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For The King: Beacon Fire
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For The King: Beacon Fire

A multiplayer war-game supports up to 3v3 match. You are the battle commander. In the match you will be arranging your formation, planning strategy and assault enemy front. Cooperate with your allies, eliminate enemy commander and seize your victory!
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1.Foundations can be upgraded into statues, you need to make decisions on when and which statue should be upgraded to.

2.Each turn the statue will become your solider and charge into enemy line.If it successfully break the line, the solider will be teleported in to midland and assault enemy king.

3.Hiring mineral gatherer and upgrading gather efficiency will bring you mineral, which is a essential resource just as gold, especially mid-late game.

4.A powerful king lies in midlane, both your teammate and you are able to control it. You must ensure the safety of your king and slay your opponent’s. Purchasing pwoerups by mineral can make your kind stronger.

5.You will be earning gold each turn. Notice on your bottom-right panel for essential information.

6.There are two stores in the game. Gold store is used to purchase the commander arms and Blue store is used to hire mercenaries and upgrade your king.

PS: Please set 16:9 aspect ratio and minimap on the left.


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王者 烽火狼烟
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Pls update this game!!! i am very like this game, pls!!!
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дерьмо ебаное разрабы пидорас конченные
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Icons are missing if playing the second time without re-entering Dota 2.
The second upgrade of Witch Doctor (the one which is cheaper) isn't working, doesn't heal.
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Разрабы криворукие дятлы! Оптимизируйте кастомк. i5 проц а грузится пол года.
Whitguy Feb 10 @ 9:32am 
|Х|™ARXANGEL Feb 8 @ 8:24am 
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