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Amazon Race
Created by dlpunishertj
This mod creates a new female only race called the Amazon. They are designed to be melee fighters, specializing in light armor and 2h weapons. They are proficent with heavy armor, 1h weapons, and block as well though just not as big a bonus there as the ot...
Blackreach Railroad
Created by Trainwiz
Deep in the bowels of the earth, the Dwemer constructed vast cities of gleaming bronze and chiseled stone. Their networks criss-crossed all of northern Tamriel, stretching from Hammerfell in the west all the way to Morrowind in the east. Now, rumors of a g...
Aezeal's Flying Fortress
Created by aezeal
Near the Whiterun Gates you can meet someone who will set you on the path that will lead to a Floating Dwemer Fortress. The Fortress is a suitable impressive living space for the Dragonborn.
A Floating Fortress, with large dwemer hallways in th...
Improved Blacksmithing!
Created by Underman
Over 30 new blacksmithing recipies!
Craftable Arrows!
Brand new arrow types!
Craftable Lockpicks!
Craftable Staves!
New craftable weapons and armor! (Balanced)

Created by miraakle
The Dwemer used Spider to build and repair their cities, but they had to transport the materials. That is where luggage came in. He is a special made Dwemer spider worker who main objective is to carry materials for his masters. But since the Dwemer are no...
Kisisa - The Cute Khajiit Follower - v2.1
Created by rko381
Kisisa is a refugee from Morrowind, come to Skyrim to find her destiny and try to forget a terrible past. A follow-up to my original cute Khajiit follower, Inorra, this second Follower Mod is designed to fit some of the requests made by fellow members, wh...
Created by Harambear
The spell tome is now located in a chest in the drunken huntsman in Whiterun.

As per request the damage has been reduced and also should scale destruction school.

Arrow Rain- channel a barrage of arrows from your hands...
The Asteria - Dwemer Airship
Created by Mattcm919
\\The Asteria - Dwemer Airship//

Thankyou to everyone who has downloaded and rated The Asteria! All of your encouragment and support means alot to me! However, I am no longer modding skyrim and have no future plans to support any of my mods.

Before a...
Assassination Notes
Created by Volman99
Adds 2 Notes you can purchase from the Dark Brotherhood to put on your assassination targets.

One of them says The Night Mother has Spoken.

The other says: Beware....
Castle Gonduin
Created by DarthWayne
This mod adds a castle to the mountains southwest near Riverwood that can be used as player home. The castle is abandoned due to a curse that lays on it. After completing a quest and lifting this curse you can rebuild it part by part and make it a comforta...
Wyvern Rock Hearthfire
Created by Ayedail
This Hearthfire plugin adds a new room to Wyvern Rock Castle that can house up to 6 adopted children, aswell as the activities and games you can play!


1) This file is an expansion to the main Wyvern Rock Cast...
Wyvern Rock Castle
Created by Ayedail
Wyvern Rock is a large castle located on the mountain between Whiterun and Windhelm.
Many rumours claim the first owner had built secret rooms to hide treasure, can you find them all?

This castle is more like a town than an actual house, so it will l...
Kissing - Immersive Lovers Comfort
Created by flexcreator
This mod allows you to kiss your spouse.
Simple kiss (two scenes).
No adult content, no strapons, nothing.
Completely lore-friendly.

Because everything is calculated on the fly, you will never get the same scene twice, every kiss is unique.

Human Race mod 1.4
Created by MonoludiOS
You are a Human from planet Earth. You were on a colony ship around Nirn when the nuclear engine blew up and you were forced to escape the ship, you took some first aid kits before you went off in case of everything would go ♥♥♥♥. You crash land on Nirn in...
The Chicken Scrolls - Chickenrun
Created by Y'all Chiefin?
Hey you, yeah you, have you ever been playing through the lovely game of skyrim and thought "Wow, there's hardly any chickens roaming around in Whiterun."? Well then this mod is for you! This mod fullfills all of your c 0 c kloving dreams by adding a reali...
The ebony warrior brother
Created by Nose Picker
It adds a small new place next to Riverwood (look on the pictures or in the video). When you eneter the door you go into a new place where the ebony warriors brother is waiting for you, fight him and take his epic items.YOU DONT NEED OTHER MODS FOR THIS M...
sky rim (not new enough for to you)
mod adds game skyrim
skyrim game choices made by you character play as stars it!
to add mod make game play go to play at th...
Jack Hellsing - Follower request
Created by Pheenix
Jack Hellsing - Requested by domonpat69

Hi all hope you all enjoy the new follower Jack hellsing that i created by request of domonpat69

he is a nord vampire and can be found in

Whiterun -Hall of the dead - in the far left room.

he is a lvl ...
\\\V/// F.S.F.A.R Female Skeleton for all Races
>:The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim> Rated M for Mature

>:F.S.F.A.R Female Skeleton for all Races
Rogue Outfit
Created by JRCosta
This is the porting to Skyrim of the beautiful HGEC Rogue Armor created by Alecu for TES Oblivion.

The base body is 7B and has bodyslide and bouce support. Only requirement is XPMS skeleton. If you use a different body type, you can use it without CTD a...
Extra Extra Effect For Zer0 (Allows Up to 8 Enchantments)
Created by Guitar Hobo
Who ever said enchanting was hard? You are a level 100 you're bound to be good at it by now.


-100 In Enchanting
-The Perk Extra Effect

Suggested By Zer0
Last Chance
Created by Lleliwyn
(Early Gameplay build for friends and family testing. All quests should complete, but cutscenes and extra dialogue are not yet implemented.)

