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Advanced Scoreboard - How to create professional looking GOTV streams and demos
By saSha
If you have a private server where you run matches and are streaming GOTV or just recording demos, and want it to have a more professional look, you're at the exact right guide.
Hey guys!

In this guide I will explain to you how you can make your GOTV stream or demo make look more professional. You will learn how to setup:
  • Team Names
  • Team Flags
  • Team Logos
  • Best of x series information
  • Match Statistics
  • Team Odds
  • Server graphics
everything being visible on the scoreboard.

That will be all visible for viewers of the GOTV stream or demo.
Team Names
Team names are the easiest thing to set up in the scoreboard.

In order to do that we need the following convars:

These convars can be used with a string to set the team's name.

mp_teamname_1 "iNViNCiBLE"
mp_teamname_2 "ONEZ"

This will replace the name COUNTER-TERRORISTS with iNViNCiBLE and TERRORISTS with ONEZ

Don't forget to put the name in quotations as the input is a String.

Also little hint: The number 1 always refers to the CT team, or if you're looking from the spectator perspective, the left team. Keep that in mind for the following commands!
Team Flags
Team flags are just as easy to set up in the scoreboard.

In order to do that we need the following convars:

These convars can be used with a country's alpha 2 code to set the team's flag.

For all official alpha 2 codes you can refer to here: Click![]

mp_teamflag_1 "de" for Germany
mp_teamflag_2 "ru" for Russia

This will put a German flag next to the left team and a Russian flag next to the right team.

Don't forget to put the alpha 2 code in quotations as the input is a String.
Team Logos
Use of standard logos

The use of team logos is still basically easy, it's just getting a little more complicated when we want to use custom logos, as the logos are unfortunately client-sided.

In order to set logos we need the following commands:

This command is used with .png files of the team which can be found in the pak01_dir.vpk. The logos in the vpk are in the following path:

To save you some time, here are some of the common logos used in official pro matches

mp_teamlogo_1 "fntc"
mp_teamlogo_2 "dig"

This will set the fnatic logo for the left team and the Dignitas logo for the right team.

Use of custom logos

In order to use custom logos you must set up the following path in your server's directory:

There you can paste 64x64 .png logos which can be used on the server the same way as the standard logos, depending on how you call them. Obviously png transparency is supported.

There is one issue. In order for GOTV viewers and players to see the logos, they need to have them saved on their computer in the same csgo directory as in the server.

If you have for example uploaded corey.png to the server but you don't have it in your own csgo directory, you will not be able to see the team logo. That also applies to anyone else.

In my case for example I would need to put corey.png in my csgo directory, which would be D:\Steam\SteamApps\common\Counter-Strike Global Offensive\csgo\resource\flash\econ\tournaments\teams.

To manage the automatic client downloading of the logos, you can use this sourcemod plugin:

Important note: The name of the .png file is not allowed to be longer than 5 characters!
Best of x series information
This cvar enables to show information regarding a Best of series, like how much maps can be played and the amount of maps a team already won.

In order to do that we need the following convars:

The mp_teamscore_max cvar sets the amount of maps a team can or has to win, in order to win the series. A value of 2 means a team has to win 2 maps, making it a BO3. A value of 3 means that a team has to win 3 maps, making it a BO5 and so on...

The mp_teamscore_1 and mp_teamscore_2 set the amount of maps won by a certain team.

mp_teamscore_max "2" for a BO3 series
mp_teamscore_1 "1"
mp_teamscore_2 "0"

In this BO3 example, the team on the left hand side of the spectator GUI has won 1 map and the other team 0.

Here's how it would look:
Match Statistics
Now you will learn how to set up and show additional match statistics on GOTV.
These statistics usually show up at the start of a round for 5 seconds default.

In order to do that we need the following convars:

All 3 convars are used with a String.

mp_teammatchstat_txt "Match 2 of 3"
mp_teammatchstat_1 "1"
mp_teammatchstat_2 "0"

Here's how it would look:

Another example:
mp_teammatchstat_txt "Decider Match"
mp_teammatchstat_1 "Eliminated with Loss"
mp_teammatchstat_2 "Proceeds with win"

Here's how it would look:

Don't forget to put the information of the convars in quotations as the input is a String.

There is an additional convar which defines how long in seconds the match stat (also applies to mp_teamprediction) is shown.
The default value is 5
Match Odds
Additionally to extra match stats you can also display the odds for each team.
Just as match stats, the odds are shown for a default time of 5 seconds at the start of each round.

In order to do that we need the following convars:

The first convar is again used as a String to describe which kind of odds you're displaying (for example "HLTV Odds"), while the second convar sets the percentage for the left team. The odds for the right team are calculated automatically.

mp_teamprediction_txt "HLTV Odds"
mp_teamprediction_pct "73"

Here's how it would look:
Server Graphics
Last but not least we are coming to the server graphics which are mostly used to show off sponsors and stuff. Unlike the team logos the graphic only needs to be saved on the server and not at the client too.

For the server graphics we need the following convars:

The first graphic must be 360x60 and the second 220x45. Both are required to be less than 16kb. You have to put your image files in the root directory of the csgo server, so basically just .../csgo/
Just as with logos, png transparency is fully supported.

In order to show you where the graphics will be displayed, I have taken an example screenshot from the ESL ESEA Pro League Dubai.

The convars could look like this for example:
sv_server_graphic1 "sponsors.png"
sv_server_graphic2 "ESL_ESEA.png"

It seems important to add the ".png" behind the filename, at least it didn't work without it for me.
Video instructions
Additional notes
I also have a guide on how to create a 5v5 match on a dedicated server with eBot for free.

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powery May 19 @ 1:28pm 
Jesus Борат :) Mar 30 @ 11:13pm 
Does this still work for the new Panorama UI?
tomi May 30, 2021 @ 4:45pm 
how can i do to change the map in the BO3? because when the match finish contunue in the same map
yabai Nov 15, 2020 @ 9:37am 
Helped me a lot. Thanks dude.
Baardie Jun 6, 2020 @ 6:59am 
mp_teamprediction_txt doesn't seem to be working at all for me. Always showing 'pickem predictions' for me. Any solution?
580 Jul 17, 2019 @ 12:52am 
Helped me a lot. Thanks dude.
NiceKype May 4, 2019 @ 2:04pm 
Okey i maked a mistake. I used png and not svg. But the banner still dont work and the flags dont work. Do you have a answer for that? But you can add and write me shortly for that, if you want :)
saSha  [author] May 4, 2019 @ 1:46pm 
Did you try with sv_competitive_official_5v5 "1" ?
NiceKype May 4, 2019 @ 1:38pm 
Hay, can you help me? Flags dont working, GOTV Banner dont work but its definitly correct and we can see our custom logo ONLY in gotv but in the Scoreboard and not in the winner team window. And not with the team logo manager
saSha  [author] Mar 9, 2019 @ 9:06am