the mayor will
send us very far. His problems. To cut to the men, to come back to Nate into the hut.

  • Ask poison weapons get poisoned dagger.
  • Ask for healing potions: The healing tincture, two health potions, bile viper.
  • Ask to share knowledge: experience of 20 squad, including players

  • Attention quest diocese! Ask Nat poison container with blood. Get your hands on the poisoned blood and go to deal with the good.

    Variation quest, if late for a lynching. After listening to the elder, we go to the hut and see a
    student Nata. Please help and take away the poisoned blood.

Prodigal son

After talking to Cremene with Ness Nefer, we promise to find her son, who was allegedly captured robbers. When they reached the place, destroying custody and questioned prisoners. Strangely, the widow's son is not here and we have no one to attack the tower. We have to go for taverns:
"Zhatetsky goose" and "Three minnows" will open the mystery of the disappearance. We hasten to correct manor and talk to William. Yes, overdone widow, son, escaping from under her care, had a ball. What to tell your mother?

  • The truth is valued at 200 gold.
  • Let my son having fun, we also get the lie of the following: two and one healing the
    healing tincture. And at the same time damask sword.

St. Kilian

Implementation is only possible for the enemy diocese! When the sail into Windfeld, we stop
Albrecht Klyaynenze. Xavier from Wroclaw, nicknamed the King of thieves stole an icon of St. Kilian Franconian and then managed to sell the icon to the monastery of St. George. Good icon will not give up, so Klyaynenze approached us. Indeed, the enemy of the diocese, church capturing strongholds, may also seek an icon. We agree in the first place we go to capture the monastery said, if you have not already done so.

What nimble monks! While our troops stormed the walls, all the jewels had perepryatat, including the icon. We seek the traces, the more they gave us a hint. Further our path lies or flint, or the black market insiders tell us how to find the right person. The icon painter Lars from the chapel of St. Tassilona, is in the south of Fichte tells a lot of interesting, but where the icon does not know itself. The strings were broken ...

If you do not give up and pay attention to the rumors, then we learn about the holy hermit in the
mountains Blaukamma. To put things. It's crazy that's Xavier himself. Thief Lord with joy gives an
icon stolen utensils, even gold parted sorry, there is no way for him to come over and over again. Eh!
We go to the employer and honestly trying to warn about the features of the icon. Difficult people
Klyaynenze, oh, not easy. He knows what is in our hands and it is not afraid. Moreover, he knows
how to turn it to their advantage curse. I advise you to give an icon too problematic thing. Although you can and leave, but then do not complain because the legend of the misfortunes do not lie.
So, we get:

  • Having an icon: 400 gold. In Threver will be able to return the icon, so it is better to leave it for a
  • Leaving: problems in the future. Read more in side quests Threver.

Books for Severlin

Appearing in Windfeld, look at the library. Having paid 25 guilders, read books and go. It seems the city few people read, time librarian so glad indifferent to books man. We promise to find two books: "Heptameron" and "Arbatel's Magic" (Fichte in the south there is a chapel of St. Tassilona, this book is always there, you can buy). Looking first at the churchmen. With regards to the first book will give a hint: look for the den of smugglers, have a chance to get a trophy. Another comes in the church of St. Lawrence south Wolfsan.

Handing happy Severlin book, get free access to a library and a rare instances. Be sure to
read, you can learn many interesting things.

The Chronicles of the Red Wolves
Diocese. We learn useful information about the Order and its customs.

A novel of two brothers
After reading go to Fichte, the castle Flach. To the east tower of the old notice. In the evening, on the hillside to the right of the tower trunk dig with equipment deceased Ulrich.

"Songs of Boiern"
Prior Moritz. From here you can find the right words for podpevaniya dead in a burned-out
tavern (The Legend of the dancers):

loquor mee menti
sedem fundamenti
vaga fertur avis

Furious Burkhart
Prior Moritz. Now it is known grave knight. If you walk along the road from the Windfeld lighthouse north to Cold Springs, can be seen to the east passage to the forest. We are looking for the grave there, we come at night and Furious call to a duel.
Map 6, Threver
Traitors, seekers of easy prey and mercenaries, and the fear of damnation is Threver. It is home to the expectation of war, here penetrate militias Enderlin, but still relatively low and can be crossed Threver, not hiding.

The main objective of assistance and the search for Daniel Treverskomu Crystal apple. Just it sounds,but difficult to carry out. Without side quests because we do not need skilled fighters and good equipment. Separately considered quests: Zmitser "Wipe your boots on your courage" and enemy of the diocese "Hell-painted icon".

Attention! The map is very demanding on the rumors, try to listen to all conversations.
In the forest at night wandering dead, weak squad is better to move on forest of the south in the
afternoon, at least in the evening..