"You are Alfrun, a mid-level mage at the college of Winterhold. Your studies are interrupted one morning by the ...
Craftable Guns
Created by Grey Wolf Jack

This is a simple mod that adds craftable and fireable Flintlock Muskets, Flintlock Pistols, Flintlock Blunderbusses, Musket Balls, and Musket Shot to Skyrim. The Flintlock Musket, Flintlock Pistol, Flintlock Bl...
Isle of the Akavir 3.0 (DG)
Created by Observe
Shrouded in the mists of Lake Illinalta, the Isle of the Akaviri continues to guard the secrets it has kept for millenia. Architecture never seen before throughout Tamriel is only the beginning. The island houses its own unique township and economy as well...
One Handed Crossbows
Created by tygabor
Finally the mod you've been waiting for is here at last! That’s right one handed crossbows: you can dual wield them, use them with a shield, spell, or sword! this was a project being worked on by the dawnguard and the college of winterhold, a crossbow that...
Rex And Rhoana The Pet Dragons 2.0 Dawnguard
Created by Gibby19385
Needs DawnGuard

If you like this mod After Trying it Please Come back and Rate it and Favorite it Thanks :).
Iam not getting paid for this so by Rateing it and Favoriteing It is less likely that i will Delete it and just use it for myself.

Just li...
Vain's Keep
Created by Oni
This mod adds a new playerhome in the form of a Keep, full with all sorts of features and npcs to make the keep feel alive.
For a short tour check out the video above!

You Need Dawng...
Empowered Dragons- Prepare to Die-With Dawnguard!
Dragons are built up in Skyrim as a terrifying force of nature that are difficult to kill. They are said to burn down villages and freeze soldiers to death. They are said to send men/women to their deaths with the smashing blow of their tails. It has ...
Automatic Crossbows
Created by J3X
The Thalmor have found some old Dwemer schematics and are rebuilding the Dwemers most fearsome weapons - automatic crossbows! Scouts have found that they have converted Reachwind Eyrie, a Dwemer tower southeast of Markarth and northeast of Dushnikh Yal, in...
Ridin' Dirty
Created by SushiSquid
Mounted combat is new, cool, and not very useful. One of those doesn't belong, so to improve fighting from horseback, I've created a new perk tree.

Also available on the Skyrim Nexus.

Because it is currently i...
Volkihar Attitude Adjustment
Created by DiGiTaL CLeaNeR
Finish Dawnguard, killed Harkon and you still feel like Rodney Dangerfield and get no respect? Well this mod aims to rectify that. It gives you a spell which makes the Volkihar vampires killable. It can be found in Harkon's Cathedral after you finish the e...
The Senile Scribbles Parody Loading Screens for Skyrim
Created by Dr. Nerdy
This Mod requires Hearthfire DLC and Dawnguard DLC.

This mod adds 27 new Loading Screens from The Senile Scribbles: Skyrim Parody to the game.

This is my first mod so if you have any ideas how to make this mod better please write a comment.
If there...
Courting & Marriage
Created by Altbert


NO DLCs NEEDED, but can be used with all DLCs without adaptations!

The Skyrim Script Extender (SKSE) can be downloaded from: skse.silv...
Created by Verteiron
A very small mod that lets you know when you are near the borders of a hold.

Requested by daventry, may his castle never end up in a bottle.
Request thread:
Character Creation Overhaul - Permanent Birthsigns
Created by Syclonix
This is an optional module for Character Creation Overhaul located at:

You must have the Character Creation Overhaul for this mod to work.

This module makes your birthsign choice permane...
Created by guicool


Hi there! My name is Yami Amagi, but you can call me just Yami. I'm ready to embark on ...
Dynamic Fires
Created by woodbyte
Allows one to ignite and extinguish fires by using fire and frost spells, respectively. It also puts out fires that have been running for some time. (**update** - torch bashing now lights up fires too)

This initial release features all campfires. Other ...
The Art of Fire
Created by ArcadeParty


This mod, as well as its counterparts is being officiallyannounced as redundant. I have released a new mod [url=
Fire Dragonn Companion
Created by Dogtown1
the Fire Dragonn is a summoned companion, you summon him with the "Ring of the Dragonn"

he is not set essential, but he has enough life that he will not die, he will stay with you till you unequip the ring

his power attack has a chance to light his e...
Argonian Follower: Nalia Yashuree (OUT OF DATE - check description for update)
Created by OP1-kenobi3

Due to a large computer error/fail I am unable to up...
\\\V/// Zorrah&Angel + BlackNight Armor.1 NO DLC
>:>:The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim> Rated M for Mature.18 or older

>:by Subscribing you agree that you are 18 years old or older

>:Parental controls on STEAM learn how.!
Milky Way Galaxy Texture
Created by THyRoID
This mod simply replaces the original Skyrim galaxy texture with an actual image of our own Milky Way galaxy. The rest of the sky elements (stars, auroras, moons) remain vanilla and function as they normally do.

This mod should also work with any other...
Quest: No Mercy
Created by ThirteenOranges
A messenger has been sent from a small chapel of Stendarr to the Vigilant at Stendarr's Beacon, seeking aid against an unknown evil, but the messenger never made it to her destination. Investigate events at Stendarr's Chapel and explore the dark and danger...
Quest: The Bigger They Are
Created by ThirteenOranges
A great hero of the Companions lies dead before he could defeat his greatest quest, the slaying of the great giant, Barlok'Gosh. Take up the arms of Holfir Giant Slayer and travel dangerous roads and caves to find Barlok'Gosh and finish what he started.
SlenderMan 1.3
Created by Jwblaze

Ok you guys may have seen Slender's Creation but now there is two slenderman one outside bleakfalls barrow and the other is in bleak falls barrow i will tell you the stats on both.
Blood Right Menu Theme
Created by ⛧Fyodor⛧
So, if you're me, and you like to make the whole Dovakiin story feel like your charecter's 'Blood Right', it makes sence to have a song say that, and not just, 'Chant, Chant, Chant!" And Dragon Language being spilled in your ears. But hey, thats my oppinio...
The Celestial Observatory

From the maker of the Bass Cannons of Skyrim trilogy, I bri...
Celestial and Black Widow eastern Sets.
Created by SingularReaper
Two sets both of which have hints of eastern design. Neither are lore friendly. Celestial version has a small update file for less shine on Nexus under username SagittariusMoon. Want it? Download, unzip and drop into your data file then overwrite.

