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Resonance Achievement Guide
By Omnisciurus
The one and only guide and walkthrough for earning all the achievements in Resonance!
Welcome to the achievement guide for Resonance!

The purpose of this guide is to give a clear and concise overview on what is required to earn all 38 achievements in the game and attain that perfect 100% completion. Being a point-and-click adventure game, Resonance is fairly simple and straightforward to complete. It should only take a few hours to play through the entire story.

Although it's possible to earn all the achievements in a single playthrough, I advise against it. You'd need to complete the entire story in commentary mode, without using any in-game hints and also reach a perfect score, which basically means using a step-by-step walkthrough all the way to the end. Incidentally, I've also provided such a walkthrough at the end of this guide for your convenience, so feel free to go for it if you want.

Some other things worth mentioning:
  • All achievements marked as "story-related" are unmissable.
  • All achievements are listed in the order they can be earned.
  • There's a useful "how to play" section in the game menu that goes over some of the basics, such as using LTM (long-term memory) and STM (short-term memory). I suggest reading it.
  • There is no "highlight all interactable objects" button in the game, sadly.
  • For more details regarding the solutions to story-related achievements, see the step-by-step walkthrough at the end of this guide.
With all that out of the way, let's begin!
Achievements (part 1)
Listen to Us
Play the entire game with commentary mode active

This is a familiar feature in most Wadjet Eye adventure games, adding developer commentary to certain scenes, as well as optional prompts for bonus commentary and blooper reels. Note that you don't actually have to listen to any of the commentary or click on any of the prompts to earn this achievement.

In the game menu, tick the "show commentary" box to enable commentary mode. You need to do this before finishing the first area of the game (Ed's apartment). Do not turn off the option at any point during the game and you'll earn the achievement after the ending.

That Went Well
Talk to that nice girl on the subway

(Story-related) Earned by talking to Anna after returning her coin during the subway scene.

"That" Guy
That creep on the subway? Yeah, that's you.

Earned by exhausting all dialogue options with Anna BEFORE returning her coin during the subway scene.

Just Because
Ray's kind of a jerk

Earned by sending the angry email from the drafts folder to the secretary's boss during the hospital scene.

Get the Scoop
The Pulitzer is in the bag

(Story-related) Earned by uncovering all the required information during the hospital scene.

Gotta Hide
Escape a nightmare

(Story-related) Earned by hiding and escaping from the "monster" during the nightmare scene. This event is timed and resets each time you fail, so you have infinite attempts.

Quick Escape
INSANE ACHIEVEMENT: Escape from the monster without locking the door

This is the only timed achievement in the game and requires you to skip several steps (and miss out on a few points) in order to hide from the "monster" in time. This means that you won't get the maximum score by the end of the game, so it's best to do this achievement separately and reload.

For the escape itself, you need to quickly skip through all the dialogue or you won't make it. Immediately click on the chest and enter the correct combination – 591 (click down once for 9, up once for 1). Hide under the bed. Recall the memory for "uncle Javi's gift" and use the coin jar in your inventory to get a single peso. Open the vent cover with the coin to escape.

Mirror Master
Grow some eyes in the back of your head

(Story-related) Earned by covertly spying on the suspect during the stakeout scene.

Good Listener
Listen to Saul's whole story without interrupting him

Earned by talking to the janitor outside Juno Labs while playing as Ed and letting him ramble on without picking the "interrupt" or "leave conversation" options at any point during his story.

Gain control of two characters

(Story-related) Earned after Ed meets Bennet outside Juno Labs and the character selection option becomes available.

Finish the game without asking another character for a hint

When you reach Juno Labs and unlock the option to switch between characters, you can have them interact and ask each other for help ("Any ideas?" "What's the plan?" etc.). Do NOT use these dialogue options at any point while playing and you'll earn the achievement after finishing the game.

No Smoking
Discover the chemistry department's secret

Earned for uncovering the "no smoking" sign in Juno Labs. Just click on the sketch on the wall next to the maintenance closet door after entering the building.