Hunting after the werewolf
In the tavern "Magic apple" contact us Devalt. Be sure to need help, even if the purpose of the first to see the werewolf in the campaign. We arrive in the evening to the house, pick up the employer and follow to the precipice. They split up: our ruins, Devaltu same for open, werewolf bait. Something went wrong, the animal did not appear. Perhaps the reason is a charm belt? We agree on the second attempt.

A nasta employer disappeared. Without the courage to turn down the belt? Okay, no problem bait will be ourselves. Hiding troops in ruins, go on break. If done correctly, and most importantly on time, there will be a werewolf. We run into the ruins, pick up the people and fight. Here are just a beast worth is not so easy to escape, he runs away. In pursuit! Interestingly, the monster runs a familiar road. And just a werewolf lurking in the manor. Rather, otherwise it will break all.

Werewolf identified, the situation got out from under the control. But nothing to do, try to spell
Devalta. I must say to the church to address useless. Although if you want to, come with a werewolf at night, listen to the cries of the priests. How to act: to hear about FaraldaVolka give Devaltu least once turn into a werewolf and wait Devalta cousin, Danstanainkvizitora.
Important! Dunstan will appear only on the third day of travel with Devaltom (but only if you've heard about wolf Farald) and then try to kill us!
Consider all the possibilities:

  • Devalt turns into a werewolf, and more than three times, unable to bear the pangs of escapes.
    You can find it in the image of the beast on the precipice. The only solution in this case, murder.
    It's a pity.

  • We meet with Danstanom. If the night, the Inquisitor does not want to recognize kin to the beast and will attack. Not the best decision. So we run up in the morning until Devalt again become a man, and only then talk to Danstanom. In this case we get from the Inquisitor blessed sword, even if there is no one to wear, will fit for sale. Devalt same, going from Threver, give us the estate, where you can leave the army.

Three girls (Old Tower)
The tavern "Holed Hat" talk with the merchant Kaspar. He needs to work three herbalist, only
because of local gossip girl refused to come. Okay, we help. We go around the local villages, hire
beauties... and it is unclean. Come to investigate. Even more interesting. Herbalist does not need to Caspar, and Claudia, who lives in the old tower. And to come to the next night. All clear. Now completions:

  • To come to the tower at night and break force. After killing a vampire, back to Kaspar and shook money from him. Or kill. Select: 600 gold and experience for killing. Here and below, killing
    Claudia, will become the enemy of vampires. One night, they will visit a hero, wait.

  • To come to the tower and negotiate with Claudius. Again options. Merchant do not want to see the vampire: to set on our guard, and he himself will run away. It is possible to overtake in the village Outskirts. If you leave the merchant's farmers, then we get 25 experience throughout the squad. And the problem with Claudius - he begins to hunt for the hero of the night. But the experience of it is decent, you can quarrel with the bloodsucker.

  • Outskirts, deal with Claudius. Slugger Caspar, give a vampire. For this we obtain a unique
    crossbow and hat, as well as valuables (amethyst and garnet) ... if we can take away the
    reward the inhabitants of the old tower.

Pagan knight (Silver Comb)
After hearing about the ghost of the tower, we arrive at night in the ruined castle (in the forest south of the village high school), this horn comb and selected from invaders. Now to the ruined tower just to the north. If you arrive on time, we show a silver comb spirit and try to keep up with him. If done the right thing, buried in the forest, will be our (in the screenshot shows all at once).

People in the swamps (Alive eaten by swamp)
In the north of Threver, near the lake, visible ruined castle. Old Feucht is protected bog and dead. But who is stopped? Come on, three nights fighting with the guards. As soon as the fall last squad defenders, pass the castle and take away our treasures.

Important! Bog absorbs all who wear heavy armor. Just do not bring the soldiers who have this perk, and no one will lose. Interestingly geroyrytsar pass dangerous places without any problems.

Map 6, Threver 2
Lazarus multilingual
Finding the right house at night and we select the amulet. Go along the main road to the chapel of St. Wendelin. From it to the west to the village Wetwood. Then south to the river. Lazarus House on the bank. Now you can summon a spirit to be in our group, but only at night and not more than 9 times.
Important! The dialog box appears at midnight, then we have to decide to take the spirit in the squad until the morning call to reserve or for more important battles.
Going to a meeting with Ramigom marten, it is impossible to call the spirit of the game thinks that the hero did not come alone. However, it is logical and correct.

Cursed mill
Very simple quest, except for messing around with the dead. We go on the road to the north of Lake on the map. Location: The tavern "The Holed Hat" and the village Longroad. It is necessary to go a little further to the east. Having found the mill, saying that they came for the treasure and collect, if enough power.

Two sisters
Difficult to start the quest. First to pump better. If you long to go on the road to the east of the
tavern "hat full of holes", in the woods can be seen the old hut. Tamta lives Raganbolda wicked witch. Priests, monks, healers good it feels far away and hides. Okay, we cope without them. Easy will not be attacked except the Raganboldy werewolves and vampires. After winning pick a potion from the cabin, Karga they are no longer needed.

