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NIArms Minimi LMGs
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Aug 31, 2015 @ 2:10am
May 1, 2019 @ 11:21pm
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NIArms Minimi LMGs

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NIArms All in One
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==Source Files - Available here [] ==

The FN Minimi came about as a project to take the heavy and not readily portable FN MAG GPMG and create a more modern, man-portable Light Machine Gun. Initial prototypes for Minimi were built for 7.62x51mm, with the switch to 5.56x45mm NATO coming relatively late in it's development. The resulting LMG was probably a little heavier than it could have been, but certainly still fit the bill, so was adopted en masse. The pack covers the majority of the the Minimi/M249's service life, primarily bracketting from the ealy 1990s to the current day.

The pack supports the use of,either directly or through optional addons
- Community Upgrade Project: Magazines (Additional PBO)
- RHS Escalation: Magazines (Additional PBO)
- ACE3: Ballistics (Directly)
- AGM: Ballistics, Overheating,Barrel Changes, Bipods (Directly)
- Rutherberg's Advanced Ballistics: Ballistics (Directly)
- CSE: Bipods (Directly)
- TMR: Bipods/Autorest (Directly)
NOTE - AGM and CSE both no longer are updating and their inclusion in support is for legacy support to groups not yet switching over to ACE.
NOTE2- Across all ballistics functionality added; Minimis use 1:7in(178mm) Twist barrels, M249 1:12(305) Twist.
hlc_lmg_minimipara - Minimi Para (13.7" Barrel/ Para Stock) (No Optic Mount)
hlc_lmg_minimi - Minimi (18.3" Barrel/Para Stock) (No Optic Mount)
hlc_lmg_minimi_railed - Minimi RIS (18.3" Barrel/Solid Stock/M1913 Optics Mount)
hlc_lmg_m249para - M249 Para (13.7" Barrel/Para Stock) (No Optic Mount)
hlc_lmg_M249E2 - M249E2 (18.3" Barrel/Solid Stock) (No Optic Mount)
hlc_m249_pip1 - M249E2 (18.3" Barrel/Solid Stock/M1913 Optics Mount)
hlc_m249_pip2 - M249 Para (13.7" Barrel/Para Stock/ M1913 Optics Mount)
hlc_m249_pip3 - M249 Para PIP (13.7" Barrel/PIP Stock/M1913 Optics Mount)
hlc_m249_pip4 - M249 PIP (18.3" Barrel/PIP Stock/ M1913 Optics Mount/ Forward M1913 Tri-rail+VFG) (No Bipod)
hlc_200rnd_556x45_M_SAW - 200 Round magazine of 5.56x45mm M855A1 EP and M856 Tracer Rounds Mixed at a ratio of 1 Tracer for every 4 Ball rounds
hlc_200rnd_556x45_T_SAW - 200 Round magazine of 5.56x45mm M856 Tracer Rounds
hlc_200rnd_556x45_B_SAW - 200 Round magazine of 5.56x45mm M855A1 EP Rounds

Bohemia Interactive- M27Link, Bullets Mesh and Materials
Toadie- Everything Else
Vunsunta- Suppressed Sound

Additional Thanks-
The HLC/SHARBSE crew for being awesome, tolerant of oddities and allround rad blokes
Kerc Kasha, for answering all my awkward hour config and scripting questions and basicly firing me up to work on Arma stuff.
FPArma for FPDrama

This weapon set was made possible by the generosity of the people who're backing this through Patreon.
If you'd like to see more of this stuff ,why not pitch in a couple of bucks? Through Patreon [] If you can't or don't want to, no hard feelings.
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spookspook0 Jul 20 @ 5:53pm 
Whenever i load RHS belts the model always seems to revert to the NI arm belts. (fires rhs bullets but the belt model itself is the NIArms one)
Haruna Sion Aug 25, 2019 @ 7:37am 
Tracers are bugged for the Mk48
V5-Delta Jul 1, 2019 @ 2:28am 
Any plan to make a mk48 mod 1 and 0 short barrel version? (not mk46)
Blutze May 4, 2019 @ 5:20am 
I need to find the Czech person who conflated those two systems in a certain very official announcement post.

Magazine Wells = you can load more mags into more guns and shoot them
Magazine Proxies = the mag-part of the model is defined by the magazine itself

NIArms beltfeds use the magwell system. They use the magproxy system FOR STICKMAGS. They do NOT use the magproxy system for belts.

RHS mags, especially the belts, are also in the wrong magwells. You need to use the All-in-One compatibility mod, make your own, or petition with RHS to move over to CBA magwells like everybody else.
Steve Rambo May 3, 2019 @ 1:07pm 
@Ulmann Mk46 does not have the magazine well in real life, so it wouldn't accept the 20 or 30-round magazines. SOCOM did this to save weight and also because it's honestly not that useful, you get a lot of reliability issues when using it.
Woldemar May 3, 2019 @ 2:51am 
@[S2] Still A Lime,

Hello, thanks for update, but there is problem: On Mk48 and Mk46 (mod 0 and 1) don't working magazines proxies (I try reload with RHS magazines), any way to fix/
Still Trans Rights  [author] Jan 14, 2018 @ 1:30am 
@blutze - appreciate the words. Definitely from this point that's what's happening, at least until the NBN rolls around the corner here. Going to chalk it up to growing pains.
anyway, got you bug message on the MK46, that's fixed as part of the SW update htat just happened. the other mirrors are getting it ASAP
Blutze Jan 13, 2018 @ 12:53am 
Let me preface this with: PLEEEAAAASE just hand over single files to your minions and let them deal with the actual uploading to all the mirrors, including assembling the all-in-one .rar file. Almost lost my mind watching you lose your mind this week.
That being said, the Mk 46s get magswitched to hlc_lmg_minimi_railed every time I change to a different magazine, and when selecting them in the ACE arsenal (meaning, you effectively can't select them there - old loadout works though). Happens both on the all-in-one .rar from updatedtuesdays and the new SWS upload, with AUG+G3 patches and same-source RHS+ACE compat files running. Haven't tested any standalone-ish setups.
Oh and while we're at it, RHS recently added leaded M855 sticks that are missing in the magswitch configs and the compat mods.
Grunt4life Nov 25, 2017 @ 11:19pm 
shakespearsinsults Aug 21, 2017 @ 10:28am 
Could you get it so the stanag mags are not belts