Team up to fix the lab's water system

(Story-related) Earned by having Ed and Bennet work together to fix the water pipe in Juno Labs.
Achievements (part 2)
Rewire the lab door circuit

Earned by solving the lab door circuit puzzle in Juno Labs. The developers call this the game's hardest puzzle on the commentary track. However, it's completely optional, as you can simply re-enter the building through the main entrance after you put out the fire, thereby bypassing the heavy lab door (and the puzzle) completely. Here's the solution:

Open the panel next to the door with your screwdriver, turn off the power via the switch and remove the burned wire. Examining the indicator lights reveals that your goal is to light up exactly ten lights at the bottom.

Each pin has a fixed value (either positive or negative) and will light up the corresponding number of lights. You need to use the loose wires to connect the primary pin (top) to the terminal pin (bottom) by wrapping the wire around the correct pins and turning on the power.

Some basic math is required to determine the value of each pin. If you label the pins 1-9 (in a typical keypad pattern), you can easily determine that pin number 7 has a value of +17 because it activates 17 lights if you wrap the wire only around that pin. If you also wrap the wire around pin number 4, only 11 lights are activated, so that pin has a negative value of six (17 – 6 = 11), etc. For the mathematically-challenged, the correct solution can be seen on the screenshot:

Save Dr. Morales

(Story-related) Earned after finding Dr. Morales in Juno Labs and rushing him to the hospital.

Open Dr. Morales's journal without damaging it

Earned by entering the correct combination and opening the journal in the hospital after the events in Juno Labs. The combination is 422, Anna's birthday (April 22), as revealed by her hospital ID badge.

Dream Master
Get all the memories from Anna's dream maze

Earned by collecting all three memories from the dream maze as Anna. The maze is an optional puzzle and you can skip it by clicking on the room icon that occasionally appears on the screen, although this does not grant the achievement. There is one memory on each level. Finding the first memory (Hansel and Gretel) allows you to use the coins from your jar as breadcrumbs to help navigate the randomized and constantly twisting maze.

Cut the Rope
Save yourself by destroying a rope

Earned by cutting the rope as Anna on the roof after waking up from her dream and escaping the apartment. Cutting the rope is optional and you can skip it, although this does not grant the achievement. Just use the broken glass to cut through the rope before the burglar finishes climbing the ladder. Like the nightmare scene, this event resets each time you fail, giving you infinite attempts.

Gain control of all four characters

(Story-related) Earned automatically after all four characters first meet on the baseball field.

Decoder Ring
SUPER ACHIEVEMENT: Decode a journal

Earned by solving the optional journal puzzle as Anna. You can only attempt it if you manage to open Dr. Morales's journal without damaging it (see Angel) and acquire the "cypher" memory during Anna's dream maze sequence (see Dream Master).

Recall the "cypher" memory and you will see a small part of the full cypher. If you look at the encrypted journal, many of the symbols match the tic-tac-toe layout of the first part of the cypher. From there, it's a simple process of letter replacement.

Clicking on a symbol in the journal and typing in a letter will fill in all instances of that letter throughout the entire journal. You can deduce several letters based on the partial cypher and match them with their corresponding symbols. For the rest, you can logically infer (in other words, guess) many words without even bothering to figure out the full cypher. By applying some basic logic, you may not even need the "cypher" memory at all. For the lazy, here's the first fully decoded page:

The achievement unlocks after you fill in all the letters. Although the information in the journal has no real impact on the game, it does provide some backstory.

See the Wizard
Find Morales's financial information

(Story-related) Earned by acquiring the necessary financial information from Ozzy.

Pay Ozzy while keeping your professional integrity intact

Earned by replacing the pills with placebos when dispensing them from the AutoPharm at the hospital, then using the fake pills to bribe Ozzy.
Achievements (part 3)
Gain Tortoise's help by resorting to blackmail

Earned by blackmailing the manager of Tortoise Security about the city archive with the security cam picture and having him hand over the master keycard.

Crack Tortoise's safe

Earned by solving the ornate safe puzzle in Tortoise Security office as any character. The puzzle is optional and you can skip it entirely by blackmailing the manager, although this does not grant the achievement. The safe has four sides, each with its own separate puzzle that you need to solve.

Use the ultra-sonograph that you find in the hospital morgue to see inside the safe, revealing the mechanism behind the puzzle. The goal is to move the middle knob around the grid in such a way that the small box ends up in its designated slot. You can reset the current side at any time by pressing the small button on the right.

