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Void Raiders
Genre: Action, RPG, Shooter
Platforms: PC
Languages: English
Players: Single-player
Aug 19, 2015 @ 3:03am
Jun 14, 2016 @ 9:36am

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Update 0.6 is now aviable!
version 0.6:

  • fixed tons of minor bugs
  • fixed Tinas gunbot game crashing bug
  • Boris is slowed down much more now when firing(indirect boost of exoskeleton talent)
  • Typhoon missile launcher talent reworked
  • Boris gundrone damage boosted and scales with equipment
  • Boris regular attack damage got slight boost
  • Tina got huge rate of fire boost
  • Strafe ability got increased range & damage & movement speed
  • Gudruns dash ability got nerfed, cooldown increased to 2 sec and energy cost to 30
  • Laser firing guardians(world 4 enemies) got damage boost in roguelite mode.
  • Options screen added! Currently screenshake intensity and volume options working.
  • Menu windows can be now closed by pressing ESC key
  • Game now asks if you sure want to quit
  • Added some interface sounds
  • Ingame pause menu enhanced

    DOWNLOAD - visit game profile on indieDB or Gamejolt

    As you can see this update contains much needed character rebalance(still not done with it) and added few more polishing touches to the interface so the game is now bit more intuitive and various menu windows now behave as most ppl would expect.

    Character rebalance

    We all know Gudrun at max level is OP as hell in her current state, however she offers probably most interesting and exciting gameplay of all three currently aviable characters and thats somethink i did not wanted to ruin wile atempting to rebalance characters to make all of them more or less competetive in roguelite mode. In above changelog you can see Gudrun received just a slight nerf whitch may even be temporary as instead of nerfing Gudrun to match Boris and Tina i chose the oposite and tried to boost other two raiders to match Gudruns abilities and while results are not perfect im still quite happy how the game plays right now.

    Still there is a lot of room for improvements, Tinas equipment damage scaling will probably need little adjustments for example and Boris is still waiting for his pasive shield ability, however current state feels much better and offers more balanced gameplay experience.[/h]Improved interface

This was postponed since the first alpha release and it was about time to introduce options screen whitch currently includes screenshake intensity and sound & music volume levels. Controls cant be rebinded right now and gamepad support is still not implemented but at least testers can see its beign worked on and will be aviable in near future.

Future plans

While my real life is still a bit hectic and cant afford to give the game 100% of my free time im now able to resume development at reasonable speed and want to focus on improving rogue lite mode and prepare at least one new environment and few new enemy types for next update.

Along with game development im planning to finaly get my business license next month so its quite possible next time you ll be able to download game update from steam! Cant promise the steam thing but i swear i ll do my best to achive this great milestone within February!

Thanks for reading, downloading & your comments!


v.0.49 released!
v 0.49 changelog
rogue-lite mode added
neon gardens optimized(not done with it yet but allready performs much better)
Boris rapid fire ability nerfed - accuracy decreased(there ll be further nerfs in future)
ton of minor bug fixes
increased HP of 3rd boss a bit

Unfortunately not all of reported bugs were fixed as i thought you ll prefer more content over minor/not game breaking bug fixes. Had to chose this approach as i had very little free time between last two releases so if the bug was not crashing the game i put it asside till next release as i really wanted to release this build before December whitch ll be really bussy for me in my real life.

DOWNLOAD v.0.49 at indieDB site or on Gamejolt

Its finaly here! Well at least the first version of this mode as its not finished in any way, but its playable and it should give you idea how this mode ll play when finished. Right now the mode is pretty simple, game loops the environments, increases difficulty over time, provides you artifacts to slightly empower your chosen character and when you die it calculates your score.

In future there ll be more features, like obvious more artifacts, different tiers of artifacts, relics, ability to reroll shop items, purchasable supply drop, more environments/enemies, boss summoning, special levels and more, more, more, more.

