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Frontier Economy (Adds money and Trade)
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Aug 22, 2015 @ 1:33am
Oct 6 @ 6:37pm
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Frontier Economy (Adds money and Trade)

In 2 collections by Captain X (PhoenixX)
Ramblers Frontier
26 items
Blue Mining Inc
30 items
[ Adds an economic system to space engineers. Type /ehelp in game for command summary]
[work in progress ]
Congratulations on joining the "Blue Mining Inc" trading network. Blue mining Prides itself for being the largest mining company in the frontier, and we welcome you to our family.

What can your new trading system do for you?

Below we have compiled a quick list of the benefits of joining the Blue Mining Inc Trade Network -
  • As a miner - it allows you to easily sell your mined ores, and negotiate the purchase of much needed supplies.
  • As a trader - it will streamline the process of making money buying and selling commodities.
  • As a mercenary - makes it easier to get paid then safely refuel, repair, and resupply your warships quickly.
  • As a contractor - it allows you to easily requisition building materials and supplies to build your ships and bases and minimising inconvenient distractions such as running out of air or the lights going out.
  • As a shuttle operator - it allows your clients to easily pay you for transporting passengers and goods with a minimum of fuss.
Install today, and Blue Mining gives all space pioneers a complimentary 100 credit for all new installs. Just issue the command /bal to your trade system to get started.

Blue Mining Inc thanks you for your business.

Please refer to the attached manual for details on how to service and operate your Trade system.

(( Click here For Instruction Manual ))

In short:

* It tracks a money balance against all players that join the server.
* Players can pay each other
* It assigns a economic value to each raw material or resource (current)
* It allows players to calculate approximate value of ores or cargo quantities (partially implemented)
* It allows players to trade these. (partially implemented - players can buy/sell to server or each other)
* Balance survives server restarts

Tips / Donations
Tip Screaming Angel - Main Programmer

Tip xPhoenixXx - Project Design / Director
(Mars coin)

Interesting Unforseen Consequences (For Server Admins):
  • You can now disable players starting with ships or tools. They start with just enough cash to buy tools.
  • They can mine by hand and sell the ore to the main market to make enough money to buy enough parts to build a ship !
  • Griefers hate having to do hard work .. no more "ramming" issues unless they steal a ship.
  • If ship stealing and ramming is an issue, put up the price of grinders to above the starting money by editing the pricing! Now to grief requires mining and hard work first.. they hate that.
  • You should build an oxygen supply and/or medbay in or near location 0,0,0 on the map to "represent" your NPC trading station.. miners dont appreciate suffocating!
  • Players are more likely to sell off their junk ore instead of tossing it out an airlock, minimising lag hopefully!

We also have a github for the curious:

Also running pre-release test versions on my game server "Ramblers Frontier Wars" and for details.

Known issues:
1) Trying to trade with someone in space master mode is not a good idea. Game bug not economy.
2) Due to Keens changes to the realism settings of space engineers, refining/assembling speed and inventory size settings can change the manufacturing requirements. This may have a subtle effect on your economy as the default price table is based on 1:1:1. Eg Platinum ;o)
3) NPCZONE's - strange thing may happen if zones overlap.. try to avoid operlappng them.
4) If a player and NPC zone overlap, the NPC zone has priority.
5) A few commands dont do anything yet.
6) The movehere paramter defaults size to 2500 sphere

Refer here for a full list of changes.

Wyqer suggests the following file for calculating your item pricing (German)
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((Ranger)) Rick
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Captain X (PhoenixX)  [author] Dec 13 @ 9:20pm 
With midspace/screaming angels retiring from the dev team, and me working 6 days a week at the moment - finishing up features may prove a challenge at this point unless I can get some more people willing to jump on the github. :/

We got pretty far with the basic mission framework, we just need a file backend for it for admins to customise, and maybe a simple mission generator for investigating wrecks/selling contracts etc. The keen scenario editor really reduced the urgency for the missions system and we had been focusing on other things.

If anyone wants to take a crack at it, the github link is in the description above.
404error Dec 12 @ 10:45am 
I am excited the for missions whenever those come! 10/10 excellent mod.
Captain X (PhoenixX)  [author] Nov 28 @ 9:14pm 
Locate the "EconPriceScale.xml" file, while your game server isnt running, it should be in the map or server storage folder, you can adjust how price scaling behaves there.
Braelok Nov 21 @ 9:51pm 
@Captain X What is the amount of stock that modifies the NPC’s prices? Also what is the amount/ variable for which it is adjusted. Third; is thus parameter modifyable?
Mystogan Nov 13 @ 3:38pm 
Thanks - I figured out my issue.. had an extra decimal at the end of one of the prices :P
Captain X (PhoenixX)  [author] Nov 13 @ 1:21am 
And when i say "station" i mean the location that the trade zone can be used, not a physical station. Suggest you knock up a small air tight facility with some lcds and price displays for that :)
Captain X (PhoenixX)  [author] Nov 13 @ 1:17am 
Captain X (PhoenixX)  [author] Nov 13 @ 1:17am 
changes made to file are lost if i was running and you edited the file direct rather
Captain X (PhoenixX)  [author] Nov 13 @ 1:16am 
make sure you modify the files when the server is not running, it caches it in memory to improve performance, and saves out on next server save or shut down. this means changes made are lost. Also make sure the xml tags are correct it will also attempt to repair the file if data is invalid.
Mystogan Nov 12 @ 2:30pm 
@Captain X - For some reason when I modify my economyconfig.xml to have new defaultPrices for the markets and name the market - it always reverts to the default files when I start my server?