Killerkeo's Skimpy DawnGuard Replacer
Created by Killer Keo
This is a replacer for most of the Dawngaurd Armor.

Requires Caliente's CBBE body

Not Lore Friendly

Contains : Heavy Falmer, Ivory Falmer, Dawnguard , Vampire Clothes, Vampire Armor both variants


Also to help motivate me to keep making...
Reapers Tool: the Soul Predator V1.1
Created by DoG
Reapers Tool is the first mod of my new Weapon Mod Series


With the Reapers Tool you can craft a new Weapon:

The Soul Predator is powerful Scythe fitting to coming Halloween. With fast attacks and a high range the Soul Predator will be...
Dragonbone Scythe Weapon
Created by Kempalot
New craftable Dragonbone Scythe!

Created at forge using Dragon Armour Perk (Appears in Daedric Smithing Section)

Able to be tempered at the Grindstone

You get the dragon skull from a dragon...

See my 'Scythe Compilation Pack' for more Scythes (...
My Barrell
Created by beefbravo
Pretty straight forward. It's a barrell outside of the Riverwood walls that contains a few items. Items contained are playable executioners armor, playable Reaper armor and playable Nocturnal armor. Also contains and executioners axe. other items include m...
Daedric Scythe Weapon
Created by Kempalot
A New Scythe Weapon!
Based on the animation of the battleaxe.

Created using Daedric Smithing

See my workshop for other designs.

Improvements or suggestions are welcome

See my Scythe Compilation Pack for more Scythes, Perks, and more!
GKWM Followers Steam version
Created by JRCosta
PLEASE READ AT LEAST the REQUIREMENTS and TROUBLESHOOTING before posting about an issue or CTD. I won't reply to "It won't work" comments without explaining at least when it crashes (on logo, loading a game, entering the followers area...).

"Survival Instinct" Race(Wood Elf)!
Created by YarbroughC4
WARNING: save often, avoid Helgan fires, and work your hind end off just to survre! Are you board with stats? Here is a character race thats starts off with negative horrable health, stamina, and magica! Any thing could kill you! Here is why you must d...
Killmove Control
Created by Mr. Domino
This mod adds a book to your inventory, simply open it to choose whether to enable or disable killmoves, as well as the frequency of their occurrence in percent.

If for some reason the book is not added to your inventory automatically, or it is somehow ...
Skyrim Online
Created by Harold smurf
Skyrim Online turns your Single player experience into an Online experience !

You need both the steamworkshop files and the files from
You must register on our forums to be able to log in !

WARNING : Use only letters from a-...
Goodnight Mundus
Created by jackstarr
This mod adds the book "Goodnight Mundus" to the game.

"Goodnight Mundus" is a lullaby released by Zenimax Online to promote "Elder Scrolls Online" - and this book adds the text from the lullaby to the game, to be found on sale randomly by booksellers....
A dream come true
Created by ThordTV
Her name is Moirai otherwise known only to you as Cuddles.

An accident at birth left her horribly disfigured. Teased as a child for her disfigured face and misshapen body, closely resembling that of a Hagraven she has hidden from the world in Riverside ...
Venturian Followers (Dead For Now)
Created by MirroredPanda
Greetings Fellow Adventurers! I specialize in making followers, and I'm working on one of the entire Venturian Team. It includes the entire group (Venturian, HomelessGoomba, xXBethanyFryeXx, and ImmortalKyodai). The voices pulled from their videos will be...
The Stormcloak Guard
Created by Unknown_Pixel
Back story for steve written like he wrote it:
when is was a child i lived with my brother and my mom sometimes my dad would visit and tell me about my brothers in all the big towns, he told me that i had three borthers in solitude and the dragonborn, whe...
MLP Grimdark Books (and Quests to come)(Currently in a Hiatus State)
This is just a simple mod that i put together. it adds in a few mlp grimdark fanfics for you to purchase. i did not create any of these fanfics, i just imported them into the land of skyrim for all of those npcs and players to cringe at. im just that guy....
Dawnguard Ebony Weapons & Armor
Created by MontyX
"Requires Dawnguard"
Craftable at the Forge, In the Ebony Category. Available in Light & Heavy armor.
Dawnguard Ebony Armor, Gauntlets, Boots, Helmet, Pouch, Shield & Rune Shield.
Dawnguard Ebony Sword, War Axe, War Hammer, Crossbow & Bolts.
The pouch ...
The Lookout
Created by flashyraccoon
Latest Version: 2.2

1) Description
2) Q&A
3) My other mods
4) Change log

***** this mod was cleaned with TES5Edit v. 3.1.1 *****



Own the best view in all ...
Velexia's Animals are not Monsters
Created by Velexia
This mod changes animal's behaviors to be more animal-like and less monster-like. They will only attack if you get very close, and will threaten long before they attack.

If you do end up fighting them, they're not guaranteed to be interested in fight...
Caravanserai Wardrobe Gypsy Rose Edition
Created by SingularReaper
Gypsy Rose Version

(Golds, Reds, Brown. Autumn Colors)

All meshes and textures by SagittariusMoon

There are four colors uploaded onto the Workshop. Look for them all an...
Caravanserai Wardrobe Summer Dusk Edition
Created by SingularReaper
Summer Dusk Version

(Purple and Green recolor by Cald123)

All meshes and textures by SagittariusMoon

NOTICE:: Wear the blouse, if you do not currently use the CBBE body...
Caravanserai Wardrobe Night Traveler Edition
Created by SingularReaper
Summer Dusk Version

(Eclipse. Reds and Blacks)

All meshes and textures by SagittariusMoon

NOTICE:: Wear the blouse, if you do not currently use the CBBE bo...
Tali Armor
Created by Cherik
I present to you, my humble attempt to create a Mass Effect inspired armor for Skyrim.
i know its not too lore friendly but lets just pretend :D.
It comes in 3 different color styles and two versions of each color, both being light armors.