BLUE: By far the easiest of the four. Just move the knob down and counter-clockwise.

GREEN: Move the knob right, down, and left, then lift the large box to the top-left corner. Move the small box to the opposite corner, then use the knob to guide the bottom-left box to the bottom-right corner (screenshot 2). Finally, use the knob to guide the small box clockwise around the edge.

YELLOW: Move the knob left, then clockwise to drag one of the large boxes to the bottom-right corner. Then use the knob to move the second large box back to the middle (screenshot 2). Finally, guide the small box counter-clockwise all the way around the edge.

RED: Move the knob down, right, and up to put the two large boxes in the corners. Use the knob to guide the small box to the bottom-left corner and the third big box to the top-left corner (screenshot 2). Now guide the small box up one spot (middle-left) and the box in the bottom corner left one spot (screenshot 3). Finally, guide the small box inside the top-left box, then down inside the middle large box, and finally right and up inside the third large box.

Safe Seer
INSANE ACHIEVEMENT: Open Tortoise's safe without using any "visual aids"

Earned by solving the ornate safe puzzle in Tortoise Security office without using the sonograph. Just follow the instructions in Safecracker and you'll be able to finish the puzzle blindly. Note that this method will cause you to miss out on a few points, so it's best to reload and do this achievement separately if you want the maximum score.

Blueprint Snatcher
Nab the blueprints from the police archive

(Story-related) Earned by acquiring the blueprints from the city archive in Police HQ. This involves solving the archive puzzle, which is the only major unskippable puzzle in the game and according to the developer commentary, "a super, super hard puzzle".

First have Ray hack into the archive computer and click on Recent Documents to view the reference numbers for the two most recent documents (will and blueprints). The numbers will be randomized for every playthrough. In my case, for example, they were T25 and U22 respectively.

Log out and access the city archive terminal with the master keycard. You need to recalibrate the retrieval arm to make it grab the blueprints instead of the will. For this, you just need to figure out the relative position of the blueprints with regard to the will. Here's the solution:

The arm camera starts out on the will (using my example, T25). Use the arrows to move the camera up/down until it's in the same row as the blueprints (in my case, one row up). Then use the arrows to slide the camera left/right until it's in the correct position (in my case, three boxes to the left).

The arm's default position is always M20. Move the camera to M20 and then shift it by the correct number of rows and boxes (in my case, one row up and three boxes to the left – N17). Save the new calibration.

Have Bennet interrupt his conversation with Johnsen and ask for another copy of the will. As you access the city archive terminal again, the arm should retrieve the blueprints instead of the will.

Archive Master
Get the blueprints on your first try

Earned by solving the city archive puzzle on your first attempt. See Blueprint Snatcher for details.
Achievements (part 4)
Magnetic Personality
Maneuver everyone through the supercollider

(Story-related) Earned by solving the supercollider puzzle on the way to the vault. The puzzle involves a lot of character switching to manipulate the magnets in the supercollider. Two of the characters (Ed and Bennet) can't walk below magnets, while the other two (Anna and Ray) can. I'm using Ed and Anna as the main examples in the solution, but it works equally fine with Bennet/Ray.
  • First, turn on the magnet control from the nearby fuse box.
  • Have Ed climb the ladder and flip the switch to lift the crate.
  • Walk past the crate as Anna, climb the next ladder and flip the switch to lift the second crate (and ramp).
  • Have Ray go there and stand directly under the letter N on the wall, then release the switch as Anna, dropping the ramp next to Ray.
  • Walk up the ramp as Ray and flip the switch there, then go back down.
  • Have Anna lift the ramp again and walk Ray to the fuse box on the far right.
  • Switch it on to activate the walkway, then release both magnets and walk all four characters to the exit. Done.
Access Granted
Gain access to the inner vault

(Story-related) Earned after Ed and Anna enter Morales's vault together.

Close to Heart
Learn Bennet's secret

Use the "Bennet's letter" memory when Ray is questioning Bennet in the vault. This is the only time in the game when Bennet will answer the question about his letter.

