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Shopping Mod 2.03
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Sep 5, 2015 @ 2:40am
Jan 26 @ 6:25am
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Shopping Mod 2.03

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Customizable Shops ALL prices and some quantities, can be set by the server admin .. Can even build your own shops(admin only build but usable by all).

  • Shops will no longer hold inventory (except sell shop, so they can't be used as a storage bin) they now take gold straight from your inventory so multiple people can use the same shop at same time.
  • Quantity has been added as a button when buying so you can now buy 50 if you want 50 as long as you have the money for it (currently NO info for "insufficient funds."

    ::::ADMIN changes::::
    new admin command added, I have added a lot of function to this mainly being able to set base resource costs and the other items auto reflecting that cost example::
    you set wood to 1g, hide to 2g and metal to 3g
    Metal Hatchet is 1 wood, 10 hide, and 16 metal
    1 wood = 1g + 10 hide = 20g + 16metal = 48g so if you leave defaults for metal hatchet (which is 0g) it will auto calculate to be 69g to purchase and sell rate default is 50% so if left at default would sell for 34g. You will still be able to override individual items but this will allow for faster easier full mod price changes.
List of Complete features:
  • Able to buy metal pick/hatchet/pike/sickle each able to be repaired in the field using gold pearls, all other weapons are not. This is on purpose.
  • Able to buy all base resources, (as of game version 231, all weapons, ammo, and paint colors) using gold pearls.
  • Able to sell a ton of junk, even some blueprints, in the sell shop for black/gold pearls.
  • Admin Shop (special admin only items)
  • Research shop (v.193): Allow you to "learn" how to make better items. Defaults for this are set to take a really long time to upgrade things and sets things to your skill level ie if you can't do better than primitive it'll downgrade a mastercraft.
  • Admins can now set the price of all items that can be sold.(see special server admin discussion)
  • IF you're the admin and want to setup your own prices
    head over to

List of prototype features:
  • New custom shop has been added (still in testing) that allows admins to create a shop that sells items from other mods for gold pearls. Please see the admin settings for details on how these are setup. You can make items from other mods cost gold, added a video on how it works..(video is before the price per each item fix)
  • Admin Gift Shop (used with special ini settings to give users multiple items with 1 word on a special note) can be used to setup gift boxes on your server like starter pack = cloth armor bow and a pick for example. This prototype seems to have been broke during a recent update to the game I have yet to figure out what caused this)

Special thanks to aenigmis for his help getting things to work correctly in this mod.

Huge thanx to whitedylan7, kilrath81 as they helped me find the new sell method that should stop the lag once and for all

Big thanx to impulse for the help getting the new buying system for version 2.0 configured and working
Also, thanx to all of you testers helping find the bugs

If you like the mod and wanna help me buy caffeine to keep me working longer here is a link

MOD ID 512633537

To get gold pearls SELL STUFF TO THE SELL SHOP
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JuanCarlos Jun 15 @ 12:51am 
For Admins of ARK PVP Dedicated Servers *on Spanish* using this mod,
this is a full list of items to Block Selling and only allow to Sell basic resources,
to avoid (not likely but possible) Exploit of this Mod, remove the ones you want to sell,
this also requires disabling the Grinder and Download of inventory,
it goes on at the end of GameUserSettings.ini
JuanCarlos Jun 12 @ 3:09pm 
Put this at end of Game.ini to make vanilla Ark AirDrops give Coins of this mod,
adjust amount for balance, add it at the end but dont delete any content of the INI,
with this AirDrops are more useful, you can even disable the Sell Shop,
it goes on the [/script/shootergame.shootergamemode] section of the INI:

Thanks Dave for the Update of this year!!!.
davetiger  [author] May 30 @ 7:40pm 
paint was one of the shops that didn't get upgraded you have to put the money into the shop and buy what you want and it gives you the item... I stopped working on this before it was 100% converted to the menu system after I had a friend teach me how to use menus.
vTuna May 26 @ 8:56am 
So i am kind of confused about how to work this mod. When I buy paint from the paint shop, it shows in my inventory as a recipe. What do I do from there? How do I turn it into the actual paint?
RAIDMER May 12 @ 9:22pm 
davetiger  [author] May 12 @ 9:10pm 
Yes specail admin settings it's at the very top of the page "disable engrams" prevents players from creating them. If you need more info google disabling engrams as this is not part of my mod it is part of wild cards code.
RAIDMER May 12 @ 11:42am 
If you refer to this discussion (Special admin settings), I would not be understanding where to place these command lines, if you could explain it to me I would appreciate it
RAIDMER May 12 @ 10:54am 
Do you remember what the discussion is called? There are many and I do not know what is new with this mod and I love it
davetiger  [author] May 12 @ 9:46am 
by reading the discussions that are pinned that say how you do exactly that
RAIDMER May 11 @ 8:38pm