The Blue Va...
[NLF] Tactical outfit
Created by macadamstreet
another old mod (again)

this one add an tactical outfit in skyrim.


originally create for be mixed with the LS rifle

This outfit is ONLY FOR WO...
Star Treks Follower Spock + Playable Vulcan Race
Created by Captain Sisko
Vulcans; They are noted for their attempt to live by reason and logic with no interference from emotion. Vulcans are about three times as strong as an average human and are resistant to high temperatures.

This mod adds Spock from Star Trek to Skyrim. ...
SET for Halloween 2015
Created by sp0ckrates
THIS MOD HAS BEEN REPLACED BY SET FOR HALLOWEEN 2016. You may subscribe to it, here: SET for Halloween 2016. You should unsubscribe from this mod before subscribing to...
Created by jackGa
Grimsever model replace

Grimsever can be obtained during and before the quest Retrieve Grimsever for Mjoll the Lioness. It's found at the very end of Mzinchaleft, behind where the Dwarven Centurion is originally located. It rests next to a blood splatte...
Imperial Exchange Market
Created by cstevenson2014
Slightly north-east of Whiterun lies the Imperial Exchange, a fortified outpost of the East Empire Company full of wealthy merchants and treasures. To gain access, go to the Mistveil Keep and exit Riften by the door to the right of that castle. Travel down...
Build Your Own City - Becoming a Lord [ALPHA] - Tier 2
Created by LemurFever™
Join the steam group page for the game I'm currently developing, NOVA:

NOTICE: This is an alpha! This work is only two thirds complete and there may be bugs!
NOTICE 2: You have to have subt...
MontyX's Torture Chamber
Created by MontyX
My Personal Torture Chamber, Uploaded for my Hardcore Followers.
There is no intentions of a Religion in this mod.
The Banners are symbolism of The Demonic Sanctum Guild.

Name and Pics say it all. No description needed.
Console command,
So you can ...
Dragon Under Whiterun
Created by celticconundrum
Dragon Under Whiterun
By Brendon FitzGerald

Version 1.4

I am hoping that a big part of the experience is discovering the story and locations, so try not to spoil too much for others. Feedback will be highly valued however, so pleas...
Breezehome Estate
Created by JoyTrooper

By the crossroad outside Whiterun City now lies Breezehome Estate. The house is made with simplicity in mind, but also with a detailed touch. The house will be found empty with a key and note that is fastened...
XCE - Xenius Character Enhancement
Created by Xenius
XCE - Xenius Character Enhancement

XCE is a compilation of all my work on the enhancement of the characters in Skyrim.
For now this will only affect human and elven races.

· What it does:

- Adds more detail to skin of faces and bodies
- Adds a l...
Hearthfire multiple adoptions
Created by TMPhoenix
Primary download page is on Nexus Mods:

My Dovahkiin may be a master hunter of trolls, a dragon slayer extraordinaire and a bandit basher without equal, but secretly he's a big softy at heart. When travelling S...
Jaxonz Smart Looter
Created by Jaxonz
Take the Treasure! Leave the Junk!
SmartLooter automatically takes valuable items and leaves junk,
removing tedium and letting you concentrate on the adventure!

Tired of sorting through chests and corpses, deciding what to keep and what to dis...
Skyrim Tycoon - Reloaded (1.52)
Created by Joubarbe
Link to the Nexus file[] (try to download loose files if you have any bugs)
You must complete the first quest before having a fully functional brewery.

Calyps' Razor Assassin Armor
Created by calyps
An assassin armor in both light and heavy, male and female varieties. Craftable under Ebony with Advanced Armor perk. Part of my "I hate darkbrotherhood default armors" mod series. Also found being sold by a short hooknosed vendor just u...
Metropolis - A City Mod by M7

Though I "stopped work on this Mod in March 2015" I recently added content to the City. I still have enormous areas left to add Navmeshing in the Worldspace, along with people. Dawnguard DLC is required. The City is very large -- much la...
Fully Flying Dragons NO DLC Edition 4.6
Created by gg77
******************************************** NO DLC REQUIRED *******************************************

If you have the DLCs DAWNGUARD + DRAGONBORN, you MUST ONLY download the Fully...
HearthFire Enhanced
Created by lukeh_ro
SKSE optionally needed for last version: 1.26 on nexus. 1.25 has nothing to do with SKSE.
Requires HearthFire, obviously!
IMPORTANT: this mod will require SKSE in the near future (not yet). All subscribers not using SKSE are advised to unsubscribe and us...
Willow The Wispmother Follower
Created by Andriel
Race: Wisp.
Gender: Female.
Level: 1-80 (Levels With Player)
Combat Type: Mage.
Armor: None.
Weapons: Just Spells.
Found In: Hall Of Attunment, College Of Winterhold.
Marriageable: Yes.
Mortality: Essential....
Skyrim Chess
Created by Dog
Skyrim Chess is a mod that brings chess to Skyrim. It's fully playable and games can be restarted at the press of a button. To install, just hit the green subscribe button and Steam will take care of the rest. This mod doesn't require the script extender. ...
St3am's Selectives: Audio: Dungeons
Created by ⛧Fyodor⛧
Dungeons and Terror, thats the entire setting of this mod,
What I give you is Night Night Dungeon, I call this as that , because, not only do I leave the origional sound track in for this particular mod, I also add one... new... Audio piece...