Two meetings with the robbers:
On the road, just north of Wetwood monk mending the cart. Please try to come get ambushed.
Ataman, four robbers (conventional steam and the pair of archers), crossbowman, a deserter and an apostate glad to gut our pockets. Cope with such detachment? If so, feel free to come. It can be combined with the quest Daniel "Examination".

Again the road, this time at the inn "The Holed Hat" Tavern. The beggar asks for alms, his appetites are still those 10 gold to life should be. If you refuse, will call the gang. Beggar then you can see on a regular basis, but at the sight of us, he denies the connection with the robbers.
Threver Daniel
Gipfelburg preparing for war, our experience here very much in demand. We take a new name, and help to restore order. Useful things every day, you can play with Daniel in
"Pedigree". Winning Funny 50 guilders, but still.


Important! If after talking with Daniel quest is issued, do not worry. Scroll down the time until the
morning, and again ask to send on patrol.

It is necessary to help with the search for insurgents. We discuss the task and come to Daniel on the next day morning (best to go with the dawn), then hurry to the right place at the intersection of Chapel of St. Wendelin. Signs are known to us, first PCM, then, if in doubt, stop the travelers coming from the west and interrogated. Mercenary destroy, let go of the rest. Who is bad, read below:

Pilgrims, the third detachment;
Monks, the fifth detachment;
Mercenaries, the sixth detachment;
The merchant, the eighth detachment. There is Klaus the Taxidermist from Brandenburg, but it can only be calculated after hearing the characteristic phrase that can be learned from the rumors. Otherwise, no reward will be.
The peasants, the ninth detachment;

Tenth is Knight Bartlen von Wurtemberg. This is the last traveler, and also not a mercenary, just
Hamley gonoristyh. As soon as he saw the go, at the crossroads of doing nothing. Finished with
inspection, Gipfelburg rush in for a reward.

If killed more than two peace groups, got a scolding from Daniel and a fine of 650 guilders.

For the perfect execution of the task will get 350 guilders, amber, and the sword of the fencer. For Klaus the Taxidermist separate reward: 300 guilders and opal.

The order in Threver and plans langrafa Enderlin

Now let's deal with vassals. First South: Yeklin Klyaynenze war with Paulin Pimonte and Deutz from Abha. Capture locks Fubergauz and Abha, with the destruction of all the units of the pair will solve the problem. If it is necessary to remove from the road Klyaynenze then capture Untife path to peace in the south of Threver.

For Klein obtain from Abha
  • Enchanted ring;
  • The plot of the arrows;
  • Health Potion;

From Pimonte:
  • Holy Scripture;
  • Healing and healing tinctures;

Now the reward of Klyaynenze:
  • Abhay evaluated in a silver sword and a charm ring;
  • Pimonte silver arrows, and a staff with a green stone;

Attention! The enemies of the diocese, putting things in order in the south, will be able to continue the quest "Hell icon!"

North Threver controls the pair: Christine Insel, Feucht castle and Wolfgang Foster, Schiff Castle. Again, choose who will survive and straightened with the other.

  • From Insel obtain health potion and a light chain mail;
  • Foster gives dueling dagger barbute;

Those who are prone to much thought and not ready to attack on the move: I advise to ask about the pedigree, because of hostility with its neighbors, when they met to use RMB to read biographies. I advise to read the biography not only vassals of Daniel, but also in improvised vassals themselves. Tell me who your friends are ... However, let us not forget that even the friends of Christ was Judas.

Vassals pacified, now we have to learn about the plans of Enderlin. We leave to Ramieg the Weasel, pretends to be a mercenary and get a task to find a particular water. Okay, look, and yet not miss an occasion to ask about our uncle. What an interesting person! But joking aside, it's time to ask the locals. Any landlord will tell about a competitor: Philippe Reapers. So, and here is we do not need! Let's try to talk him out of the search. Oh, talk dissuaded and chief still will not know where to look for a pagan priest. But if you remember hearing about forest bludlivtsah, it narrows the search area. Only the southern forest we seek a temple in the evening to visit him. Having overcome the Gentiles, looking Johans Blower (first need to hear about the daughter Blower), which will indicate on the map the cabin witch.

Ingaralda ready to reveal the location of the source, but in exchange for a service: it is necessary to rid it of robber nicknamed Kara Lord. Prepare a 500 guilders for payment of the fine churchmen they be offended and will be closed to us the doors of all the local churches. By eliminating the robber back to the witch. Wow! Enderlint not himself, it seems. But it is to our advantage write Weasel on Crystal Apple and see bite or not?

Attention! Kara Lord is moving actively to the south of Threver, so beware. Most often it can be
found in the southeast, in the area of the castle Paulin Pimonte to break on the east (where there is a werewolf).