I Promise You
Your uncle holds the key

(Story-related) Earned by discovering the key phrase to unlock the vault computer during Anna's flashback.

Finding North
Use a compass to find a new location

(Story-related) Earned by using Ray's drafting compass on the subway map to discover the locations of the two resonance devices.

Find a new location on the map using fancy technology

(Story-related) Earned by having Bennet trace the 14A phone number location at the Police HQ.

Key Nabber
Remove the contents of a locker without opening it

(Story-related) Earned by using the ultra-sonograph and magnet to remove the forklift key from the locker at the warehouse.

Phone Tracer
Track the movements of a killer

(Story-related) Earned by successfully having Ray and Bennet trace the call from the Cellfish number.

The New World Order
You stopped a killer but let the big fish go free

(SPOILERS) Earned by completing the game with one of the two possible endings. While on the crane with Ed, after he has finished his explanation about Antevorta, have Bennet take a step forward, ask him a question, take another step, ask another question, take a third step and ask a third question. Switch to Ray and have him take a step back, then have him antagonize Ed (call him delusional and a sociopath) to trigger the ending.

Lesser of Two Evils
You sided with an enemy to stop a greater foe

(SPOILERS) Earned by completing the game with one of the two possible endings. While on the crane with Ed, after he has finished talking about Antevorta, have Ray call him a sociopath but then side with him after hearing his explanation. Ask Ed how to stop the Eleven Foundation, then show him the device in your pocket and use the "news reports” memory to trigger the ending.
Walkthrough (part 1)
High Score
SUPER ACHIEVEMENT: Finish the game with a full score

There is a score counter at the top right corner of the screen, displaying your current score out of a possible 340. Points are earned by interacting with certain objects, solving puzzles and picking certain dialogue options. Most of these are story-related, but some are optional and easily missable.

I've kept the following score guide as short and concise as possible. It's also completely SPOILER-FREE (up until the last section) and doubles as a full walkthrough of the game. I've also pointed out all the missable achievements. The numbers in parentheses show how many total points you should have after completing each section.

Ed's Apartment (19/340)

Missable achievement (Listen to Us): turn on the commentary mode before leaving the apartment
  • Pick up the cell phone from the hamper (+5)
  • Examine the cell phone in your inventory (+1)
  • Pick up the papers from the floor in the next room (+2)
  • Examine the masking tape on the floor (+1)
  • Unlock the drawer, pick up the battery and combine it with the cell phone (+1)
  • Use the phone in inventory by checking the address book (+2) and caller ID (+2)
  • Call Dr. Morales and use the papers (Ed's notes) during the conversation (+5)
(The next four scenes can be played in any order)

Subway, 6:55 a.m. (27/340)
  • Pick up the coin from the floor (+2)
Missable achievement ("That" Guy): exhaust all dialogue options before returning the coin
  • Return the coin to the woman (Anna) and strike up a conversation (+3)
  • Pick up the loose bar (pipe) after the train stops (+2)
  • Use the pipe on the train doors after trying to pry them open with your hands (+1)

Hospital, 7:30 a.m. (46/340)
  • Use the password cracker to hack into the secretary's computer after posing as a repairman and getting rid of her (use the STM for "terminal/mainframe" and "clock" respectively) (+3)
  • Send the angry email from the drafts folder to the secretary's boss (+1)
  • Pick up cotton swabs from the drawer beneath the terminal (+1)
  • Access the terminal and reset the password. The username can be deduced by hacking both the secretary's and the boss's accounts on the computer, reading the emails and learning the boss's full name, which is randomized for every playthrough (+3)
  • Use cotton swabs with the empty can (found in the trash) to bypass the initial DNA check of the terminal. Then click on cotton swabs in your inventory to get your own DNA sample and use it to search the terminal's database (+3)
  • Search the project files for "A. Batra" (as per the memo) to acquire a document reference number, which is once again randomized for every playthrough (+2)
  • Find the correct document in the filing cabinet (+6)

Nightmare, 6:27 a.m. (54/340)