Night Ni...
The Batcave
Created by UNSCSpartin

The Dark Knight now has a lair. Use it to coordinate your efforts against your enemies and build an arsenal worthy of Bruce Wayne. The Batcave It is located behind the waterfall near the Abandoned Prison. If you have supernastypants Build...
Lakeview Manor Upgrades (English)
Created by Ebony Maw

This plugin wil enhance your building options for Lakeview Manor with a whole wall encircling your estate.
Also there will be the opportunity to hire falkreath townguards to guard i...
Dwemer Mining Facility
Created by atskySSSl4Yer

This mod offers you to build your own mining facility. List of necessary materials you will find in the guide. Facility located northwest of the Riften. Dwarven Smithing perk is required to begin construction. When ...
The Batcave Hearthfire
Created by UNSCSpartin
If you don't have hearthfire there is a link at the bottom to the standard edition


The Dark Knight now has a lair. Use it to coordinate your efforts against your enemies and build an arsenal worthy of Bruce Wayne. ...
The Forgotten City
Created by ModernStoryteller
The Forgotten City is the first mod in history to win a national Writers' Guild award, and offers a unique 6 - 8 hour experience: a murder mystery investigation set in an ancient underground city. You'll need to solve it using your wits, and the ability to...
Seon - Inari Race Follower
Created by JRCosta
Please read at least the GENERAL INFORMATION and the TROUBLESHOOTING before posting about an issue or CTD. On the comments, I won't reply to "It won't work" comments without explaining at least when it crashes (on Skyrim logo, loading a game, entering the ...
Dominion's Adoption Expansion
Created by Arron Dominion
This mod requires Hearthfire. (final version)

I did not like the exclusion of most races from the Hearthfire content. This mod aims to right some of that, by adding children from races that were not represented in Hearthfire.

These new children need...
Skyrim Youth
Created by wysterianinja
I have a husband who loves to play unlikely heros. He had a child mod, but with that mod you can't alter appearance or wear the usual clothes. So, I decided to make teenage versions of each race. Each youth race looks the same as the originals, just quite ...
Created by Beric Dondarrion
This mod adds MXR from the skyrim mods weekly series to skyrim as a follower he can be found in the sleeping giant
inn he has a unique sword and has Dwarven armor ok i know he isint essential because i hate essential npc's because it take away immersion...
Merrill from Dragon age
Created by Hunterbuzz
This is Merrill from Dragon age. I tried my best to make it look like Merrill and be a good companion. She summons, heals, and shoots sparks at her enemies. So if you're a Badass 2 handed viking she would be a great companion to have. But since she's so in...
Empathy Spell
Adds an ILLUSION spell that will analyze any NPC (ally, enemy, or neutral) for strengths, weaknesses, and skills.

Useful when managing follower equipment.
Cast it on an enemy to optimize your combat strategy or see if the enemy is "essential".
Cast it...
Tundra Lodge
Created by Countercruel
Welcome to Tundra lodge!, This mod is probaly the final mod i will release for awhile.

The house is lore friendly and placed in a very nice location just a few walks away from whiterun!.
It has all the stuff you would want in a house and i used the sa...
Isilmeriel's LOTR Weapons
Created by Tomato
SSE version here (not 100% certain on stability):

*** Please take a brief moment to read this description before asking questions in comments ***

Also available at [url=skyrim.nexusmods...
The Companions of Skyrim
Created by DraeneiXirena
~*~UPDATED 7/20/14~*~

I did a LOT of editing with this mod and it was a major challenge, but I managed to get all the bugs worked out and I am very happy with the results!! There were a lot of things that didn't make sense with the companions, such as A...
Dov-Rha Palace & Village [WIP]
Created by Altbert

The Sword of the Eternal Phoenix - One Handed Version
Created by Adam
*As requested, uploaded to the Steam Workshop.

"The Sword of the Eternal Phoenix is a one-handed sword, wielded by a Dragon Priest from long ago. He is still rumoured to be guarding the stone, where he enchanted it to remain, until a worthy opponent cou...
Updated Noiral Reloaded (Vanilla Skyrim, No Downloads Needed)
Created by wyldsong
So this is the no additional download needed, no Dawnguard required version of my race. This has been tested fairly heavily and SHOULD work alright with Vampires and Werewolves. You may run into an issue with quest completion along the line somewhere, but ...
Updated Noiral Reloaded (DG Edition, No additional downloads)
Created by wyldsong
So this is the no additional download needed, Dawnguard required version of my race. In another day or so, I'll put out a non-DG version, until then, my original upload is still available on Steam which will work with all versions (you just have to get an ...
SRM Companion Cart: Single's Edition
Created by SupernastyPants

Version 2.1 is now on Workshop! Version 2.1 Fixes a number of bugs, and allows for companions to get in the cart!

Link to new Workshop Version:

Link to Nexus Vers...
Tsaesci Race Mod
Created by Big Bad Jack

Skyrim Nexus Link
Pimp my Proudspire
Created by Jon
Please rate this mod!

Pimp my Proudspire has just recieved a HUGE update!!

All the bugs are no...
Summon Dragon Storm
Created by Oni
This mod adds 3 Dragon Storm spells to Skyrim,
one of Water, one of Fire and one of Darkness.

The video above is outdated, but it will give you an idea of what this mod is about.
Version 1.1
Lucien Looks Like Lucien! [WIP]
Created by Scorni
This is a mod that makes the Spectral Assassin look more like he did in Oblivion.

I disliked the vanilla depiction of Lucien. His outfit made him look less like an assassin and more like a disco dancer. ("Yes Cicero, there is dancing in the Void...")
Devil ShipWreck
Created by N.W.O
New updating
Break-it Downer
Staff Enchanter
New Statue
Wood Chopping Block
BlackSmith Forge
Arcane Enchanter
Alchemy Lab
Cooking Spit
Tanning Rack...
Lord's Domain
Created by Lord Dagobert
By Lord Dagobert
june 2013

Lord's Domain

Adds a new house designed for the player and his/her spouse, near Falkreath. (check the image for exact location).
Situated in a very beautiful and magical forest, this lore-friendly house is exactly what ...
Museum of Aram
Created by RogueOfStorms
A comprehensive storage mod for the obsessive klepto in all of us. Contains 34 bookcases, more than 125 mannequins, 96 weapons racks, 45 weapons display plaques, 14 large display cases, 8 small display cases, and 16 chests for extra storage.