Success! Let's risk and Ramieg meet eye to eye. Ambush! And unexpected help. Martens
finished with the soldiers and talk with the Savior and promise to look Zmitser (details in a
separate section).

Now you can go to Daniel, to report on the suppression of vassals and readiness to attack castles Schwantz and Rorengauz. Or win Ramieg the Weasel and Johans Blower yourself. In the second case, the above reward. There is one more nuance in the search for the Crystal apple in a row needed to kill anyone three days. To search for the victim, the easiest way to attack the rebel forces and Martens. Later smash the locks or help Daniel.

The reward for the capture of self depends on the class of the hero:

After finishing with the rebellion, finding the Crystal Apple and understood with Ullin Trappers,
set off, accompanied by Alban in OstRotvald.
The search for the Crystal Apple
Crystal Apple, which so wants to find Enderlin must be ours. It provides a great attraction in the
future. So back to Ingaralde and learn about Star well. We leave there at the same time along the
way navestim Zmitser, fill a jug with water and again in a hurry to the forest hut. Puzzled witch, just
could not speak? But nothing can be done, we go to perform the ritual.

Important! The way to attach apple, see screen.

After three days avoiding Christian shrines and killings bring the water back. So all our sufferings
were in vain? No wonder witches burned, not in vain. Okay, now nothing can be done: listen
Ingaraldu and go to the sacred glade. Waiting for the night, we tear away apple and hurried out of the woods. Wow, another rumor proved to be true! Forest King himself decided to punish the thief.

Features of the battle:
Forest King refers to the undead, so if there is a priest in the unit with the exorcism is not distracted
by the entourage, cast out first the main enemy. Stock up vessels with holy water, fearlessness
rings, silver crosses. The more of this stuff would be better. Watch out for the life of the soldiers, as
"Witching shield" feature Forest king, returns damage to attacking his men. To become very difficult, confusing the enemy spell of our soldiers, turning them against their own. If really bad with things that are done first to establish order in Threver, leaving Crystal Apple last. Additional experience the main quest for trophies and can help in the battle with the Forest King.
Hell-painted icon and quest Zmitser
Hell-painted icon

Available only enemies of the diocese! If you gave the icon Windfeld Kilian Franconian Klyaynenze, you can get it back in the main quest, pacify vassals Daniel Treverskogo. Klyaynenze Pimonte and feuding with one another: winning Pimonte, get the icon as a trophy, beating Klyaynenze as a gift from Pimonte. Anyway, the icon here, and with it the problem: will disappear trophies, potions, money, if a large army, and the people. Get ready. The cause of disasters will be found not at once, but as it happened, flee with all haste to the Cathedral of St. Lebuina and ask for help. Otmolit saint in the church of the same name? Yes, these churchmen bullied! In the district there are none! Or is there?

Rumors, rumors, rumors once they help. Unlucky robbers, which made fun of the locals, were just at Kilian Church. Well, probably there is at least something of the things and the money intact. We pray, fight and pray fight and three long-awaited morning. The torment behind and the reward will be the face of St. Kilian. Yeah, it is a troublesome thing to help the heretics.

Wipe your boots on your courage

Important! Perform or failure of this task affects the final. Neutral path will be possible only if the failure! On the other hand, to avenge the family can only be doing the job. Dilemma. Decide what you closer. In this case the path to the throne will be opened with any outcome.

In the course of the main quest, we will meet Zmitser. Visit him at Grata ruins. Many words, clues, mystery executioner clearly does not want to facilitate our way. Okay, and cope with a more complex. First, we pay a visit to Daniel, who warn about searching for our bounty hunter. It is necessary to look at this Ullina trappers. Quest forks again. And this is a serious choice that affects the ending.

Ullinu speak truth appointed match, Zmitser quest fails, the ending is not available with a vengeance Chancellor. If your goal is revenge, promise to find Trapper Lahnstein and sets out in search of the mysteries of the unnamed executioner.

Ullin Trapper deceived and waiting when we find Lahnstein. The easiest way to immediately head to the inn "holey hat", which of the rumors learn about the mysterious lodger without a name. Well, now we have to talk to him. Enemy Enderlin? Hard case. Let's think about it later, but for now will help the fugitive. Looking Shifstamm brothers, we kill and go back to the inn. Now choose: gold ring with black agate, generally do not take or ask to be called Lahnstein. Chose? Only the last option will open the way for revenge, others lead to the failure of the quest. Make up your mind.

So the quest continues Zmitser, Unnamed agreed to name Lahnstein. We go to the poor Ullinu and submit. Sneaky, but inacheto? After the fight back to the executioner for further instructions. No luck trappers. Well, the fate of mining was not too tough. "I will take revenge!" Yes, revenge is a step closer. Now we have to solve the problem and proceed to Threver OstRotvald for the second step.
Map 7, Rothwald. Overview and passage of neutral
A grim and dangerous place. Godforsaken swamp prowl at night, and sometimes even during daylight werewolves, heretics, thieves. Throughout the undead, and if all this is not enough the war began. And of course, the main fear of the land: Sleepless Count with his retinue, able to deal with every army in their path.

