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Many New Items

MANY NEW ITEMS - WITH DINO-ARMORS NEW GUNS AND STRUCTURES (With stackable, sticky dung-balls to throw;})
New items for classic servers + 'medieval' and '16th century' tech expansion-sets for primitives!
(MOD id=511168000) ; The path for advanced summoning commands: "Blueprint'/Game/Mods/century/ ".

All items and features in this mod are additional. It stacks with other mods well. Doesn't require a clean save file.

MOD BUFFS LOOT CRATES- ESPECIALLY THE CAVE-ONES, so You can get all my items and all cool items from the devs, even the most recent!:] +no crappy loot in caves!

A donation link- to support work on my mods; every help appreciated!:

(added to the loot crates also!)
<>ADVANCED SMITHY' - base structure for my items. Can be placed on the bare ground.
<>Small vault- is much less resistant and much smaller, cheaper (its production way is so to make it fit to a 'medieval/16th century' mod).
<>Metal bow -is the cheaper, a bit less effective in shooting but better for melee version of the compound one;
<>Metal javelin - It's very sharp but has very light construction... that makes it useless for jobs of crushing structures or harvesting but- it has great penetrating ability, and so it can make critical hits like projectiles do.
<>Impacto grenades - detonate at hitting something and are slightly more devastating;
<>Centurion's helmet: not much different from a normal metal hat... but how cool it looks!;]
<>Katana sword - top-notch melee weapon that will force oponents to respect You... because it can score critical hits ad penetrate even a metal armour. 2 different attacks to choose! LMB= swing: fast aand able to hit several targets; RMB= thrust: slower and requiring precision but with better damage and penetration; You can also use shield with it now;
<>Chitin-Camo armour set - useful stuff for PvP; have about 25% camo-effect against NPC too; comes with an improved version of chitin helmet.
<>Dung-ball - crafter from a random poop unusual, sticky projectile (throwable like grenades and stackable);
<>Eye-patch attachment - addition to all helmets, even skins and to bare head (to use it for hat-skins drag it into your gloves or shirt). A pirate or Nick Fury - whatever You like..;}
<>War-Hammer - powerful weapon able to KO an oponnent very fast; but requires a lot of stamina.
<>Shades: provide You a stylish look - whatever armour (or skin for it) You're using.:]
<>SABER-ARMOUR - advanced protection for Your favoured kitty!;]
<>MAMMOTH-ARMOUR - War elephants in hardcore version.
<>SPINO-ARMOUR: the end of rex' domination!:}
<>CAL.0.50 Rifle - 'anti-tank' power in a supreme big-gun; very-expensive though.
No armor can stop this bullet, and only the toughest dinos can survive several such rounds...
<>FABRICATOR MK2 - allows to produce top notch tech gear, like 0.50 caliber gun and ammo (more coming).
<>ASSAULT RIFLE MK II - slightly slower rate of fire but better precision and damage- gives You better effect with less ammo used! Its also much more durable.
<>Flashlight attachment MK II- wider and brighter, blue beam; (goes with most of old guns + new rifle and pistol)
<>Mercenary Suit: provides moderate protection, some camo (against NPCs too) and thermal isolation and superb durablity; and oh, the professional look of course...
<>WOLF ARMOR: get Your own war-hound! (requires edited version of wolf that can use saddles- avaible in few mods, including my TC "New Creatures" mod).
<>Paracer Armoured Platform: march Your armored colossus when Your Empire Strikes Back..:}
<>Laser MK2 attachment - much better visiblity and better range than the standard beam have. (goes with most of old guns + new rifle and pistol)
<>Machined Pistol MK II - Shoots slightly slower but with much better fire power and better precission & durablity.
<>Anti-Tank Missile Launcher - very heavy and cumbersome to carry... but can destroy almost instantly almost every enemy and non-metal structure. Goes with 'A-tank Missile' ammo.
<>Flamethrower (+Flamable Gas tanks ammo) - all that You can expect from a flamethrower;] Very good for swarming around small enemies; moderate against the bigger ones. Its fuel is an efficient ammo.
<>Stun Grenades - An effective way of KO-ing smaller dinos and people; or damaging Your own hear.;}
<>Machined Shotgun MK2 - based on Muldoon's SPAS version, with slightly buffed all stats.
<>SLUG ammo for shotguns - finally there! And powerful really, doing well against armors, with big stopping power and some bleeding effect on poor victims. Better than buckshot for bigger dinos and precision.
<>Shotgun Ammo Setter Tool - the game makes You unable to put buckshot again to Your gun after using SLUGs - unless You use some attachment, or this little tool; so no worries, You can choose all the time;]
<>TRANQUILIZER RIFLE - professional gear for Jurassic Parks' rangers.
<>Machined Grenade Launcher - an expensive way to get the demolition evolved.
<>TRIKE ARMOUR - makes a perfect tank!:] (best armor value of all my armors)
-HARPOON GUN (to avoid some issues with its looks: use my second mod ['New creatures and realism tweak'] also);
-ALIEN HUNTER'S HELMET: mysterious item to find in caves; provides very good protection, is ultra-durable; and they say that it can boost human regeneration speed to some incredible point...
-TORPEDO LAUNCHER: an underwater version of a rocket launcher; can equip it only in water;
-ANIMAL-MEDICINE: an effective way to cure wounds and ease bleeding of Your dinos; Use it on Yourself only as a last resort...;}
-BATTLE AXE: can do more damage than a sword but it requires a lot of stamina;
-LAND MINE: Careful where You place them cause they wont know if its enemy or You who steps on it... And to get rid of it You'll need to shoot it from a distance or put a foundation on it; And don't put it under Your or somebody's legs! (thanks to (OzSF)-B.Cheers, who helped to make the triggering system working!);
-TASER MINE: a trap that works like an E-prod;
-AUTO-TURRET MK II: better range, precission, rotation rate, HP; New looks;
-DINO-attachable flashLIGHTS! You can turn it on & off, replace it; can be broken by damage! on dedis You cant put them on anything smaller than raptors- except the monkey;
-DINO-TORCH- a primitive version of the tool above;
-ARCHETY-TARGET for archery contests;
-powerful ELEPHANT GUN;
-EMP Gun- like from Primeval series!
-Adv. (Combat) Flaregun;
+ starry 'CAPTAIN'S SHIELD', 'IRONY MAN'S HELMET' and 3 other items that cant be produced - but wait in the loot crates!

-NEW FEATURE: dead mercenaries that can spawn as a source of high-tier equipment (required manual put into spawning using "soldier_character_BP_C" file to get this in game; dedicated for SP gaming).
-check also the thread about 'Hunter Stuff' special crate (to insta-get random sets of advanced gear);

IF You want to REMOVE MORE items than just retro-guns: check the thread about it.
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randomn00b1337 Sep 7 @ 1:24am 
this works now?
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WOW has this mod gotten updates????
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Why you can't ?
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I would if I could, and a long time ago...
Shame that.
EntityDxD Aug 31 @ 10:33am 
need update O_O
Rygaard May 2 @ 5:04am 
works great
James Romaro Apr 24 @ 12:59pm 
dead mod
MrRamboRex Apr 10 @ 4:51pm 
How do you use the Strong Posion Arrow? It cant be loaded into any bow
Chance Mar 7 @ 1:02pm 
Abandoned mod. Move on
DubdogzDTS Jan 31 @ 3:25am 
can we buff the 50 cal by our self? I mean in the game ini?