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Garry's Mod

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Gives you the ability to personalize your player model's look by placing objects and effects on yourself. You can go from putting just a hat on your head to creating an entire new player model. PAC can also work on vehicles or props.
Misc Prop Models
Created by Rastifan
A collection of useful and funny props found here

A closer look at the stuff

Credit to!
ultradr3mer - Terminal
Misc Props Pack
Created by Lt_Commander
This is just a little project fury_161's been working on for awhile, on and off. He kept having the issue of starting an image or comic in Garry's Mod, only to be missing a crucial, or complimentary prop for a scene or a joke and took it upon himself to ga...
Roleplay Props
Created by Radray
A compilation of props suitable for decorating houses and setting up roleplays.

I take no credit for any of the models or materials included in this addon.

Server Convars:
rpprops_hide 0/1 (Default: 0, setting this to 1 will disable automatically ad...
Atmos - Day / Night and Weather Modification
Created by looter

Update Notes / Changelog
Patch Notes


Garrysmod Day / Night and Weather modi...
3D2D Textscreens
Created by James
Create 3D2D text anywhere in the world.


This addon is now open source! Co...
TDMCars - Volvo
Created by TDM
This is the Volvo manufacture pack with all the Volvo vehicles found on the SVN.

If you have the SVN, please do not subscribe to this addon!

The pack currently contains:
Volvo 242 Turbo
Volvo 850R
Volvo S60R
Volvo XC70
Volvo XC90

The fo...
TDMCars - Emergency Vehicles pack
Created by TDM
This is the Emergency vehicles pack for Garry's Mod with all the Emergency vehicles found on the SVN.

If you have the SVN, please do not subscribe to this addon!

They can be spawned from the Vehicle tab under the TDM Emergency category while in sandb...
TDMCars - Chevrolet
Created by TDM
This is the Chevrolet manufacture pack with all the Chevrolet vehicles found on the SVN.

If you have the SVN, please do not subscribe to this addon!

The pack currently contains:
Chevrolet Blazer
Chevrolet Camaro SS 1969
Chevrolet Camaro ZL1
3D Stream Radio
Created by Grocel
The 3D Stream Radio is an spawnable scripted entity that allows you to play streams from the internet and local files in 3D world sound. You spawn it with the toolgun, which allows you to change the its settings aswell.

Freeman's "Toybox" Pack
Created by The One Free-Man
Here's all my old public models I made for the toybox in my first year of modelling when that was still a thing, now reuploaded from the GM13 Beta workshop.

Look at the images to see what's in this pack, it's a little better than just listing them all h...
[MLP] Gems and bits!
Created by Quincey Fruit
Hi! We created a lot of gems props with both sizes, little and big, 2 coins...A gold coin and a silver coin (Bits)
Use the Color tool for change colours of the gems.
Enjoy ! c:

I did not make this, all credits for this ragdoll go to CobaltCO on devi...
Playable Piano
Created by MacDGuy
I've moved on from Garry's Mod and I am now making a full game based on GMod Tower called Tower Unite.

This piano exists also in Tower Unite!


A completely pl...
Counter Strike: Source - Realistic Weapons
Created by soh
==== END OF SUPPORT ====
I am no longer putting time into this addon.
Feel free to pick up development on your own.
Link to source: http:// /va1P
==== END OF SUPPORT ====

Version: 4.0 (fixed for gmod 13, by me)
Not originally my wo...
Media Player
Created by Sam
Watch videos or listen to music with friends in Sandbox—based on the Cinema gamemode.

How to fix this mod (HTML5)

⚠️ GMod developers are working on a fix, this...
TDMCars - Base Pack
Created by TDM
This is the required base pack for TDMSCars and TDMCars. This is a collection of textures that is shared by all of the vehicles.

Note that this is already a part of the SVN and you should not download it if you use the SVN!

Forza Motorsport © Mic...
TDMCars - Porsche
Created by TDM
This is the Porsche manufacture pack with all the Porsche vehicles found on the SVN.

If you have the SVN, please do not subscribe to this addon!

The pack currently contains:
Porsche 911 GT3-RSR
Porsche 918 Spyder
Porsche 997 GT3
Porsche Carrera G...
RP Rockford (Map File Only)
Created by Statua
**NOTICE** This map requires the content addon to fully work. This is due to workshop restrictions and I apologize for any inconveniences it may cause. You can find the content here:

RP Rockford (Models/Materials Only)
Created by Statua

This is only some content to allow the map to be uploaded to the workshop. This addon is completely useless without the map itself and if you comment saying this addon is useless, you're absolutely right.

Here's the map this content is ...
RP Rockford Hospital Errors Fix
Created by primelikegamer

The error in the "trauma 1" room is currently not fixed but all the other errors in the hospital and other areas on the map can be fixed with this addon... simply subscribe! *you may have to...
Pony Icons for HatsChat2
Created by Linos Melendi
Server owners:
Open the HatsChat2 Advanced Server Settings and add the emotions for each icon in the pack
You can get the file paths for each emote by extracting the gma.


Download this preconfigured setting for the emotes made by me
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[BWA] Black May 17 @ 6:50am 
Ура, пони сервер с оружием
конец чсв-шным лошадям
Agusha_Boss Aug 1, 2017 @ 1:59am 
Это первый русский рп сервер с понями, НАКОНЕЦТААФАФА. Я так долго искал этот сервер... и нашёл))
Sally Hattori Jul 20, 2017 @ 8:06am 
ну когда жее -_-
JHCat May 5, 2017 @ 10:40am 
когда сервер откроете?
Joly Interpone Mar 10, 2017 @ 12:14pm 
Рипанутый рп, мне кажется большинство бы согласилось сменить синему на рп.
рест н пис, единственный русскоязычный пони рп. Мы скучаем.
•ヤ• Aug 29, 2016 @ 11:10am 
Good pack my friend
NiceL Jul 4, 2016 @ 2:21am 
Нет, нельзя убирать пони!
✪ Unknown Jul 2, 2016 @ 12:29am 
уберите пони плиз
Vitorio Carleone Jun 19, 2016 @ 6:08am 
Почемму все в пони , поставьте людей в проффесиах и тогда к вам потянется народ 1!!
FATSMasters Nov 9, 2015 @ 7:29am 
Без машин не интересно