Here it is necessary to finally decide: make friends with anyone who betray. The chancellor and the executioner pulled us each to his side, but the right does it? In Threver Greta warned executioner here warns of friendship with the Chancellor. Strange it is, but it seems to be helping. Maybe listen to it and stay in the middle?

Side quests there.
So look at the map: the north occupied by the troops of Enderlin, south of our allies. Swamp of no man's land, at night it is teeming with the undead, who with equal pleasure and kills both. Day killings busy warring armies, swelling the ranks of the dead. No sit rear, constant raids to the north, we are provided with. The main quest finally divided into three branches, excellent passing and consequences. They have in common one must first talk to the Chancellor, then Daniel, after the daily lack of return and have another talk with the Chancellor. And then at the player's discretion. As required help an old friend: Prior Moritz.

Final games will depend on the decision taken by you. Quests Werner von Shterha open the way to the throne. Continued job of executioner for revenge. Neutral ending: possible if Threver ignored Zmitser not expose the Nameless!

Important! This map will face the consequences of our decisions Windfeld! The list below:

Choosing an ally (s) in Windfeld, we get the opportunity to hire a friendly hand in the camp of soldiers of a higher class:
  • Grosskomtur or other red wolves can hire Esq;
  • Crusader or ally diocese fighting monk;
  • Fichte, as well as adviser Widows duelist;

Olle von Blikzi - escaped from prison, he joined forces Enderlin. If we are betrayed, our army in a battle with Enderlin reduced to a few people, as Olle himself to fight by his side. They tried to protect the last Olle? He will appreciate it: our people will leave the weapon and no one will take away the castle, and in the battle to become Landgrave ally.

Marcel Blaha hiding, he became a mercenary and joined the ducal army. Meet you can before the battle with the crazed Enderlin, if during the quest "The Kiss of the snake," have decided to help Marcel. It will become an ally in the battle, and even share a couple of his men.

Simon from Fichte. Welcome for good in the course of a series of quests Prior Moritz need to buy a silver cup. It costs 1500 guilders. If you do not regret the money and bought in Windfeld Simon, get a bowl for free.

Markus Dunkle from Free Arable. Now he is the supplier of arms. Remember the quest
"Three citizens"? If, instead of a girl Master Red Wolves got the sword, then Marcus would send
the parcel, which are enchanted morningstar and Helm "Insight"...

To begin with a neutral way as the fastest. We talk with the Chancellor, Daniel, we're leaving for a day. If strong enough, start hunting for the troops of the Landgrave need to win at least three. Go back to the Werner von Shterhu again speak and await the arrival of the monk. We go to the north, meet the prior Moritz and fulfill his quest series (Section Insomnia). So sooner or later we will find a messenger from the Rusyns, Landgrave doctor. Seeing an apple, it promises to arrange a meeting with Enderlin and leaves. As soon as we go away from Moritz will be our enemy.

First you have to win the cavalry detachment. Pretty strong knights will make a weak joke units, so it is best to make the enemy to dismount. As soon as you notice the chase, hide in the watchtower, the ruins of the fort, try to slip into a military camp without horses knights noticeably weaker. After the victory we take captive Enderlin and smashes crystal apple. In vain! Forest King will not tolerate this and curse our enemy. Now we straightened with mad Enderlin. Winning, Daniel Treverskogo looking for, and talk with a couple of soldiers moving to the next map.
Insomnia, quests Prior Moritz
Scene, mandatory for all! Doing quests will give a hint where lies the ducal heir. You can combine the flow with the rest of plot branches. Landgraf Enderlin will come only after the departure of the prior Moritz, and if there was a desire to destroy all enemies on the map (only people indulge infinite), you can pull with the last paragraph and to do mopping up the area.

After a second conversation with the Chancellor arrives monk. It transmits the request to visit an old friend in OstRotvaldskom Abbey, in the north of the map. Once there, we meet with the Prior Moritz. He wants to meet with Besson graph to get answers to their questions. At the same time promises to learn about Ludwig, heir to the Duke. We have it on hand, so we agree. Taking the utensils to the smelter, as well as strengthening the army rejoice Moritz is with us. Since silver is not enough, we agree with the merchant from our camp. As soon as a suitable material, he will know.

Having made three dozen nails, looking grave robber knights (see attached map).

Breaks the grave by day, the inhabitants of the night jumping in the suite Sleepless count.
Suppress third knight, waiting for night to arrive by prizrakgonets Seneschal Sleepless count. These invitations can not be ignored. We come to the ruins Valdenshlossa and talk. We were not let into the ground?
What does it mean?

