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How to Contact Official Server Administrators
By Reithur
This is a guide for how to contact Server Administrators for Chivalry: Medieval Warfare and Deadliest Warrior's Official Game Servers.
If you feel you require administrator or moderator (admin / mod) assistance for dealing with players you believe are breaking Torn Banner's Official Server Rules[], an Official Server Administrator may be called to the server.
What Admins Can Do For You
Once an admin arrives on the server, the admin will i) observe & evaluate the behaviour & conduct of the players in the server. Once an evaluation has been made, the admin may ii) issue warnings iii) and/or remove the offending player(s) from the server, and iv) possibly ban them from the current or all official servers. Any players who are removed are added to a tracking list with their Steam IDs and any evidence the admin has collected for future reference. Any of these possible actions are carried out at the discretion of the administrator present.

For best results, do not notify players within the server that you’ve called an admin or mod to the server; the offending player(s) may leave or stop what they’re doing, making it difficult for the admin to catch them in the act. The offending player might start their misconduct again once the admin leaves.

While an admin may kick or ban a player from a server at their discretion, permanent global bans (& unbans) are requested by an administrator and require Torn Banner’s approval. This takes time to process while they review the ban/unban list. While the ban & unban requests are under review, players will still be able to join official servers (or not join if they are currently banned) until Torn Banner has taken action.
Finding an Official Server Administrator
Server Administrators may be contacted through the Chivalry Official Server Admin Group. The Member's list shows the current Server Admins as Group Moderators - these members have Starred names and are shown at the top of the Members List.

Join this group. The Join Group button may change to Invite Only; this is a known bug, but you are part of the group.

Once you in the group, join the Group Chat from your Steam App - Friends - Groups tab (see screenshot below); you can see admins who are online and available. Administrators will join the group chat when we are online, even if we're afk for the moment. If someone does not respond immediately in the group chat, please post your issue in the chatbox and someone will get back to you as soon as we can.

Enable the Steam Overlay before launching the game
Bring the following information;
- Server Name
- Offending player(s) name and steam ID

- you can copy this info from their Steam Profile. Open Steam Overlay - Player List - Profile and copy their ID link (Requires Steam Overlay to be enabled)

Capture any screenshots or video of the offending player(s) and provide this evidence to the admins. This evidence will be recorded and used for determining whether a ban is justified.

Note: There is a bug in group chat where it does not always show everyone who is actually in the chat (in the member's or guest list). Before you assume no admins are online and leave, try typing a hello? or posting your issue into the chatbox. If no admins are truly online, please try to contact one via the Official Forum[] (see below).
Official Forum Moderators
Select Groups > Mods[] from the top of Torn Banner's main forum page[], and check the list of members to find a moderator. All Forum Moderators are also Official Server Admins. Selecting any name will open their profile and the option to Send Private Message can be seen on in the Options menu on the right. A PM to a moderator (or any forum member) will send a notification.

Alternately, you can use the Contact Torn Banner link[] and fill out the form.

When sending a PM or general contact form, please include the same info as above; Server Name, offending player ID, and your own Steam name (which may be different from the forum).

Please note, you must have an account on the forum prior to sending a PM.

As a last resort, you can post a new thread in the official forum[] listing the Player Name, player Steam ID, and any evidence of their behaviour. Please note that that player in question (or their friends, or any other player) may see your post and react unfavourably to it.

It is not acceptable to post without some kind of proof of a violation; screen captures of racist comments, video recordings of speedhackers, etc. will be accepted.
Private or Unofficial Servers
Official Server admins cannot provide assistance on private servers; we can only contact that server's admin if we happen to know who runs the server, or report them to Torn Banner.
Admin info is usually in the Message of the Day screen or welcome messages that appears in the chatbox when you first join the server. Clan servers may have clan members as admins; look for anyone wearing the same clan tag as the server name.

Tip: Review any chatbox history by opening console with the ` (tilde) key and scroll all the way up to when you joined the server.

If you believe a server is impersonating an official server, please report the server name to an admin or through any other means listed in this guide. These are often revealed as fakes due to i) a high number in the name (Official TO - Central #35) or ii) abusive administrators who do not appear on the Chivalry Official Server Admin Group. These are private servers renamed to trick players; if a fake official server is found, a takedown notice will be sent to Valve to have it removed from the Steam server list. If you know the name of the fake server admin, please include their Steam ID with the report.
In Closing...
We appreciate your patience and understanding when asking for admin assistance. We are volunteers from the Chivalry player population and are not salaried representatives from Torn Banner or Steam.

If you feel you have been dealt with unfairly by an administrator or wish to appeal for a ban, please use the Ban Appeal thread[] on the forum or Torn Banner's Contact form[] to apologize or describe your situation, and provide any evidence to support your case.
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there is a hacker on chivelery im in chat room come i have proof and he has 1 vacs and 1 game ban
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Ok, ill try to remember to take a screenshot of people who kick me for being good next time, thanks for sending me this guide.
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You've been banned for spamming the group chat constantly.
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