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What is Soap DM? - Everything Explained
By Dom
A VIDEO guide to Soap DM, the TF2 server mod. Soap DM is a mod that changes game rules and spawn locations to allow players to continually deathmatch each other.
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Soap Deathmatch, also called Soap TF2DM or Soap DM is a Team Fortress 2 server mod. It released to the public roughly May 2010. At the time of recording this, there exists approximately 180 servers running Soap DM, the vast majority of which are privet password protected servers.

So what is Soap DM?

Soap DM is a mod that essentially allows players to quickly continuously kill each other on existing Team Fortress 2 maps without any map objectives or time limits interfering.

The main thing the mod does is change every player’s spawn point. These new spawn points are configurable by server operators. Usually all spawn points are placed spread out in the center general-area of a map.

Other more miner things Soap DM does are:
  • Disable respawn-time-waves and sets everyone’s respawn time to near instant
  • Disable map objectives
  • Disable map timers
  • Forces all doors on a map to remain open
  • And makes it so players reset to full health and ammo when they successfully kill an opponent

Soap DM is a popular mod in competitive Team Fortress 2. Many competitive league servers run this mod. Before a match begins on these servers, while players are still getting ready and joining the server, players experience Soap DM gameplay. Soap DM acts as a sort of warm up phase. Once everyone readies up everything related to Soap DM ceases and a regular match begins.

Stand-alone Soap DM servers also exist but are very rare. On these servers players enter, do a bunch of killing and eventually leave. In essence they mirror the pre-game deathmatching phase in competitive play but last forever. Stand-alone Soap DM servers are comparable MGE servers as they are places to practise competitive skills in Team Fortress 2.

And that’s basically Soap DM in a nutshell. A server mod usually for deathmatching with some competitive-play affiliations. Thanks for watching. Like if you enjoyed or learned something new and subscribe for more videos like this one. Au revoir.

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Learn More/Play on a Server
- It’s really difficult to find public soap dm servers.
- Try here for servers:
Or, try playing some lobbies or competitive TF2.
- A little blog post documentation:
- Continually killing enemies without any other objective is referred to as “deathmatching,” hence the name of the mod.

Sorry these notes suck. There’s not much online documentation for this mod.
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Muffin Dec 18, 2017 @ 8:59am 
I'm currently hosting a soapdm server, not many players on it sadly.
ip: If anyone's interested.