After talking with the seneschal better get back to the camp as the messenger of the merchant will be easier to find us. Let's go, take away or buy a silver bowl, and again produce the nails begin to bypass the graves. We do not have lied to the land can not be, you can not dig up the grave. Moritz with us and that's good, because it remembers the altars, called "land Ears". We put things in each of them (marked in green on the map). When was the last altar will be spared from evil spell wears off. Sumptuously! Nailed another three dead. Now back to the merchant for the material for the nails.

Hard case. Silver does not get it, but Moritz decides to resort to exceptional means. Well, looking
wicked. The right person is sitting in the tavern of our camp, his name is Walter Freestyle. Or
wandering nearby. In general, carefully look around, if you do not find at the inn: Walter will give a gray coat, this no one in our camp there. Hire and go about their business takes time. If you do not want to run, run the scrolling time. After listening to three stories Walter, we see before us the one who can replace the grave rytsaryarazboynika. Prior Moritz, talking with Walter morning confirms that it is time to pay a visit to the last grave. The last attempt to dissuade the sinner and Walter throws himself into the grave, and then to us.

All suites we are not afraid. Looking Sleepless graph and try to talk to him. Managed. Moritz goes, we are looking for an ally: or Daniel, or the Chancellor, to see what the lake has seen the Inquisitor.

All or Nothing (Chancellor)
Now we will carry out quests Chancellor. Family, revenge is a trifle compared with the
possibility to sit on the throne. After a second conversation with Shterhom go seek out Charles
Ramm, known as Karl Player. Taking his dice and refer to the tower Kite.

Attention! Tighten this task is impossible, Milvus long time is not going to wait! If we decided to sit on the throne, take the bone immediately!

After talking to a witch, learn how to climb the mountain. Get three crowned heads? Let us try,
especially since two of them are known. But first let's talk with Daniel Treverskim, which hastens to meet him. Tempting offer: Treasure on the way to the throne in handy. We agree and we go to
Athena Rotvaldskoy who knows the neighborhood and can tell you where to start looking. What a
knowledgeable woman knows what it takes to wake-up ritual. We are putting the necessary and
speak with the ghost.

More rare variant does not talk to the ghost before completing the quest Hohenkifera and reading the chronicles Chancellor (below). How to fulfill these conditions, we go to the crypt and treated Michael. Now, if the attack on Daniel's body remains in the crypt of kin. Hopefully, in the next world it will be a comfort to him.

You need to talk to Hohenkiferom remember gatherer of stories Ertsglentsa? We promised him a
new story and pay a visit to the pub "shade tree" in the enemy camp. If Daniel we have in the squad, you will hear stories about the version of Michael the son of the Devil. Let's go back and retell his Hohenkiferu. The bet is won, and Daniel thought it possible to confirm the relationship with Michael Duke? Simply ask the Chancellor.

After a day back and we know that a messenger, sent for the Chronicle, robbed. We should find out who did it. Nothing easier, because with us the victim. Pauls von Klippe gets his due, the Chancellor finally confirms relationship and Michael Duke.

We exit the castle and attack Daniel because he was a descendant of Michel therefore pretender
to the ducal throne, and the owner of the crowned heads. However, you can give a chance to
former comrades and make the fight. But! Well done, Daniel Earl, well done. It is very costly to
your head because certainly killed one of our soldiers in combat. If all the other quests have been completed and a second head at us, we hasten to the Chancellor and go to the next map.
Playing with the death (The Executioner)

Continuing the line of the executioner quests. After talking with the chancellor and went with Daniel into the tavern, do not rush to go there: collect all the rumors. Primarily about Carl from Ranma and Zechariah gamblers. Look for Charles in the enemy camp, pick the dice and let us go to the tower, where he died a Zachary. The game begins with the death. Map King leaves how to beat it? Let's go, let's go to the enemy camp, and looking at the inn "shade tree" quack who gives lessons in a card game. We beat him, and finally learn what people refer to the map. Now we go back to their camp and quarrel with David moneylender. The first map a bit. Again we go to Zechariah. It is necessary to beat the Queen leaves Athena Rotvaldskuyu from the Union camp. We talk, fight, win. The last card Zachary Knight leaves. Danish Holgerd our next victim. In the tavern you can hear about it is one of the soldiers of the Landgrave. All the better reason to reduce excess the number of enemies. We operate as before. Beating Holgerda, the last time we go to Zechariah. At last! Luck dead man with us. Now we need to find and win the Player of Charles. Dishonest gain? So that's what we have to lose honor. Goodbye, Carl player ... It remains to complete the main quest by defeating Enderlin. After his death, we talk with Daniel Treverskim and go look for Ludwig.