Missable achievement (Quick Escape): hide without locking the door (skip the first three steps)
  • Lock the door by clicking on it (+2)
  • Pick up the bear and recall the LTM for "the bear's key" (+1)
  • Examine the bear in your inventory to get the (upside-down) code for the chest (+2)
  • Open the chest by entering the correct code (591) (+2)
  • Hide under the bed, recall the LTM for "uncle Javi's gift" and use the coin jar in your inventory to get a single peso. Open the vent cover with the coin to escape (+1)

Stakeout, 7:05 a.m. (62/340)
  • Use a brick from the crumbling wall to knock off the side mirror of the stripped car (+2)
  • Use the brick in your inventory to break off a shard from the car mirror (+1)
  • Open the wallet in your inventory to get a credit card and detective badge (+2)
  • Use the credit card on the newspaper vendor to get a newspaper (+1)
  • Combine the mirror shard with the newspaper, sit on the bench and use your improvised monitoring device to spy on the suspect (+2)

Juno Labs (108/340)

Missable achievement (Good Listener): listen to the janitor's entire story without interrupting him
  • Use either the "concrete slab" or "broken window" STM to ask Saul the janitor for help with getting into the lab (+2)
Missable achievement (Independent): don't ask other characters for help at any point in the game
  • Talk to Bennet once he arrives and use the "concrete slab" STM to have Ed ask for help with moving it (or vice versa) (+3)
  • Repeat the above with the "broken window" STM to have Bennet boost Ed through the window (+1)
Missable achievement (No Smoking): uncover the "no smoking" sign underneath the sketch
  • Return outside and talk to Saul about the "valve" and "maintenance" STM to receive the keys to the closet (+2)
  • Go back inside and unlock the maintenance closet (+2)
  • Pick up the duct tape, screwdriver and step ladder (+1)
  • Talk to Saul and use the "Saul's story" LTM (after hearing his whole story as Ed) to remind Saul that he still has the monkey wrench (+3)
  • Return Saul's keys (+3)
  • Have Ed give the wrench to Bennet and enter the lab with both characters. Open the ventilation access and have Ed climb inside. Then have Bennet use the wrench on the valve and turn it to the right (+2)
  • Have Ed remove the rusty pipe and replace it with the pipe from his inventory (+1)
  • Use duct tape to fix the replacement pipe (+1)
  • Have Bennet turn the valve again to put out the fire and have Ed access the fuse box to switch off electricity to the loose cables (+3)
  • Solve the lab door circuit puzzle (+10) (see Wired for details)
  • Enter Morales' lab, have Ed talk to Bennet and use the "metal beam" STM to have Bennet lift the beam and grab the book (Morales's journal) trapped underneath (+3)
  • Examine the journal and remove the loose paper (+1)
  • Enter the correct combination from the paper (3141, first four digits of Pi) into the keypad next to the simulator (+5)
  • In the hospital, open the journal with the correct combination (422, Anna's birthday) (+3)
Walkthrough (part 2)
Anna's Dream (148/340)
  • In the dream maze, find the LTM "Hansel and Gretel" (+2)
  • Fall down the open vent to the next level (+3)
  • Find the LTM "where's mama?" on the second level of the maze (+3)
  • Fall down the open vent to the third level (+4)
  • Find the LTM "papa" on the final level of the maze (+4)
  • Fall down the last open vent and wake up (+5)
  • You will instantly remember the "cypher" LTM after waking up (+5)
  • Push the bookshelf to block the door (+2)
  • Exit through the window, climb down the ladder and take the handle from the mechanism (+2)
  • Climb back up the ladder to the second mechanism and attach the handle (+2)
  • Use the mechanism to extend the ladder and climb up to the roof (+3)
  • Take the shard of glass from the broken window (+2)
  • Use the glass to cut through the rope (+3)

Baseball Field (160/340)
  • Have Bennet ask Ed about Morales' research (+1)
  • Use the "Ed & Anna at hospital" LTM when Ray appears (+1)
  • All four characters are united (+10)
(The next three objectives can be completed in any order)