An undergr...
Greener Aspenforest
Created by [NEO] J-man
This is a little mod which makes the aspenforest near Rifton greener.
It changes the color of:

-the trees,(for a Only-Tree-Version of this mod click here:

-the grass,

-the ground-textu...
Lost Magic Part2
Created by Syfor
If you like this mod, you should defenitely take a look at part 1:
Part 1
Portal To Hell - Full Version 3.00 - New World
Created by spider_might
Adds Hours Of New Gameplay In The Fires Of Hell.
The Devil Himself Has Opened Up A Portal To His Kingdom Of Hell
Searching For A Warrior Brave Enough To Entertain Him By Slashing
Your Way Through His Mightiest Demons And Minions To Reep The Reward At Th...
The Noble Chaurus
Created by Verteiron
The Noble Chaurus is, fundamentally, a mod that lets you summon and command small Chauruses called nymphs. If you've ever played Half-life 2, specifically the invasion of Nova Prospekt using antlions, then you know exactly what I was aiming for when I star...
Created by Wickedus
Deep in the heart of a glacier lays a Dwemer city forgotten by time. What treasure awaits may be the key to salvation for a cursed race.

1. Go to any town or major city and you should be contacted by Courier.

2.This mod may or may not cause conflict ...
Tifa Lockhart Follower by Brandon3903
Created by JRCosta
Please read at least the GENERAL INFORMATION and the TROUBLESHOOTING before posting about an issue or CTD. I won't reply to "It won't work" comments without giving further information. Also check the TIFA ALTERNATE VERSION.

NEXUS version here: http://ww...
Skyrim My Little Pony horse mod - Playable pony race, summons, followers (old version)
Created by Sekai
**Alternate models with facegen data are available, but only on Nexus as it comes as an addon that requires Crimes Against Nature.

Due to issues with Steam and Creation Kit, this mod can no longer be updated properly from this page. Go here for the new...
PJ's Spell Compendium for Skyrim 1.2
Created by pjyelton
Adds 18+ heavily scripted unique spells to the game of Skryim. Summon earthquakes, tornados, blade storms, or acid rain. Jump to new heights or teleport behind an enemy. Use telekinesis to throw your opponent in any direction you choose. Conjure magical ho...
Julia: Orphaned Warrior
Hello all! For those of you who follow my mods, this is my 3rd and latest mod in my series/quest to create an amazing follower: Julia - The Orphaned Warrior. Here is the lore, followed by specs and location, and topped off with a little bit reminders for a...
Alicia - Standalone Catgirl Follower
Created by Yuto
Thank you everyone for the 4000+ subscribers! :D
Race: Breton
Class: Fire Mage
Location: The Bannered Mare - Whiterun

Alicia will level up at the same rate as the player.
No other mods are required.
She is marriageable.
She is also essential (does...
The Evil Mansion - Final Edition
Created by JP'TR
The Evil Mansion - Final Edition
(Version 4.1)

A lore-friendly Resident Evil 1 Remake for Skyrim
~ Playerhouse & Challenge ~

This mod is supposed to be a challenge on a balanced, varied and enjoyable level.
But it's not a ...
Dwemer Jar
Created by BitShepherd

An extremely rare artifact from a forgotten era, the Dwemer Jar stretches the warp and woof of the normal space to place a home in a jar.


The Dwemer Jar is located in Helgen Keep (interrogatio...
Created by RadoGamer
AnnaBeth is an Imperial widow who lost her husband to the war. She made her way to Dawnstar and spends her time at the Wind Peak Tavern waiting for someone to ask her to go on an adventure, hoping to kill someone.

Annabeth is very kind and sweet but go...
Makela a Redguard Warrior
Created by RadoGamer
Makela a Redguard
Makela is the decendant of Redguard royalty, she left her home seeking adventure and to do battle with the enemies of truth. Having been named after the great Makela Leki, she swore to live up to her name by fighting each battle like it...
Open Cities Skyrim - Legendary Edition
Created by Arthmoor
Open Cities Skyrim is a comprehensive project that aims to bring back at least part of the feel of Morrowind - specifically how most of the cities were a natural part of the world and you could just walk in without loading screens. The added immersion and ...
Heart Breaker - A Killmove Mod
Created by Reko
Required: Dragonborn DLC

Heart Breaker - A Killmove Mod gives you the ability to go all Temple of Doom on your enemies just before they die. If your enemy is injur...
Crimes Against Nature - Flame Dancer
Created by Flamerunner

This is my last Skyrim Mod cuase fallout 4 XD (this is also a reupload with added content)

this mod adds a number of Ponies to the game all witch are Fo...
UNP Stylish Pirate
Created by alecu89
Name: UNP Stylish Pirate
Version: 1.02
Date: 7/4/2015
Category: Armor
Requirements: UNP Body

Pretty nonstandard and detailed clothes in which I modeled many details.

How to get
The hat and the main amor can ...
Katarina's Armor
Created by Lady Lunatic
Craft at forge, uses leather category

Special thanks to: Kapy (A lot of help and 1st person fix)
Thanks otherwise to: Viperslayer for making the original mesh, and newermind43 for retexture


Violence solves everything!
Lockpick Pro
Created by bruce wang
Mod created by Kenney Vleugels. Uploaded by FreeTheEnslaved.