Map 8, Waldersee

Quiet, quiet Forest Lake. Here it is necessary to demonstrate the ability to hide. Yes, so we are
waiting for stelsmissiya. For those who like to walk with grace enraged rhinoceros, a ban on the
passage of the force there, you can try to break through patrols and outposts.

Emerging from the ruins of the tower, we wait until the conductor and discussed the situation, go to the north, to the ford. Just gone deep into the forest, we hear the noise and screams. People late Enderlin pursue kakogoto nobleman. Intercedes. After talking with the rescued, keep way. Secretly see, whether by force, going to the other side, we hasten to the cabin of the conductor. For those who are severely battered in the fights if you walk along the main road towards the castle ValdenZee, you will see a wide trail to the north, into the forest. There is a chapel of St. Maximilian, where you can receive medical treatment. When he reached the hut, we obtain from the conductor set of healing potions and wait for the night. We go to the back door of the castle, at the same time, passing under the balcony, hear the song of Cydonia, which would clarify, for which you need a pen that you got at the beginning of the game.

Taking Sidonia, leaving the tower, which appeared at the beginning of the game. Already approaching it, we learn that the knight, which we helped to Louis, heir to the ducal throne. Annoyance. Musthurry, you can not afford to Ludwig fell into the hands of Werner von Shterha. Again, the delay we were betrayed. Servant of the castle, who helped pick Sidonia, sold guard and brought with him a strong detachment. Deus ex machina this was not expected! We are happy to leave, has not yet arrived, the other teams!

Those who wish to test their strength advise you to visit the ruined castle at night in the west, south of the river. From the village Sandstones down south to the cemetery, then go west on the trail north of the watchtower. The ruins are visible from afar, can not go wrong...

The Final
During our absence Windfeld civil war began. Fichte, Wolves and diocese finally broken loose and
moved from small skirmishes to these battles. Everywhere can be seen the ruins of villages,
barricades and debris, armed groups attacked, if not selected fraction.

We need to get in Windfeld, and getting there can be only one way to capturing all the locks on the
map. If the passage of cards "Widow, Pastor and Wolves" you become a crusader, or provincial
commander Fihtenom be easier to one-third of the locks belong to the allies. While help from them do not wait, do not attack, do not need to spend time on the capture and it's good. Obligatory meeting with Otilia, Berthold and Ludwig. Depending on your choice in the previous maps meeting place will change. How do I take in a particular case will meet at the start. Someone is waiting for you: Milvus, Zmitser? You have in your inventory two severed heads? Read the appropriate section.
If you meet Milvus
We met very Milvus. It would have ended the game, but intervenes Kikneya, his sister. We have a chance to dispose of it properly. After listening, although objections, Cycnus, go to the south, in search of the altar.

Important! Even if you prefer to just play soldiers and arrows, without the support of magic, this time will have to take with or without priests, healers are not cope. Exception if you play Mystic, but even in this case, will not be easy..

Grab castles, collect rumors. Sidonia recalls friend Ludwig, Arnault Honvize. It is necessary to find it, for sure he knows where to find the heir to the Duke.

When attacking Hohenfelts we are asked to release women and children. We agree, and we attack.
After capturing the castle, we learn that one of the women kidnapped baby. Remember, there was a great lady with a baby among the refugees? This is clearly a thief. We start chasing. An old friend Otilia! Incorrigible man, but let go sooner or later, it will hang, time does not want to change. We also need to go further.

In the church of St. John the Baptist ... meet unexpectedly Berthold! That much I pondered and
repented. An old friend is better than two new ones, even betrayed, and give him a chance to
take in his unit.

Attack on the trail of Ludwig will help us to rumors, the good as well as evil people. So, a bit
more detail:

  • If you are an ally of the diocese, talk to a monk from Berghutta. Or grab him if he was hostile. We learn about his father Norbert Church of St. Anne was come to him to confess Arnault Honvize.
  • We should hear about Pilgrim as well as about Norbert's father.
  • The village High Meadow (east, right after the bridge on Windfeld) is a cross. With prayer we
    are attacked wishing to curry favor with the chancellor, taking the Arnault nicknamed

At last folded all the rumors, we go to the house in search of his father Norbert. Late! Rebellious priest hanged, all strings to Ludwig circumcised. Come fill the mountain wine tavern ... "Green Count" we are waiting for an informant. For the modest sum of 100 guilders, he will talk about the underground passage to the city. Be sure to check! Once inside the tower and killing the guard, Ludwig At last we meet.

If captured all the locks, overtaken Otilia, in the unit, and Berthold, and Ludwig, to send us a
messenger. Terrified magistrate is ready to negotiate. Forward!

And here is an old friend, Milvus. To go to the city, it is necessary to defeat the sorcerer. It will not be easy. Remember the words of Cycnus for mercy? So, you can combat Kite using healing and other spells with a positive effect on his entourage. Only when Milvus die, to achieve the Knights. We pass into Wndfeld ...
We are waiting for the executioner
Even from a distance we notice Zmitser with his legendary hammer. Talk? Executor does
not like to waste time briefly describes what happens in the neighborhood, warns about
the threat from Milvusa and leaves.