Acquiring the Financial Info (178/340)
  • Have Ray and Anna go to the National Credit Systems (NCS) office and talk to Ozzy, using the "get financial info" LTM (+1)
  • Give Anna the cotton swabs, have her pick up the pill bottle (Comfocil) and go to the hospital, using her ID card on the elevator to go to the morgue (+1)
  • Finish talking to Irina (+2)
  • Pick up the death certificate and ultra-sonograph. Use the cotton swabs on the body to get a DNA sample (+3)
  • Give the sample to Ray, have him go up to the 7th floor of the hospital and talk to the secretary (+2)
  • Use the "terminal/mainframe" STM on the secretary to access the database, enter the DNA sample and bring the FTTN number back to Ozzy (+2)
  • Have Anna go to the hospital ICU, look at the patient folders for a Comfocil order and note the patient's ID number. Then use the AutoPharm and swipe your hospital badge (+1)
  • Enter the patient number (8468-E), select options and fill the bottle with placebo (+2)
  • Go to NCS and give the pills to Ozzy to receive the credit information (+4)

Obtaining the Blueprint (216/340)
  • Have Bennet go to the Police Administration office and attempt to access the city archive upstairs. Look at the certificate on the wall to add a new location to the map (+1)
  • Have Anna go to Tortoise Security and use Morales' credit info to receive "get will and death cert." LTM from the manager (+3)
  • Switch back to Bennet and use the new LTM on the desk clerk to get Morales' will from the archive. Also add the "city archive" to your STM (+2)
  • Go to Tortoise Security, give the will to Anna, and have her give the manager both the death certificate and will to receive a security cam picture (+5)
  • Give the picture to Bennet and use the "alleyway door" LTM to return to the alleyway (+1)
  • Have Bennet knock on the middle door (twice, once, three times) to enter and receive a paper swan. Unfold it to receive vault plans and the clue about 185 degrees (+2)
  • Return to Tortoise Security as Bennet and talk to the manager about the "city archive" STM, then use the security cam picture to blackmail him and receive the master keycard (+5)
Missable achievement (Safe Seer): open the ornate safe without using the sonograph
  • Use the ultra-sonograph on the ornate safe in Tortoise Security (+3)
  • Solve the ornate safe puzzle (see Safecracker for details) (+5)
  • Give the master keycard to Ray, then have him, Bennet and Anna go to Police Administration office. Bring Ray up to the interrogation room and use the "copy room" STM on Officer Johnsen as Bennet to distract him (+2)
  • Have Anna use the "control panel" STM to distract Officer Berry downstairs (+2)
  • Have Ray sneak into the archive room and hack the computer with the password cracker (+1)
Missable achievement (Archive Master): solve the archive puzzle on your first attempt
  • Solve the archive puzzle (see Blueprint Snatcher for details) (+4)

Visiting the Grave (229/340)
  • Complete the journal puzzle (see Decoder Ring for details) (+10)
  • Have Anna use the "Angelo's grave" LTM on Ed to have him accompany her to the cemetery (+3)
  • Have Ed return to Morales' Lab and use the terminal's thermal scan utility (at 185 degrees) to detect the unidentified heat anomaly on level B8. No points for this one. It's just the last thing you need to do in order to progress to the final act of the game. It's also the only time you actually need to use Ed throughout the entire "open world" part.
Walkthrough (part 3)
Entering the Vault (246/340)
  • Solve the supercollider puzzle (see Magnetic Personality for details) (+3)
  • Group arrives at the vault (+3)
  • Cutscene ends (+3)
  • Use door controls to open the door (+1)
  • Combine the duct tape and pipe to get pipe with tape (+1)
  • Use the pipe to grab the fuse through the bars (+1)
  • Go to the fuse panel on the console. Take the pencil and small box, and open the box to get another fuse. Examine the first fuse in your inventory and straighten the bent pin (+1)
  • Replace the fuse in the panel with the fuse marked as number three and insert the other fuses (+1)
  • Use the pencil on the pad of paper to reveal a number combination (+1)
  • Enter the combination (31322133) into the code panel (+2)

Inside the Vault (265/340)
  • Ed and Anna enter the vault (+5)
  • Use the computer, then use the uncle's key item from your inventory on father's grave during the flashback scene to acquire the key phrase ("te prometo") and use it to access the computer (+3)
  • Click on either option at the end of the video (+3)
  • When talking to Bennet as Ray, ask him about the note and use the "Bennet's letter" LTM (+5)
  • Use the "Morales' note" LTM, "Ed & Anna at hospital" LTM and the subway map item from your inventory when talking to Bennet (+3)