This mod adds a bar at the top of the screen while picking a lock which shows you the 'sweet spot' of the lock. It also shows the health of the current ...
Less Intrusive HUD II (with Customization)
Created by Vampaerr
This mod is an overhaul of my previous mod for customizing Skyrim's HUD.
Less intrusive HUD

Thank you everyone that supported all my mods and donated, subscribed, endorsed, shared, liked, etc =)

You should unsubscribe to my previous...
Pocket Hearthfires v1.07 (addon for Pocket Empire Builder)
Created by splynter
Pocket Hearthfire v1.07 - A Pocket Empire Builder Plugin
by splynter


Hearthfire DLC
Pocket Empire Builder v1.34
SKSE (SKSE can be downloaded from: )

IMPORTANT: After install...
AI Overhaul WIP
Created by Krezmick
AI Overhaul Project 1.2

*Early Release*

*NOT an enemy AI overhaul*

Do you live in a populated city and notice that the NPCs are a bit dull and robotic like?
Well, well you've stumbled upon a mod that t...
Populated Thalmor Headquarters in Solitude
Created by Tronald Dump
Skyrim is an almost perfect game. But there is one thing that destroys the perfect atmosphere of Skyrim: the empty Thalmor Headquarters in Solitude ;)
This small mod adds a thalmor justiciar and two thalmor soldiers to the already existing Thalmor Headqua...
The Treacherous Hollows
Created by Malcolm CZ ☭
Last avalanche opened up the long forgotten entrance to The Treacherous Hollows now it's up to you to discover what lies within.

Recommended level for this dungeon is set to 35

The Treacherous Hollows is a medium sized dungeon crea...
Gemstone Vendor Belethor
Created by Materia Girl
Some may call this junk, but me.. Now Belethor will always have some gemstones for sale, including flawless gems, even if you're level 1! There's no easy place to find this stuff so why not give it all to the best most sexy vendor there is?

Adds every g...
Naval Warfare - War With the Aldmeri Dominion, Add On
Created by DreadnaughtVCN

The war with the Aldmeri Dominion roars
on. Its time to take to the high seas!
Command a ship & Crew. battle the
Aldmeri Dominion. They cant hide on
land or ocean. Battle from the northen
shores of skyim to the Abecan Sea.

Unique Villages - Shor's Stone
Created by adi
This mod is a part of a modding project of me called "Unique Villages". The Unique Villages Series has the intention to give an individual and unique look to every village/town. In skyrim every smaller settlement have the same look of farmhouses. They look...
Spellcrafter - A Spell Mixing Mod
Created by Patriarachnid
So I read somewhere that in Oblivion, there was some thing that let you create spells. I'm not sure how that works, because I never played Oblivion, but I thought that it was a pretty neat concept. I'm suprised noboby else has made something like this.

Simple Cute Custom-Voiced Argonian Follower
Created by rkwvbva
This is kidforocks, this is a custom-voiced female follower that I made and voiced. You have to do a simple hunt and kill quest that takes you to just outside the city of Dawnstar (where Marsh-Lily can be found in the mines or at the inn), before she'll fo...
Guarded Borders
Created by captainlhurgoyf
Quoth TV Tropes's WMG page on the game: "There will be a logical reason for why you can't cross borders this time. Since Todd Howard already said you are arrested and awaiting execution for crossing the border in this game, it makes sense you won't cross t...
BIG: Higher Kill Moves Chance! (a Better Improvements for Gameplay mod)
Created by sp0ckrates
Gives you a higher chance to see those legendary kill moves!
So it annoys me how infrequently kill moves play after an epic battle with a draugr deathlord or a legendary dragon. That's because the percent chance of getting any kill move in ...
Created by B〄F Altonator
This mod adds a helmet you can wear to summon a permanent flame atronach until you take it off.


There was once a Dovahkin, Dragonborn, who befriended a flame atronach.
The Dragonborn heard a wicked laughter coming from deep inside an onimous ...
Mouldy's - Real Whiterun (City)
Created by mouldy catSkin
Ever felt like whiterun just needed more? There are many mods that effect the levels of clutter and foliage in Whiterun but most of them seemed over-cluttered. My mod adds pine trees, plant life, lore friendly extras (like old market stalls, abandoned beca...
Windstad Manor Free Tenants
Created by Ticklefeather
*** Requires the Hearthfires DLC ***

This mod adds three NPC homes and a mine around the Hearthfires Windstad Manor. I’ve always loved the views from this DLC house but it seemed so bleak and lonely. I’ve taken liberties with the history of Feudalism t...
Pet Vendor Gorob - Home is Where You Choose
Created by Ambugaton
(No DLC required)
Just behind the Windhelm Stables, Gorob the retired Orc hunter has opened up a pet shop. Currently, he has Philia the Wolf, Krag the Sabrecat and Clack the Crab up for adoption. Each pet comes with an item they are particularly attache...
Brit View - House mod, No loading screen!
Created by Rogue Freeman?
This is a house mod, a house mod located on the border of rift hold and windhelm hold.
It offers a pretty basic house but the best part about it is that there is NO LOADING SCREEN, thats right, no loading screen when entering or exiting the house. Both ex...
Provincial Courier Service - Legendary Edition
Created by Arthmoor
Skyrim's courier is an industrious young lad who can be seen all over the province, yet doesn't seem to have anywhere to live and/or work. He seems able to find you at will, but what if you wanted to find HIM? Even if it would be a meaningless encounter, o...
Playable Atronachs
Created by CoughingCrisp

there is a chest at the skyforge which has spelltomes that let you transform into all atronach types. that's pretty much it!...
Bag of Trash Minimum Gold
Created by zbobg
Bag of Trash Minimum Gold v1.0 by zbobg 14 Feb 2012

Contents: BagofTrashMG.bsa and BagofTrashMG.esp

Adds a Bag of Trash to your inventory. Put items into this container to permanently remove them from the game and more importantly remove them from th...
Scythe Juzo
Created by Forsaken
Scythe can be created in the forge.