Getting to capture castles. This time, after the attack Hohenfeltsa Otilia returns itself. Noble and
unexpected act. Let her go.

Berthold is waiting in the smithy Jan lame, it is immediately across the road from the village of High Meadow.

Ludwig also difficult to find. Head over to the first occurrence of the inn and talk with Sidonia. She
raskazhet of Piterevelikane, who must rescue Ludwig. After talking with Peter, we learn about Arnault Pilgrim. At this time, it will look different:

  • By visiting or taking Castle Gedel, we hear about Arnault.
  • Sooner or later we have to attack the thieves. Winning, shake out of them information about
    horse breeders and his estate.
  • Tavern gossips talk about the jeweler and his daughter horse breeders.

Finally it is possible to link the ends meet and decide where to look for Ludwig. We head village Wetwood just south of the house is visible Jost. Go. Yeah, drama. From horse breeders I do not know, but guess where to find the clue?

In the tavern "Green Count" pay informants. Tower slaves there are going to rebel. Extra people in the unit will not interfere. Arriving at the place, hearing a dispute between Peter and who would have thought Ludwig. At the end of the dispute in the tower bursts armed detachment necessary to rush to the rescue. After the fight, we are assigned to the role of executioner.

Now we are waiting for a messenger of the magistrate. After hearing held in the city and talk with
Zmitser. Heavy us went to the share, but Shterh should not escape unpunished. And once destined to burn your conscience on the altar of hell, then try to make it to their advantage.

First, the marina, with the resin. Booting barrels, follow a circuitous route to the lighthouse on the south shore. They pour pitch and arguing with Kikneey. No, we are not persuaded. We go back to the broken bridge. It is ridiculous to expect us frightened monks, in a vain attempt to defend the temple. But what is it? Revived statue? In vain we do not believe the legends of the saint Landar decided to punish blasphemers.

Features battlefield statue can be destroyed only blows blunt weapon. Remember hammer
transmitted Zmitser? In this battle, it is useful. Sorry plunge defender, but revenge is sacred. We
ignite resin and watch the final scene.
Memo thug
This finale is available for those who carried out assignments Chancellor and collected head. Back in Windfeld and understand we are not welcome here. The first counter-squad is trying to kill. Winning, interrogate prisoners. We learn about what is happening, but do not find out about Ludwig. We follow the inn and speak with Sidonia. Interesting Ludwig had a mistress named Fronika, the bride of one of the local knights. Yeah, really may need to monitor the reputation. Or connection with the heir to outweigh the cons? We will not wrestle better go on a quest. Again perform several tasks, which will eventually lead to a third color:

  • It is necessary to win the Iron Benno. You can find it in the east, to negotiate with them makes no sense, so the battle. Gee. This is the groom Froniki. Even affair bride his handiwork. Knight hoped to seize the throne, but made a mistake by attacking us.
  • Castle Kelzittse. We visit him or grab and speak with the manager. We learn about the innkeeper, built for Froniki whole floor in your home. Just do not know where the village in which he lives.
  • Rumors again help. At this time, the gossips discussing where Urshel from Free Arable took the money to build a second floor.

Forever we're late. The inn burned, but Ludwig was able to save his mistress and escape.
Where to look for it is unknown. However, already familiar to us informant sitting in a tavern
"Green Count", will give a hint. We go to the cemetery. That's only necessary to go it alone or taking only one person. We reserve the captured castles in extra people and appears on the right place.
Ambush! Lucky comes to help himself Ludwig. At last. One thing holds.

Grab Hohenfelts. Otilia talkative this time and even asks her to accompany Tsvishenkyustu. It is now the most northeastern castle on the map. On the way to wrap the tavern "Three minnows", where he met Bertolt. Tsvishenkyust egrets and burnt the village part with Otilia. Forever...

Again, we wait until the messenger of Windfeld if fulfilled all the necessary conditions: met with
Berthold, Otilia, Ludwig, and also captured all the locks. Now we need to climb the mountain Crying. Go to Berghuttu. After passing the village of Light trough, we reach the stone road. We go up on it until you see the fence for protection from falling into the abyss. Just before reaching it, the trail opens to the south. We head on it. Each counter abyss throws his head caused by landslides will ease the way for us. Once the climb to the top and talk with Sidonia, return.

The last battle. Now our waiting Zmitser. Features fight the executioner has the aura of horror, so as far as possible ensure those who attack in melee, things with a bonus "Fearlessness". It is also desirable to monitor the health of their soldiers if Zmitser slay the enemy, he immediately gets an extra turn.

We pass into Windfeld scaring the audience. We listen to it and get ready to try Chancellor crown...
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