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Don't use the map file that comes with the mod.


<>MACHAIRODUS- smaller species of sabertooth cats, its less powerful than smilodon - but it can be dangerous for a lone traveler as well, while it's extremely fast and agile (likes to attack with a long leap) and can move noiselessly in the jungle... It makes it an oportunity to get a warm 'cat-hat' from it's fur ;]
Machairodus is too small to ride it- but it's a great following hunt-companion.
<>JP-style RAPTOR (aka NOVARAPTOR; its a nice name invented in Primal Carnage game)-
Well- they're pretty much like in Jurassic Park... fast, agile and ferociuos, great jumpers; real pack hunters. Not hard to kill (especially if You hit their head, neck or chest) - yet beware of the well-known cries in the jungle...
Their pack mainly has an alpha female - with blue stripes on her sides and blue eyes.;] These- are able to carry a light man on their backs.
<>ALPHA MACHAIRODUS - The jungle's assassin that can easily dispatch an unfortunate wanderer. It's much stronger and bigger than the simple mach-cats; it's pitch black fur makes it not only almost invisible at night but also fools auto-turret's laser targetting sensors...
It's bite can score critical-hit damage after precise attack, get throgh an armor, and cause massive bleeding. It's a valuable mount.
<>ALPHA ('ADULT') DILO - If You were bold enough to wander alone through the jungle: now You may change Your mind... this pretty tough predator is lurking in the foliage before a sudden, ferocious, venomous strike comes! It's spit is more dangerous than of the small dilo's.
Ridable with a new saddle kind.
<>'KING KONG' Megapithecus - it's all pretty much like in the movies... able to kill low lvl rex with ease, yet -pretty docile; until You'll touch him... tamable and ridable- without saddle. Can damage stone walls- but it takes time to tear it down. Avoid deep water: gorillas can't swimm... wild Kong can throw logs! (to be more of a taming challenge:});
<>ACROCANTOSAURUS - a bit weaker and slower than Rex, yet very dangerous- with its iron-crushing bite. Lives in pretty various environment, both in the jungle forests and in cold tundra. While it ain't a good runner it preffers to attack by suprise or to simply find a nice, smelly carcass. Its asset is its strenght; it's weak spot - its truly mediocre sight.
<>CAVE DODOREX (a.k.a. Small Dodorex) - having similar shapes to the legendary boss creature- luckily is not OP. Its not very fast, and between carno and acro in strenght. Still- a dangerous cave dweller (rare though). It can breath a stunning, poisonous gas around it as a defensive or offensive action. Tamable! (but it aint easy...)
<>ORNITHOMIMUS- small, living in packs dino that's not dangerous at all; it's more smart and timid than other dinos, and so- escapes from the human company, even from some distance (chance to test Your hunting skills!). Too small to ride!
<>TUPUXUARA- the 'Devil's Seagulls' flying over the sea with an apetite for fish and lone sailors... flying fast and swimming with agility; Ridible (using quetz-saddle for now);
<>GASTONIA- The ultimate spike-tank that even most of predators preffer to keep on distance; lives mainly on the southern island, agressive and distressing if You'll block its way; Extremely hard to kill without explosives or top-caliber guns; the spikes are very sharp and so its attack aint fully blocked by armors; likes veggies, red berries and injuring its neighbours;
<>ALPHA BULL TRIKE- specialized in fighting off predators, especially the huge ones, can actually kill a young rex alone. Too nervous to tolerate people straying in front of his nose; killing it brings a lot of XP and keratin... but think twice before trying; appears on big plains sometimes;
<>SPIDER KING- we had broodmamma and her kids- now the family is complete!;] Papa spider is much smaller than the mother; yet it's the most deadly dweller of caves; he can throw around him both web and dangerous acid (that works more like real acid here). He's tough and sneaky too; Only the broodmother can tame this guy...;}
<>RUGOPS- Fast, agile and quite tough- they tend to scavenge but won't skip a hunt if they'll get a good opportunity! they like hot places, like jungle or volcanic caves. They actually seem to make a perfect cave companion- with their immunity over spiders' and scorpions' venom. They can feed on spoiled meat. Males have colorful, bluish skin;
<>ALBERTOSAURUS- smaller but faster than T-rex; has a very dangerous bite and really high aggression and perception level; that's why it's good that it's a rare dweller of the open fields mainly; it's might makes it a very good battle-mount.
<>CAMARASAURUS- smaller than bronto but having a deadly double-stomp attack; also- faster and better for harvesting; can use same platforms and saddles as bronto; lives on big plains.
<>SHONISAURUS- If Ichty is a 'dolphin', than this is a killer whale; tough and yet fast, friendly for humans and able to carry a passenger on a back seat- just a great sea-mount (uses Ichty-saddle).
<>ALPHA ANKYLO- very hard to kill and even harder to tame, with a devastating tail-club blow, makes the most dangerous herbivore after the Kong.
<>SCORPION KING- a bigger kind of scorpios, with more primal shapes and shiny chitin armor, and with stronger poison in its sting. Rare, appearing in caves;
<>PRIMAL COBRA- makes You need to watch where You step! It's much smaller than T-boas yet its venom makes it more scary... one bite can stun a tough warrior or a small dino in a very fast time; so good that cobra doesnt care to finish You after You're disabled. Preffers mountains-regions.
<>PRIMAL TURKEY:] You can tame it in a friendly way, to breed them as a great source of primal meat and eggs; they can also harvest seed & berries for You;
+ Mantis, Moth, Snow-Jerboa, Thorny Dragon and 'Scutosaurus' conversions from SE!

Mod changes stats and sometimes sounds, behaviour & looks of the creatures (check for details), edits some spawners (lesser population of predators, some new and replaced species).
Currently all edited creatures get extensive hitboxes simulation, injury state at critical HP, reduced by 33% mate boost effect, and some more serious fall damage [mainly].
Also: reduction the OP bonuses of stats after taming and saddles' OP armor.
(what can be counter-eased though with other mods or with server's setting). But on the other hand: You'll get rid of super OP gigas and alpha-magic-predators, and have a bit less predators in the ecosystem.

Info about summoning my creatures in a discusion thread about it.

Dossier arts: Acro, Gasto & Dilo- Malkizid; Tupu & Alberto - Shadlos; Dodorex - JustIDK; Acro's & Alberto's skins based on JurassicLion's artworks. Shoni's model partially by BlackFrog.
New day-combat music: "Secret Island", "Run Like Hell" and "Power Of Darkness" by Two Steps from Hell.

A donation link- to support work on my mods; every help appreciated!:

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wrenhudson2015 Nov 19 @ 3:24pm 
i just got this mod i hope it works if anyone could tell me id love that
motopsychosis Jul 17 @ 11:07am 
it seems amazing and i want it, but when i subscribe to it i go to available mods and it doesn't show as an available mod
LittleRhinoG Oct 19, 2022 @ 2:44pm 
their just bigger orignal dinos and reskined
Teto-_- Sep 6, 2022 @ 12:17pm 
does the mod work on the islande ?
anzu Apr 10, 2022 @ 4:55am 
Kastorides Apr 7, 2022 @ 5:21am 
it work now?
Vocal Tune Mar 31, 2022 @ 10:12pm 
It was a fun mod, I personally enjoyed it very much.
Mozayy Jan 4, 2022 @ 10:07am 
So this mod will never be fixed? I wish I had the chance to try it out.
FoozyFoozer Dec 28, 2021 @ 4:04am 
kerodin same
RaptorKid14 Jul 18, 2021 @ 7:12pm 
without this would never like ark i will give you a 10 star