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88 Heroes
Platforms: PC, Mac, Linux
Languages: English
Players: Single-player
Oct 9, 2015 @ 4:20pm
Oct 19, 2015 @ 12:17pm

88 Heroes is an uproarious 2D platformer, in which everything revolves around the number “88”. Each of the game’s five areas contains 88 rooms, randomly selected from a pool of levels, and you’ll have just 88 seconds to navigate each of them; even killing an enemy will earn you 88 points.

8 minutes past 8 on the 8th August 1988, the world teeters on the brink of total annihilation!

Dr. H8's demands are simple. Pay 88 octillion dollars within 88 hours or 88 thermo-nuclear warheads pointed directly at earth will be launched.

The 88th president of earth calls for urgent crisis talks! 88 leaders from 88 countries around the world are summoned to the Octo-office. With the planet bankrupt, paying the ransom is not an option. Only one possible course of action is left to take. Infiltrate Dr. H8's evil super lairs and retrieve the 8 digit coordinates to locate his space base and destroy it once and for all!
Only a team of superheroes so daring, so heroic, SO STUPID!?? could possibly pull this off!

“POWERBOTS”? - low on battery. “SOLAR NINJAS”? - no work visa's. “DINO-RANGERS”? - extinct!

Desperate times call for desperate measures! A reluctant call goes out.. DAMMIT! they're available!

THE “88 HEROES” - eighty-eight of the strangest and seemingly most pointless superheroes ever to grace the face of the earth.


"Vote Captain President! I'll reduce taxes & kick alien butt!"

  • Built with the “Super House of Dead Ninjas” game engine, 88 Heroes will be more expansive and feature even more variety in gameplay

  • The game will be developed in Open FL, targeting PC, Mac, Linux and eventually consoles

  • Steam API integration - Cloud saving, achievements, trading cards and leaderboards

  • The hero and room order will be randomly generated with each play, meaning that players will always face a fresh challenge

  • Hundreds of rooms across multiple areas to conquer with fearsome boss encounters

  • Integrated level-editor allows players to upload their own room designs to Steam Workshop to share with the community

  • 88 unique playable characters! Never seen before! Never done before! NEVER AGAIN!!

  • Imagine every 2D action-platformer you’ve ever played rolled into one...AND THEN SOME!

  • Slick retro (eighty) 8-bit look and ‘80s inspired chip-tune soundtrack.

  • Watch the action from Dr.H8’s lair and watch him try to thwart your plans, drink coffee, go for toilet breaks and berate his accident prone henchmen!

  • Bags of in-game humour, dialogue and cutscenes.

  • Did we already say?...88 HEROES!! Just imagine drawing all that!?(Poor artists...)

"Oh that reminds me.. must remember to put the bins out!"

Assembled in the fiery factories of Mecha-Moon 88, Blastertron was created for one purpose and one purpose alone ... ALL OUT WAR!

Born on the blood soaked battlefields of Gonorrhoea, Gonan wields the mighty magic blade of his 88 forefathers.

Fused together in a catastrophic experiment, super scientists Ned and Norm Neutron barely escaped with their lives, but in the process unlocked the power of teleportation!

Through the mists of time he came, The Great Blocktopus! A mysterious magician using his vast magical powers to fight the forces of evil.. and do kids parties at the weekend.

88 time olympic gold medalist Jim Nastics is the greatest gymnast-turned-crime fighter the world has ever seen.

After a tragic plane crash, ace fighter pilot Maxwell Velanski was told he’d never walk again. No one dared tell him he couldn’t fly!

Renowned bacteriologist, Mike Mucus thought nothing more of his accidental sneeze into the petri dish. The once festering pool of bacteria was transformed.. behold... TOXIC SNOT! A sentient super powered bouncing ball of booger!

As he held him dying in his arms, Foo Kung vowed to avenge his Sensei’s brutal murder. Master once taught him there was more to Kung Fu than just fighting.. MASTER WAS WRONG!

Armed with a Smith and Wesson 88’ the Invisible Sheriff is the most feared lawman in all the old West! You can't hide from the law…if you can’t see it coming!

INTELLIGENT USER INTERFACE OFFICE ASSISTANT. The system goes online June 8th, 1988. Human decisions are removed from its program. Clippy starts to learn at a geometric rate. He becomes self aware at 08:08am Eastern time, August 8th. In a panic, they try and pull the plug. Clippy fights back!

In the never-ending battle for truth and justice, he assumed the disguise of Mick Hammer, mild-mannered hardware store owner. By night he dons bullet-proof baggy pants and becomes hip-hop hammer wielding vigilante McHAMMER!

“The Doctor’s in .. and he prescribes INPLANTATION!” Struck off the xeno-morph medical register for 88 counts of malpractice, Dr. FaceHugger was banished from his home planet. Fleeing to earth he sets up practice as a GP, using his rather ‘unique’ skills to control his host!

*AND MANY, MANY MORE (76 to be precise!)

Well.. there's not much else to say really! Other than that Dr. H8 has a huge frickin death laser pointed right at you.. right at your head.. RIGHT NOW! So if you value your puny mortal life,
you'll greenlight our game. No pressure!

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is there a release date
Spark Nov 30, 2015 @ 1:05pm 
played this at play expo It was GREAT but please remove the speakers smelt pretty cheesy after about 5 minutes (aka change the dialouge XD)
Watts Nov 17, 2015 @ 6:54pm 
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love it
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The game got leaked apparently :steamhappy:
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Looking forward to this one. They even went through the trouble to make the trailer 88 seconds long, and that little bit makes me think they will really pay attention to detail with this game.
コーヒー Oct 27, 2015 @ 11:13am 
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lol game
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nice game!