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Big Raft
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Sep 16, 2015 @ 5:08pm
Apr 6, 2017 @ 9:32pm
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Big Raft

THE BARGE IN THIS MOD NO LONGER CAN CARRY PLATFORM SUPPORTING DINOS (BRONTO, PARACER, QUETZ) or the Giga. This is something that Studio Wildcard has done to internal code that cannot be modded without completely replacing the above mentioned dino's with modded ones and would then cause this mod to become one that modifies core data. Something I do not wish to empliment with a game that has allot of bugs as it is.

Dinos falling through floors, ceilings and the Barge are not problems with the Barge. This is poor collison and physics internal to the game itself. In other words, the same thing will happen with a vanilla raft.

Raft that carries 2000 structures and max height set to 3000. Barge to carry fortresses 3000 structures.

MOD ID: 519536568

This mod has four Engrams. The first one is the mod of the regular sized wood raft, the Big Raft. The second Engram is the Barge. The third is the Barge Gateway and the last one is the Barge Gate. All of these items are in your inventory crafting and not in any smithy table or fabricator.

Keep in mind that this mod will be updated frequently so make sure that when there is an update, that you update both the mod on your client and the server. If you don't do this, you will get mismatch errors.

The following commands are the cheat codes for the current mod. This will be updated as items are added.

cheat giveitem
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How many hp have them?
YFlyHighY Jun 20 @ 4:20am 
Our Speed PvP Server is online. WIPE 6/17 SpeedPvP/ORP/AberrDinos/KITS/SHOP

-> Server Start: 17 June 2018
-> Ragnarok Map with Aberration Dinos
-> Higher Stats (XPx50-Harvestx70-Breedx25)
-> Tame is instant after 1x feeding
-> Offline Raid Protection
-> Ingame Shop / + Starter Kit
-> Player Kills give u Points
-> Rewards for Ingame Time
-> Events
-> S+ and other important Mods
-> Custom Airdrops
-> All Engrams
-> and much more!


1 - WIBU
2 - Classic Flyer
3 - Aberration Dinos
4 - Structure Plus
5 - Offline Protection Shield
6 - Reusable Grapling Hook
7 - SelfVision
8 - Egg n Poop Collector
9 - 2.0 Automatic Fabricators
10 - Ultra Stack Mod

All important data can be seen on the following pages, Steam Group or Server itself.

Have fun and see u soon! :)
grantw99 Mar 20 @ 8:58pm 
aircraft carier
HanslHaumichgern Feb 7 @ 9:10am 
why??? the front make it better with vanilla....
Vocal Tune Jan 31 @ 5:31pm 
please look at the description.
-=|DKK|=-rotarmist Jan 23 @ 5:17am 
hello, can not you do anything that you can load on the barge bronto?
某 (SOREGASHI) Jan 11 @ 9:49am 
Could you tell me the summon command?
gevans Jan 9 @ 6:55pm 
Is it possible to add a zoom out feature for the Dino Barge ?
Phoenix Dec 27, 2017 @ 8:36am 
if brontos carnt be on the barg thew pic might need tho be changed (if you have the time if you dont have time thats fine)
unclepee  [author] Dec 20, 2017 @ 6:04pm 
Making something so large move faster would probably cause allot of lag if you don't have this running on a really good server and client.