Chasing Leads (288/340)
  • Have Bennet use the "alleyway door/blackout" LTM during the conversation with his partner (+3)
  • Use the security cam picture from your inventory during the conversation (+2)
  • Go to Edgetown and use the new secret knock (once, four times, twice) on the door. The clue for the knock can be found in Bennet's paper crane haiku (+2)
  • Have Ray use the "DNA database" LTM or the smart phone item from his inventory during the conversation (+3)
  • Have Bennet use the security cam picture during the conversation to attempt an arrest (+3)
  • After the conversation, use Ray's new drafting compass on the subway map, set the compass scale to 4 km and place the pointer on the small circle marked LAB (+3)
  • Pick up the device from the tripod (and the items from the drawer) in the apartment (+3)
  • Check the text messages on the cell phone recovered from the device (+3)
  • Have Ray call Reggie and use the "14A/14B" LTM during the conversation (+1)

Police HQ (296/340)
  • Enter the Police Administration HQ (+1)
  • Have Bennet open the tech room door upstairs with his credit card (+1)
  • Note the (randomized) serial number on the electronic lock, go back downstairs and deactivate the magnet lock from the control panel by entering the serial number (+3)
  • Open the cage door and use the screwdriver to detach the magnet (+1)
  • Access the terminal (+1)
  • Trace the 14A number (+1)

Warehouse (309/340)
  • Enter the warehouse and have Ray call the 14A number on his phone (+1)
  • Check out the note on the forklift and head to the correct locker (+1)
  • Use the sonograph on the locker to see inside, then use the magnet to drag the key out through the hole in the vent (+5)
  • Use the key on the forklift (+1)
  • Have Ray stand on the forklift platform and use Bennet to operate the controls and lift him up. Call the 14A number again to identify the correct pipe where the device is located and retrieve it (+3)
  • Check the text messages on the cell phone recovered from the device to receive the "Cellfish number" LTM (+2)

The Ending (340/340)


  • Return to Police HQ and trace the Cellfish number. Ray will call the number and attempt to stall Ed to buy time. First pick two aggressive options, then ask about Ed's reasons and about Amul and Reno. After the call, use the "DNA database" LTM when talking to Bennet (+2)
  • Head to the 7th floor of the hospital and have Ray use the "terminal" STM when talking to the secretary (+3)
  • Head to the basement, turn on signal notification on Ray's phone to identify the correct door and kick it in (+1)
  • Pick up the live resonance from the device and leave the hospital (+1)
Missable achievement (The New World Order/Lesser of Two Evils): the game has two alternate endings, each with an associated achievement. This is the point of no return! If you want to see both endings, save here and reload after you finish the game so you can try the other ending.
  • Enter the nearby wire gate and watch the news report on the TV (+2)
  • While confronting Ed, have either Ray or Bennet talk to him about Antevorta. There are two possible endings at this point (see The New World Order and Lesser of Two Evils for details) (+2)
  • After the events at the hospital, choose to either publish or delete the article as Ray (+5)
  • Roll credits! (+15)
That's it. I hope this guide has been useful

Thanks for reading.

Good luck and have fun playing!
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Andrew 林 Feb 5, 2017 @ 1:11pm 
Great guide! I used it for my 2nd playthrough to get the High Score achievement. :engineercat: :steamhappy:

My only complaint is that the Safecracker instructions aren't straightforward. Spiff's guide is easier to use for that part of the game because he gives the exact directions to move the knob (e.g. D R U U D).
5M0k1N Dec 10, 2015 @ 11:37pm 
thanks a lot for the guide :)
Omnisciurus  [author] Nov 19, 2015 @ 12:36am 
Many thanks, good man. I wondered why a few of my guides didn't show up properly. Incredible that something so small could be the cause. I've now specified the language in all the "invisible" guides. Thanks again!
MakoSipper Nov 18, 2015 @ 10:58pm 
Wow, it was only after I had finished my guide that I found yours! It's a nice guide, but you forgot to set the language to English, so it doesn't show on the guide list, unless you manually change language to "not specified".