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Taunt: The Boston Breakdance
Created by Nonamesleft~
What's the word on the street? "Breakdancing is totally hip with the kids". That's what.

Please check the video to see the taunt. Keep in mind that the video is rendered at 24fps without motion blur for clarity. It might look choppy as a result.

Haunted 2fort (w/ horsemann!)
Created by Breezier ツ
Some map I did quickly a few year ago, it's some rendition of a haunted 2fort, and yes, I know there's a sun in the sky. Enjoy it please!...
Created by Svdl
Kill Bill

The Colonel's Coat
Created by Colteh
new fix!...
Bro Plate
Created by Svdl
An extremely flared steel helmet with an attached brow-plate....
That '70s Chapeau
Created by SquareEnix
Uploaded to the Steam Workshop at Valve's request...
The Virtual Viewfinder
Created by SpecialEffect
99% Charitable, .5% panache, .5% migraine.

The Virtual Viewfinder is one of three great new items whose proceeds will help fund SpecialEffect - a charity working to help disabled players get back in the game. If voted in, 1% of the community revenue sh...
[Unusual Effect] Autumn Aura
Created by RetroMike
Can ya feel that?! Nothing like that crisp autumn air!

Note: I'm aware of the other autumn leaves that was submitted recently. Just a coincidence that the other creator and I made something similar. It's cool :)

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