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Gates of Hell
Platforms: PC
Languages: English, German, Russian, Spanish
Aug 28, 2015 @ 7:43am
Oct 30, 2015 @ 8:27am

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Developer Blog. Entry #10
Welcome to the Devblog, the first entry on Steam store section.

Wait... Store? What? When?!

Yes, chaps. Our Steam store page is live. Check it out here

The real devblog is on our community hub, here


Developer Blog. Entry #9
Once again, welcome to the Devblog,
the series of entries were we talk about the game and it's features, and some individuals sit and ask us why it isn’t released as a mod, even though this was never developed a mod in the first place! Similar quotes are affecting not only GoH, but all Gem2-based productions, which is a real pity. Thankfully, the vast majority of people are actually close and possitive supporters, and for those we dedicate this series.

First of all, as we did mention in the previous Devblog entry, we do have some polls running on Facebook for our upcoming events and later game features. So what are you waiting for? Get involved now! Facebook page

It's about time to dedicate some words to the multiplayer aspect. But it is a very large topic, a very complex game element and there are many weeks ahead - so let's go step by step. Today we will begin with infantry squads.

Infantry squads will be historically accurate in equipment and composition, backed up by the year-setting option. We have got some historians in the team, and an additional military advisor working as a platoon commander in the Army.

Single troopers, specialised detachments or full squads.

You will have the option to buy single basic (light) infantry soldiers, for covering line of sight. These are the cheapest infantry units which come in one at a time.

Specialised detachments are groups of soldiers for specific tasks. For example, a MG detachment, a sniper team, or an engineer unit. Each purchase will grant you control of 3-5 soldiers which compose that team (eg. AT team leader, loader, spotter).

Full squads are multipurpose teams, and in the game they are cheaper than buying the separate soldiers, but come as a batch, as mentioned earlier, historically accurate in numbers and equipment, and some squads come as a motorised group using a vehicle. For example, a german regular infantry squad, in 1939:

  • NCO, squad leader
  • NCO assistant
  • 7 regular soldiers
  • MG team leader
  • MG team assistant
    2 additional soldiers who also carry ammo and equipment, supporting MG team.

->Sum up to 13 troopers.

So as you can see, nothing here comes in easy...

Gates of Hell
Hard-boiled detailed campaigns portray the staggering war-torn ambient and the devastation of WW2, offering arcade and realistic settings aimed for both the beginners and hardened veterans. Then face off real players in massive online battles!

Full description:
The successor to the Men of War series arrives with unmatched immersion, hard boiled historical campaigns and massive dynamic multiplayer battles. Gates of Hell offers revamped infantry dynamics, accurate reworked ballistics and much more, including community requested features like redesigned flight model and expanded factions in its upgraded engine. Shift between RTS and Direct control modes and use the total destructibility of landscapes to revive the most intense portrayal of World War II.

Gates of Hell is a historical/realism action-based RTS based on the powerful GEM2 game engine by Best Way.

Gates of Hell aims to attract all fans of previous Men of War games. In addition, GoH has a much more comfortable learning curve, aiming to target newcomers to RTS games and also players from other RTS which seek a new experience. For the first time in GEM2 games, war realism lovers will also be keen to play GoH with its enhanced ballistics system, accurate historical uniforms and immersive experience.

In Gates of Hell, the player will fight throughout WW2 battles, from the sands of North Africa to the snow covered peaks of Russia. The player must use his skill plus the situation to defeat his enemy or complete mission objectives in spite of all odds that will arise. Weather the task is to snipe out an enemy officer, to destroy a tank column or fight against human rivals in the multiplayer game-modes, players must analyse the battle with their situational awareness and use the advantages of the nation they are playing, the terrain and their strategy. Whereas some players will prefer direct confrontation if they afford superior firepower, others might choose coordinated sabotage tactics. It is up to you to use historical warfare techniques to outsmart and outmanoeuvre the enemy!

Barbed Wire Studios has been closely monitoring community pledges, which were massively requested and never put into action on previous Men-of-War titles. To create an atmospheric, successful and original game to follow MoW, these features were developed around the two main pillars of the game, these being immersion and a balance between realism/action-gameplay

  • Singleplayer and multiplayer support, including cooperative missions and PvP gamemodes
  • Historical battles with overhauled and optimised multiplayer: Versatile & dynamic system to allow year setting option, extensive infantry types, and new vision ranges to create historical and tactical games
  • Modular Faction/Campaign system
  • Integrated Steamworks
  • Includes editor for modding, mission making and sandbox gameplay
  • Highly accurate human models, headgear, and weapons for an ultimate detail standard
  • Heavily revamped infantry dynamics to allow for intense infantry combat as well as offering historical tools for trench/foxhole/radio/mine building depending on infantry proficiency
  • Smart terrain, plus additional aerial and naval flight/sea models for vehicles of all sorts
  • Enhanced graphics and colour palette for unparalleled atmosphere
  • Astounding audio system with in depth live-recorded sounds, reverbs and echoes
  • Overhauled ballistics for each individual weapon to calculate penetration & explosive values for different shell types, including composite rounds; as well as bullet drop and speed: A complete ballistics system
  • Atmospheric 3D engine with smart, optimised AI and completely animated game objects
  • Full destructibility of ground layer and objects, including burning parameters for planks, flora, etc
  • Realistic damage system for human objects and damage/repair system for vehicles' components
  • Mod-friendly engine platform
  • High definition scenery including accurate soldier and vehicle models, spectacular FX, and detailed landscapes
  • RTS and Direct control shooter interchangeable gameplay modes for any unit, including vehicles and human entities
  • Fully modelled ballistics and physics, including acceleration due to gravity, bullet speeds, collision systems, penetration values for different shells, etc
  • Over 250 vehicles, more than 100 weapons and 200 human model types to play with
  • Complex AI which can assess the battle situation and unless ordered to hold ground, will advance or retreat depending on their morale
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