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The Beeswing Tourist's Guide
By shadow_roman
What to do and where to go in this quaint Scottish town in order to cross everything off your list. Try to avoid referring to this guide unless you're absolutely, positively stuck!
Welcome to my Beeswing guide! Everything here is designed to help you cross all the items off your in-game list. I created this guide to fill a gap and help out any players who might have gotten stuck or just need a breadcrumb or two.

I strongly advise you not to use this guide unless you are at your wits' end about an item on the list. If you look around enough and talk to everyone, you should do just fine; however, if something just isn't sticking out to you, as tends to happen in this game, then this guide is your best friend.
Things to Do
Say Hello to Mum
"I should say hello to mum before I go anywhere."

You can't leave the house without first talking to your mother, so it's literally impossible to miss this one.

Say Hello to the Neighbours
"You should say hello to the neighbours, they'd love to see you."

Simply talk to the residents of each house on Locharthur Terrace.
  • House 6 cannot be entered.
  • House 5 is the home of Tim and Danny.
  • House 4 is the protagonist's (Jack's) home.
  • House 3 is where Andy lives.
  • House 2 is where Billy and Betty live.
  • House 1 is home to Mona.
Once you've talked to everyone, the item will be crossed off your list.

Find Help for Andy
"Andy next door is a bit down at the moment, you know his mum passed away."

Head over to Andy's home and talk to him. Afterward, head to The City. Take the street up, then take the alleyway by the pub (pictured) and go into the church. Talk to the priest, who will give you some advice. Return to Andy's home and pick up the phone. You'll find out that Andy is laid up in a hospital. Walk outside, then back inside. Andy will be back. Talk to him and he will be crossed off your list.

Find Help for Danny
"I'm afraid that I'm turning into a number. Or maybe I've always been a number."

Go for a dip in the Loch. No, seriously. Head out there and look for the swimming horse man. Then, return to Danny's house and talk to him.

Find Ben (aka Bendyman (aka Mr. B))
"Ben's home, he should be around somewhere."

Ben can be found in the Maybe Forest north of the T-junction, soon after you turn into clay. However, he will not show until you talk to Mona at the Terrace first. Once you find Ben, talk with him and the item will be crossed off your list.
Places to Visit
The Loch
Fun fact: The actual name of this lake is Loch Arthur. It has been claimed that this lake is the setting for the King Arthur story Lady of the Lake.

Head south from The Terrace until you see the big lake. Enter via the top-left dock and head up until you find yourself on a rowboat.

The Take Care Home
It appears that this nursing home is modelled after Goldielea Nursing Home, as both are relatively near Beeswing and have multiple stories. The view is quite lovely.

Right and up from The Terrace, then up the left fork past Beatrice.

The Maybe Forest
Aside from being a great space for hiking and biking, it is said that the Romans used this area for making charcoal and smelting iron. Maybe remnants of their work still remain?

At the intersection off the southeast side of the map, head up and past Beatrice.

The Cemetery
It is unclear as to what the real-world equivalent of this location is. Either way, it's likely not as occupied by spirits as this game makes it out to be ;)

At the intersection off the southeast side of the map, head right and follow the path.

The City
If this city is any indication, then Beeswing is probably bigger than my meager little hometown.[]

At the intersection off the southeast side of the map, head left and follow the path.

Unlisted Locations
The following areas are not required to complete your list, but they're certainly interesting to see.

The Terrace
This is where your adventure first starts. Gotta love the vista.

The Bus Stop
This is where your adventure comes to a close. Don't come here unless you're all done with your list or you're ready to wrap up the game.

The House at Loch's End
This house is of minimal importance, although you can get some backstory on the protagonist here, and the lady at the computer can give you hints on what you need to do.

The Farmshop
Yes, this is an actual place. Yes, it's just as mouthwatering as you'd expect.[]

Sheep Pasture
This is an actual conundrum of sorts. You can read about it here.[]
Karma is blind to good intentions.

Pipkin is the name of the cat sitting on the sofa in your house. During your travels through the Maybe Forest, you should come across an injured bird. After a clumsy attempt to put it out of its misery, return home and talk to your mother. Pipkin will be crossed off your list.

A window into the life of a disabled girl.

Beatrice is an interesting puzzle. You'll see her in many different locations, but she won't talk to you. The trick is to talk to her in a specific order of locations:
  • The Maybe Forest: Take a left at the path with the T-junction and head through the spooky woods. She'll be in front of the house in the next screen.
  • The Cemetery: When you take a right at the intersection, she'll be at the wind farm.
  • The Take Care Home: She's on the Y-junction just before the actual home.
  • The City: Head up the street. You will see her to your left in front of the bus station.
  • The Maybe Forest: Head up at the intersection. You can't miss her.
  • The Maybe Forest: Head up at the T-junction and pass through the transition point to clay. Continue up the path until you see her near a pasture.
Once you talk to Beatrice at the final location, the item will be marked off your list.

Search for footage of a performer's past.

In order to uncover Tony's past, you must visit sections off the main City map in a certain order:
  • Take the street up until you reach the branching path by the bus stop. Head right and off the screen past Joe's Garage.
  • Get back on the street heading up. At the roundabout, take a left and head off the screen.
  • Return to the roundabout and head down to the T-junction at the bottom. Take a right and head into Baldessari's. Talk to the owner, who will give you a repaired VHS tape.
  • Head outside the store and go all the way left.
Talk to the man (and hang around to watch the tape if you wish) and you'll have crossed Tony off your list.

All good things must come to an end.

This one is kind of a pain to find. At least, for me it was. Head up towards the City, past the intersection. When you reach the highway, go right and up the mountain where you will see a couple with a balloon. Talk to them and watch the resulting cutscene. Afterwards, the item will be marked off your list.

Live and die vicariously.

Head over to the Take Care Home and go upstairs. Enter the leftmost room on the bottom row and talk to the woman on the floor. Explore the static wonderland, and when the song finishes, you'll have the TV crossed off your list.

Bus Stop
It's time to wake up.

Once you've crossed off everything else on your list, head to the Bus Stop north of the Terrace and press use on the sparkly time table.
Final Words
That about covers every item on your list! Keep in mind that this isn't a definitive guide to everything in Beeswing. There are a number of things to do and see that this guide isn't going to cover, so get out there and explore the Scottish countryside!

If this guide helped you, please consider giving it a thumbs up and leaving a comment! If you see any way in which this guide could be improved, or if you spot an error or a typo, please let me know! I appreciate any and all feedback.

Version History
  • Version 1.0: Initial release. 22 August 2015.
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wcc Oct 29, 2019 @ 3:38pm 
Nice guide. After having visited all locations it's a nice thing that I just could finish things off with your help. Running around in circles another hour might have screwed up the experience.
Rarre Jan 31, 2019 @ 3:47pm 
thank you
Egotistical Raven Jul 5, 2017 @ 5:04am 
Where's the T junction at the Maybe Forest?
foofaraw & Chiquita(ARF!) Feb 9, 2017 @ 3:56pm 
Nice to see fans of this amazing game.
In 30+ years of gaming, no game has ever had the impact on me of this one.
(I bought at least 12 copies for friends, most at the original price!)
Herb Aug 27, 2015 @ 12:35am 
Well done! Nice to see some additional information. Couldn't resist looking up the town and locations on google maps.