Hope you ll enjoy current form of the mode as well and dont forget to let me know your highest score!;-)

Near future plans
Game is nowhere near finished, there is ton of bugs that needs to be adressed, its about time to implement options screen and there is still room for more optimalization so the game could run even on really weak machines without slowdowns.

Other than that there still be new "single" missions added over the time and with each mission added to the game its environment ll be added to the rogue-lite mode. There is even plan to add character specific armor sets as a boss drop in upcoming missions. But other than than further development of rogue-lite mode ll be priority over following months as i want to provide hours of content for your fully leveled characters.

Another serious issue i need to solve before v 0.5 is character ballance & enhancement. For example Boris with twin-linked rapid fire is currently overpowered while Boris with Typhoon missile launcher is OK, but not fun enought to play. Another example is Tinas strafe ability as its kind of werid right now. Allready have ideas how to solve most of the issues with characters, but unfortunately these changes will have to wait till next release.

Thats it for today! Hope you ll enjoy this release as much as i enjoyed work on it and see you next time!

With regards


Release date: Feb 2016
Void raiders is "radical" top down shooter with character centric gameplay and RPG elements. Shoot your way through abandoned bases left on planet Neptune after great civil war, level up your heroes, try different talent builds, collect loot to further improve your heroes and encounter epic boss at the end of each mission.

Game is currently in public ALPHA stage and everyone can download latest build from indieDB profile page. Right now game contains two playable characters and full two missions, Void Industries warehouse and Ripper virus research complex. Many features are still waiting to be added to the game, but core gameplay is already there. Updated builds with new content are released every few weeks to check the direction game is heading and discuss everything with fans of the game.

Tired of most of top-down shooters nowdays being rogue-like? Then welcome to the club! In Void Raiders you wont lose experience or items you collected! We know it might take away some of the thrill, but dont worry, there is endgame content planned for fully leveled and geared characters as well which ll provide enough challenge for those who dare.

Void Raiders features randomly generated dungeons to add more replay value. The mission objectives all always the same and you always have to shoot your way through two floors of randomly generated mazes before reaching floor 3 which is always boss room.

Bosses in Void Raiders are not just dumb dudes who can be encountered directly and you will never defeat them if you ll ignore boss mechanics. This makes boss fights really intense and players are forced to use their head when encountering these if they want to succeed and grab their loot.

Lets sum up above:
  • Every playthrough is different - random levels, items, rare spawns
  • Pernament character progression
  • Character customization through leveling and talent trees
  • Phase based boss fights
  • Open game developement - your opinion matters!
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Tryzna  [author] Jan 16, 2016 @ 8:57am 
Thank you for kind comments guys. Working hard to bring you next version asap;-)
tetsuo311 Jan 16, 2016 @ 8:35am 
Just played it can't wait tell it comes out good job team.
Djdano Jan 10, 2016 @ 1:52pm 
i'm a massive fan of rogue-like/lites (my fave genre) and this looks really fun hope they is a ton of passives to pick up and with the looks of it you use guns , so multiple of them
avsky Sep 30, 2015 @ 9:24am 
@Tryzna: loving the game so far! Only played a small amount so far, only error I've noticed is the misspelling of "lavender" in the loading tips ;) Can't wait for coming udpates!
Richard02 Sep 25, 2015 @ 12:15pm 
YES NEW UPDATE, I'm going to play it right now
Кот-Вжух Sep 21, 2015 @ 4:11pm 

LostBeans25 Sep 14, 2015 @ 10:24am 
ok, ty :)
Tryzna  [author] Sep 14, 2015 @ 9:52am 
@Rastypasta: Dont know, i belive Valve sets or at least recommends the price. But dont worry, it wont be expensive and in addition there ll be plenty of opportunities to get free copy.
LostBeans25 Sep 13, 2015 @ 6:42am 
how much it will cost?
sharkneo Sep 12, 2015 @ 3:40am 
Game is okay :))))))))))