Star Ruler 2

Star Ruler 2

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DOF-Shipset-Star Wars v1.005
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Aug 23, 2015 @ 7:13pm
Jan 7 @ 2:40pm
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DOF-Shipset-Star Wars v1.005

Star Wars shipset model pack, customized for use with Dolynick's Faction Add-On ( ) but now available for stand-alone use as well. They have been configured for use with in DOF's ship design framework and provided as-is.

Requires that current version of DOF-Shipsets-Common Library be present:

Foundation Mods
The following mods were used as starting points and may or may not have portions still in use.
All credit for the remaining portions goes to their respective creators.
-The United Force (Empire & Republic/Rebels), by Titanicus

Special Thanks
-The Copyright Holders of the various materials referenced in this mod for their imagination and hard work in its original creation.

Other ship model credits
-Geroenimo and the EaW:Re team: Several high quality Star Wars based models and textures.
-The Starwars Interregnum team & Max Loef.
-The Sins of a Galactic Empire team.
-Petroglyph Games & Lucas Arts: Original EaW models and textures.

Change Log:

-Fixed reversed normals on Executor & Nebula SD.
-Re-mapped and re-textured Sovereign, Vengeance & Eclipse Super Star Destroyer models.
-Re-mapped and re-textured Assault Frigate MkII.

-Revised texture maps for: Assault Frigate MkII.
-Adjusted team color map blending for: Nebula SD, Lucrehulk, Venator, Valiant, Acclimator.
-Replaced Rebel/Republic Recusant model with a better one.
-New models: Rebels/Republic Providence, Munificent, Mediator & Viscount classes.

September 24, 2016
-Inverted normal map on Valiant model.

September 23, 2016
-Adjusted smoothing on a few ships.
-Inverted normal maps on a few Empire ships.

-Moved all ships to PBR shaders.
-Revised normal maps on most ships.
-Tangent smoothing pass on most ships.
-Restored high-res orginal textures on those ships that had them. Lower your Texture Detail setting if you don't have enough GPU memory.
-Moved all textures to a light compression level (hopefully a better balance of size vs decompression speed).
-Fixed a few gemoetry issues on some ships.
-New models: CR90, ISD, AllegianceSD, BellatorSD, Interdictor, Conqueror, Procursator, Tie Fighter, Tie Bomber, Tie Interceptor, A-Wing, B-Wing, X-Wing, Y-Wing, Dreadnaught.
-Removed old models: ISD1 & ISD2 (just an ISD now). VictoryI & VictoryII (just a "Victory" based off the old II now).

May 12, 2016
-Added satellite hulls.

April 29, 2016
-Removed all Min/Max model size restrictions for AI reasons.

-Basic patch v2.0.0 compatibility update.
-Ships in the Empire and Republic/Rebel shipsets that use DOFSupportShipLC now use DOFSupportShipLCX for better lighting.

-Added fighter class ships and starbases. These are using the low res EaW textures for now. I tried to cleaned them up a bit but it only went so far.
-Empire: 4 fighters (Tie Fighter, Tie Bomber, Tie Interceptor & Advanced Tie Fighter), 5 progressive starbases (Cardas Station L1 - L5).
-Republic: fighters (A-Wing, X-Wing & Y-Wing), 5 progressive starbases (Alliance Station L1 - L5).
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dolynick  [author] Jun 25 @ 8:32am 
All supports are set to their (roughly) official size (meaning Size 1 = 1 m long). I have no intention of changing the defaults but if you want them smaller you are free to edit them in game and set them to whatever size you like.
PalaiogosTheGreat Jun 24 @ 1:06pm 
Also, you should make the fighters and bombers size 1
PalaiogosTheGreat Jun 24 @ 1:06pm 
Do you have a tutorial so I can expand your shippack to have Republic and CIS ships?
dolynick  [author] Jan 5 @ 9:52pm 
@a defenceless schoolgirl

If you're going to use DOF, make sure you get the Alternative Interface for DOF version of the mod. The standard one will not work, it requires the specialized one. I'm honestly not sure if Weaponsmith will work with DOF or not, I wouldn't expect so given its nature but who knows. The game should tell you if there are conflicts in the mod enable/disable menu.
a defenceless schoolgirl Jan 5 @ 9:02pm 
Hey, I really appreciate the time you put into answering my questions. Thank you so much! I think I'm ready to start my game. I got your faction add on, alternative interfaces and weaponsmith 2.2 or something.
dolynick  [author] Jan 5 @ 7:29am 
@a defenceless schoolgirl

Mod recommendations depend on what you're looking for. Obviously I recommend all the DOF mods (including the main gameplay mod, not just the shipsets) but I'm a bit biased. Rising Stars is also another large and popular mod. I'm not aware of any other major mods right now though.

The rest are smaller, more focused types: Dark Skies, Alternative Interfaces, Maintenance/economoy tweaks, Weaponsmith/subsystem additions and mods that tweak/refine certain vanilla races and that sort of thing.

If you start mixing and matching a bunch of mods though, you will have to watch out for conflicts. Mods that modify the same game files generally are not compatible. Also, the Workshop contains mods from all versions of SR2 and some (many?) of them may no longer work on the current patch version of the game.
a defenceless schoolgirl Jan 5 @ 3:08am 
hey, thank you for the tip. I will try it now. Do you recommend any other mods for this game apart from the ship sets?
dolynick  [author] Jan 4 @ 10:00pm 
@a defenceless schoolgirl

Try setting your texture quality to medium. If that still doesn't do it, try dropping shipset packs that you don't intend to use in that game. Alternatively, you could drop down to low texture quality if you must have them all at once yet but there will be a lot more visible loss of quality stepping down from medium.
a defenceless schoolgirl Jan 4 @ 6:21pm 
dw, I think it's my pc's lack of memory (8gb is not good enough huh?). I searched and apparently too much ship sets casuses my game to not load properly if i have too many.
dolynick  [author] Jan 4 @ 7:11am 
@a defenceless schoolgirl

You haven't given me a lot to work with so it's difficult to say what might be wrong. Did you also grab the Shipset Common Library? Did you enable it instead of the shipset by mistake? If you're seeing nothing in the shipset selection area when selecting a race to play then the shipset is somehow not active - or the copy of the mod on your hard drive is damaged.