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Realm of Chaos
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Realm of Chaos

Welcome to Realm of Chaos

Warning: This custom game could b even harder than DOTA2 itself (in all random set mode and infiniti level), There are a lot of difficulties that you need to conquer in terms of time management and strategic decision, top players can finish main quest line within 1.5 hours, MMR below 4000 are not recommend.

There are five heroes at the start for you to choose from. Players must complete quests and at the same time handle waves and waves of attacks from the enemy army swarming at your base.

You must work together diligently in order to beat the game! Your ultimate goal in this game is to become a Saint by finishing the main storyline. (Every drop could be useful or totally useless under diffirent circumstances , please wisely use ur drops, points, souls, money and most importantly, your TIME, have a nice racing experience)

Realm of Chaos Pass doesn't make u stronger (it's far from p2w, if u tried, u will understand), it just decrised randomness and basiclly have Pass will reduce your times of restarting game and imporve ur gaming experience.

Bug report or suggestions please email to: or just leave comments in your steam page :)

Please SUBSCRIBE to us if you like our productions!! Very much appreciated :)

QQGroup 1(China Telecom): 492960330
QQGroup 2(China Telecom): 121596625
QQGroup 3(China Unicom): 194120528
QQGroup 4(International): 375145009
QQGroup 5(China Telecom): 250994993
Realm of Chaos beginner's mini guide:

This game is best suited for QWER hotkey set so remember to change it before you start a game. Please remember to use your flying courier and teleport "F" hot key because they are very important in terms of progress (Faster map mobility and time saving for picking up items). Unlike Dota 2, hero abilities are unlocked differently (1st Spell=Default, 2nd Spell=Unlocked at Level 15, 3rd and 4th spells are unlocked by doing quests).

1. Pick up your Adventurer's Present (south-west of where you spawn), better not to steal from your teammates unless unless you both agree about this.

2. Purchase the RIGHT weapon for your class(Foxy: Staff; Morrow: Blade; Cloud: Sword; Rondu: Rod; Phoebe; Bow), double-click or drag the equipment to the equipment bar.

3. Head towards the Blue Storm Spirit(East of Main Base waypoint) to pick up main story line quests.

4. Try to remember which NPC's you've talked to for the quests they give you.

5. Don't be afraid to explore the map and use the autopathing for quests.

6. Please be aware of the virtue system in RoC where you need a certain amount of virtue before you can pick up main story line quests (600, 1800, 3500, 7000, 11000, 14000, 30000).

7. Please remember to go back and defend when enemy waves come at your base, the higher the wave is, the harder it gets. (Easy and Normal = 25 waves,Hard = 30 waves,Impossible = 35 waves, extra boss wave comes every 5 waves)

8. Equipment can be enhanced to level 15 with the right spirit stone. (Basic for E, D, C; Moderate for A, B; Advance for S, Z, and EX)

9. You can enchance your equipment to level 10 without the fear of it breaking as long as you have a protection stone. (better to use it from 7, after 7, fails will make the equip go back to +0), the maxiam of enchance is +15.

10. Soul-Binding System: You will gain souls from killing bosses and buy soul bags in the shop. You can both inject (i) or Possess (p) Souls into your items (items will never destroyed), possesion will 100% success but injection have chance to fail. "Soul Binding Protection Stone" will prevent the the dissipation the Souls.

11. Finish Treasure Collector's quest to get the material of your Chaos Weapon.

12. Manage wisely the order of quests you doing to achieve the 'Saint' in the sortest time.

13. Don't forget forget to defend your base or you will lose the game immediately.

Steam Community - Realm of Chaos[]

BaiduTieba - Realm of Chaos[]

AMHC[] (4 D2WT Developers)

@Avalon Studio Dota2
Shanghai Yueyu Technology Co., Ltd.
Production Team:

Producer: 牛蛙君
Executive Producer: Kusomania
Game Producer: 风见幽香(Archer)
Game Designer: 风见幽香(Archer) & 泪星云
Main Programmer: 风见幽香(Archer)
Programmer: RobinCode & 平衡君
Dialogue: Roger, 人形, 何以解忧
Map Design: Mreak & Lily
Model: 夜明黔
Interface: F1rstDan & RobinCode
Art Design: 红莲太刀 & F1rstDan
Sound Efficts: 夜天X绝对领域
Character Voice: 人形(Cloud), 寒昭(Foxy), 求虐(Rondu), 恋小哀(Morrow), 优塔(Phoebe)
Special Efficts: 风见幽香(Archer)
Translation: 138bpm, PZH_Element, Kusomania, Roger, GZSY
Assistant: 我是小栋
Visual Art: 骨灰
KW: Racing, defence, Chinese Style RPG, strategic management, time management
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I have fcking 7 fps with gtx970 and i7 with lowest settings :(
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