Write to me if you do not work.
Dwarven Spider Assistant Follower
Created by Big Bertha Sanders
Noncombative animal follower. Meaning it has no combat capabilities. It is strictly utility-based.

Able to pick any lock, has a storage capacity of 500, has an upgraded speed to keep up with the player better, and never argues about any of it.

Can be...
Created by Anebriate
For every great hero, there is a side-kick of equal greatness but less renown.

Batman's Robin. The Lone Ranger's Tonto. Sherlock's Dr. Watson. Aquaman's dolphins. And now, at long last, the Dovahkiin has...

Bushes of Combat
Created by BarghestStalker
Bushes of Love (from Bad Lip Reading youtube channel) song replacer for combat....
Children of Tamriel
Created by Elfendrago
*******Pics coming soon *******

-Hearthfire DLC

***Small inofrmation notice***
the adoption is buggy for now they are only npcs that you can see in skyrim

***Update 0.5***
-fixed adoption bug
- changed locatrions for a few who were...
Hearthfire Multiple Adoption Friendly Proudspire
Created by tdjames101
A proudspire mod that is compatible with TMPheonix's "Hearthfire Multiple Adoptions". I searched through many homes but never came across a home that would accomidate followers, 6 kids, a nanny, and be away from all that snow. This mod includes a complete...
Eowyn a breton follower
Created by ZuuL
My first follower mod, you can find her in the bannered mare at Whiterun.
Levels along with you until level 50. She is a combat archer.
She is not OP in any way nor lore unfriendly. She starts off with fur armor and a hunting bow. Great for a fresh playt...
Segodon Beast Followers Renewal (Ver 1.0)
Created by Segodon
[Segodon Beast Follower Renewal Ver 1.0.0]


I would like to apologize for my English, it is not my primary language.

This mod is add 5 followers.


DLC Dwarven Constructs!
Created by Daegan Jukes
*Requires Dragonborn and Dawnguard
*Requires Dwarven Smithing and to have completed the vanilla quest Unfathomable Depths.

Purpose: For ME to learn how to create followers and quests.

First off, this is very much a work in progress and will be buggy...
Glamazon Race v2.0 *Now stable!
Created by CodeMonkey
Glamazon Race
By CodeMonkey (AKA Centaurette)

Move over Conan! Here come the chain-mail bikini clad, amply bosomed, impossibly proportioned Glamazons! These handmaidens of Talos ride into battle, faithfully fight by your side and never break a nail. A...
Rogue Outfits Mk2
Created by Turbosnowy

OK, now I fully expect this mod to get slated and downvoted by asshats who ignore the above and blame me for this crashing their game. For people who have t...
Towns and Villages Enhanced: Solitude
Created by Aplestormy
Towns and Villages Enhanced: Solitude
Make Solitude beautiful!

Adds over 1500 new items to Solitude, including:
  • Trees (Featuring new models thanks to GKB Trees)
  • Shrubs
  • Alchemist Plants
We Are Legion (1.1)
Created by DerAlleinTiger
The Imperial Legion is the largest, strongest, and most advanced fighting force in all of Tamriel. It is made up of the bravest of individuals from every race and creed. So why are the only Legionnaires you meet in Skyrim Imperials, Nords, Bretons, and R...
Places: Oakwood -Hearthfire Edition-
Created by ThirteenOranges
This mod is the Hearthfire Version, and requires Hearthfire to play. If you do not use Hearthfire, please use the Standard Edition instead.

The Elder Scrolls Places is a mi...
Bazinga Shout
Created by Hero of Kvatch
This mod changes the audio for the unrelenting force shout (Fus Ro Dah) to the comedy gold punchline: BAZINGA! Complete with studio audience to help you laugh at bad jokes.

This mod will likely conflict with any mod that replaces sound files relating ...
Riverwood Lookout
Created by MoRockefeller
This mods adds a nice and cozy lookout located in the cliffs above riverwood, bringing everything you'll need on your freshly started journey to become the dovahkiin.


+accessible by quicktravel
+climbable with auto-load doors
Created by D474TH3D357R0Y3R
Prepare yourself for a unique follower. She has her own hair, her own armor, and her own money. She is decked out in custom Daedric armor, she has a sword collection in her bra somewhere, she has beautiful, evil, little eyes, she does not set off traps, an...
.::\\\V/// Lakeview Guard Tower AddOn
>:>:The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim> Rated M for Mature.!

.::\\\V/// Lakeview Guard Tower an addon for HearthFires Edition.

>: And for Engl...
Yumi, an adoptable child.
Created by J.T. McRoo
Simple mod that adds a cute little brat for you to adopt. You can find her at Honorhall Orphanage, ready for immediate adoption; no quests necessary.

Sidenote: use a mod that can force recruit followers (such as Extensible Follower Framework) to change...
Additions to Lakeview
Wonderful Lakeview: every adopted child`s favourite home! Many mods elaborate the exterior, but few tackle the inside. This mod seeks to improve Lakeview`s functionality by adding support for Hearthfires Multiple Adoptions (up to 6 children) and an elabora...
Chinese Follower
Created by jackGa
Rate up!

*** NO need ask permission for everything you want use the mods ***

Normal Follower
Stay in The Bannered Mare
100% hand to Hand
Credit: frankc4

Navi follower
Created by Dafini
shut up shut up shut uuuuuuup

Navi is here to annoy you in your various positions of your journey

Blizzard ablilities too, so thats nice?

She is also Marryable, just for the lulz. I don't think the ring will fit her anyway.

Navi is found at Riv...
The Sanctum
Created by Inhuman
The Sanctum was an oasis of solace built right off the main square of Whiterun. It served as a place of peace for the citizens of Tamriel right up until the day it was mysteriously transported. A magical gateway has been established to the Sanctum's c...
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